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kid Icarus: uprising

For those of you who saw how well-received Kid Icarus: Uprising was and started hoping for a sequel, it's probably a good idea to dial down those expectations. Masahiro Sakurai, the director of the Nintendo 3DS game, revealed that there are currently no plans for an Uprising follow-up in a recent interview with IGN.

“If by ‘lasting universe’ you mean to ask if there's a sequel, the answer is no," he said in response to a question about the staying power of the world he built with Project Sora. He added that "we pushed a lot into the game in order to let people have this short yet deep experience, but the novelty of that would likely grow thin in the next game. For now, my thought is that perhaps we'll see someone else besides me make another Kid Icarus in another 25 years.”

He's not entirely wrong. The Nintendo 3DS game is a solid one, but it would have to see some major enhancements to make for a compelling sequel. That shouldn't stop you from playing the March 2012 game though! Just check out our Kid Icarus: Uprising review for proof.

Halo Anniversary Preview

CheapyD at CheapAssGamer.com scours both the online and offline world for the best deals on video games, and to help out your wallets, we're bringing his weekly recap to you!

Best Buy throws in copies of Steel Diver & Pilotwings Resort free with a 3DS system purchase.

Kmart offers its Rewards Members a $25 gaming coupon with the purchase of a Wii console and promotes Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword at $19.99. The Zelda price might be an error so bring a copy of the ad if you want to try to pick it up.

Target is giving out $10 gift cards with the purchase any game $49.99 and up and the pre-order of Black Ops 2.

Toys R Us is holding a buy 1, get 1 40% off sale on games $19.99 and less. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is $19.99.

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Adventure Time Game Coming To Nintendo DS And 3DS

It's Adventure Time, everyone! Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!, a game based on the oddly hysterical cartoon from Cartoon Network is coming this fall for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. Described as a “unique action-adventure experience," Adventure Time allows you to put on the shoes of both Finn and Jake and go on an adventure through the Land of Ooo to find out why the Ice King is stealing everyone's trash.

Series creator Pendleton Ward is working with the developer WayForward on the game, and WayForward are really good, so I'll bet we're in for a strange and enlightening DS game.

No word yet on whether Princess Bubblegum, Marceline the Vampire Queen and the great BMO show up in the game, but I can only assume they do.

Also: Adventure Time is totally great.

Nintendo 3DS Getting Midnight Purple Color Soon

On May 20, 2012, Nintendo will be adding one more color to the 3DS library with the release of a Midnight Purple edition of the portable gaming device. That's the same day that Mario Tennis Open hits stores, though there's no mention in the press release for a planned bundle.

The Midnight Purple model will carry the same $169.99 price tag that the other colors have. This will be the fifth color in Nintendo's 3DS line, following Cosmo Black, Aqua Blue, Flame Red, and Pearl Pink.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Battle Shots

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance stars our heroes, Sora and Riku. They are often aided by Spirits. If you need a refresher on Spirits, check out our latest article on Kingdom Hearts 3D's Dream Eaters. When Sora and Riku battle with their Spirits, they are capable of performing stronger attacks. Sora uses Link Attacks to team up with his Spirits and take on the enemy. To activates one of these attacks all you have to do is tap the Spirit icon on the Touch Screen. If you want to get an idea of how these work and look, check out our Kingdom Hearts 3D Battle Shots Photo Galley.


Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Eater Details Revealed -- Spirits And Nightmares

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is the upcoming 3DS Kingdom Hearts game. In the game, Sora and Riku will be aided or hindered by Dream Eaters, creatures who either plant nightmares or eat them. Spirits are the nice ones; they eat nightmares.

Nightmares will be enemies, but Spirits can be part of your party in Kingdom Hearts 3D. Once on your team, the Spirits can aid you in combat and grant special abilities. There will be over 50 types of Spirits for you to recruit.

G4 has an exclusive first look at some of the Dream Eaters. Keep reading to meet the team. You can check out our Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Eater Photo Gallery too.

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New Super Mario Bros. 2 3DS Game Set For Summer 2012

This summer, in August 2012, Nintendo will be releasing New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS portable platform. It'll be the second Mario platformer released for the device, following November 2011's Super Mario 3D Land. They're very different animals though; 3D Land felt like a cross between Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros. 3; New Super Mario Bros. 2, on the other hand, is a purely side-scrolling adventure and follow-up to the 2D Nintendo DS game released in 2006.

In the same press release, Nintendo also confirms a number of other 3DS news items. A system update on April 25 will allow users to create folders on the system's Home menu. The update will also allow for game patches to be released, paving the way for a mid-May fix to a particular Mario Kart 7 glitch.

How The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Has Shaped Me As A Gamer

How has Zelda shaped you as a gamer? The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was released 20 years ago today, and I've got to say that that game really did shape me as a gamer. I don't remember getting that game, but I do remember watching my dad and my brother play it together when we got to visit my dad.

It was amazing and everyone was really happy and we solved the puzzles together, it was great! Then, a while later, on Christmas like in the N64 kid meme, we got The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

It was, hands down, one of the best presents I've ever been given in my life (I'm 24). Every single time my brother and I went to visit my dad we'd play OoT, and we'd always, always, find something new to do.

This was way back in the days of GameFAQs, when kids would print out literally 300+ pages of guides in order to play the game, rather than just going out and buying the real guides. I remember printing out soooo many guides from GameFAQs back then, ha!

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Miyamoto Open To Revisiting The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

If your Fanboy Sense is tingling, it's because Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto recently used the words "creating something new" and "A Link to the Past" in the same sentence, in an interview with Edge. The Zelda creator is specifically addressing comments made by Skyward Sword producer Eiji Aonuma in November 2011 about the possibility of a 3DS return for the much-loved SNES classic.

The bit from Miyamoto that you're most interested in reading is right here: "I'd be even more interested in creating something new maybe based on, or starting from, A Link To The Past. I think it's important to bring some really new software." He also adds that he wouldn't necessarily take point on developing the game, so whichever director lands the gig will determine what sort of shape the project takes.

There's more to the interview than that, including Miyamoto's read on how a new F-Zero might fare in today's market (hint: not very well). Make sure you check it out.

Sexy Mario

Nintendo is the proud, new owner of a bouncing bundle of Internet joy in the form of a newly purchased domain at. The domain registration was discovered by IGN, which notes that a WHOIS search shows that the publisher isn't even trying to conceal its connection with the domain. As you can see, the organization that owns the virtual location is listed as Nintendo of America.

What we don't have is confirmation from Nintendo that this actually means anything. It's just a dead end web address for now, one that automatically re-directs your browser to Nintendo.com if you try to visit it. The publisher confirmed in January 2012 that a new side-scrolling Mario game is due for the 3DS sometime during the coming (at the time) fiscal year, which runs from April 2012 to the end of March 2013.

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Mass Effect 3 Razer Peripherals Include DLC

In a month where so many new releases hit the shelves, it's utterly surprising that Mass Effect 3 came out on top as the number one selling game in March. Nevertheless, a congratulations is in order to EA and the BioWare team on putting out a title that fans are still talking about every single day and playing with a feverish passion.

Mass Effect 3 sold more than twice as much as did Mass Effect 2 during its introductory month in January 2010,” said Anita Frazer, a NPD Group Analyst.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, MLB 12: The Show, NBA 2K12, and SSX rounded out the top five games sold in March according to the NPD Group. Gamers spent a total of $553.1MM on game software throughout March, which added up to 25 percent less than they spent on games last March.

To see which other five games topped the March sales chart hit the break.

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Capcom, Namco & Sega Teaming Up For Mysterious 3DS Game

First teased back in February 2012, the mysterious Sega/Capcom/Namco Bandai project has been revealed as a strategy RPG for the Nintendo 3DS called Project X Zone ("Project Cross Zone"). Details are sparse for now, but we've got a partial character roster from the reveal in the pages of the latest issue of Famitsu (via Andriasang).

As you'll see in the list after the jump, most of the revealed names appear as part of a pair. This relates to the game's combat component, in which fighting duos face off against one another. A subsequent update from Andriasang notes that the concept for this mega-crossover was born at Namco Bandai, which approached Capcom and, later, Sega. Check out the source link for more details and hit the jump for the roster breakdown.

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Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Screenshots Cause Fans To Question The Game's Originality

Square Enix has a pair of release dates to confirm for you this morning, for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS titles Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. The Disneyfied action/RPG will arrive in North America on July 31, 2012 and the Final Fantasy-inspired rhythm game will be here a few weeks earlier, on July 3.

Both games are already available in Japan, with Theatrhythm having dropped in February and Kingdom Hearts following it in March. Both have been pretty well-received too. The Final Fantasy game moved around 70,000 copies in its first week on shelves and earned a 36/40 from Famitsu. Meanwhile, Kingdom Hearts managed to score a 38/40 from the Japanese gaming mag -- the second highest score for the series from Famitsu, behind Kingdom Hearts 2 -- while moving more than 200,000 units during its first week of sales.

Kingdom Hearts certainly isn't a risky sell for American audiences, but it will be interesting to see how the bizarre, rhythm-fueled take on Final Fantasy fares with the Western crowd.



Nintendo made a lot of Pokemon fans happy this morning with the confirmation that the DS game Pokemon Conquest will be getting a U.S. release on June 18, 2012. If that title sounds unfamiliar to you, it's probably because you already know it as Pokemon x Nobunaga's Ambition.

The strategy game from Tecmo Koei ties your favorite Pokemon characters to "Warriors and Warlords inspired by the Japanese feudal era," the press release notes. Those who are familiar with Tecmo Koei's various Warriors games will probably recognize a lot of the names that pop up. It's a completely odd mash-up, but it also makes a certain amount of sense to pair together these completely different and yet similarly varied and colorful rosters. Pokemon fans can expect to encounter around 200 individual beasties, including those from the recent Pokemon Black/White Version titles.

Take a peek at the Japanese-language debut trailer to get a better sense of what you can expect.

kid Icarus: uprising

CheapyD at CheapAssGamer.com scours both the online and offline world for the best deals on video games, and to help out your wallets, we're bringing his weekly recap to you!

Best Buy discounts Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario/Sonic London 2012, and Metal Gear Solid 3D to $29.99 each. A 12 Month Xbox Live Card is $39.99.

GameStop offers an extra $50 credit on any Xbox 360 or PS3 system trade-in.

Kmart has a Buy 1, Get 1 50% off Sale on all Skylanders Single Character Packs.

Target is holding a Buy 2, Get 1 Free Sale on all games regularly priced $14.99-$59.99. The Nintendo 3DS price drops to $145. The $249 Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle includes a $50 gift card.

Toys R Us offers up many gift card deals, including $20 gift cards with the 3DS and Wii and $5 gift cards with Skylanders 3-pack or Adventure packs. There is also a $10 gift card included on select purchases above $49.99.

Amazon holds their own Buy 2, Get 1 Free Sale.

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