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Electronic Arts Strikes Publishing Deal With 38 StudioElectronic Arts today announced it will publish the first title from 38 Studios, the company founded by former Red Sox pitcher and World Series MVP Curt Schilling.

38 Studios’ Big Huge Games is developing the role-playing game, codenamed Project Mercury, and given that the head of Big Huge Games is Ken Rolston (lead designer on Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion), it’s safe to say the game is in highly capable hands.

“We are creating an enormous world, with heroes and villains and a rich back story from the brilliant minds of R. A. [Salvatore], Todd [McFarlane] and Ken at its heart, and I can think of no finer partner than the global powerhouse that is EA Partners,” said Curt Schilling.

Considering R.A. Salvatore is scheduled to speak at GDC 2010 this week, there’s a good chance some more Project Mercury news could be inbound over the coming days.

Sometimes You Have To Realize You're Probably Going To Fail

When Hello Games programmer Sean Murray and his three friends left their roles at large development houses to found Hello Games, the studio behind the IGF-nominated and PlayStation Network-bound Joe Danger, he knew there was a big risk. He knew failure was not only possible -- it was likely.

"We really wanted to do our own thing," said Murray during a talk at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. "When we were kids, it's all we ever talked about. But we realized when we were leaving, it was a really stupid thing. It was an illogical thing. We're going to do this and we're probably going to crash and burn doing this."

Murray and his friends used to work at companies like Criterion, Sumo and Electronic Arts.

"Most companies don't last very long," he continued. "It's really tough."

The advantage of working on their own, however, meant the studio could quickly adapt.

"We're much more flexible," said Murray. "In theory, we can do amazing things, get people on the same page and that's kind of more powerful...We can do everything ourselves. We can write our own engine. And with marketing, we just kind of talked about 'we'll do something personal to us, we'll do something that we are really interested in, and we'll see how people react to that.'"

Joe Danger arrives this spring on PlayStation Network.

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Music DLC Round-Up For Week Of August 17

Harmonix has confirmed that Rock Band 3 will be released by this holiday season.

"Viacom CEO and president Philippe Dauman has confirmed that Harmonix is working on Rock Band 3, for release holiday 2010!” Harmonix communications manager John Drake just announced.

No other details have been revealed at this time, but something called GDC 2010 is going on right now, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing more soon. Stay tuned.

Source: Harmonix

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Tiger Woods 11Promising to give virtual golfers "an authentic interactive swing experience," Sony today announced that the next Tiger Woods game (PGA Tour 11) will support the PlayStation 3 motion controller.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 will also simulate the prestigious Ryder Cup in an online mode, where players can choose either the U.S. or European squad and participate in the various competition formats – foursomes where players hit alternate shots, fourballs and singles which traditionally bring the biennial event to a close with players going head to head. Up to 24 players will be able to compete head-to-head as members of team.

The American team will be headed by Tiger (natch) and the Euro team will be run by great golfer Rory McIlroy, who had this to say in EA's press release:

“This is a huge honor for me to be the on the cover with Tiger Woods as I grew up idolizing Tiger... The Ryder Cup has always been my favorite sporting event and the tournament is being played at The Celtic Manor Resort in Wales in 2010. Also, I’m hopeful to have an opportunity to represent the European team later in the year – it’s all very special.”

The game will be available on June 8 on the Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and iPhone platforms. I, for one, am buying it for the PS3; golfing might be the killer app of all motion control schemes.

Remember the gratifying footage of Klei Entertainment's bloody 2D project, Shankback at PAX 2009? Well, here's more gory gameplay from this week's GDC 2010 event. Again, that's: 2D, HD, Mature, Awesome.

Shank GDC 2010 Gameplay Trailer »


Power Gig: Rise of the SixString

Playing guitar is a thousand times harder than playing Guitar Hero. It takes years of dedication, gives you blisters, and involves hundreds of hours of tedious repetition to even rise to the level of "not-totally-sucky." So why play an actual guitar instead of chilling out with Rock Band? It gets you chicks.  All of this is a long introduction to a just-announced game that aims to bridge the gap between video game and actual guitaring: Seven45 Studios' just-announced PS3 and 360 game Power Gig: The Rise of the SixString uses an actual guitar to control a video game.

The guitar/peripheral features technology that can distinguish and recognize gamers’ input all along the guitar. They promise it will be as easy to pick up and play as any other band game controller, but you'll be able to plug your SixString guitar into any amp to play for realsies.

As for the game, I'm going to let Power Gig's press release speak for itself.

Power Gig: Rise of the SixString will transport players to an entirely new universe, with its own mythology, politics, settings, heroes and villains, where music rules all. On the gameplay front, Power Gig uses new technology that represents the next evolution of music performance games to provide all players — from casual gamers to the hardcore, from those who have never before picked up a guitar to those who play guitar on a regular basis — with a more authentic and fun experience. The game offers two overarching modes of play. In addition to traditional beat-matching that will be familiar to fans of the band game genre, Power Gig also introduces the option to switch on chording, or chord play. Chording presents the added challenge of playing the game using chords that require specific finger placement on the strings. As players progress through the game, becoming more comfortable with a genuine guitar and potentially choosing to play real power chords, they will find that the byproduct of playing the game is coming away from it with an understanding of some real-life guitar fundamentals.

No release date is mentioned, and, honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if the release date is "never," but I'll keep my eyes on this game and let you know when I hear anything more. Plus, there's another picture of the guitar under the cut.

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Virgin Airlines Says My Brain's More Or Less Completely Mush

When's the last time you played Doom? I did a few minutes ago (and it didn't cost me a few dollars, unlike the Xbox Live Arcade version I never play). I'm currently writing this a thousand miles above the ground on a flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco via Virgin America, aka a club in the sky.

Several of us are en route to The Land of the Greatest Burritos for the Game Developers Conference.

I did have to take some offense to how Virgin America portrays is own video game service, however. "Put those thumbs to good use and turn your brain to mush," reads the in-flight pamphlet.

My brain must be a serious pile of mush, then. I wish someone had told me sooner!

Oh well. I like my mush just fine, thank you very much.

Never flown on Virgin America before? Have a peek at what their awfully fancy setup is like…

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GDC '10 Coming To X-Play March 15th

Alright, we're three months into 2010, and it's finally time to get into the swing of the new gaming season. X-Play brings you the single most important launching pad for new game titles and key innovations, the Game Developer’s Conference, GDC ’10.

Hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb bring you 3 days of coverage from San Francisco, where the games are made. Don’t miss exclusive interviews with gaming's biggest names, breaking news, highlights from the daily keynotes, and an expert guide to the biggest announcements. X-Play’s 3 day coverage of GDC ’10, starts March 15th. Mark your calendars...it's game time.

Also, don't forget that G4tv.com will be streaming the Sony Press Conference from GDC live on Wednesday, March 10th, starting at 7PM ET, and that Attack of the Show will be providing the only exclusive television coverage of that Sony event, breaking into the live press conference during the show on March 10th. You can check out all of the details on that Sony Press Conference here.

And, as always, you can see all of the goings-on from San Francisco at our GDC home page, where you'll be able to catch up on all of the latest news and updates on the conference. In short, if you want to know anything about GDC '10, G4 and G4tv.com, as always, is your one-stop destination.

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GDC 2010As you may have heard, we're en route to foggy San Francisco for GDC. If you don't know what GDC is all about, then this is for you...

What is GDC?

It's the Game Developers Conference, an annual gathering of game developers from across the world. It happens in downtown San Francisco, CA, heart of the "Bay Area" region and home to numerous developers and publishers like Electronic Arts, Double Fine, Sega of America, and many others.

Why is GDC important?

If you're familiar with a typical college lecture, GDC panels are a lot like that -- only way more interesting if you want to know how games work and how they're made. Panels, tutorials, and day-long topic-oriented summits are the heart and soul of GDC, where some truly intelligent people describe their successes and failures and relay their experiences to their industry colleagues.

Keynotes are another important part of GDC. In the past, we've seen some fascinating speeches and presentations from people like Satoru Iwata, Hideo Kojima, Ralph Koster, Phil Harrison, and Shigeru Miyamoto. Keynote speakers usually take this opportunity to talk about larger issues relating to the future of the games industry, or their personal approaches to designing games. This year's keynote will be delivered by Firaxis Games' Sid Meier, the man behind "Civilization."

In recent years, increased media attention has also put pressure on publishers to start showing game demos. We'll be seeing quite a few of these games this week, hopefully in addition to some news regarding Sony's motion controller.

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GDC 2010You probably haven’t heard us mention it yet, but next week is GDC 2010. And as you’d expect, G4 is going to be covering the paint right off that place, and you better believe that includes everything from breaking news to press events.

Speaking of which, G4tv.com will be streaming the entirety of Sony’s GDC Press Conference starting at 7PM ET on March 10. What does Sony have up their collective sleeve? We could see some possible game announcements, and a new demonstration of their new motion controller, but the only way to find out for sure is to tune in and watch it unfold live...so...do that.

Attack of the Show will be the only exclusive television coverage and will be breaking in live to the press event as well on Wednesday, March 10 at 7PM ET. If you feel like watching some of the press conference on your TV, then G4 once again has you covered. You're welcome.

For those who like bookmarking pages in advance, head over to our GDC 2010 page and prepare yourself. For full GDC '10 coverage and analysis, be sure to check out X-Play next week starting Monday night at 6:30 ET.

The long-delayed Mafia II gets a new trailer in anticipation for next week's GDC event. Lots of mob-type happenings are in store in this 2K sequel glorifying how "the working man's a sucker".

Mafia II GDC 2010 Trailer »


Crytek Logo

An improvement to Crytek's CryEngine 3 game engine will be shown off at next week's GDC 2010... and it's in 3D. That's right, Crytek has grown tired of of the run-of-the-mill dimensions of length and width, and are adding a third dimension (depth) to its engine, and eventually, to the games you'll play.

"Over the past few years, S-3D technology has emerged as one of the key trends both in movies and games," says Crytek's global business development director for CryEngine, Carl Jones in a statement. "With CryEngine 3, developers will have the ability to create their content in 3D on all platforms."

Among the first games to feature 3D will be Crysis 2, and judging from the screenshots released yesterday, it will look amazing in any number of dimensions.

That's not the only improvement to the engine; Crytek is also showing off "LiveCreate" at GDC, a feature that will allow designers to work with a single editor, but see and play the results in real-time on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This kind of multiplatform scalability allows game-makers to easily and quickly create multi-platform games.

3D is quite the buzzword lately, eh? I've played a few 3D games in past year or so, and seen a bunch of 3D movies, and I gotta say, it just doesn't "do it" for me. 3D gives me a headache; the stereoscopic glasses don't seem to focus right over my regular shades, and, overall, I can do without it. Judging from all the big tech shows, though, the industry itself is really pushing for 3D.

My question: What are your feelings on 3D: Is this the gaming holy grail or a gimmick?

Sid Meier GDCVideo game legend and Civilization creator Sid Meier will deliver the keynote speech at this year's Game Developers Conference. The keynote, entitled "The Psychology of Game Design (Everything You Know Is Wrong.)" will be given on Friday, March 12, between 10:30-11:30 AM

Meier promises to use examples from Civilization Revolution, Pirates!, and other games to "look at how including player psychology as a fundamental part of game design can lead us to some strangely counterintuitive places and save us millions of dollars in time and resources. Along the way we’ll learn why AI’s should not be too smart, how nuclear weapons are like knocking over a chess board, and why gamers can’t be trusted."

G4 will be there all week next week, bringing you everything GDC, from the keynotes, to the panels, to breaking news, interviews and lots of early looks at soon-to-be released blockbuster games.

For more info on Meier's speech, check out the official description. And for more details on G4's massive GDC 2010 coverage, check out our GDC 2010 headquarters.

GDC Logo

Next week is GDC, people. The Games Developers Conference is a huge annual gathering of professional video game developers, focusing on "learning, inspiration, and networking."  G4 will be there, of course, and by extension, you will be there too. It all starts on March 9, and continues non-stop until the 13th, so just stick around our GDC site next week, and we'll keep you fed with a constant stream of gaming awesome.

We're going to be bringing you everything GDC, the moment it goes down. I'm talking interviews, hands-on previews of upcoming games, instant news announcement, coverage of GDC panels, commentary, videos, gossip, speculation, rumor, and more, more, more. (As you can tell, I'm pretty excited.)

Among the highlights: The Game Developers Choice Awards, lectures from the big names in gaming, (so far, Civilization creator and gaming God Sid Meier will deliver the keynote, Blizzard's Dominic Filion will talk Starcraft II, and Metroid creator Yoshio Sakamoto will be there, among many others.) and much more.

As for what to look for: I'm thinking we'll see a lot of Sony's new motion-controllers, we'll probably get a closer look at Fable III, and I'm expecting the reveal of Portal 2, as well as many as-yet-undreamed-of surprises. Use our comment section to make predictions, and we'll all see who is psychic.

And be sure to check out our GDC 2010 HQ for all of our updates!

Epic Games Reveals Unreal Engine 3 Plans For GDC 2010Epic Games has revealed its plans for GDC 2010 next week, and not surprisingly, a good portion of their time will be spent showcasing new elements of its Unreal Engine 3.

Some of the new features on display include streamlined processes for creating and manipulating large-scale city environments (specifically buildings) and branching objects like roads, vines, and even railroad tracks. Epic will also present a new outdoor foliage demo, which will also be shown in stereoscopic 3D, to show off a number of the engine’s new features (lighting, shadowing, animation, etc.). Epic is also expected to demo Unreal Engine 3 on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Whether we’ll see anything on the level of the Gears of War 2 announcement Epic made during GDC 2008 remains to be seen, but, Epic has revealed that it will be holding two press conferences during the event, which seems to suggest an announcement of some kind or another. G4 will have crew on the ground at GDC, so as soon as any news hits, you’ll be the first to know.

Source: VG247

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