Our cavalcade of really hot girls continues when Jill Wagner comes into Attack of the Show for an interview today. Wagner, one of the former stars of Blade: The Series, and the current co-host of Wipeout, is here not only to make our studio a prettier place, but also to talk about her new horror film, Splinter, which opens this Friday.

You might want to check it out. This girl is seriously smokin'. Tune in at 8PM ET today to see what we mean.

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The jarringly gorgeous Nadine Velazquez, also known as Catalina, the sometime maid, sometime stripper from My Name Is Earl, comes to visit us live in the studio on Attack Of The Show today. If you're not familiar with Ms. Velazquez, then perhaps you should consult the October issue of Maxim, in which she is not only seen looking lovely in very little clothing, but also espousing the joys of crotchless panties and getting it on with funny people.

Our advice to you...practice your jokes. The show starts at 7PM ET. Turn it on, and it will return the favor.

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Hot Chicks Sue Website


Posted October 23, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Popular internet comedy site Hot Chicks with D-bags is being sued. Surprisingly, it's not by a guy in one of the pictures irked at being called "d-bag." The lawsuit comes from three "hot chicks," who are suing the creator of the site, Jay Lewis, and publisher of the book, Simon and Schuster, alleging that, since appearing in print, they have had to undergo medical treatment and psychological therapy.

The lawsuit stems from an evening when Yvette Gorzelany, Joanna Obiedzinski, and Paulina Pakos went to a New Jersey club and had their photos taken with some dudes.  The pics ended up on the website and the book, and, according to the lawsuit, the chicks suffered. One chick says she applied to be a Maitre' d at a country club but was turned down because someone saw her in the book.

Poor hot chicks! Life must be very, very hard for you!


The cosplayers at Tokyo Game Show are legendary for the amount of effort and detail they put into their costumes. While we were there, we shot some footage in "Cosplay Alley" that we wanted to bring to you.

Take a look and see what costumes you can spot. Let us know what you see in the comments section.

Tokyo Game Show 2008 Cosplay Montage »

There are plenty of reasons to adore the entity known as Mila Kunis. Aside for being "feign-death" gorgeous, she's quite the comic, voicing the character of Meg Griffin in Family Guy. Not only that, but she played the sexy Mona Sax in the recent Max Payne feature film.

And, folks, to top it all of, Mila Kunis is an avid player of World of Warcraft, complete with raid-talk and "Twink"-build characters. Here's what Kunis had to say during the Jimmy Kimmel show:

“The problem is, if anyone plays Warcraft… I’m really good, I’m a really kick ass Mage… We’ll you’re your own person and you can get into a guild… You gotta be in a guild, because you gotta do raids that require thirty or forty people. But now with the expansion pack, they’re gonna have raids that require only like ten people. So that’ll really make things a lot easier… Oh my god, it’s such a good game. I love it.”

We love you too...

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We love porn star Sasha Grey. First off, she's hot. Secondly, she's a gamer, thirdly, she's moving from "Adult" movies to adult movies--according to Variety, Grey has been tapped to play the lead in Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh upcoming flick The Girlfriend Experience.

Finally, Sasha says Jean-Luc Godard, Bernardo Bertolucci, and Catherine Breillat are her favorite filmmakers. We're in love.


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A recent study has determined that a man's sperm quality may be an indicator of his brain power. Evolutionary Psychologist Geoffrey Miller first began this research examining the connection between sperm and intelligence in 1985 with Vietnam Veterans while investigating the after effects of Agent Orange exposure. While the study can be skewed by things such as age, drug use, and abstinence, the connection was found to be not overwhelming, but still significant.

Translation: Nerds have good baby batter.

The connection, Miller argues, is a result of the two traits being tied together through a web of biological and environmental factors which help women pick better mates.

And to think of all the money us guys have wasted on Ax Body Spray, thinking that women were going to rip our clothes off and make men out of us right there in the streets. How many of us in the 90's bought Tori Amos and Sarah McLaughlin CD's thinking this would make us seem "more sensitive?" Damn you, Corporate America with your false advertising and your chocolate sprays! I have lawsuits to file.

I might add, speaking objectively with full "geek" colors flying, a conflict of interest for people who became scientists isn't exactly lacking here. Just saying...


Nugget From The Net


Posted October 13, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

It's almost Halloween, and that means zombies! And when the zombies are also pin-up girls, it's a total winner for everyone.

Please enjoy more zombie pin-ups, and buy a calendar, why don'tcha?

Hugh Hefner: New Girlfriend


Posted October 9, 2008 - By jmanalang

Really, Hef...really? As if the lovely ladies from The Girls Next Door weren't enough, the damn sexy Ukranian model, Dasha Astafieva, enters Hugh's manor. Ms. Astafieva will be joining Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt in the popular TV series as one of the reasons why an almighty being created women.

Being in Hefner's situation, we'd imagine it would take a lot for a woman to impress the man himself, but according to reports, the Playboy mogul was very impressed with Astafieva's “natural endowments and beauty.” However, it didn't impress the rest of the girls, as they are "fuming mad" to the notion that Dasha will be joining them in the mansion.

Umm...girl fight in the mansion?


Ah, internet, you didn't let us down! When news spread that John McCain had picked a former beauty pageant lady as his vice presidential running mate, we thought: "Where's the footage of the swimsuit contest?"

Well, ladies and gentlemen, below is the footage. Of course, like all things posted on youtube, we can't speak for the authenticity of said footage. It could easily be a fake. But, hey, judge for yourself:


Olivia Shows Kevin Her Boobs


Posted September 25, 2008 - By TylerColfax

Every once in a while there's time to kill at the end of the ole AOTS. Today, the chatter between Kevin and Olivia turned to women's underwear and... well, you should just watch for yourself...

Olivia Shows Her Boobs to Kevin »

And for more AOTS Classics, click THIS!

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Awesome Geek Tattoo Girl


Posted September 24, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Gamer-girl MC Router is our kind of person. She works at a Houston video game company, drops nerdcore rhymes on her MySpace page with titles like "8-Bit Bitch" and she sends us pictures of her fantastic tattoos. She could probably kick your ass. We just wanted to share.

More pics under the cut.

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Girls are mysterious; just when you think you've broken the code and figured them out, you learn something unexpected: According to a study conducted by E for All and PoshMama.com, some girls pick gaming over sleep, more than one-third of the women surveyed say that they play video games when they should be sawing logs.

 Women in the survey also say they play video games in other unusual circumstances, including: while on the phone (32%); while at work/in a meeting (20%); and, while preparing for work (12%). Wait, if playing games while on the phone is unusual, all of you are damn freaks!

"Video games are truly entertainment for all — from busy women to hard core game players — and E for All reflects that both in name and in its wide array of products, tournaments, appearances, and other exciting events," said Mary Dolaher, Chief Executive Officer of IDG World Expo, which owns and operates E for All. "This survey shows that many women place great value and high priority on video games in their lives, and E for All will be the place for them, their families, and gamers of all types to be this October."

We're not sure where these girls that play games instead of sleep are, but if you know one, tell us about her below.

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Nugget From The Net


Posted September 23, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Hey, everybody, it's Oktoberfest, and that means one thing: A huge gallery of pics of drunken girls in traditional German costumes. Thanks, Germany!

Now if we could only get everyone to stop making that annoying lip-pucker-face in ever shot, we'll be in business.

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Nuggets From Our Lobby


Posted September 22, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

In our last edition of Nuggets from our Lobby, we took a look at some Oompa-Loompas who stopped by to bring us candy.

Today's Nugget: The Glamazons, a group of plus-size models who stopped by to... we're not sure why they stopped by, but we're glad they did! Go, Glamazons, go.

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