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New Gears Of War DLC Leaks Early, Gets Pulled, Epic Responds

Epic Games isn't ready to talk about the next Gears of War (or any other projects) yet, but as a company whose foundation is built upon technology, when Epic Games asks you to come see the latest additions to their game engines, there's a chance you're getting a hint at what's next for the company. At the Game Developers Conference, Epic Games invited the press to see some demonstrations of what's possible in the latest version of Unreal Engine 3.

Remember the meat cube? This year, it's the mercury cube. The mercury cube included alongside a part of a series of jungle, Mayan-looking environments. It certainly didn't look like a Gears of War setting. This was tied to a number of other technical demos that included manipulation of vines and the ease at which developers can alter the dimensions of objects on-the-fly.

There was also several fly-throughs of an urban, New York-style environment. It looked extremely rough (no surprise, it was a tech demo) and Epic Games VP Mark Rein cautioned to the audience that what we were looking was "ugly test art." His next comment, however, was telling.

"One day we'll show you what we're doing with this," said Rein. "When you see what we're doing with this, it's going to blow your mind."

Start guessing, readers.

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GDC 2010: Bit.Trip Runner Preview

There is something genuinely intriguing about a platforming game that incorporates rhythm-based mechanics that turn your characters movements into parts of the game’s soundtrack. That’s probably why Patrick Klepek was so pleased to get his hands on the latest nostalgia infused, chiptune-fest Bit.Trip Runner at GDC 2010. Speaking of bits, here’s one now:

"Running in the background, however, are the thumping chiptune beats that have driven the other Bit.Trip games. And just like the other games, the music isn't just there to provide something to nod your head to, it's a mechanic that you're changing while playing the game."

Patrick's full preview can be found right here, Bit.Trip lovers.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light GDC 2010 Screens

The next big adventure for Tomb Raider heroine Lara Croft won’t be the full-blown franchise reboot that’s supposedly in the works, but rather the downloadable title, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, scheduled for release on the PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this summer.

In case you were wondering what the first ever downloadable Lara Croft title (which also happens to include two-player co-op) looks like in action, you can find a fresh batch of newly discovered screenshots in our forbidden photo gallery.

Throw me the link!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by our massive PlayStation Move coverage? You're in luck as Sony's PR drops a slick trailer recapping all of the new motion controller details.

PlayStation Move GDC 2010 Trailer »

GDC 2010 Preview: Sports Champions

Nintendo knew exactly what they were doing when they bundled the Wii with the ridiculously popular collection of simplified, motion-based sports games, Wii Sports. Not only were the games satisfying in their own right, they also served as the perfect introduction to the Wii’s revolutionary control scheme. Throw in the massive sales of the beefed up sequel, Wii Sports Resort, and it’s absolutely no wonder that Sony decided to create their own sports-based compilation title to launch with their PlayStation Move motion controller.

Patrick Klepek got both of his hands on the tentatively named Sports Champions during GDC 2010. Sample quote to follow:

"Like Motion Fighters, Sports Champions emphasized what's possible when developers design games with the option to have player's utilize two PlayStation Move controllers at once. The controller in the left hand moves the shield, while the right controls the weapon of choice."

To find out more, be sure to check out Patrick's full preview right here. More GDC 2010 goodness can be found over at our GDC coverage supercenter.


Fable III Features New Continent Called Arora

Lionhead Studios just revealed during its GDC 2010 presentation that Monty Python legend John Cleese will appear in Fable III as the player’s butler!

I wish I had more details to share, but that’s I have right now. Lionhead is Tweeting all sorts of info from their presentation, so expect to hear plenty more soon.

SOCOM: US Navy SEALs 4 Reveal Trailer »

One of the most unlikeliest candidates for PlayStation Move implementation has to be SOCOM: US Navy SEALs 4. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just…unexpected. And that can sometimes lead to great things. Or it can end up being a huge disappointment. It’s too early to say what SOCOM 4’s fate will be, but Andrew Pfister recently took the game for a brief spin during GDC 2010, and here's a taste of what he saw:

"On the primary Move controller, you point at the screen to direct your aiming direction; the sub-controller’s analog stick is used for directional movement, strafing in particular. Even though this version of SOCOM 4 is still very much a work-in-progress, the effect was achieved as I ran through the war-torn map."

You can find Andrew's full preview right here. And remember to check out our GDC  2010 page for all the latest news and previews.

The Shoot

The Shoot is an on-rails shooter in the vein of old-school arcade cabinets. Check out our screenshots for an idea of the tongue-in-cheek art style of this game. Andrew Pfister got a chance to play this proof-of-concept style game at GDC 2010, and judging from his preview, it may seem familiar:

"There’s a 96% chance that every single one of you reading this preview knows of a place where you live that has had the same arcade cabinet for the past 15 years. And there’s a 100% chance that that arcade cabinet is Midway’s Area 51. So describing the The Shoot demo on display for PlayStation Move should be easy: it’s the concept of Area 51, with more of a tongue-in-cheek approach of being behind the scenes on a movie set."

Check out the full preview for more information. And read our GDC site for all GDC 2010 previews, news, videos and more.


Green Day: Rock Band Debut Trailer »

Hey Green Day fans, grab a pen and flip your calendars to June, because I have some mark-inducing info for you. That’s right. Green Day: Rock Band now has an official release date – June 8.

Similar to Harmonix and MTV Games’ previous The Beatles: Rock Band, the Green Day version will feature tons of unlockable band images and nearly an hour of rare and unreleased interviews and performances.

The game will include 47 tracks spanning the band’s career from "Brain Stew" to "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," each of which will be playable with three-part harmonies. Also, all of the songs will be exportable to Rock Band 1, 2, and 3. The Green Day tracks that are already available as DLC will be playable in the new game and will include all of the new gameplay and presentation elements.

Green Day: Rock Band will run you $59.99 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and $49.99 on Wii. There will also be a special edition that will feature “Special packaging,” track export key and the six DLC tracks already available, all for $69.99.

Motion Fighter

The world's introduction to the PlayStation Move title The Fight: Lights Out came only a day ago at the Sony GDC press conference, so these screenshots and the first previews are all we know about the game. According to Patrick Klepek:

"The game's making your movements look a hell of a lot cooler than how you'll look to people watching you play a game like The Fight: Lights Out, but in the moment, you can't help but feel cool. That's especially true when you have someone in a headlock and you're fist pumping (hmm, do I smell a Jersey Shore game?) an endless stream of punches into your enemy's bloodied face."

Check out the full preview at this link right here.  And for more GDC info, check out our GDC 2010 compound and website.

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The Technology That Allows You To Embed A Video Game: InstantAction

OK Go's music videos can become such impressive viral hits because Internet video can be embedded pretty much everywhere. You don't have to visit OK Go's website, it's just there. That's the same for music and photos, too. Heck, it's true of pretty much every form of media that's not video games. InstantAction is proposing a solution: the embeddable video game.

I saw InstantAction about a year ago while still working for MTV News. At the time, InstantAction was mostly a portal for powerful, modern-looking games to run through a browser. I asked them whether the games could ever be embedded like YouTube. The technology didn't exist a year ago, but the team said it was possible. Earlier this week, however, InstantAction showed me what I was hoping for in working form and I'm convinced it could change games and how we all discover them.

The moment it clicked? When I watched CEO Louis Castle (whose name might ring a bell - he used to head Electronic Arts' now-closed Blueprint studio and co-founded Westwood Studios) embed LucasArts' The Secret of Monkey Island remake into an actual Tumblr blog and start playing the game a few minutes later through the blog. Upping the ante, Castle demonstrated the same concept, except it was Assassin's Creed running through his Facebook account. Assassin's Creed through a Facebook account.

I was already imagining being able to write stories and embed the games I was talking about into the story. That's not the point of InstantAction, but it's an exciting byproduct of the tech.

Read More »


GDC 2010: Motion Fighters Screenshots

Sony revealed a whole lot today at GDC 2010, along with the PlayStation Move motion control technology. One of the most interesting tidbits involved a fighting game called Motion Fighters, which allows you to get in a good workout while working over an opponent with a fight club ethic that puts you in the back alley to brawl with friends and neighbors.

Here, now, are the first screenshots from that game. Go to the Motion Fighters gallery and have at it.

Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Coming To PSN, Mac, LeChuck's Revenge: SE ConfirmedLucasArts has revealed that Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge: Special Edition is officially a go. The publisher just confirmed the game via the screenshot to the right that was just posted on Twitter. The game is scheduled for release on PSN, XBLA, Mac, iPhone, PC.

LucasArts also announced that Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition will be coming to Mac and PlayStation Network sometime soon.

These updates seem to be rolling at a steady pace, so all you Monkey Island lovers should keep your eyes and ears open.

Source: LucasArts

 As you might have noticed, Mafia II is one of the hottest games coming out of GDC. We previewed the game recently, and Adam Sessler also interviewed the Director of Creative Production. In this video, he goes one on one with Senior Producer Denby Grace, who provides some insight into how 2K's game is coming along. Want to know more? Take a look!

GDC 2010: The State of Development of Mafia II »

Screenshots For Sports Champions

I have a feeling a lot of PlayStation 3 owners will be playing PlayStation Move-enable game collection Sports Champion when it launches. This is total speculation, but it could be that Sony plans for the title to be as ubiquitous as Wii Sports was when Nintendo's motion system launched.

Anyway, check out this gallery for a look at some of the different games Sports Champion will feature.

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