E3 2010

In the E3 2010 video below, Mike Schmitt of Capcom U.S.A. tells us all about Dead Rising 2, including the new setting and story, which takes place in zombie Las Vegas, and weapon improvements in the game.


E3 2010: Dead Rising 2 Interview »



The Games That Weren't At E3

E3 is one of the biggest landmarks for the gaming industry. It looms like Mount Everest in the middle of every year, and sounds a beckoning horn about not only what's going to come out that holiday season, but what you'll be anticipating for the next year. Or longer! We'll never forget Alan Wake being announced at E3 2005.

For the people who write about video games, a lot of E3 means playing the guessing game. Will company X be showing off game Y that they talked about two years ago? Are any of those rumors about game Z true? Will there be a high-profile game flameout during the show? Which one of the Big 3 will win with a seismic announcement?

Most of the time, we like to think we get things right, but our internal sensors pinged over what was missed. You've read our list of the Best of E3 2010. now heck out the list of games we thought we'd hear about ... but didn't.

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At E3 2010 last week, we shot the below video, where Senior Producer Dan Bunting goes in depth about the highly anticipated game, Call of Duty: Black Ops and what gamers can expect in the new setting, new weapons and new missions.

E3 2010: Call of Duty: Black Ops Interview »


E3 2010: Rift: Planes of Telara E3 Trailer »

There certainly is no shortage of fantasy-themed MMO’s on the market, but Trion Worlds appears to be doing their best to make sure Rift: Planes of Telara stands out from the pack. How do I know this? Because Joe Rybicki said so in his preview.

“Though it carries a fantasy theme, Rift does some interesting things with it, injecting steampunk-ish technology into the mix for what the designers call 'a Moroccan Jules Verne theme' for one of the game's two main factions.”

Find out more in Joe’s full Rift: Planes of Telara E3 2010 preview.

Best of E3 2010

The votes are in, the accountants have verified the results, and the expensive awards ceremony we were going to hold at the Staples Center was sensibly cancelled...it's time for X-Play & G4tv.com's Best of E3 2010 Winners! With the idea that E3 is a showcase for products still under development, we like to keep things simple with our accolades. What follows are essentially, but not exclusively, the coolest things we saw during the show last week. (Read: just because we didn't pick your favorite does not mean that we think your favorite sucks.) If you agree, disagree, or agree to disagree with our choices, register your level of accordance in the comments below.

Best 3D Game

Winner: StarFox 3D

We already know how 3D is going to affect the visuals of video games, but what about gameplay? When an enemy lined up behind our Arwing, with tangible depth representing the distance between the enemy and our own ship, it finally clicked. Finally. This is what 3D can to improve the games that we play.

Nominee: Motorstorm: Apocalypse

Best Motion Game

Winner: Dance Central 

E3 2010: Dance Central E3 Gameplay Trailer »

You've accomplished something important when the notoriously shy E3 crowd begins choosing to learn the dance moves to a Lady GaGa song. The idea of playing music with a five-button guitar sounded ridiculous before Guitar Hero, and not only is Dance Central poised to accomplish the same thing for dancing, it's also the best implementation of Microsoft's new Kinect technology.

Nominee: Child of Eden

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Company of Heroes Online Debut Trailer »

The only thing better than killing virtual Nazis in RTS fashion is killing virtual Nazis in RTS fashion...for free. And that’s why we had Kevin Kelly take a look at Relic’s upcoming Company of Heroes Online during E3.
"Other than the upcoming Starcraft II and Civilization V, the RTS playing field is fairly bare. Company of Heroes Online is a welcome addition, especially if you're tired of the shooter genre, and want to mix it up in historical battles in a different way."

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Monday Night Combat

As Xbox Live and PlayStation Network mature, developers are becoming more ambitious about their projects, including shooters that would have normally been released at full price at retail. Monday Night Combat, which premiered at large during PAX East earlier this week, is one of those games. Alexandra Hall got a up-close-and-personal look at the game during E3 2010:

"Monday Night Combat is kind of like Team Fortress 2 if TF2 took place in a sports arena. Each team has a fortified “moneyball” to defend, as well as an army of robots that follow set paths to assault the enemy’s moneyball (only bots can break its shielding). You, as one of six human players per team, have to run around the field defending your bots and moneyball while preventing the enemy from wrecking your own teammates/hardware. Victory is achieved once a moneyball goes down."

Make sure to check out our complete preview of Monday Night Combat.

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E3 2010: End of Nations E3 Trailer »

Futuristic warfare, check. Massively-multiplayer real-time strategy action with a cinematic spin, check. A list of compelling game elements followed by a check, check. Now that the silly quota has been met, here’s a taste of Joe Rybicki’s preview of Trion World’s upcoming strategy title End of Nations:
"With so much of MMOs relying on individual player advancement, it'll be interesting to see if End of Nations can lure in the traditional MMO crowd...or if it'll end up creating an entirely new audience of MMO players."
Check out Joe's full End of Nations E3 2010 preview for more.

Best of E3 2010

Society demands that following the presentation of competing products, winners and losers must be determined. So shall it be tomorrow morning at 9:00AM Pacific Daylight Time, when the combined editorial staff of your beloved X-Play and your best friend G4tv.com make their picks for the Best of E3 2010 known to the world at large. Who will be declared champion of the third dimension? Will there be a category devoted specifically to dancing games? Will Steve Johnson once again defend his title as "Best Steve Johnson of E3?" Does the French national soccer team have a shot at "Best Fighting Game?"

Answers to a select quantity of these questions will be provided. Refreshments, however, will not.

Epic Mickey

At E3 2010 last week, G4's Eric Eckstein went to M-I-See Disney Epic Mickey, the Wii-only action-platformer starring the world's most famous mouse. Seems like a can't miss idea... but how does it play? According to Eckstein, quite nicely

"Controlling Mickey is easy enough; the nunchuk handles movement while the Wiimote aims and shoots either paint or thinner. Paint creates environmental elements, such as platforms when trying to climb up to a treehouse, while thinner can remove those platforms or hollow out mountains to locate secrets. Waggling the Wiimote causes Mickey to spin, which is used to break objects or jiggle jars to uncover e-Tickets, the currency within Disney Epic Mickey."

Check out the rest of our E3 2010 Disney Epic Mickey prevew right here.

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E3 2010 Live: EA Sports MMA Demo »

EA is continuing its dominance of the sporting world by moving into the arena of mixed martial arts, and they're tapping in EA Sports MMA as their first endeavor. If you like to watch sweaty men wearing tiny briefs hugging each other a lot, this is your game. But is it better than UFC Undisputed 2010? Sterling McGarvey checked the game out, and here's what he has to say:

  • "As it stands now, my brief jaunt with EA Sports MMA shows off a promising game that I hope manages to bridge the technical with the accessible. Keep your eyes peeled for it, especially if you’ve found UFC Undisputed’s learning curve to be a tad too steep for your taste."

Read more in our E3 2010 EA Sports MMA Preview.


The Sims 3 Hitting Consoles

The Sims are coming to the 360 and the PlayStation 3! The Sims 3 isn't just a straight port of the PC version; the console version of the game includes some noteable changes. Kevin Kelly played it at E3 2010, and commented on the console Sims 3's Karma system.

"New to the console version is the addition of Karma powers. You earn Karma by fulfilling various goals in the game, and once you've built up enough Karma you can trigger different levels of Karma powers. Our demonstrator used "Get Lucky" to give our Sim a fantastic shot at making "Woo Hoo" with a woman at a party. He succeeded."

Read the rest of Kevin "Woo Hoo" Kelly's E3 2010 Sims 3 preview right here.

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We went to E3 2010, and we played Hydrophobia, which is both a symptom of rabies and a water-logged action platformer from Dark Energy Studios.

Sterling McGarvey says...

"Hydrophobia’s greatest strength is in the environment. The game is tense by virtue of the scenario. Kate, the game’s heroine, must escape the sinking ship, yet also save herself from people onboard. She can use water to put out fires, wash away enemies, or even set oil slicks on fire to keep people away. It’s a fascinating experiment in how water physics work, and how Dark Energy is working to create dynamic danger at every step."

Check out the rest of the Hydrophobia E3 2010 preview right here.


Paper Mario 3DS

Nintendo 3DS dominated much of the conversation during E3 2010 and Nintendo happily touted the massive number of third-party games in development for the device, from Kingdom Hearts to Metal Gear Solid. Besides Kid Icarus: Uprising, Nintendo made no formal commitments to 3DS games at their press conference and only confirmed a handful of others later. Nintendo’s explained why.

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Exclusive Jumpgate Evolution Octavius Faction Trailer »

Who doesn’t love exploring the vastness and harsh splendor of space and along the way blasting the living hell out of massive space stations and hundreds of squirrely spacecrafts in intense galactic dogfights? I’ll tell you who: no one! But actually doing it is pretty impractical, not to mention impossible, and that’s why we love video games. Case in point, Net Devil’s long awaited space MMO Jumpgate Evolution. I saw it at last year’s E3, and saw it again at E3 2010, and, like last year, I’m liking what I’m seeing from it.

"One of the most memorable moments of last year’s demo was the absurd grandness of the game’s presentation of space, and this was still very much one of the primary attention grabbers this year as well. Planets loom large in the distance as the sun gleams through asteroid belts as massive space stations and hundreds upon hundreds of spacecraft engage in battle against the backdrop of an endless universe."

While you're waiting to jump to lightspeed, be sure to check out the full Jumpgate Evolution E3 2010 preview.

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