Look to the future with this Unreal Engine 4 cinematic trailer from E3 2012.

If you've been wondering what the graphics on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 will be like, here's your chance to get an idea. Behold the Unreal Engine 4, in all of its glory and majesty. In all likelihood, this will be an everyday part of your gaming experience sometime in the next couple years.

Bow down, lowly mortals, and gaze upon the wonders of the future.

Unreal Engine 4 E3 Cinematic Trailer »

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Our PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale gameplay video straight from the E3 2012 floor gives you everything you need to know about the co-op friendly brawl party guy. Okay, maybe not everything but enough to tease you before the game will be released in December, 2012. Game Director Omar Kendall goes into details about the new playable characters revealed at E3, like Nathan Drake. And who wouldn't want to fight as Nathan Drake?

Check it out in our PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale video.

Official E3 2012 Preview Of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale »

Darksiders 2 Creative Manager Jeremy Greiner talks next installment of the Darksiders franchise in this gameplay video from E3 2012. In Darksiders 2, we join Death on a quest to right wrongs from the previous game.

Whereas playing as War in the original Darksiders had been a strong and hearty experience, here Death is more agile and nimble. Players will be able to wall run, bounce, and grab in Darksiders 2 as they traverse a harsh landscape. Returning players will also be happy to hear that Death gets his mount right off the bat, making travel much easier.

Darksiders 2 is set for release on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U on August 14, 2012.

Official E3 Preview of Darksiders 2 »


The Feedback madness from E3 continued into hour 2 when Blair Herter, Morgan Webb, Nikole Zivalich and Stephen Johnson were joined by two special guests. First up was former G4 alumni and current Giant Bomb Senior News Editor, Patrick Klepek. Next up was Epic Games' Rod Fergusson who spoke with us about Gears of War Judgment. Tony asked your questions during the show, find out if we answered yours!

Feedback Live From E3 Part 2 With Gears Of War Judgment »

Slash your way to our DmC: Devil May Cry gameplay video from E3 2012.

Dante is back, and he's...well, younger than ever, at least. Ninja Theory Creative Director Tameem Antoniades talked about how the story for DmC came about, and tells us what we can expect. Basically, Dante is rebelling against the man, only in this case, the man is actually a bunch of demons just begging to have a sword shoved into them.

DmC: Devil May Cry comes out January 15, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3, and will be available for PC at an uspecified time after that.

Official E3 Preview of DmC Devil May Cry »


Metro: Last Light, the Russian post-apocalypse FPS, gets a gameplay video for E3 2012. The game continues from the cliffhanger of Metro 2033, and the world is no less hostile in Metro: Last Light. Everything in the world is hostile, including the air, which players can't breathe without filters that deplete over time.

The survival horror has improved stealth elements for dodging new enemies and will be release early 2013 for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

Official E3 Preview of Metro: Last Light »

Check out our Kickbeat gameplay preview from E3 2012.

Kickbeat, as the name so eloquently implies, combines beats and kicking. The rhythm based fighting game from Zen Studios puts epic kung fu to music, and rewards you for timing your hits properly. Zen Studios Creative Director Neil Sorens discussed some of the inspirations for Kickbeat, which include old kung fu movies from the good ol' days. Note: Exact time of "good ol' days" may vary by age.

Kickbeat will be out for the PS Vita later this year.

Official E3 Preview of Kickbeat »

Castlestorm gets this gameplay demo video for E3 2012. The castle vs castle RTS has its roots in tower defense games, but also has an Angry Birds element to it. Players fire arrows, ballistas, and other projectiles at enemy castles, and deploy troops to take down opposing armies in this lighthearted knights vs vikings war story.

But that's not all for Castlestorm. Although deployed troops engage in combat independently, players can summon a special hero, called Sir Garreth, which they can control.

Castlestorm has co-op and multiplayer modes, too. The game will release on Xbox Live Arcade later this 2012 year.

Official E3 Preview of Castlestorm »

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In this LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes gameplay demo from E3 2012, TT Games Producer Phil Ring describes how the Justice League is back in action--and they're bigger and better than ever. Batman and Superman team up to fight Lex Luthor, and that means you can explore Gotham City built with LEGOs.

Check out the gameplay demo from LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes below.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes E3 Gameplay Demo »

The upcoming Defiance is a collaboration between Trion Worlds and Syfy to create a game and a TV show that will effect one another.

Defiance won't launch until April 2013, so early details are all we got at E3 2012, but it will feature a future earth in which humans and aliens are both sharing the planet. In this E3 2012 floor report video, Jessica Chobot talks with Grant Bowler, the actor who will play "Nolan."

Defiance's Grant Bowler Floor Report E3 2012 Live »


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Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch's gameplay demo spirits away Morgan Webb and Namco Bandai's Dennis Lee with its beauty at the E3 2012 floor.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch follows the heart-warming story of a boy named Oliver who finds his way into a magical parallel world bound on an epic quest to save it. The classic animated style mirrors the beautiful narrative and gorgeous artwork that all Studio Ghibli films share in this, their first foray into the world of interactive entertainment. Real-time battles, along with the ability to pause and strategize during battles suggests an intuitive level of gameplay that should appeal to a range of different gamer types. The game includes both an English voice track and an original Japanese voice track for those Japanese role-playing purists out there.

Look forward to start your own personal Studio Ghibli movie in early 2013.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch E3 Gameplay Demo »


In our Pikmin 3 gameplay video from E3 2012, players are back controlling an army from the classic Pikmin franchise, including new Pikmin types! Find out what modes were showcased at E3 2012, including how the Wii U revolutionizes the game controls. Get ready for when Pikmin 3 is released with the launch of the Wii U!

Official E3 Preview of Pikmin 3 »

This Planetside 2 gameplay video from E3 2012 puts the massive in MMO. Josh Hackney from Sony Online Studios shares exactly why MMO fans will be excited to play this new game, like the new maps and how the game can hold up to 2,000 players across a 64,000 kilometer area.

Check out the Planetside 2 video below.

Official E3 Preview of Planetside 2 »

In our gameplay video for the New Super Mario Bros. U at E3 2012, we learn how the classic video game has been transformed for the Wii U, like the four player co-op and Mario's new transformation!

New Super Mario Bros U will be released in December, 2012.

Official E3 Preview of New Super Mario Bros. U »

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The Amazing Spider-Man is in the hands of Beenox's Dee Brown, and he joined Kevin Pereira and Blair Herter on the E3 2012 stage to let everyone know that no matter what you think of past Spider-Man games, this one is worth a look.

This time around, The Amazing Spider-Man won't be strapped down by any movie tie-in, instead taking off from where the movie ends to create an all-new open-world adventure with new villains and original plot lines.

Dee promises refreshed controls across the board and a new Web Rush mechanic for getting across the city faster and more nimbly than ever. What's that look like? You'll have to watch the video to find out, and stay till the end to get details on an in-game playable Stan Lee.

The Amazing Spider-Man E3 Gameplay Demo »


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