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E3 isn't all about big console games; it's time to check out our Hell Yeah preview from E3 2012, where we visited the showroom floor for a close look at the 2D platformer indie game. Hell Yeah seems appropriately named, with a story line of "sheer, unadulterated exuberance."

"The player controls a prince of Hell, who seems to have a…well…thing…for his rubber ducky, Duckator. An embarrassing video of said prince and said ducky is filmed, and uploaded to the Internet (Hell comes with a fiber optic network, apparently), where exactly one hundred demons have seen it. The only solution? Kill those one hundred demons, to restore his honor and pride. The story is obviously ludicrous, and the developers have noted that any plot sequences inserted into the game simply serve as a chance to tell a few jokes."

Read the full Hell Yeah preview here. Who's in the mood for some tongue-in-cheek indie games?

Return to Pandora with Borderlands 2 from Gearbox and 2K Games and get to know Salvador the Gunzerker in this latest X-Play character preview.

The steroid abusing Salvador has the unique action skill ability to dual-wield any weapon in the game for a limited time. Now, enjoy the wonderful world of Borderlands 2 where rampaging stat bonuses include: I Can Do This All Day, Get Some, and the Sexual Tyrannosaurus.

Borderlands 2 Character Preview: Salvador the Gunzerker »

Unleash your inner gunzerker!

Robert Childress, Ph.D. from BlueTiger stopped by X-Play and gave Kristin Adams a hands-on preview of the BlueTiger Motion Simulator. It will take any racing game and make it more awesome. How much more awesome? $15,000 more awesome. Check it out. 

BlueTiger Motion Simulator Hands-On Demo »

The Darkness 2 Guide

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Posted February 7, 2012 - By Dana Leahy

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  • Videos
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Ever find yourself in a situation where all of your friends are talking about the latest and greatest game, and you can't contribute to the conversation because you haven't been paying attention? Solve that problem with our Launch Primers: everything you need to know (except the spoilers) about a game that's about to be released.

The Darkness 2 Guide

The Darkness 2
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
MSRP: $59.99
ESRB Rating: M

All The Darkness 2 Content

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What kind of game is it?

The Darkness 2 is an action-horror first person shooter. The game is a  follow up to 2007's The Darkness and while there was heavy criticism surrounding the first game, The Darkness 2 has roared back with improved combat and a rich storyline.

Who's the Developer?

While the first game was developed by Starbreeze Studio (makers of The Chronicles of Riddick series), development duties were transferred to Digital Extremes for The Darkness 2. Digital Extremes is best known for their original IP Dark Sector, and also working on the multiplayer gameplay for both BioShock 2 and Homefront

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Texas has long had a thriving video game development community, from the days of Origin Systems and the early years of id Software, to the modern day where id continues working alongside Gearbox Software and Bioware’s Austin studio. It makes sense that a game design program would eventually have been founded at a Texas university.

In 2002, Dr. Peter Raad, the director of Southern Methodist University’s Linda and Mitch Hart eCenter, was approached by members of the North Texas game development community who were concerned about a lack of local opportunities to train new members of the industry. SMU collaborated with these developers, and in 2003 founded The Guildhall, a master’s degree program in video game development.

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All rise. The court of TheFeed is now in session. The honorable Jake “Fake Judge” Gaskill presiding. It is the opinion of this court that video games are…what’s that?...the Supreme Court already handed down its ruling on California’s violent video game law?...7-2?...Oh, I see. Well, let's get on with it.

As you've no doubt heard, this is a big week for the games industry, thanks to t but in case you were too busy, I don't know, playing games or something, then you definitely want to check out this week’s episode of Feedback, as Adam Sessler is joined by Casey Schreiner, Stephen Johnson, and Nikole Zivalich to discuss what is arguably the most significant legal decision in gaming history. (For more, be sure to check out Adam's in-depth look at the Supreme Court's decision, and if you have no idea what this whole case is about, brush up here.)

And, as if to honor said decision, the Feedback crew also examines and cross examines the game of the week, the cheeky horror shooter Shadows of the Damned. So if you're into legal jargon and penis-inspired gun puns, you've certainly come to the right place!

Feedback -- Supreme Court Video Game Ruling »

Feedback: Where we still have no idea why the abbreviation SCOTUS makes us chuckle. Hehe. SCOTUS.

The AUDIO MP3 of this episode of FEEDBACK is available here: Right-click and Save.

Amazing as it seems, it was 10 years ago today that the great Morgan Webb made her first appearance on television, walking on to Tech TV's The Screen Savers set sporting short, platinum blonde hair. Since her first show a decade ago her hair has grown long, red, black, and beyond. But underneath, it was always the same Morgan, providing trustworthy reviews, comedy, and otherwise being an amazingly classy and awesome television host and person. In other words, we love you, Morgan!

In celebration of Morgan Webb's first decade on television, let's take a look back at 10 years of Morgan. These are some of our favorite Morgan memories; leave your favorites in the comment section.

X-Play 1000: Morgan Webb's First Television Appearance »

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Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Details: New Magic, Combat, and Perks

PC Gamer got their hands on Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and in their very detailed preview they let us in on a few new features behind the epic role playing game. First off, there will be new magic in the game called Dragon Shouts. Whenever you kill a dragon in the game you'll get its soul which allows you read ruins scattered across the land. This process makes the original trailer make a lot more sense. Once you decipher the ruins, you'll have access to the Dragon Shouts that are different than the normal everyday magic, allowing you to do things like teleport or do a force push.

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Battlefield 3 Gameplay Teaser Trailer »

In a brief post on Battlefield 3's official message board, DICE Global Battlefield Community Manager Daniel Matros revealed the four maps from 2005's Battlefield 2 that will be available in the "Back to Karkand" map pack that comes with the game at launch, if you pre-order it. Here are your retro-multiplayer maps:

  • Wake Island,
  • Strike at Karkand,
  • Gulf of Oman
  • Sharqi Peninsula

No comment on whether any other older maps will be coming back from the dead.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3's roster just got a little more evil with the addition of two more characters. On the Capcom front Akuma has been added and on the Marvel side we get Taskmaster. Akuma first made his diabolical debut as a secret character in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. He returns with purple hurricane kicks, fireballs and his Raging Demon attack.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Akuma Trailer »

Keep reading to see Taskmaster's debut trailer. 

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Sarif Industries Gets Super Exy Viral Site

Deus Ex fans have already been treated to new gameplay footage (showing off some pre-order bonuses) of Eidos Montreal’s highly anticipate RPG-shooter Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but Eidos has another, subtler bit of DE goodness to share today: a new viral teaser site for the game’s premier biotechnology firm, Sarif Industries.

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If you're a fan of the hardcore, run-and-gun, die-and-die-again challenge of games like Contra, you'll absolutely want to take a look at this next title in gaming's must frustrating genre.

"Hard Corps: Uprising is aiming to kick your ass. In fact, there is a long history of games designed with the sole purpose of making you throw your controller violently through your television screen and this painstaking homage to the classic Contra is absolutely of that ilk. You are going to die. Frequently, hopelessly, impossibly often. You are, like some Shakespearean construction worker, going to utter curse words that you’ve only just then, in that single moment as the controller spins toward your LCD TV, invented. And you are very likely going to have lots and lots fun…At least until you’re picking broken bits of cathode ray tube from your knuckles."

Aim up, down, left or right and read through our Hard Corps: Uprising Preview.

New York Comic Con has now officially come and gone, but G4 was there and on the scene to bring back all the latest news and updates. Sadly, it wasn't exactly a banner  year for games at the show, despite a strong developer presence, but there were a few highlights to lead the way:

"The ComicCon’s videogame highlight was likely Rockstar’s surprise unveiling of Undead Nightmare, the zombie-filled downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption. The Manhattan-based company’s zombie-inspired booth had a dozen game kiosks, a hot DJ and two kinds of t-shirts for giveaways. During play, some of those zombies moved with the uncanny speed of The Flash, making you, as John Marston, rush to burn them with a torch or fire at them with a blunderbuss."

Read on to check out our full New York Comic Con Show Floor Wrap-Up!

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means, right? It's new comic book day! No, wait. It's hump day! We're officially at the middle of the week! No, that's not it either. Oh, it's time for a brand-new Feedback! Adam Sessler is out this week, so we decided to turn the show into a freestyle jazz session, complete with Abbie Heppe on the oboe, Matt Keil on the sax, Rob Manuel on the xylophone, and myself on the recorder.

Okay, that didn't actually happen. But we'll keep practicing for next time. Instead, we talk about news, further dissect Metroid: Other M, and riff on things in a manner not unlike jazz, just with more video games and geek appeal. So what are you waiting on? Take Feedback for a spin, kick the tires, then see your dealer for a pretty good deal. Low mileage, sweet extra features. All for you.


Feedback -- Metroid: Other M Edition »


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We've all been there. You pour 10-20 hours into a game, master the mechanics, approach the final conflict... and end up with a giant WTF expression on your face. It's happened to the best of us. So why does it seem that an amazing game doesn't always mean it will have an amazing ending? Adam Sessler decided to use this week's Soapbox to discuss what he thinks developers should do to make sure their final act is as meaningful and epic as the rest of their game, and why he gets frustrated when the experience of finishing a game seems to ruin or contradict his experience up until that point. What do you think?

Sessler's Soapbox: End on a High Note »

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