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Valve Giving Away Half-Life 2 For Free At Gamescom 2010

Amidst the chaos of running around Gamescom, I actually had a few seconds to sit down this morning, and what did I do with my time? Well, I stopped by the Portal 2 booth yesterday, and was handed a Steam promotional card that said “Two Free Games” (pictured above) and included a download voucher on the back. I had wanted to find out what the code was for yesterday, but didn’t have time. Back to the whole “had a few seconds this morning” thing.

I just redeemed the code, and as I was doing so, I jokingly said to myself, “Self, wouldn’t it be funny if the code was actually for Half-Life 2: Episode 3?” Obviously, it wasn’t. But I wasn’t far off, as the code was actually for Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Lost Coast!

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Gamescom 2010: Killzone 3 Multiplayer Hands-On Preview

We knew next to nothing about the multiplayer action of Killzone 3 going into Gamescom, but now Jake Gaskill uncovered a whole host of details and got some hands-on time to boot.  Here's a taste:

"The one word that consistently came up during our time with Guerilla was “new.” New modes, new vehicles, new melee attacks, new class system, new matchmaking, new squad features, new online tournaments, and so on."

Holy Helghast! For more, be sure to check out Jake's Killzone 3 hands-on preview.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Jake "I'm wearing lederhosen!" Gaskill is at the German Gamescom show right at this moment, eating sauerbraten and drinking Dinkelacker, no doubt. But he's also playing games, including Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's single-player mode. Lucky.

Here's a taste of his preview:

"Ubisoft focused on two key features of the game’s story mode: rebuilding Rome and managing your brotherhood. Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day, but Ezio and his crew can cause some pretty significant changes in a relatively short amount of time. However, actually bringing about these changes requires a bit of work."

Read the rest of our Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood preview right here.

Hands-On New Halo: Reach Maps

Halo: Reach is less than a month away. Are you ready for it? Got your skills down? Polished up your collectible Master Chief helmet? Taken the remote control Warthog for a cruise around the living room a few times? Good. Then we're here to supplement your knowledge with some intel on two new Firefight maps that you'll be fighting the good fight on.

Microsoft revealed "Corvette," at Gamescom this week, which is the newest map to to be featured for the co-op Firefight mode, and they also had "Outpost" playable, which had previously only been seen in screenshots for North American press. We took a spin inside both of them, and here are some tips to help keep you alive. With so much of the game having been revealed already, are there still surprises in store? "Yes, we have a lot left for people to see when the game launches," said Bungie.net community lead Brian Jarrard.

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In the video below, we speak to producer Daisuke Uchiyama about Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, an upcoming PS3 and 360 single-player game that's heavy on the co-op. "What do you mean by that?" you might be asking. Well, Majin's gameplay involves cooperation between the player and a lumbering, AI monster-creature.

The game also sets itself apart from many other titles with its gentle tone and low violence level. "It's like something from a pop-up storybook that people will feel nostalgic about," Uchiyama said. "The idea behind this project is that games are not only about violence and shooting aliens and zombies, and that without all that blood and gore, games can be fun." 


Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Gamescom 2010 Interview »


New Tracks Revealed For Michael Jackson The Experience

Ubisoft today revealed a bunch of track for the Michael Jackson The Experiencee at Gamescom today. The all-singing, all-dancing vid game coming out for the Kinect, Wii and PlayStation Move will be out this fall.

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Ubisoft Announces Fighters Uncaged, Exclusively For Kinect

Ubisoft this morning announced a new fighting game, Fighters Uncaged. The title is geared toward a "core" audience and has been developed exclusively for the Kinect-connected Xbox 360. It comes out in November.

Adam Novickas, U.S. director of marketing at Ubisoft, explained the game like so: “Fighters Uncaged requires players to get out of their seat to engage in a controller-free full-body combat game and experience the authentic fighting style of Thai boxing.”

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Blizzards Reveals New Diablo III Details

Before you get your hopes up, just realize that it's not a new class or a release date. At least, that's what I was hoping they'd reveal. I imagine they're saving the big stuff for BlizzCon in October, but that doesn't mean that today's announcement was boring. There's some nifty intel in here, straight from Jay Wilson, game director on Diablo III who revealed the new features for the title at Gamescom.

Blizzard is adding two new aspects to the game: a caravan that follows you around through all of the areas, and an artisan system that provides NPCs who can craft and enchant things for you. Basically, it's a load of groupies with mad skills. There will be three different artisans available: blacksmith, mystic, and jeweler, and they'll help you create more badass gear, or tweak what you already have.

If you thought Diablo was a loot whore game at heart before, wait until you hear about this. Read on for more details, and we'll be back with some more highlights soon, including screenshots and a video.

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Microsoft Announces Age of Empire Online

Mouse-clickers, beware! Microsoft is charging back into the PC gaming space, according to a press release we received at Gamescom. Leading that charge will be a new, revamped Microsoft Flight Simulator, now shortened to Microsoft Flight, and the return of a real-time strategy classic in Age of Empires Online.

"With more than 20 million copies sold worldwide, the Age of Empires series redefined real-time strategy games for Windows-based PC players. Now, the timeless franchise once again invites players to experience its rich storyline in new ways. Age of Empires Online will invite players to create a living, growing online world, shared with friends and friendly rivals around the globe. Begin the journey with your own Greek civilization, and watch as it progresses from a village to an empire. Embark on quests along the way, alone or with friends, and immerse yourself in epic tales, quirky characters, adventure, history and strategy. "

Some of the game features include:
  • A persistent online capitol city that lives and grows even when you’re offline
  • Cooperative multiplayer quests, trading and a level-based system that lets you progress at your own pace
  • Fun, approachable style and storylines
  • Free-to-play experiences via Games for Windows – LIVE 
Got an itchy click-finger? Sign up for a beta, and stay tuned for more info.

Microsoft Flight Gamescom 2010 Debut Trailer »

When Microsoft shut down the Flight Simulator developers ACES Studio back in 2009, it looked like Gates' company was abandoning the fake airplane business altogether. But today at Gamescom, the company showed off a brief teaser for Flight, a Microsoft-made airplane game that does not contain the world "simulator."

The trailer gives little indication of what the game will consist of (other than flight). It features a first person point of view of some wave and a brief voiceover.

There's no indication of a release date, but it is a PC game. So us flight sim fans have a nearly-empty website, a video and a convention announcement  to give us a glimpse at some possible future game upon which to hang our hopes and dreams.

Virtua Tennis 4

Sony today revealed that Virtua Tennis 4 is coming in 2011, and will allow support for the PlayStation Move and be playable in 3D. The game comes out some time in 2011.

Here's how Sony described the technological innovations The Move will bring to this venerable tennis series:

The advanced motion sensors of PlayStation Move precisely track both the fast and subtle movements of the controller allowing for pinpoint accurate shots as players improve their racquet skills. Virtua Tennis 4 will also support 3D technology delivering unprecedented realism to the tennis experience, bringing you closer than ever to being out on the court.

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Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Gamescom 2010 Debut Trailer »

Insomniac also announced Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One at Gamescom as the first game ever to come out of their North Carolina studio. It features four-player, drop-in, drop-out co-op action. 

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One is a four-player co-opexperience with huge cinematic-quality battles and tons of cooperative gameplay. While Dr.Nefarious and Captain Qwark are no strangers to the Ratchet & Clank franchise, in All 4 One, you will be able to play as them alongside both Ratchet and Clank. If that wasn’t enough, there will also be an online drop-in, drop-out feature, so you can play together side-by-side or online with up to three other friends. 
The Insomniac gang will be talking to us more about this title while we're here in Germany, and they will also be having a Ratchet & Clank panel at PAX this year, and we'll bring you any news to pop out of that. Four (get it?) now, gather up three more friends and start plotting your Ratcheting and Clanking.
Ratchet & Clank All 4 One

Resistance 3 Gamescom 2010 Teaser Trailer »

You knew it was coming, right? Everyone (me included) who was bemoaning the fact that Resistance 3 was nowhere to be seen at E3 can now breathe easy: we got the official announcement at Gamescom.

Since the release of Resistance 2, we’ve listened to your feedback to help fine-tune what we know will become a respected addition to the franchise. Our Burbank studio has done a phenomenal job of crafting a cruel and brutal Resistance 3 world. You can catch a glimpse of it by watching the live-action Resistance 3 teaser trailer shown during the PlayStation Press Conference at GamesCom today. Follow @insomniacgames on Twitter and you'll be the first to know when we've uploaded it for you to watch and share with all your friends.

We've seen the trailer already, which features a mix of live action footage and CGI. Keep your dial tuned right here and you can watch it on G4 as soon as we get it. For those of you who are very impatient, you can download some wallpapers for the newly announced title over on Insomniac's website. Finally, right?

PlayStation 3

Today, Sony announced that a PlayStation 3 with a 320 GB harddrive is coming. The new PS3 will be bundled with Move, a Playstation Eye camera, a copy of Sports Champions, and bonus Blu-ray game demo disc for $399.99

The smaller PS3 will feature a 160 GB drive and will run you $299.99.

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FIFA 11 Preview 2

If you're a soccer (sorry, football for our European readers) fan who enjoys grinding his opponents into the grass, then you'll be please to learn that FIFA 11 will feature 11 on 11 online play for the first time. At Gamescom, executive producer Kaz Mikita said "We have finally replicated football in the virtual world." So gather up 10 more friends, and you can finally have your real-life dream team.

One special feature I really wish they'd add to this game would be "Soccer For Dummies," thereby jumping over most American's natural built-in-block against soccer nullifiers. Why this is the most popular sport in the world, yet hardly registers here is beyond me. Maybe it needs a bang-on network presentation with "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SOCCER???" blaring at you. Soccer with 11 real-life, human players, that is.

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