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The Video Games of Comic-Con 2011

Video games at Comic-Con? That's right, kids. Ever since the funnybook pages fell to the onslaught of movie and television mortar-blasts of information at the Con, it's become a wide-open playing field for all things pop culture. First and foremost of those (and already raking in more cash each year than film and television) is video games. They'll be out in force at this year's Comic-Con, and G4 will be front and center and covering them.

In addition to all of the live coverage you can expect from X-Play and Attack of the Show, we'll also be covering the show floor, attending panels, conducting interviews, and previewing video games. In case you're attending Comic-Con and you want to check out the game stuff for yourself, after the break you can see a full list of all of the video game content at the show. Which ones will you be attending? Or if you'll be watching from home, which panel has you the most excited? Check out the list below and let us know!

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Nintendo logo

Nintendo has revealed their Comic-Con 2011 plans. A handful of upcoming Nintendo games will be playable to the public, including Super Mario, Mario Kart, and Kid Icarus: Uprising. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be playable for the public for the first time as well. Keep reading for Nintendo's complete Comic-Con line-up.

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Assassin's Creed Revelations First Details Confirmed

According to a Joystiq interview with Darby McDevitt, lead writer of Assassin's Creed: Revelations, the game originally started out as the Nintendo 3DS game Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy but was eventually morphed into the newer, shinier, console title. Lost Legacy followed Ezio Auditore as he traveled East in search of the lost castle at Masyaf to investigate the holy land. This same idea will still be played out in Assassin's Creed Revelations, but we'll now be able to go much more in depth with the story for Ezio's final installment.

I for one am glad that AC:R is heading to gamers in console format. The Assassin's Creed handheld games generally don't hold up to the epic feel of its console counterparts. What about you? Would you have liked to see another Assassin's Creed game for handhelds, or are you happy with the choice to move Lost Legacy to the console in the form of Revelations?

Assassin's Creed: Revelations is coming out for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in November.

Source: Joystiq

Netflix CEO Says Likelihood Of Nintendo Support Is

We all knew it was coming, and now it is here. Netflix has brought its wildly popular Watch Instantly video streaming service to an app that is available for download in the Nintendo 3DS eShop starting today.

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Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Website Live, Story Details Revealed

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is a rhythm game take on Square Enix's long-running RPG series. We all probably should have seen it coming after Dissidia went the fighting game route. The Final Fantasy music game was first revealed last week, and now some new details have emerged, along with an official website.

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With the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta now available to everyone, this Wednesday is even better than your normal New Comic Book Day. That's right, folks: it's also Feedback time! Dont' fall for the summer doldrums just yet. We're right smack between E3 and Comic-Con, so there is still plenty of geeking out yet to happen as the temperatures rise and vacation time stretches ahead. To help you figure out what to do with your summer, the Feedback Crew of Adam Sessler, Jake Gaskill, Stephen Johnson, and Emily Gordon are here to help you out.

Feedback -- Uncharted 3 & Journey Beta Impressions »

Besides Uncharted 3, the gang talks about the Journey beta, the Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D debacle, and the Call of Duty XP event coming up in September in Los Angeles. Then of course, there's Microsoft's entire upcoming "Summer of Arcade," so see what everyone is looking forward to. Also, ever wonder what we're playing right now? Find out inside!

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Kingdom Hearts Mobile chibi art style

Things are about to get a little weird in the land of Final Fantasy, an achievement for a classic JRPG series that has previously been spun off into multiple fighting games and minigame collections. Next up: rhythm games!

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a thing, and it's coming to Nintendo 3DS at some unspecified point after today. There's no telling if a North American release is even planned at this point, as the game was first revealed in the latest issue of Japanese gaming and manga mag V Jump (via andriasang). It's very definitely a rhythm game though, described in the reveal as "Theater Rhythm Action," with players tapping the screen based on prompts that pop up.

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Resident Evil Mercenaries

Zombie hunters that have been fuming over not being able to delete user data from Capcom's just-released Nintendo 3DS title, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, can now turn to a third-party solution. EMS Production's NDS Adaptor Plus is a USB dongle designed to back up your Nintendo DS and 3DS saves, but Siliconera confirms that it can also be used to wipe data from the catridge.

The device, which sports a slot for sticking your game cartridge into, plugs directly into a computer's USB port. From there, players have the option of backing up save files on a PC and clearing out personal data, even with games like The Mercenaries which embrace the permasave. The only catch is that the NDS Adaptor Plus doesn't appear to play well with Macs, though it's good with all versions of Windows from Win 98 onwards.

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Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D To Ship With RE: Revelations Demo

Capcom has clarified its position further in a brief FAQ style post on its forums surrounding the Resident Evil: Mercenaries controversy that's come about because the game doesn't allow users to overwrite their save data. Essentially, what's going on is that you can unlock content a single time for each cartridge, and after that, it's always unlocked. Many gamers immediately assumed that this was to make the game more difficult to sell once it's finished. After all, who wants to buy a cartridge with all the content unlocked? Or rent one?

In Capcom's post they denied that this is the case, saying they had no intention of "lessening the experience of the game."

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All rise. The court of TheFeed is now in session. The honorable Jake “Fake Judge” Gaskill presiding. It is the opinion of this court that video games are…what’s that?...the Supreme Court already handed down its ruling on California’s violent video game law?...7-2?...Oh, I see. Well, let's get on with it.

As you've no doubt heard, this is a big week for the games industry, thanks to t but in case you were too busy, I don't know, playing games or something, then you definitely want to check out this week’s episode of Feedback, as Adam Sessler is joined by Casey Schreiner, Stephen Johnson, and Nikole Zivalich to discuss what is arguably the most significant legal decision in gaming history. (For more, be sure to check out Adam's in-depth look at the Supreme Court's decision, and if you have no idea what this whole case is about, brush up here.)

And, as if to honor said decision, the Feedback crew also examines and cross examines the game of the week, the cheeky horror shooter Shadows of the Damned. So if you're into legal jargon and penis-inspired gun puns, you've certainly come to the right place!

Feedback -- Supreme Court Video Game Ruling »

Feedback: Where we still have no idea why the abbreviation SCOTUS makes us chuckle. Hehe. SCOTUS.

The AUDIO MP3 of this episode of FEEDBACK is available here: Right-click and Save.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel First Look Impressions -- Bad Night at the Club

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Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D To Ship With RE: Revelations Demo

Capcom's Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D for the Nintendo 3DS has a unique (and troubling, to some) "feature:" Saved games can not be erased. Ever. So no going back and starting fresh without saves. This could be the latest attempt by the game industry to put reins on the used game market; after all, what good is a used copy of a game if you are forced to play someone else's saves?

Capcom, though, says this is not the case. The company told GiantBomb: "Secondhand game sales were not a factor in this development decision, so we hope that all our consumers will be able to enjoy the entirety of the survival-action experiences that the game does offer."

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Super Smash Bros For The Wii U And 3DS Don't Have A Dev Teams Yet

Super Smash Bros games for the Wii U and 3DS were announced earlier this month at E3 2011. The announcement was made prematurely in hopes of recruiting a development staff. Neither game currently have a team dedicated to making the titles. Project Sora's Masahiro Sakurai will be leading the two Super Smash Bros. games but he and his team are busy working on another Nintendo title. "Right now, we're devoting all our manpower to working on Kid Icarus," Sakurai said in Famitsu.

"We've got no plans whatsoever -- we've got two new games out in the open when there's no extra time to work with them at all. It makes me cringe, and I'm not sure it's the smartest thing to make gamers wait for several years, but the early announcement was made chiefly in order to attract new team members."

Keep reading for more from Sakurai.

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From GTA4 to Red Dead Redemption to L.A. Noire: Where Is Rockstar Taking Us?

CheapyD at Best Buy offers L.A. Noire, Mortal Kombat, Brink, and Tiger Woods 12 for $39.99 each while Fallout New Vegas drops to $19.99. Buy Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with any other 3DS game, get a $25 gift card. Get a $25 gift card with a Kinect standalone unit.

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Street Fighter X Tekken Screenshots EA 2011: Cole Gives Us The Shocker!

The next Street Fighter games' innovation could be in the realm of customization, series producer Yoshinori Ono said in an interview with GamePro. Speaking on behalf of what he himself would like to see next from the franchise, Ono said, "What I'd love to do someday, if possible, is taking these characters -- like Ryu, Chun-Li, Abel, and Juri -- and having a game where users could customize them to a high degree."

"I'm not talking about their costumes or something like that, but actually customizing what moves they use -- the timing of them, their strengths, their weaknesses -- so that my Ryu could be completely different from your Ryu. In addition to our skill sets being different, our characters themselves would be different," Ono said before comparing the situation to F-1 racing, where despite the use of different parts, strict rulesets guide the manufacturers and comptetitors.

"If we could simulate something like that in a fighting game, I think it would be really awesome," Ono said.

Indeed it would, Ono. Indeed it would. In the meantime until such awesomeness is realized, let's all look forward to Street Fighter x Tekken (pictured above with PS Vita exclusive character Cole McGrath), out sometime in 2012.

Source: GamePro


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