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Pax 2010 Cosplay And Boothbabe Gallery

Video games were only one part of the fun of Pax this past weekend. See, you can play games any time, but you're usually alone when you do it. Pax is about bringing a community together, and when the video game faithful gather in a big convention center, that can mean only one thing: Cosplay and booth babes!

Please enjoy our Cosplay and Booth-Babe gallery, son.

PAX 2010: Bungie Panel

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Posted September 6, 2010 - By Donell Tucker

This might be the last time the team at Bungie do a Halo panel at PAX, so before we say farewell to the Halo franchise why not learn how Halo: Reach was created from scratch. Find out what the developers, at Bungie, had to go through to put together the single player campaign and designs for the multiplayer levels. For anyone who wants to get into development side of the gaming industry, watching this panel is a good place to start.

PAX 2010: Bungie Panel »

Adam Sessler loves the Ratchet & Clank series and was more than welcome to host the PAX 2010 Insomniac panel. Get all the information you want to know about Insomniac's latest game, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, which is packed into one awesome panel. Featuring on this panel is Chad Dezern, Studio Director for Insomniac; Shaun McCabe, Production Director; TJ Fizman, Senior Writer; and James Stevenson, Senior Community Manager. Watch and enjoy this long and in-depth look at the co-op gameplay for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.

PAX 2010: Insomniac Panel »

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  • Videos
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Ubisoft Announces PSN, XBLA Title Outland

At Pax 2010 this year, I was lucky enough to check out Ubisoft's Outland. The artsy, action-packed platformer definitely hit a nerve with me. I'm a little in love with it, truth be told. Here's part of my preview:

"While I love a rocket launcher as much as the next guy, sometimes the adolescent, violent wish fulfillment of "standard' video game becomes tiresome and depressing. Luckily, there's a counter-trend in the form of a new wave of artsy, thoughtful 2D platformers out there. Outland fits squarely into this group, joining Braid, Limbo and others within the sub-genre that I hereby dub nu-platformers. Coming from major publisher Ubisoft, It's not technically an independent game, but Outland definitely carries the indie vibe."

Check out the rest of our Outland preview right here.

At PAX 2010 Valve showed off the co-op demo for Portal 2 and we have the walkthrough video down below.  In co-op, players take the role of either a skinny, orange robot or a fat, blue one. Each has a portal gun, and the two work together to solve challenges presented by GLADos. Hopefully, when I play the co-op mode with someone they're not as stupid as me.

Portal 2 Co-op PAX 2010 Demo (Off-Screen) »


The Final Round of the Omegathon Is ...

The Omegathon Fina Round is both the cumination of the Omegathon, and the closing curtains on PAX every year. What is the Omegathon, you might be asking? I'll let the PAX website fill this in: 

The Omegathon is a three-day elimination tournament. Twenty Omeganauts are chosen from those who pre-order PAX passes, and compete in games from every category (tabletop, console, PC) culminating in a live championship match on the big stage during PAX closing ceremonies. The final game is always out of left field: we've done PONG, COMBAT, Tetris, Halo3, excitebike, and last year was Skeeball. The grand prize is equally ridiculous; last year's prize was an all expenses paid trip to Japan for Tokyo Game Show 2010.

This year, after they whittled down the competition to just two Omeganauts, the final game was revealed to be ... a claw game! That's right, one of those dollar-suckers that you've probably sunk money into if you've ever had a girlfriend. And not just any claw game. This one was branded the Omegaclaw, and was filled with video game plushies. The contestants had a limited amount of time to grab as many prizes as possible to claim the crown.

The winner? kwollf. He scored 5 toys to his opponent's 1. Pwnage. 

Photo: dickieadams

You did your part, buying virtual goods to determine the fate of the last Carmine in Gears of War 3, and now the results are in and there's good news and there's bad news. The good news is that we raised a ton of cash for charity (how much? See the video below!), but the bad news? You'll have to see this exclusive special thanks from Cliff Bleszinski and Rod Fergusson from Epic Games on the fate of Carmine in Gears of War 3

Special Thanks from Epic on Gears of War 3 »


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Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Testing Underway

At Pax 2010 this evening, Bioware and Lucasarts revealed that Darth Revan will appear in .upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. When last we left Revan, he was hurtling outside of known space, so hopefully, we'll learn more about the epic journey he/you began in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. What has gone on in the intervening years is anyone's guess.

Read More »

Hail to the King! More Duke Nukem Forever Screenshots

While we still may a bit in shock from our recent hands-on experience with Duke Nukem Forever, that hasn't stopped our team at PAX 2010 from getting some more screenshots and photos from the game, including, gasp, people actually playing it. To check them out yourself, just click the image above or this link for Duke Nukem Forever screenshots. Come and get some, baby!

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Our own Abbie Heppe and Kevin Kelly teamed up on the show floor at PAX Prime 2010 to discuss Gearbox Software’s newly announced Duke Nukem Forever, the game that refused to die and is now headed to consoles and PC next year. Both of them had a chance to go hands-on with the next-gen Duke, and here's what they had to say about reuniting with one of gaming's most iconic characters:

Talkabouts: Duke Nukem Forever »


PAX Prime 2010: Portal 2 Co-Op Hands-On Impressions

As if you needed yet another reason to hate Stephen Johnson, here he comes with his hands-on impressions of the co-op portion of Valve’s uber anticipated follow up to one of the most beloved titles ever, Portal 2, straight from the show floor at PAX Prime 2010. Just so you know I’m not lying, here’s a little tease:

"The demo at PAX showed off the beginning of the game's two-player track. It's totally separate from single-player, and Valve says it's about twice as long as the entirety of Portal. A key difference from the first game are the characters. Chell is saved for the single-player experience. In co-op, players take the role of either a skinny, orange robot or a fat, blue one. Each has a portal gun, and the two work together to solve challenges presented by GLADos."

Read the rest of the Steve's Portal 2 co-op hands-on impressions piece here.


PAX Prime 2010 Portal 2 Co Op Screens Delight

Valve is currently letting attendees at PAX Prime 2010 go hands-on with the co-op portion of its eagerly awaited head-scratching sequel Portal 2. For those of us without the good fortune to be in Seattle at the moment, Valve has seen fit to send along a few new co-op screens to really make us hate the fact that we aren’t at PAX.

Check out the full set in our new photo gallery. Trust me. You want to see these.

Capcom Having Huge Hardware Sale For Dead Rising 2

Are you at PAX and in need of some proper hardware best suited for killing zombies? Then you'll want to check out the sale over at Greene's Hardware Sale. They've got everything you need at rock-bottom prices. I mean, $56.50 for a swordfish? That's a bargain at any price. The first 50 people to show up for the sale will take home a freebie, so line up and stare through the window at the things you absolutely need to have in your arsenal when blasting zombies.

  • What: Greene’s Hardware Super Sale (Dead Rising 2 Community Event)
  • Where: 909 Western Ave. Seattle, WA 98104
  • When: 8PM – 12 Midnight

Want to know more? You can keep reading for more images from the sales circular, and to find out that they're already extending this kill-tastic sale to Los Angeles on September 10. Info below!

Read More »

Disney Epic Mickey Opening Cinematic Part 2 Trailer »

I genuinely wish you, and every gamer alive, could have attended Warren Spector's keynote speech at PAX 2010. Spector, the creator of Deus Ex, Thief and now Disney Epic Mickey, kicked off the con with a very inspirational speech that gave a thumbnail sketch of geek history, moved on to the current "Golden Age" of gaming, and gave a look at the future of games as an art form.

"Games are an art form," Spector reminded the crowd.  "I'm no longer going to worry about that, or what society thinks of it. We're unique; we're an art form, and we're here to stay."

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PAX 2010: Duke Nukem Forever Reveal »

It finally happened. Don’t ask us what demonic forces had to be appeased to bring it about, but we just finished up a hands-on session with Gearbox Software’s newly revealed, and long, long, long awaited balls out shooter Duke Nukem Forever. Kevin Kelly sent back his impressions from the show floor at PAX Prime 2010. Here’s a taste:

"After they finish their attack plan "Which is basically, 'go get him'", you're able to run into the corridor outside, or do a little exploring. I found that you could actually go to the whiteboard and pick up different colored markers to design your own piece of art. Who figured there would be an artistic section to the game? When I finally backed away from the board, one of the soldiers in the room appraised my battle schematic and said 'If we had done that, that guy would still have his arm. And at least one of his balls.' Nice."

Check out Kevin's full Duke Nukem Forever hands-on impressions here.

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