I've been playing Diablo 3 so hard, my clicking finger needs to be rebuilt from the ground up -- it's that addictive. The great Leah Jackson has been playing it as well, and now that everyone has had a week to really run Diablo 3 through its paces, we wanted to talk about it in a safe, non-judgmental way.

Check out the talkabout video below, where Diablo 3 is raked over the proverbial coals.

Diablo 3 Talkabout »

You know what we think, but now we want to know what you think. Leave a comment below and then be sure to check out the rest of our Diablo 3 content.

With two huge eSports events happening this weekend: EVO 2011 and MLG Anaheim (both of which are being live streamed on G4TV.com) we wanted to get together with some of the major representatives from the eSports community and have a Talkabout on the state of competitive gaming right now. On the panel we had Sundance DiGiovanni, CEO and Co-Founder of Major League Gaming, JP McDaniel, a professional StarCraft 2 commentator, and Tom "Tsquared" Taylor, a professional Halo: Reach player. Our two main topics focus on the growth of competitive gaming and why a few games in particular make for great eSports.


eSports Talkabout - Pro Gaming Roundup »


And there you have it! Let us know what you thought of our discussion, and make sure to check out both the EVO 2011 and MLG Anaheim streams this weekend to get your weekly dose of eSports goodness. 

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In this edition of Talkabout, Stephen Johnson and Jake Gaskill put on their always fashionable speculation hats to discuss the newly confirmed Nintendo console that will be playable at E3 this year. Will the console be able to recapture the hardcore gamer market, or will Nintendo once again target a more family friendly demographic?

Talkabout: What is Nintendo's New Console? »

Where do you think Nintendo is heading with this console that is supposedly more powerful than the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360? Let us know.

Our entire office has been playing Dead Space 2 since it launched, walking the halls of G4 and silently calculating how to best cut the limbs off our office ferns, Star Wars Maquettes and co-workers. In the Talkabout video below, Kevin Kelly and Michael Leffler takes a look at Visceral Games' survival horror title, so check it out... unless you're too scared to watch.


Talkabouts: Dead Space 2 »


Talkabouts: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Chateau Level »

By now, you've all watched and re-watched the trailer for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. And you've read and re-read our intensive preview coverage of the ten-minute, behind-closed-doors demo of the upcoming sequel. Now you can see the footage for yourself, minus some of the cooler bits that we got our eyes on a few weeks back, and including our awesome, expert commentary -- read: barely contained enthusiasm and snarky senses of humor. Join editors Kevin Kelly and Christopher Monfette as they walk you through some of the finer points of this smokin' hot demo. Literally. Because the entire level's on fire, you see...


Morning Hangover #71 -- Andrew Looks For Feedback, Patrick Has TV Envy

No matter what religion you subscribe to, it's the holidays. We know you have some Kwanzaa shopping to do, or you're busy planning your Super-Solstice party, but take a second out of your busy schedule and help us make Feedback extra-double awesome this week by contributing a question, won't you?

In the episode of the Internet's only podcast, we'll be taking a look forward at 2011; so use our comment section to ask us questions relevant to the future. We'll gaze into our crystal ball and answer you. If you're curious about anything happening in gaming in 2011, now is the time to make your query heard. Just leave a comment!

In the contentious Talkabout video you see embed below, Kevin "Wrong Again!" Kelly and Stephen "Great Genius" Johnson discuss Gran Turismo 5.

The PlayStation 3 racing game seems to really be splitting people into Love It and Hate It camps, with everyone expressing very strong opinions on the matter. Add your own opinion in the comment section, if you feel like it.

Gran Turismo 5 Talkabout »

If your Wii has been gathering dust lately, it's time to grab a cloth and get cleanin'. Disney Epic Mickey is in stores now... but is it really worth it? In the video below, Matt Keil and Adam Sessler discuss the game, and give their opinions on its strengths and weaknesses.

Talkabouts: Disney Epic Mickey »

Talkabouts: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood »

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood...Is it a full Assassin's Creed game, or simply Assassin's Creed 2.5? Do the new features make this follow-up feel like a substantial offering in the Assassin's Creed franchise? Is Ezio really worth following for two entire games? Moreso than simply developing a straight-up third title to cap off the trilogy?

Our very own Jake Gaskill -- who recently reviewed the game -- teams up with Adam Sessler to discuss the merits of returning to the Italian countryside in order to to continue the series' increasingly perplexing story. From story to gameplay to the brand new assassin management system, we go in-depth with the title to determine whether it deserves to live, or simply should get a merciful death. Check out this Talkabouts and follow along!


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By now, you’ve probably/hopefully read through our own Abbie Heppe’s fantastic review of Treyarch’s newly released money printer Call of Duty: Black Ops, but in case you haven’t, or you just feel like listening to X-Play’s Adam Sessler and Abbie discuss one of the biggest games of the year, we present another installment of our award winning/egregiously not award winning Talkabouts series. Enjoy.

Talkabouts: Call of Duty: Black Ops »

Microsoft Kinect, Xbox Kinect, Kinect Xbox, it doesn't matter what you call it, Kinect is here, and with the launch just behind us, Abbie Heppe and Dana Vinson review the controller free device to tell us if Microsoft's new motion sensor is worth buying, which games are worth moving for, and whether or not this new technology works as intended.

In short, it's a Kinect fiesta on this Talkabout, and you're all invited. You don't even need to bring a controller, just your lovely selves...and some dip. We're short on dip.

Talkabouts: Xbox Kinect »


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It's no secret that we had some issues with the original Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. There's was a great story buried underneath wonky controls, problematic designs, and rushed development. Some of the objectives listed just said "Default Text," for pete's sake! Even Yoda would have been puzzled by that one.

But, we were assured (not by the Force, sadly) that these issues were addressed in the sequel. Were they? Find out as Sith Lord Matt Keil and Jedi Youngling Mike Leffler talk about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II


Talkabouts: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II »

If you need even more edification on the subject, check out Matt Keil's review. Only then can you realize your full potential. Or at least, the decision to rent, buy, or skip.

Talkabout: Fable 3

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Posted October 28, 2010 - By Dana Leahy

Talkabouts: Fable 3 »

X-Play's resident King Adam Sessler talks to TheFeed's Kevin Kelly about Fable 3 in this Talkabout. Adam, who reviewed the game, discusses the finer points of his review in depth.

Watch the video to see him and Kevin vamp about the look of the game, the setting, the plot and farting. No, seriously. That last topic is covered. Watch the video and you'll see!

Curious whether you should pick up the latest 3D Castlevania game, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow? Feel like watching a couple of nerds talk about it for a few minutes? If so, then check out our latest episode of Talkabouts in which our very own Christopher Monfette and Nikole Zivalich put a stake through the heart of the rumor that a good 3D Castlevania title is virtually impossible.

It's not.

Turns out, it's just really, really difficult...And not always 100% successful...

Talkabout: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow »

For more, check out our complete Castlevania: Lords of Shadow review and then, if you feel like it, go fight some vampires...

Talkabout: Halo: Reach

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Posted September 13, 2010 - By Dana Leahy

X-Play's Adam Sessler and TheFeed's Kevin Kelly discuss our Halo: Reach review in this week's Talkabout.

Find out what the pair thought about Bungie's epic swan song to the Halo franchise when they chat about Reach's campaign, mutliplayer improvements and new visual design elements. Plus, find out what our intrepid Halo experts think about the future of the series now that it's out of Bungie's capable hands.

Do you think the move to a different studio will be good for Halo, or do you think it marks the decline of the series? 

Halo: Reach Talkabout »

If you need more, be sure to check out any of our other features:

Halo Reach Review | Halo Reach Video Review | Halo Reach Weapons and Vehicles Guide
Halo Reach: The First 15 Minutes In-Game Video

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