Comic-Con 2010

Comic-Con 2010: Red Faction: Armageddon: How to Build A Transmedia Universe

When USC professor Henry Jenkins, a leading authority on transmedia, is moderating your Comic-Con panel, you'd better believe that this is serious business. THQ let it be known that they are very serious about pioneering the art of transmedia and they're using their vaunted Red Faction franchise as a jump-off point.

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Comic-Con Wrap-Up: The Cosplay Galleries

Sadly, Comic-Con 2010 is now a rapidly fading memory, but let us take a trip back in time to the very recent past of this weekend via computer technology and optical magic. In other words, don't you want to look at a photos of hot chicks in super-hero costumes and other cool Comic-Con happenings? Sure you do! Just click the links below.

Marvel Studios To Make More Punisher Movies?

All the Avengers-related hype at Comic-Con's Marvel Studios panel this weekend was obviously a tough act to follow. However, there was one major bit of news we got out of the festivities that seems to have gotten lost in the fray. It was announced that Marvel Studios has reacquired the rights to the Punisher. What this means, is that we could be seeing yet another reboot of the Punisher film franchise. After notorious attempts to bring angry widower/vigilante Frank Castle to the big screen in 1989 and the last two by Lionsgate Entertainment in 2004 and in the recent box-office dud Punisher: War Zone in 2008, one might shudder at the thought of another incarnation being put out there to slander the good name of Marvel's iconic skull-sporting badass. However, I'm going to tell you why it could be a good thing.

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Comic-Con 2010: Disney Epic Mickey Supports Action, RPG Playstyles

Most people would probably be surprised to hear that Warren Spector is a huge Disney fan, but one look at his upcoming game, Disney Epic Mickey, makes it clear that he has a deep and abiding appreciation for all things Walt. When asked during the Disney Epic Mickey panel at Comic-Con 2010 what it was that drew him to Disney, Spector said, "Walt's obsession with quality appealed to me," and added, "I've wanted to do a platforming game forever, so it seemed like a perfect match."

But Spector was quick to point out that Disney Epic Mickey isn't strictly a platformer in the traditional sense. If you want to play it as a straight-ahead platformer you certainly can, but you can also take an action/adventure approach or even an RPG tack; it all depends on how you choose to play the game.

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Capcom Announces Street Fighter X Tekken Games

One of the biggest moments of Comic-Con 2010 for me was the revelation that Namco and Capcom are going head to head in the form of two separate crossover dream video games: Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter.

At Capcom's panel, the company said the release of their game was "Not for a while," and according to Japanese gaming bible Famitsu, that means about two years... so put your waiting shoes on.

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Super-heroic MMO DC Universe Online will hitting your PC on November 2, so get your tights and cape polished and ready. The news dropped over the weekend at the Comic-Con panel for the game.

If you'd like to take a look at some sweet footage, all you need do is click the video below, friend, in which we get a look at one of my favorite super-villains, Scarecrow!

Comic-Con 2010: DC Universe Online Scarecrow Trailer »

Comic-Con 2010: Jeremy Renner Confirmed As The Avenger's Hawkeye

It's the morning after Comic-Con, and the title "Morning Hangover" really applies; I'm hungover on nerd-dom, having over-indulged mightly since Thursday. I'll bet you spent the weekend either following our Comic-Con 2010 coverage, or down in San Diego at the show itself.

What was your personal highlight? The revelation of  the The Avengers movie? The fact that real-life violence reportedly broke out in Hall H and not a single super-hero stepped up and stopped it? Street Fighter X Tekken?

 Halo: Reach Xbox 360 Console Includes Audio Easter Eggs

Today at the Halo: Universe panel at Comic-Con, Frank O'Connor showed off two nifty easter eggs that are built into the new Xbox 360 Halo: Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360 Console. The power and eject buttons both have a tiny bit of RAM in them, and if you've played around with the normal new edition of the console, you've heard the soothing power chime when you switch it on.

But for this Halo-centric version, they've included two special sounds: power on and the console plays the Invisibility power-up sound and hit the eject button and you'll hear the Shield Charging effect. Major Nelson should have a video up soon on his site showing these off. 

Also, when asked if we would see the continuation of Master Chief's story, Frankie said, "At the end of Halo 3, and cover your ears if you haven't played it, Master Chief is in cryosleep. Cortana has sent a rescue signal, and they are orbiting a strange world. We'd have to be the world's biggest assholes to not follow through on his story." At which point, the audience erupted into huge cheers.

Highlights from the Comic-Con 2010 Floor »

Missing out on all the Comic-Con fun? That's okay, because we sent out our nerd reporters to cover the best they could find around the convention center. Find out what Alison Haislip, Blair Butler, Kristin Adams and Blair Herter came across on their travels around the show floor.

Blair Butler reports from the DC Comics booth at Comic-Con 2010 to give us the latest news on the future of Superman, Wonder Woman and the return of the original Dark Knight.

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Olivia Munn & Kevin Pereira Meet Fans »

Comic-Con wouldn't be Comic-Con if it weren't for the fans! Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn talk to fans of G4 below the stage at Comic-Con 2010. If you couldn't make the convention, here's a glimpse into all the crazy costumes from the show floor.


Comic-Con offers more than just a conglomeration of TV, movies and comics! It's about video games, too! Adam Sessler from X-Play covers the latest news about Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning from the visionaries behind 38 Studios: Curt Schilling, Ra Salvatore and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane.

38 Studios & Adam Sessler on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning »

Cowboys & Aliens with Jon Favreau at Comic-Con 2010 »

Move over, Indians. Our cowboys are partnering up with new extraterrestrial friends in Jon Favreau's new film, Cowboys & Aliens. The director tells Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn about the project, which stars Harrison Ford (Han Solo!) and Daniel Craig (James Bond!!).

Blair Butler reports from the Marvel booth at Comic-Con 2010 with their exclusive announcements about Ultimate Thor, Red Hulk joining The Avengers and new mutants popping up in the Marvel U.

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Simon Pegg & Nick Frost on Paul at Comic-Con 2010 »

When it comes to comedy, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost know how to do it best. The two comedians talk to Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn about their latest film, Paul, which is about two comic book nerds who come across an alien on a road trip across America. Sounds like a perfect fit for Comic-Con 2010!

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