Tim Schafer Discusses The Possibility Of Brutal Legend 2, Psychonauts 2

Today’s story about a researcher equating video games with hard narcotics is definitely chuckle worthy (However, it does seem to validate the rumor I’m making up right now that the next Rock Band game will include a fake pinky fingernail peripheral). The claims are obviously highly contentious, and reader IamtheBat brings home the overall absurdity of the “games are like cocaine” proposal with one simple, Chappellian stroke:

Gaming is a hell of a Drug.

You sir have won Tuesday.

Daily Reacharound: Portal 2 Expectations

Is E3 already this close? Apparently. G4tv.com editors have been in an out of various pre-E3 events all week long, which has spurred discussion amongst readers about games that will most likely be shown at the massive event, including Rock Band 3, Guitar Hero, Portal 2 and more.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

We might not be getting another Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, but Star Wars: The Old Republic sounds like a solid replacement. And as someone who hasn't been able to get into an MMO, BioWare is saying all the right things (read: playing it single-player) about Star Wars: The Old Republic. I may break down and play my first MMO and Peatore seems to agree with me.

"This will be the game that will pop my mmo cherry."

What about you?

Daily Reacharound: Portal 2 Expectations

Valve recently made Portal free to celebrate the launch of Steam on Mac. With more than 1.5 million downloads since the switch was flipped, Valve is quickly introducing their reality-altering shooter to a legion of newcomers before revealing too much about Portal 2. We should know plenty more about Portal 2 at E3, but driveshaft48 is already curious how Valve can possibly top their work on Portal:

"I absolutely loved Portal. However I am curious to see what they'll do with this one. They need to add gameplay elements to change thing up, but seeing as what they've already done, it'll tough to make ones as good as what they already have."

Jimi Hendrix: Rock Band Coming This Year?

We'll have details on Rock Band 3 soon and the first news on Guitar Hero 6 broke earlier this week. Music games used to be massive sellers, but it's not the case anymore. UltraViolence74 summarized the response from many about the prospect of new music games:

"I'm pretty much done with music games for a while."

What do music games need to do to bring you back?


Weekly Reacharound Review

This past week was pretty much a blur for me, as I was tasked with beating and reviewing Red Dead Redemption with just a few days notice. (Boo hoo, poor me. I know. But it's a mightier task than you'd expect, and on Tuesday, the fruits of those labors will be beared.) Thankfully, you all were much more on top of your games than I was this week, so let's get to your comments.

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Daily Reacharound: Punhcing Up Rollercoaster Tycoon

I’ll admit. When Stephen “Movie Beat” Johnson told me that Sony was adapting Rollercoaster Tycoon into a feature film, I chuckled. Mainly because Steve is just kind of funny looking, but secondarily because turning an amusement park simulator into a movie seems utterly absurd. Unless of course you possess a keen Hollywood money-factory mentality like reader lowkevmic, who put together a fantastic (and a little bit depressing) plot synopsis for the proposed Rollercoaster Tycoon movie.

On paper this movie sounds horrible. But come on, lets face it, we've seen a lot worse. They can flesh out the story to where it could be two amusement park owners, one is a family run business who's been apart of the town for generations. The other is a new flashy big name amusement park, who's trying to come into town and squeeze out the competition, like they did in other cities...

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Five Years of the Nintendo DS

As Patrick Klepek reported earlier, Nintendo has said that Nintendo 3DS is not in fact the final name for their upcoming 3D-infused version of the Nintendo DS. So what could the official name actually be? We won’t know for a while it seems, but as reader bunnyglomp points out, any name Nintendo settles on will most likely be ripe for hilarity:

Seriously, the DS is turning into Law and Order. More letters after its name than should ever be allowed

There is just something so amusing about a “Nintendo DSVU.” For filling our dark day with a little bit of levity, you bunnyglomp, have won our hearts and earned our Reacharound.

Q&A: Chris Melissinos -- Curator Of The Smithsonian's Art of Video Games Exhibition

Judging from the amount of comments on today’s post about President Barack Obama using video games and various Apple products to demonstrate how easily it is for people to be distracted these days…or something to that effect. I kind of tuned out about half way through the article. Thankfully, reader Ian528 was paying much closer attention, and here’s what he had to say:

"Historically, the best way to gain a critically thinking mind was through education. Obama was stressing the importance of education in the unending flow of information present today. He did say that the information could be a distraction and he is right. It is a distraction that can replace your ability to easily develop your own opinions and thoughts.”

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Halo: Reach

Gaming-wise, I spent every spare minute playing Halo: Reach and Alan Wake this week. A lot of you were playing Reach too, and our site reflects it. The game dominated our website this week, but we also had time to talk about that much-argued-about aspect of game making: Framerate, and how much gamers really care who develops a video game.

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Gears of War 3

Earlier today, we reported on the fact that Cliff Bleszinski is aiming for thirty frames-per-second in Gears of War 3, eschewing the popular 60 FPS goals many developers say they strive towards. This led reader digitalgibs to post:

60fps is still relevant. 30 is the bare minimum, but 60 provides a sub eye-shutter speed that enhances everything from animations to input response times. The only saving grace of a 30fps console game is that most TV's have 120fps refresh that make the fps look better than it really is

Interesting point, but I'd counter with this: Films are (traditionally) shot at 24 FPS, and have been for more than a century, and that's worked out okay.

I'm not sure I've ever played a video game that I thought would be more fun if the frame-rate was better, nor have I ever played an otherwise lame game and thought: "At least the frame-rate was decent!" This gets into the "lots of polygons = a good game!" territory I remember from a few years ago, and that was wack (as we used to say back then.)

So, what about you: How much, on a scale of one to eleven, do you care about frame-rates? I care about a two.


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Infinity Ward: Activision Never Wanted Call of Duty To Go Modern

There will be another Call of Duty game released later this year, the Treyarch-developed Call of Duty: Black Ops. As Activision sorts out the future of the Modern Warfare section of the franchise, the Call of Duty franchise moves forward from another developer. But reader Severnik wonders if it's too much, too fast. Is Activision going to burn this out like Guitar Hero?

"Activision seems to lie saturating markets. First Guitar Hero, now COD. I would be happy with one COD game every two years. Would ensure quality from the studio and would open their developers to flex their creative muscle and make new IPs."

Of course, we haven't actually seen Call of Duty: Black Ops yet. Maybe that will change minds.

Halo: Reach Trailer Unveils Multiplayer Gameplay

These days, it seems like most hardcore gamers have managed to purchase both an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, ensuring they're not locked out of any of the must-have video games that are sometimes exclusive. Some G4tv.com readers, however, are still holding out on one system or another. For example, reader pcNorth_mOnster will be buying an Xbox 360 specifically because of Halo: Reach.

"i dont even own a 360 but im going to soon be buying one and this is going to be on the list for [sure]"

Since 10 other G4tv.com readers gave his comment a thumbs up, is he onto something?


Red Dead Redemption Bonus Outfit Voting Begins

With news that Red Dead Redemption has been slapped an unsurprising Mature-rating by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, readers have been sounding off this morning about the actual impact of ratings on video games. Reader Hyphnip relays a common sentiment about the conflicted experience many of us have online with games, even when it's a "Mature" release:

"I'm so pumped for this game. I wish that, since it is rated M, that it would mean that I don't have to deal with kids online who clearly haven't come close to puberty, but game ratings don't mean a thing because stores will sell to minors or parents that just should not have kids in the first place will buy it for the kids."

Not only does Hyphnip make a good point about our social experiences, but the recent decision by the Supreme Court to examine a California case about the sales of games to minors means there could be much broader consequences to consider about these games before 2010 is over.

Have something to share? Sitting on a news tip? E-mail me. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Halo: Reach

Hey, everyone. It's Sunday afternoon, the perfect day to sit back and reflect on the biggest gaming stories of the previous week and the most thought-provoking and interesting comments we received on our internet-blog-website this week.

On Monday, all anyone could talk about was the supremely sketchy series of events that led to Gizmodo coming into possession of the next generation iPhone. More revealing information has since come to light about the whole ordeal, but as the time the news broke, ShaggyMetalHead proposed:

It might just be a marketing ploy to raise hype for the phone. It will get alot more of a response if there is a ‘lost phone recovered’ by some random person than Apple just releasing a press statement with the specs. Consumers feel as if they got one by on Apple by thinking that they got the information by luck.

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