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Update: Ignore the below story! The porn application referenced has since been removed from the App Store. Must have slipped between the cracks somehow, so to speak. But, hey, if you jumped on it real quick, you'll be one of the few who own this application! Oh, and the app's official site says the pron app has "sold out." Wait, what? How can a downloadable program sell out?

The people at Apple who decide which iPhone applications can be sold/given away on the iTunes Store are like the Soviet Politburo: They hand down edicts on high, presumably for the good of The People, yet they answer to no other authority and rarely offer explanations for their decision. So let it be known: Apple's app-ruling class has declared that programs featuring naked ladies will be available to iPhone owners! Previously, adult-themed applications were not given passes, but it seems as if Apple has installed an age-gate and made the first iPhone porn application available.

The first naked-lady application is the imaginatively titled Hottest Girls. It's a simple photo-displaying program with some crowd-sourcing elements. Basically, the app contains over 2200 pictures of topless and scantily clad ladies. You choose categories (Popular, Asian, Blonde, Brunette and Swimsuit) look at the pictures that pop up, and rate them good or bad.

The program itself seems entirely pedestrian and useless -- I'm not sure why anyone would want it, when Google on the iPhone would pull up about 6 million times as many results -- but Apple opening up the flood-gates to content of this nature is pretty interesting. The top of the Application store could soon be crowded with different kinds of porn-centric applications.

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Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox

You may know Megan Fox for her starring role as "Stars-and-Stripes Bikini Kid Dancing Under Waterfall" in Bad Boys 2, or her work as the non-robotic female lead  in the Transformers movies (I think she's credited as "Lip-Gloss-Chick-Who-Poses-On-Motorcycle"). But soon, you may see Fox taking on the role of everyone's favorite 1990s video game heroine, Tomb Raider lead Lara Croft. This casting decision makes me very, very happy. But according to reports, it makes Angelina Jolie very, very pissed.

The next Tomb Raider film is said to focus on Lara Croft's younger years, and Angelina Jolie, 34, is apparently getting a too haggard (by Hollywood standards) to play a young Lara, so Megan (23) has reportedly been tapped for the role. According to an unnamed source quoted by Britain's The Sun tabloid:

"Angie was intent on reprising her role. She feels it's something she helped define and feels robbed that it looks likely to be handed to someone who she considers less capable than her."


 "Angie isn't a fan of the Transformers films and believes Megan won't do the Lara Croft character justice. She's also annoyed because she thinks Megan copies everything from her, from her tattoos to her style."

So the gloves are off and the claws are out!

Leaving aside the issue of whether playing Lara Croft takes some amazing reserve of acting talent, I have a great way to settle the issue: Lingerie pillow-fight. At my house. Of course I would document this battle for the internet, and thus it would be part of my job, and my wife wouldn't be mad.

So which chick is the best Lara Croft? Jolie, Fox, or is there another person who should take the part? Personally, I think G4's Mike D'Alonzo would be perfect in the role -- he's a really good actor.


The MMO Report's Casey Schreiner Gives the ZAM Network Love AdviceOne of the best things about E3 is that everyone in the gaming industry comes together inside the LA Convention center; something that doesn't happen very often. While we were covering all the MMOs on the show floor, the man himself Casey was not only recognized, but interviewed by our friend Andrew Beegle from The ZAM Network. Andrew was hitting the show floor finding out what it takes to pick-up on a booth babe, so of course he wanted advice from the smoothest man on the planet, Casey Schreiner. Check out his sound advice on respec-ing for maximum Charisma.


And while you're at it, why not check out all the coverage Casey and The MMO Report got from the show floor at E3 2009! It's just as informative.

The MMO Report E3 2009 Special Part 1

The MMO Report E3 2009 Special Part 2


Video Game Girls Burlesque Show »

Ahhhhh, video game girls. Oh, how we love them. Their powers, their shapely figures, their weapons, their ability to consume hours upon hours of our time. They are our nerd fantasies…and now they have come to life courtesy of the fine folks at Los Angeles-based burlesque troop Devil’s Playground.

Ya see, the second Saturday night in the City if Angels, dancer Courtney Cruz and her cadre of scantily clad dancers put on a fabulous burlesque show at Bordello in the downtown district. Each show has a theme, ranging from sideshow freaks to Batman characters. A few weeks ago the night was dedicated to those lovely lasses that light up our screen, Video Game Girls. And we were there. Now, so can you be to.

You’ll meet Metroid’s Samus Aran, Street Fighter’s Chun-Li, Princess Peach of Super Mario Bros., BloodRayne’s Rayne and, of course, Princess Zelda. All in full costume….until they remove it. Highlighted by the musical stylings of Nitzer Ebb members Bon Harris and Jason Payne, Video Game Girls was a show unlike any other and now you can be there to experience it in all of its full frontal glory.

Enjoy…and make sure to check out the eye-popping photo gallery of this event! Yowza!

Courtney and the gang will be doing the show again June 3rd at Bordello in Los Angeles. Stop by and tell her we said hi.

'Sexy Poker'For a nation founded by prison inmates, Australia sure is uptight. The country's Draconian game ratings board has ruled that Sexy Poker, an upcoming WiiWare naked girl simulator from GameLoft, can not be sold Down Under. It's not the game's nudity, in and of itself, that concerns the Australian Classification Board; it's the context. According to the board, Sexy Poker uses nudity as a reward in the game, and that is against Australian rules.

"In the Board’s view Sexy Poker offers depictions of nudity as an incentive or reward to interactive game play. In the Board’s view, the general rule in the Guidelines for the Classification of Films and Computer Games prohibiting depictions of nudity as an incentive or reward, applies to the game play described above, as the player is shown increasingly detailed amounts of nudity following successful game-play," the board said in a statement.

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Heidi Klum Vulcan

In case you haven't heard, there's a new Star Trek movie, and it's coming out this Friday. Paramount Pictures was cool enough to send us some pics of hot chicks flashing the Vulcan gang sign. Like the above photo of Heidi Klum, taken at the Star Trek premier in Los Angeles the other day. 

Oh, and Hayden Panettiere from Heroes below.

Hayden Paniterie

This new Star Trek flick got me thinking, though: Who's hotter, the girls of the original Star Trek series, or these new upstarts? Hit the "read more" for an important, detailed photo comparison... and don't forget to weigh in in the comment section.

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I know nothing about women's underwear. I'm not wearing a pair right now, that's for sure! But I felt I should share this pair of iPod-related undergarments with you, "borrowed" from Gizmodo. 

I spoke to G4's Dana Vinson, because she is a woman and an iPhone owner, and she said: "The 'slide to unlock' should be printed in the fun zone. Right now it's printed on the Switzerland of the bathing-suit area. It's the neutral zone. I get it, but I would never wear these. I wouldn't want anyone 'unlocking' me who would think that these were cool. And this is coming from a girl who, in the early aughts, once got picked up by a guy who said to her, 'Do you want to see my iPod? It has a touch-wheel!' The underwear is a little creepy, but I'm not sure why."

There you have it!


video game girls burlesque

Remember a few months ago when I asked you all for character suggestions for a potential videogame-themed burlesque show?  That was awesome right?  Its about to get more awesome as Video Game Girls Burlesque is getting set to hit the mean streets of LA Saturday May 9th.

I'm not quite ready to reveal which characters will be "featured" at the show, but some of the suggestions YOU made definitely made the final cut.  And if somehow we didn't have you at "video game + girls + burlesque", Jason Payne and Bon Harris of Nitzer Ebb will be providing a live, classic video game soundtrack for the entire event.

If you can't make the show don't fret (do people still fret?), TheFeed will bring you coverage in glorious high defination internet video. 

Video Game Girls Burlesque will take place Saturday May 9th 9pm - 2am at Bordello just east of downtown.

Thanks, and you're welcome :)

While it's not quite NSFW, D3 Publisher will get you some strange looks from passing co-workers (It's for work Eugene Morton! Wooooork!) with their anime-girl-infested music game Dream C Club. Found in the pile of Xbox 360 media that Microsoft put out at it's spring showcase, rest assured Japanese Xbox 360-owners seeking a PG-rated Japanese hostess bar simulator will have... (struggling here) um... options this summer.

Well then as for the girls, Reika... yeah I'm more of a purple hair kinda guy, myself. WTF Japan!

Dream C Club Japanese Spring Showcase Trailer

Dream C Club Trailer »

Olivia Munn Sexy Librarian

It's good to make a list. You know, so you don't forget stuff, you can prioritize all that. But it's really great to make a list when it means someone else has put you on it because it means people are thinking of you. Even better when the list is the top ten hottest celebrity nerds.

That's why we are pleased to congratulate three of G4's hosts for making just such a list. Kristin Adams, Morgan Webb, and Olivia Munn can count themselves among the hottest nerd celebrities up there with the likes of Alyson Hannigan and Kristen Bell. Check out the rest of the list at the Manofest site.

Alysa Milano

Impossibly hot actress Alyssa Milano will be starring as the romantic lead in Ghostbusters: The Video Game!

Milano, whose TV credits include Melrose Place, Charmed, Who's the Boss and the "Teen Steam" workout video, will play Ilyssa Selwyn, an expert in Sumerian and pre-Sumerian cultures who is visits New York City as guest curator for the highly anticipated ‘World of Gozer’ exhibition opening in 1991 at the Natural History Museum. Milano joins original Ghostbusters cast members Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson in the game that was written by Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd.

The release announcing Ms. Milano's involvement revealed these plot details: 

In the story line, Gozerian mythology has attracted a wide popular following since the still-unexplained events and attacks that occurred in the city in 1984. Ilyssa is working late at the museum the night before the opening when a cataclysmic force is unleashed and summons an ancient enemy back to New York City. Strange events continue to erupt around her: what secret does she know? It’s up to the Ghostbusters to help Ilyssa find the key and stop the forces of evil that threaten the balance of the universe. That’s if they can keep Peter Venkman from hitting on her every three minutes.


The player joins up as a new recruit with the original team, testing a variety of unique equipment and gadgets, to track, wrangle and trap this wide range of awe-inspiring phantasms in an all new funny and frightening battle to save New York City from its latest paranormal plague.

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Adult Film Star Stoya Reviews Rumble Massage »

When we heard that an innovative member of the Xbox Community had created a “game” called Rumble Massage, we had to give it a try. But then we thought, who are we to test a game that turns your Xbox controller into a vibrating massager? We obviously needed professional help for this assignment.

Through our nefarious connections in the L.A. underground, we contacted the great Stoya -- adult actress of the highest caliber -- lover of Sid Meier’s Civilization and Digital Playground contract player to give us a review of the "game."

Check out the video above, and then enjoy this photo gallery of Stoya. She’s pretty. I think you will agree. Oh, and by the way, this review was undertaken purely in the interest of science. It was not a cheap excuse to watch a hot starlet use a massager while on work hours, we swear.

Seth Rogen On Playboy Cover


Posted February 19, 2009 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Seth Rogen has had a pretty good run of luck over the past couple of years, and it doesn't look like that run's going to end anytime soon. The Knocked Up star has been awarded the cover of Playboy for their March issue, making it only the 9th time ever that a man has been on the cover of the world's most well-known girlie magazine.

Rumor has it that Rogen will pose with the extremely lovely Hope Dworaczyk, who is perhaps best known as NBA superstar Jason Kidd's girlfriend. So, let's sum up...he's gotten to bang Katherine Heigl, make a porno movie with Elizabeth Banks, and now gets to pose on the cover of Playboy.

Not bad for a fat, fuzzy dude, eh?


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When I stumble upon a gallery of a hot chick like Bianca Beauchamp in a Supergirl costume, I share it. Seriously, I should win The Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize for this.

If that wasn't enough Bianca Beauchamp action, check out the below vid of the top three booth babes at 2006's E3 -- Spoiler Alert: Bianca wins it! You know what? Make that the Nobel Peace Prize.

Top Three Booth Babes at E3 06 »

So I have a good friend  that puts on themed burlesque shows here in Los Angeles.  Past shows have included comic book and circus freak themes, next up is Alice in Wonderland. Each that I've seen has been entirely epic and totally awesome.  To answer the question rattling around in your head(s) - its not full nude (they wear pasties) and the show always straddles the perfect line between classy, hot and super cool.

Last week I put a bug in her ear about doing a video game themed show - frankly its something I'd want to see, and figured I could exploit it for this here fancy internet website.

She's all about it, and wanted suggestions as to who'd be the best characters for something like this.  You can probably see where I'm going with this.  I want to know which video game characters you'd want to see in an epic, classy burlesque show.  Leave your suggestions in the comments... I'll pool them all together and we'll go from there.

I will let you all know when this is going down, and if you can't make it to Los Angeles that weekend, you can count on TheFeed to be there, shoot it in glorious high-def and bring you all sorts of photos. We're good like that.

You can find some inspiration in our old Video Game Vixens photo gallery, or pretty much anywhere on the internet.

Ready? GO!

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