Apple's App Store is a dangerous place, much like Amazon's one-click ordering. It's far too easy to throw caution (and money) into the wind when new and exciting games are just a simple button press away. With iPad's more expensive games going front and center on the iPad version of the App Store, who wouldn't want a guiding hand to give you a better idea of what to expect for your money?

Luckily, those guiding hands are here. Unfortunately for you, they're mine. I don't have afros on my hands, but if you're looking for a tour of Plants vs. Zombies HD, Mirror's Edge and Geometry Wars: Touch (yes, it does work on the iPad), this video is for you. Warning: may induce nerd drooling. 

iPad Games Walkthrough -- Mirror's Edge, Geometry Wars: Touch, Plants vs. Zombies »

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The iPad is here, haven't you heard? It's one thing to hear or read what it's like to play with an iPad and the games that have launched alongside Apple's new device, it's quite another to watch them in action. I've been downloading some of the major new game releases and figured the best way to help you understand what makes them tick was to show you by shoving my hands in front of a camera.

To do that, here's the first of several videos of me walking you through the biggest iPad games. First up? Words With Friends HD, Scrabble, Fieldrunners and the simple but beautiful Flight Control HD.

iPad Games Walkthrough -- Words With Friends HD, Flight Control HD, Scrabble, Fieldrunners »

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You don't have to deal with my awkward pauses anymore, as Adam Sessler has returned to Feedback, albeit with some disappointing news: he didn't find the intrepid Yeti during his fever dream. Abbie Heppe, Adam, Jake Gaskill and myself tried to soothe our crushed hopes and dreams with discussion about Apple's new iPad and the launch games available for the device and much, much more. 

Feedback -- Just Cause 2 And iPad Gaming Edition »

In this week's episode of Feedback...

  • Apple launched their much talked about tablet-sized version of the iPhone, the iPad. Is it worth the money? Does Geometry Wars work? For help, I brought my iPad into the studio.
  • Rockstar Games is positioning Red Dead Redemption as their new Grand Theft Auto. The whole Feedback crew is behind the game, but not convinced about westerns being huge hits.
  • Hot on the heels of Gears of War 3 rumors, the Gears of War movie is reportedly being scaled back from the mammoth, multi-movie sci-fi epic pitched at Comic-Con last year.
  • The ups and downs of open world games gets debated as we discuss our game of the week, Just Cause 2. I managed to sneak in some props about the game's amazing Lost reference.
  • A user asks everyone to discuss what makes indie games tick.

Feedback, attempting to incorporate inappropriate bonerjam jokes into every episode.

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If you've been following my Twitter, you know I spent last Saturday morning in a chilly line with other technophiles for Apple's latest piece of hardware, the iPad. Apple's iPad has resulted in a flurry of questions about what the actual point of the iPad is, when (or if?) does it become more useful than a laptop or iPhone, how do games perform on the larger touch screen, how much of a dope I am, etc.

In today's Morning Hangover, I outlined how an iPad was shaping and influencing my media and Internet use during an otherwise normal day dominated by my iPhone and MacBook Pro. In short, it's a device whose existence remains an open question, but it's undeniably cool, a peek at the future of modern computing and games, comics, books, videos and web sites look very, very cool on it.

Sterling McGarvey, who seems to be one of the many patiently waiting for a future edition of the iPad before diving in, sat down with me this week to talk about my iPad thoughts in the latest Talkabout.

Talkabouts: Our First iPad Gaming Impressions »


The most common question aimed at people intent on purchasing an iPad before it was in the wild was simply "what are you going to do with it?" To be honest, that was a tough question to answer, given so much about its usability was unknown until the iPad-specific App Store launched. Not so coincidentally, App Store's launch was the same time I decided an iPad might fit into my life, too, and I've spent the last few days finding out where an iPad might be useful -- and where I'm forcing it.

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The iPad

It's the Monday after a holiday, so my work day has been pretty hectic so far. Whenever I have a chance, I've been booting up my iPad and playing with Apple's latest touch-fueled device. I'll return with much deeper hands-on impressions of the iPad soon, but here are quick thoughts:

  • The landscape keyboard actually makes writing e-mails feasible, not a pain
  • Moving in and out of applications is so fast it almost makes lack of multi-tasking irrelevant
  • An iPad is, by far, the coolest way to spend a lazy Sunday on the couch
  • Games are fairly expensive, especially ones based on existing franchises, and rushed
  • The "oooh" moment from non-techies comes from flipping a book's page with your finger
  • I shouldn't have woken up at 4am, as the iPad didn't sell out and I could have slept in
  • Dear Time, no one is going to pay for and download a brand-new Time app every week

If you have any other questions, I'll be watching the comments! Plenty more coverage soon.

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