Our Dishonored gameplay video from E3 2012 brings a little dark steampunk style to video games, where Co-Creative Director Harvey Smith from Arcane Studios describes how the first person stealth action title came together.

With Dishonored's release date set for October 2012, you can get a preview in our gameplay video below.

Official E3 Preview of Dishonored »

Check out our Borderlands 2 gameplay video from E3 2012, where designer Jason Shields from Gearbox provides insight on the highly anticipated sequel, from its new enemies, new environments and new colors! And by "new colors," he means green. No, really.

Borderlands 2 is set to be released on this September.

Official E3 Preview of Borderlands 2 »


If you heard the team behind Scribblenauts was creating another game, you wouldn't necessarily assume it was a multiplayer-focused third-person shooter; however, 5th Cell is full of surprises. Straying completely away from the puzzle genre, Hybrid is set to hit Xbox LIVE Arcade this summer and we got our hands on it at E3 2012.

From our Hybrid Preview

"Built from the ground up as an arcade title, Hybrid is a third-person shooter with a solitary focus on multiplayer. Taking the idea of cover-based combat to an extreme, Hybrid only allows players to move to and from cover; there is no time during which your character is running around. Aiming at a wall or barrier highlights it, and one button will prompt your character to fly toward it. You can also shift around areas already offering cover, strafing around enemies that may be nearby. When your character is flying in between cover he can shoot enemies, but it is quite a bit more difficult."

Read the rest of our Hybrid Preview!

In our Far Cry 3 co-op gameplay video from E3 2012, we talk to Petter Sydow from Ubisoft about the competitive co-op and how it can help your character level up. May the best player win!

Watch the full Far Cry 3 video below.

Official E3 Preview of Far Cry 3 Co-op »

Check out our NBA Baller Beats gameplay video from E3 2012, where we learn about how basketball and games can come together in a completely new way, thanks to the Kinect. Want to know more? Just watch our NBA Baller Beats with Majesco's Jon Black.

Official E3 Preview of NBA Baller Beats »


New Super Mario Bros. U

The recently announced New Super Mario Bros. U will allow five players to compete at once. I know what you're thinking: playing four players in New Super Mario Bros. Wii was chaotic enough! Rest assured, the fifth person on the Wii U GamePad can actually help everyone else's gameplay experience by manipulating levels.

We take a look at the new feature in our New Super Mario Bros. Wii U Preview:

"While up to four characters can be on screen at once in New Super Mario Bros. U, a fifth person can join in via the game's nifty Boost Mode. Boost Mode utilizes the new Wii U controller and allows players to place block platforms wherever they touch on the screen. If you only have two people playing, for example if you're a parent who's teaching your kid to play the game, Boost Mode would be perfect because you could put a platform over a gap to save a character from potentially falling through. More malicious players can also use Boost Mode to trap their friends in a rough spot, getting them killed, which is always humorous in a game like this."

Whether you use the Wii U GamePad to be nice or nefarious is up to you. Reading the rest of Leah's New Super Mario Bros. U hands-on preview, however, is not optional.

If this Assassin's Creed 3 gameplay video from E3 2012 doesn't get you excited about the next game in the AC franchise, then I don't know what more we can do for you. Here's your chance to get a general overview of the new storyline and the new combat gameplay ready to go in Assassin's Creed 3.

Official E3 Preview of Assassin's Creed 3 »

In our Assassin's Creed 3 gameplay video from E3 2012, New England steps into the spotlight---at least, colonial Boston does. Learn about how the city was recreated in the new Assassin's Creed game from Ubisoft's Julien Laferriere.

Assassin's Creed 3 is set to be released in October, 2012.

Official E3 Preview of Boston in Assassin's Creed 3 »

In our Resident Evil 6 gameplay video from E3 2012, we talk to Yoshiaki Hirabayashi from Capcom about the new co-op gameplay mechanics and how players can choose between three different storylines.

Watch our official Resident Evil 6 preview below.

Official E3 Preview of Resident Evil 6 »

Pikmin 3 Development Reportedly

Rise up and lead your army to our Pikmin 3 hands-on preview straight from E3 2012. We embarked on a journey to the Nintendo E3 booth to test out the Wii U launch title and what did we discover? Rock Pikmin and Wii U GamePad controls! The gameplay remains familar, and, as Pikmin fans, that's exactly what we've been waiting for.

From our E3 2012 Pikmin Preview:

Nothing shown significantly mixes up the franchise formula in any capacity. The rock Pikmin (which cause additional damage and shatter objects on impact) don’t really change the gameplay, and while the GamePad’s minimap and end-of-level replay feature are appreciated, they’re merely bonuses.

The seven-year wait for Miyamoto's next entry into the Pikmin series is almost over. In the meantime, click on over to that Pikmin 3 preview.

Fable The Journey Preview: Hands (and Horse) On!

The upcoming Kinect-enabled game Fable: The Journey looks like it's shaping up to be an exciting new entry into the beloved franchise. Our own Jake Gaskill took a look at the game on the show floor of E3 2012. Here's an excerpt from his Fable: The Journey Hands-On E3 2012 Preview:

"As The Journey is a fully fledged Fable game, exploration plays a big part in the experience. Traversing the vast expanses of Albion on foot would pose certain logistical and technological problems, so your horse and buggy will be your primary mode of transportation in the game. So move you simply flick your hands at the screen and the virtual reins snap your horse into action. Light flicks are preferable unless you feel like being that guy who whips his horse until it bleeds and scars and despises you."

Interested yet? Read the rest of our Fable: The Journey Preview!


Watch our Halo 4 gameplay video from E3 2012 where Frank O'Connor from 343 Industries goes into full detail about what everyone's looking forward to in the next Halo game: multiplayer! 

Check out our official E3 preview of Halo 4 to learn more.

Official E3 Preview of Halo 4 Multiplayer »

Rayman Legends

The sequel to the Rayman Origins reboot was announced by Ubisoft at E3 2012 and it's coming exclusively to the Nintendo Wii U. Our Rayman Legends preview takes a look at the return of Rayman's return. Using the Wii U GamePad and Wii U Pro Controller, Leah Jackson goes hands-on with the colorful and whacky game in this Rayman Legends preview:

"Platforming has never looked as good as it does in Rayman Legends. The whimsical adventure game was recently unveiled by Ubisoft during E3 2012, and after our first hands-on demo with the Wii U version of the beautiful game, we were blown away by its simple yet elegant controls, sound, and of course, top-notch visuals."

Rayman Legends is set for Wii U's launch window, which hopefulyl means we'll be playing as the armless adventurer and his pal Murphy before the end of the year. In the meantime, hop on over to our Rayman Legends preview.

After two days of E3 2012 coverage on G4, it's finally your chance to lead the discussion. Feedback's 2-hour live E3 extravaganza has begun and we're streaming every minute of it for you. Blair Herter and all of your G4 favorites, like Morgan Webb and Jessica Chobot, will be speaking with industry pros like Randy Pitchford, Rod Fergusson, and Robert Bowling. Of course it wouldn't be Feedback without you! You can send in your questions to us on Twitter with the hashtag #E3Feedback, on G4tv's Facebook, or right here.

Click the read more tag to participate in a live chat during the show!

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Halo 4

Our Halo 4 Spartan Ops Mode preview from E3 2012 reveals that the highly anticipated Xbox 360 game will get free weekly co-op content after the Halo 4 November 6, 2012 release date. Best of all, you and your buddy will see this co-op-centric continuing storyline mode for "months rather than weeks," according to Microsoft. The Spartan Ops content won’t expire, allowing you to replay the content as much as you’d like as long as you’re still an Xbox Live subscriber.

“The plan as 343 lays it out is to deliver weekly content updates that amount to five bite-sized missions for up to four players, plus one cinematic cutscene that lays out the underlying narrative driving a given week's scenario. Our behind closed doors E3 2012 demo took the form of a ground infantry combat mission, though fans can expect to enjoy the full gamut of Halo experiences, including vehicle-oriented missions and perhaps a few surprises that have yet to be revealed, as Spartan Ops unfolds.”

You’ll want to make sure that you and your best friend renew Xbox Live Gold on or before the Halo 4 release date in time for this new Spartan Ops mode. You’ll also want to find out more information about the new modes from our Halo 4 preview.

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