E3 2010

Crazy Xbox 360 And E3 Hastag Mosaic

If you happened to send out a message on Twitter using the hashtag #xboxE3 and/or #ProjectNatal sometime fairly recently, there’s a good chance that your Tweet ended up in a rather impressive mosaic created by the clever folks over at HashtagArt.

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XCOM Interview

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Posted June 29, 2010 - By pklepek

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Tony Lawrence from 2K Marin gives us the scoop on XCOM, a reboot of the strategy series that puts you face-to-face with some of the scariest aliens ever created as you try to save Earth.


E3 2010: XCOM Interview »


Our old friend Kirby's back in Kirby's Epic Yarn, and David Young, assistant manager of PR for Nintendo of America, tells us how the little pink guy makes the transition to the next generation through the use of fabric and yarn.

E3 2010: Kirby's Epic Yarn Interview »

By now I'm sure you all know during E3 our offices are quite busy. So much so that a few things sometimes fall through the cracks. So to make up for it, we're giving that E3 2010 episode of Sessler's Soapbox the love that it deserves. Sure this has already been on our site for two weeks, but we didn't give it the proper promotion, so you might have missed it! Check out this special "on the road" episode of Soapbox where Adam talks about the press conferences, the surprises, and who he thinks won or lost this year's E3. Enjoy!

Sessler's Soapbox: E3 2010 Press Conferences »

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Chris Avellone, senior designer at Obsidian Entertainment, showed off Fallout: New Vegas the latest installment in the Fallout franchise, where players can explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland of the City of Sin.

E3 2010: Inside Fallout: New Vegas »


Valve has released part two and part three of their Portal 2 E3 2010 demo, and just like part one, these feature demonstrations are surely to amaze and infuriate any potential viewer, so beware. Enough talk. More Portal 2, please.

Portal 2 E3 2010 Demo Part 2 "Excursion Funnel" »

Hit the jump to see how "faithplates" work.

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Activision executive producer Julian Widdows tells us about Goldeneye 007, an update of the classic shooter. We find out about the new weapons, some of what's changed and about the attention to detail in the game.

E3 2010: Goldeneye 007 Interview »

Game Critics Awards Announces Best Of E3 2010 Nominations

The Game Critics Awards today announced their nominations for Best of E3 2010. Leading the pack with five nominations is id Software’s apocalyptic shooter Rage, followed by Harmonix’s Kinect title Dance Central, Junction Point Studios Disney Epic Mickey and Valve’s Portal 2.

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Twisted Metal is back! Series co-creator David Jaffe talks about the new game for the PlayStation 3 and how he's updated the title for a new generation of gamers.


E3 2010: Twisted Metal Interview with David Jaffe »


Chris Hinojosa-Mirada, associate producer of Gran Turismo 5, talks about the stunning visuals ad revolutionary game play for a whole new racing experience. Gran Turismo 5 will be available November 2 for your road-tearing pleasure exclusively for the PS3.

E3 2010: Gran Turismo 5 Interview »

David Young, assistant manager of PR for Nintendo of America, tells us about Donkey Kong Country Returns, including the return of 2D and the love that the world has for the great big ape.

E3 2010: Donkey Kong Country Returns Interview »


Lead designer Dan Teasdale and project leader Daniel Sussman discuss the new changes and features of Rock Band 3 including Rock Band Pro and the new keyboard system.

Rock Band 3 Lead Designer & Project Leader Interview »


In case you hadn’t heard, Valve’s big debut of Portal 2 during E3 2010 caused an expectedly big splash. While the game wasn’t available to play, Valve was showing off a mighty impressive gameplay demo reel that introduced many a jaw to many a floor. Below you’ll find part one of said demo, but be warned: watching it will most likely cause you to hate every day between now and whenever the game is released next year.

Portal 2 Demo Part 1 "Meet Wheatley" »

Our favorite hero in tights is back! David Young from Nintendo gives us the back story on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and how it incorporates an extra level of motion control for the sword gameplay.

E3 2010: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Interview »

Those Locusts just keep coming! Lead designer Cliff Bleszinski talks about the final game in the epic Gears of War trilogy, the aptly titled Gears of War 3, during E3 2010.

E3 2010: Gears of War 3 Interview »


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