Please allow me to interrupt your normally scheduled day with a photo of America's Top Model winner Adrianne Curry naked, stoned, and playing World of Warcraft:

Adrian Curry

Ordinarily, I wouldn't post accusations of drug use (or World of Warcraft use) on our website, but in this case I'm making an exception, because Curry herself* said she was stoned! Over the weekend Curry tweeted:

"jumping into shower.going to spend my afternoon playing World Of Warcraft butt naked&stoned.Perfect Sunday!"

So remember, next time you're riding through Azeroth, and some noob is spamming "LFG!" in the public channel, it could be Adrianne Curry. Here are her characters, stalker.

*The truthfulness of this information hinges on whether this is actually Curry's twitter feed and not some clever impostor's hack.

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Sabateur DLC Available At Launch Adds Nudity

The upcoming World War II open-world game The Saboteur will feature DLC available at launch that adds nudity to the title.  Along with the exposed breasteses, "The Midnight Show" DLC also adds a gambling mini-game and a small secret area in the game where players can get lap-dances.  

The pricing is where things get interesting, though. A code will come with the game that unlocks the content, so, in a sense it's free. If you don't buy the game, though, you'll have to pay $4.99 to download it. That means that gamers who rent, borrow, copy, find, or otherwise acquire the game will have to pay for the content.

To be fair, it sounds like this DLC adds purely aesthetic features to the title, but, viewed from a certain angle, in order to get a "complete" copy of the Saboteur, you'll essentially have to tack an extra five bucks onto the used-game price. I can see why a game company would resort to this tactic, but, as a guy who likes to lend out games to friends when I'm finished with them, I think this is sort of sucky. Not sucky like it would be if a game company left out something important in a game, but just a little sucky.

Would you pay the five bucks for digital boobies? What do you think of this strategy?

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Women of the Web 2, December 30th!

Because you demanded it, Kevin Pereira is back for another spin at finding the hottest, sexiest, smartest, and most plugged in women on the internet with Women of the Web 2.

This time, Kevin leaves the confines of the studio to search near and far for the top three girls in varying categories. From the top 3 athletes to the top 3 women of Montreal to Women of Dial-Up and a tribute to the first ladies of the internet, no corner of the internet is left unviewed. Plus, one lucky G4 viewer could be on her way to internet stardom, via her appearance on the show!

Don't miss the Women of the Web 2 special, Wednesday, December 30th, at 7PM ET.

G4's Holiday Specials Start Monday 7PM ET »

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Style Savvy might be the best game this year that was reviewed least by the games industry. As Editorial Manager for X-Play, I tend to acquire large piles of games on my desk, and not the ones everyone wants (those disappear quickly). I get the ones that don’t get reviewed for one reason or another, generally because they don’t fit our demographic. Just like many outlets struggle to find staff members who specialize in racing or sports titles, it’s hard to find a video game reviewer who specializes in fashion (or is even remotely interested in it).

Style Savvy

One of the top selling franchises for Ubisoft has been the Imagine series, which I have also played out of curiosity. Style Savvy, Nintendo’s entry into the subject matter, is a more detailed and complex version of those games but geared to a slightly older audience. One look at the box art, though, and you’d never guess the game could be as deeply satisfying as it is.

In fact, it’s been hard being on the Style Savvy defensive here. I’ve heard a lot of “Abbie, what are you doing?”, “Seriously?”, and received a lot of blank stares when I claim “Really guys, it’s awesome.” But it is!

Read More »

Reply to All: The G4tv.com Community Mailbag

Welcome to Reply to All, G4tv.com's new community mailbag. I'm Andrew Pfister, Senior Games Editor of G4tv.com and the captain of this particular dinghy of the site. If you've got something on your mind (not just related to games), transcribe it to electronic mail and send it to webmaster@g4tv.com. Who's Webmaster, you ask? Webmaster is the guy who hates you. If you have a question for a particular member of the G4 crew, we'll try to make that happen. I'll also be cruising the weekly call for Feedback questions, much like I cruised down Highway 100 in high school looking for girls. Note that this is not the only reference to high school girls in this edition.

*   *   *

Arrow RightHow do you feel about new PC games (most notably Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but also Codemaster's Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising) that are being released without dedicated server support and which instead rely on peer-to-peer matchmaking? Personally, I think that the peer-to-peer system is inferior for technical reasons that date back to the inception of dedicated servers for the PC. -- 1234

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'Women of the Web' Looking for Internet's Hottest Amateur

G4 is searching for the next woman of the internet for our Women of the Web special, and maybe, if you're a girl, and you use the internet. you might have thought, "I should be on that show!"

Well, now you have the opportunity to prove it. Our Women of the Web contest  is asking for videos from the most appealing ladies in the G4 Universe, to prove yourself worthy of winning a trip for two to Hollywood, where you will be photographed and featured on a new Women of the Web special to air later this year. Beauty is in the eye of the internet, whether you can beat a video game blindfolded or have mad pole dancing skills. We just want to see you’re talents and we'll know it when we see it. We're not just into your looks, we really like your personality as well.

Girls, if you're bold enough to take your place in the pantheon of the internet's most appealing ladies, we want you! Go to the contest page and upload your video, for a chance to win a trip to Hollywood and a place among the hottest Women of the Web.

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The Tokyo Game Show 2009 is the gift that keeps giving, kids!

Check out the video below in which Japanese game fans don raiments reminiscent of the characters in their favorite video games. Cosplayers in Japan do not mess around.

TGS 2009 Cosplay Montage Video »

Now that you've watched the video, which costume is your favorite?

Women of the Web Special - September 17th @ 8PM ET!

You know that segment on Attack of the Show, Women of the Web, where they show off all of the hottest women on the web, and you get to see sexy pictures and video while they do it? Wouldn't it be great if that were a whole show unto itself? We felt the same way.

Women of the Web is an all-new G4 special that will cover the hottest, sexiest, smartest and most plugged in ladies the internet has to offer. Hosted by our own, very lucky, Kevin Pereira, it premieres September 17th @ 8PM ET. G4 has also assembled a “Legion of Dudes” to deliberate and select the top 10 all-around hotties. Everything about their online imprint is taken into account, from their physical appearances to Facebook friend counts. The roundtable features writer/comedian Howard Kremer (Comedy Central Presents, The Goode Family), producer/comedian Jonah Ray (The Sarah Silverman Program, Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham) and musician/comedian Kel Mitchell (Nickelodeon's All That) who debate each and every aspect of the ladies.  The special also features revealing interviews from some of the web hotties themselves.

To whet your web-women wants, see the photo gallery from our shoot with the vibrantly sexy Hiromi Oshima. Spoiler: Kevin Pereira was there too.
Women of the Web Special - September 17th @ 8PM ET!

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 Vampire Diaries Mugshot

Above, please enjoy the most attractive series of mugshots ever taken. That's the cast of new CW show The Vampire Diaries -- actresses  Sara Canning, Kayla Ewell, Candice Accola, Krystal Vayda, Nina Dobrev, and cameraman Tyler Shields -- and they were all recently arrested for indecent exposure after flashing motorists north of Macon, Georgia.

According to news reports, several drivers called 911 on Aug. 22 to report this terrible crime against humanity taking place on the I-75 highway. The Police showed up, arrested the actresses and charged them with disorderly conduct. The women told the authorities they were filming for the show.

Several things about this story do not add up; they are as follows:

  • Women that hot don't flash random motorists.
  • TV shows (even shows on the CW) have larger crews than one guy.
  • I can't believe there is one person in the world who would have been offended at being flashed by these women.

I believe this is some kind of sexy marketing stunt, or the local Georgia press has its facts wrong, and really what was happening was a photographer taking still photographs for the show. Also: "giggity."


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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Marks Milestone In Video Game Breast Physics

Breast physics have been an important and often overlooked aspect of video games since the Atari 2600 days of the early 1980s. But upcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, coming out on the PlayStation 3 on September 29th will feature a technological breakthrough in breast physics: For the first time ever, players will control the breasts themselves.

That's right, a shake on the SixAxis controller will result in corresponding movement from female character's gazongas. A threshold has been crossed people -- I'm wiping a tear from my eye right now when I picture how far we've come as a society.

To put this milestone in its proper context, please enjoy the below X-Play video that essays the history of breasts in video games.

X-Play's Breast Physics Expose »


Pink DSi

Accompanying Nintendo's announcement of black Wii controllers, the company is also putting out a Pink and White DSi. Starting Sept. 13, white and pink will join already available DSi colors blue and black, so everyone can have the shade of Nintendo DSi he/she really wants... provide he/she really wants one of those four colors.

I'm comfortable enough in my masculinity to floss a pink Nintendo DSi. In fact, I look forward to whipping it out on the subway and looking around at the other commuters like, "What? You got a problem with my effeminate gaming system?" and daring anyone to say anything. That's how I do.

I'm going to play only games about grooming and riding a pony or caring for a baby on my pink DSi too. And if anyone says anything, I'm going to be like, "Son, you are in for a world of pain," then I'm going to whip out my taser and be like "BLAUGHW! 50,000 volts to the temple! How you like me now?"

That's going to be awesome.

Anyway, new colors for the DSi starting in couple weeks! Get 'em while they're pink and white!

Read More »



Felicia Day And Legend Of Neil Cast/Crew Interview »

Hangin’ on the floor of Comic-Con, stars Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr. Horrible) and Tony Janning, plus director Sandeep Parikh, chat about Comedy Central/Atom Films’ Legend Of Neil, the delightfully sick and twisted series about a man who masturbates his way into The Legend of Zelda. Good stuff, folks!


Comic-Con 09: Playboy's Shannon Twins Love Ice Cream »

What better way to spend a hot, sweaty Comic-Con afternoon than hanging with Playboy’s Shannon Twins as they hand out free ice cream cones to their adoring fans?

Yes, Kristina and Karissa Shannon were kind enough to hand out copies of the latest issue of the magazine (the one with G4’s own Olivia Munn on the cover!) along with yummy ice cream cones and even found time to chat with G4 about such important issues as what is their favorite flavor of ice cream, their favorite videogames, and exactly how hot Olivia Munn really is.

Yes, it was just that kinda of day, folks. Sometimes life is good.

Christina Aguilera

Pregnant women, young children, people with heart conditions, diabetics and the easily excited or dismayed are strongly advised to stop reading this post right now -- it might prove too much for you to handle. According to Showbiz Spy.com, singer Christina Aguilera has been injured by her Nintendo Wii.

“Christina loves her Wii as a fun way to do a little work out,” a source told Showbiz Spy.com. “On this one occasion she and [husband Jordan Bratman] were in the middle of a particularly heated game of tennis and Christina came off a little worse for wear in a run-in with a table lamp. She has a bruised hand but is more upset that she lost the game!”

"It was a living nightmare. Blood was everywhere,"  Bratman did not say. "The moment Cristina bruised her hand playing Wii Sports, I realized that there is no God, the Universe is infinitely uncaring and all human life is but a morass of suffering and sorrow that will end with a lonely, painful death." Bratman did not add.

Imaginary doctors at a fictional Los Angeles hospital put Aguilera's chances of survival at 40 percent and predict decades of extensive psychotherapy until she is able to sing again.  

(This is the most important news story of our lifetime.)


Booth Babes

Booth babes are an indelible and delightful aspect of gaming culture -- we look forward to these scantily clad ambassadors of good will at every gaming and tech event on earth, so it's a natural that we'd devote an entire TV special to the phenomenon.

Hosted by actress and Playboy bunny Sara Underwood, Confessions of a Booth Babe is a one hour special that follows the sexy, stunning and often outrageous booth babes of E3. Check out the action (and costumes!) as Underwood goes inside the show, and explorers how these young women were chosen and what exactly their job entails. If you've ever wondered what E3 looks like from the eyes of a hot chick, we have your number. Believe it or not, some booth babes are actual gamers who take the gig mainly to play unreleased games! Amazing!

Set your TiVo for  Saturday, July 25 at 7:00 PM ET/PT, immediately following G4's  three hours of live non-stop Comic-Con coverage.

Check out the web page for more details... oh, and lots of pictures.

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