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NBA 2K 11 Soundtrack Revealed

2K Sports’ upcoming NBA 2K11 won’t just feature the legendary Michael Jordan, but as 2K announced today, it will also include a soundtrack comprised of some of today’s biggest up and coming bands as well as many established artists, including rap icon Snoop Dogg, who wrote an exclusive theme song for the game.

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If you're a fan of fighting games, you've probably already got your arcade stick warmed up for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. If not, you better be tested for the crazy virus because this game looks sick. Check out these E3 gameplay trailers below featuring some of the game's most notable characters.

E3 2010: MvC3 Wolverine vs. Ryu Gameplay Trailer »

More gameplay videos after the cut!

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I've been anxiously awaiting Split/Second ever since I played Pure, the massively underrated ATV racer from a little while back. Luckily, Split/Second look like it could have some broader appeal. Not convinced? Check out X-Play's latest hands-on with SplitSecond for more.


Hands On Preview of Split Second »


X-Play's Blair Herter is my homie. He represents the best and brightest this country has to offer, so when X-Play celebrated its 1000th episode, Blair got his own shout out... that's what we all call "Awesome!" Check it out below!

X-Play 1000: The Best of Blair Herter »

X-Play has come a long way over the past 1,000 episodes. Don’t believe me? Check out this brief look back at the very first episode of the longest running gaming-centric television show in the history of history.

X-Play 1000: A Look Back At The First Episode of X-Play »

Is your nostalgia craving still not satiated? Then hit the break to check out Adam’s very first appearance on television.

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As you probably already know, X-Play has shot over 1,000 episodes of their fantastic video game show, and that means a lot of comedy. Enough comedy, in fact, that I'm proud to present part two of the best X-Play comedy! Hooray!

X-Play 1000: Best of X-Play Comedy Part 2 »

Check out part one as well.

If there's nothing else to be thankful as X-Play crosses the 1,000 episode finish line, it's the return of one Johnny Extreme. Luckily, he's keeping X-Play in his thoughts as his career reaches new heights.

X-Play 1000: Johnny Xtreme Returns! »


X-Play has reviewed a looooot of games over their 1,000 shows, and let’s face it, there has been many a rough word spoken in that time, many of which were entirely justified considering the quality of the games that were unfortunate enough to pass before the eyes of X-Play reviewers.

So to celebrate some of the show’s most brilliantly vicious critiques, we’ve put together this little compilation video to amuse as well as educate. Enjoy.

X-Play 1000: Our Favorite Game Review One-Liners »


X-Play 1,000th: Rip Taylor Visits

Since the first episode of X-Play aired in the early 1940s, host Adam Sessler has dreamed of one thing. No, not world peace and a Bugatti made of licorice. Adam's dream is simpler: To have outrageous 1970s comedian Rip Taylor on as a guest. We're all happy to report that Adam's dream came true yesterday on the 1,000th episode of X-Play. Check out the video:

X-Play 1000: Rip Taylor Helps X-Play Celebrate! »

And here's a photo gallery for all you Rip-o-philes out there!

Adam, Morgan and the folks at X-Play have achieved something truly remarkable by surpassing the 1,000-show mark. As such, they’ve been receiving wave after wave of congratulatory messages from all manner of celebrities and lowly non-celebrities alike. They were even sent a message from the Governator himself, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Don't believe me? Well, here’s the video to prove it:

X-Play 1000: Arnold Schwarzenegger Congratulates X-Play »

You can find a behind-the-scenes look at Mr. Schwarzenegger's video message right here.

Over the course of 1000 episodes, X-Play has produced some pretty memorable comedy, and this compilation, which serves as part one of a compendium of the best of that comedy, should help to remind you of it. Check out the video to see what you might have forgotten, or just to see some of the comedy bits you remember from over the years. We promise you that there's some vintage stuff here that will make you laugh. Check it out.

X-Play 1000: Best of X-Play Comedy Part 1 »


X-Play has been kicking around on television for 1000 episodes now, and don't think it hasn't gone unnoticed by the gaming industry, some of whom were gracious enough to congratulate Adam, Morgan, and the staff on the momentous occasion. Why not take a look at this video, and see the virtual who's-who of the gaming world as they recognize this landmark achievement?

X-Play 1000: The Biggest Names in Gaming Say Congrats »

Do you like X-Play? Do you also like totally rad music videos? Then, it would follow that you would like a totally rad music video about X-Play. Luckily for you--the music video loving X-Play viewer--the awesome 1000th Episode of X-Play featured a really killer music video all about the show and its amazingness.

Created by the incredibly talented Jonathan Mann, the songwriter who penned X-Play: The Musical, X-Play All The Way is a brand new song written to commemorate the 1000th Episode of X-Play.

Check it out, won't you?


X-Play 1000: X-Play All The Way Music Video »


Did you like what you just saw? Then check out Jonathan Mann's webpage. He writes a song a day! Not all of them are about X-Play, though.

Today's a very special day at the G4 compound. In case you haven't noticed, we're celebrating X-Play's landmark 1000th episode, and we've been enjoying the good times and memories that Adam, Morgan, and the staff have provided over the years. In this clip from the special, we relive some of the great comedy moments that have come to pass over the course of the thousand-episode history of the show, so why not watch and laugh along with all of the rest of us?

X-Play 1000: The Best of Adam and Morgan »

Tonight, X-Play hit a big milestone by airing their 1,000th Episode! It was a joyous occasion. I mean, heck, there was even confetti.

However, lurking beneath the surface was a dark secret and something that Adam and Morgan wanted to hide from the rest of the world. Unfortunately for them, an Intern discovered the truth as they filmed their 1,000,000th Episode...in the future!

Watch this video to find out the truth about X-Play!


X-Play 1000: The 1,000,000th Episode »



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