Talkabouts: Bioshock 2

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Posted February 11, 2010 - By defiantketchup

Listen, I argue with Jake Gaskill over a great number of things here at work: What coffee mix is best from the machine (Hot cocoa/French Vanilla with a couple of Gummy Bear heads thrown in), which bagel is the best, who can spell antidisestablishmentarianism the fastest to name a few. However, the man knows reviews. 

Recently, he handled our Bioshock 2 review and a good number off you had an assortment of counterpoints to Jake's review. What to do? Why, let our handy "Talkabouts" series come to the rescue to offer more insight to the finer points of what went on in the inner workings of Jake "The Nickname" Gaskill's mind.


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Talkabouts: Dante's Inferno

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Posted February 9, 2010 - By pklepek

Dante's Inferno was released this week. My review sparked some intense debate, especially from gamers with a deep love for God of War. If you want to go beyond the review, though, check out my discussion with Adam Sessler, where I had a chance to expand on some points in the review and reflect on what it's like to read through a very deep pool of heated (but welcomed!) commentary.

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On Monday, we presented our expectations...our hopes and dreams...for the Apple tablet. Now that we have actual information to go on, our hopes and dreams have been amended accordingly. And in the case of Steve Johnson, his life has been given a whole new meaning. But first, enjoy this video presentation of myself and Patrick Klepek discussing Apple's new baby.


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Eric Eckstein, Director of Gaming Editorial

Naturally, no one was surprised that the device in question was a tablet, but as a gamer, I'm a bit disappointed in the end product.  Sure, it's a mass market presentation, designed to get children to buy for their parents and gadget fiends to impulse buy only to sell it on eBay a month before generation two streets, but I was hoping for something a bit more revolutionary in the hardware. In the end, everyone's joking that it's essentially a giant iPhone and, as suspected, gaming is just a byproduct.  Maybe if they had figured out a way to work with Ubisoft to show off R.U.S.E. or another game that utilizes the screen real estate and touch mechanics, I'd be interested but gaming seems to be just one of many things you can do with the iPad, but it's not done significantly better or different than before.

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Mass Effect 2 is a huge game, which means that Adam Sessler's got a lot more to say beyond his written review. Patrick jumps into the interviewer chair and asks for more tales of galactic adventure. Watch below!

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