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Cogs, Gear The Big Winners at DICE 2010's First Indie Game Challenge

It's a good time to be an indie in video games. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick announced a $500,000 indie contest at DICE 2010 and the event itself got in the action with the first annual Indie Game Challenge. G4's Adam Sessler was on-hand to host the event, where beautiful puzzler Cogs and inventive action game Gears were the big winners, with each developer being awarded $100,000.

The Lazy 8 Studios-developed Cogs won the grand prize in the "professional" category, while Team 3's Gears took the "non-professional" prize. Each prized earned them $100,000, though. Not bad.

DICE has already confirmed the Indie Game Challenge is coming back next year. Submissions will be accepted starting sometime in May, with the entry window closing in September.

For more details on Cogs, visit the official website. The game was also recently released on iPhone. Gears, developed through the DigiPen program, is available for free through the school's site.

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Originality is something that is hard to come by in any creative medium, and video games are no exception. Publishers tend to favor sure things like sequels to popular titles because they already have a dedicated fan base, and recouping development costs is much less of a headache than if the publisher decides to release a new IP. Still, it’s those original IPs that keep driving the industry forward into new and exciting directions.

In the following DICE 2010 presentation, “From Pencils To Pixels: The Making Of An Original IP On Console,” Vigil Games creative director Joe Madureira and general manager David Adams talk about the process of creating an original IP and seeing it through to the final product. Prospective game designers need to watch this.

DICE 2010: From Pencils To Pixels »

Feedback -- Field Trip To DICE 2010

Feedback is on a field trip! This week, the gaming clique is hanging out at DICE 2010, rubbing shoulders with theupper-crust of the gaming world. This week, Feedback regulars Adam Sessler and Patrick Klepek are proud to host a couple of amazing guests: Randy Pitchford from Gearbox Software and Dr. Peter Raad, Founder and Executive Director of The Guildhall at SMU.

The game of the week is Borderlands, but the discussion ranges all over the video game map. Check it out by clicking the video below:

Feedback Field Trip -- DICE 2010 Edition »

Highlights include:

  • Adam and Patrick discuss their DICE Summit highlights, including Activision's Bobby Kotick, our lives as RPGs, and the complete failure to notice a moonwalking bear.
  • Randy Pitchford from Gearbox drops by to talk about DICE and the reaction to (and future of) Borderlands.
  • We talk with the SMU Guildhall's Dr. Peter Raad about this year's Indie Game Challenge.

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Mike Yuen, the Senior VP of Global Content & Services Zeebo Inc., knows a little something about growth. His company specializes in emerging markets such as Brazil, Mexico, India and China.

Yuen's DICE 2010 presentation, "Looking For Growth In All The Wrong Places," aims to explore how these quickly growing markets can best be served by the gathered gaming cognoscenti at the DICE summit. Check it out:

DICE 2010: Looking For Growth In All The Wrong Places »

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Adam Sessler's got some hot topics he wants to discuss with luminaries in the gaming world! Click the video below for a no-holds-barred summit with Gas Powered Games cofounder Chris Taylor and Epic Games president Mike Capps, in which the nature of indie game development is discussed.

A sample: "I think it's really important to put your name forward. You want [the marketing] to say 'Epicgames.com' not 'Publishername.com.'" Explained Capps. "I mean you see Infinity Ward, you want to buy it. You see Activision, and you don't."

Sess said moderating this panel was among the top five things he's experienced in his professional career, so strap yourself down; it's going to be an awesome ride:


DICE 2010 Hot Topics: Indie Games »

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Greg Short & Geoffrey Zatkin, CEO and COO of Electronic Entertainment Design and Research call their DICE 2010 presentation: “Forces at Play: Examining What Has Really Been Impacting the Videogame Industry, and What It Means Going Forward."

"How do these guys know so much?" you might be asking. Well, it's their job to know. EEDAR's mission is to "increase the profitability and creativity of the video game industry by allowing publishers, developers and investors to make more strategic decisions based on objective, accessible and meaningful data."

Anyway, look at the video and judge for yourself!

DICE 2010 Video: EEDAR's "Forces at Play" Presentation »

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DICE 2010

Today was Day two of DICE 2010, and G4 was all up in that convention, and we brought back a ton of videos, news, interviews and more. It's all on our DICE 2010 site, and in the links below:

As I mentioned above, all of our DICE 2010 coverage can be seen at our DICE 2010 site.

Richard “Lord British” Garriott is not only a legend in the gaming industry – creating Ultima will do that – but he’s also just an all around fascinating individual (it’s hard to be a space traveler and not be interesting, but still). Adam Sessler caught up with Lord Garriott during DICE 2010 to find out more about his official return to the gaming industry, his new company and more. The result? See the following video:

DICE 2010: Adam Sessler Interviews Richard Garriott »

There's plenty more DICE 2010 coverage where that came from, and you can find it all right here.


EA COO John Schappert discussed a number of interesting topics during his DICE 2010 presentation, including admitting to not throwing enough advertising support behind titles like Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space, and even sharing pro-tips on how to find success in the industry over the coming years. Fascinating stuff. Watch it below:

DICE 2010: EA's Schappert on Surviving Next Three Years »

Your DICE 2010 craving not satisfied? Our comprehensive event page should do the trick.

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Everyone loves Gearbox Software. From Half-Life: Opposing Forces to Borderlands, Gearbox is synonymous with ass-kicking gaming. If you're curious about the history of this epic development house, we've got you covered. In the video below, Gearbox's Randy Pitchford discusses the history of the company, from its early days to the present.

Click it:

DICE 2010: "The Gearbox Story" Presentation »

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For better or for worse, social gaming has rapidly transformed the video game landscape in a staggeringly short amount of time. And the dominate force in the social gaming space these days is Facebook, thanks in large part to a little phenomenon called Farmville.

To find out more about just how massive social gaming has become and the reasons behind the explosion, I recommend checking out the following “Social Gaming: How Do I Get Me Some Of That?” DICE 2010 presentation by the chief game designer at Farmville-developer Zynga, Brian Reynolds.

DICE 2010: "Social Gaming: How Do I Get Me Some Of That?" »

For all your DICE 2010 needs, just head over to our official event page, and get informed!

One thing you can count on at DICE is discussions of the big questions in games, whether it's technological, social or economic, and that's not much bigger of an issue in America than Race.

Why are most characters in video games white? To answer this question, DICE employed USC assistant professor Dmitri Williams, who points out that "You make games that look like you," and most developers are, you guessed it white.

Check out the video for an in-depth look at Race in games. And check out the rest of our DICE 2010 coverage for other interesting videos, news stories, photo galleries and more awesomeness.


DICE 2010: "Games of Color" Presentation »


EA Not Commenting On Dead Space 2, 3 Speculation

Even though we're getting Dead Space 2 and it sounds like we're getting a follow-up to Mirror's Edge, Electronic Arts COO John Schappert, who just recently joined the company from Microsoft, admitted at DICE 2010 that EA didn't do either of those games justice from a marketing perspective.

"These were good titles," said Schappert. "I don't think that we gave them the marketing support that they deserved. ... I think these titles deserve more."

Schappert also admitted that marketing can't solve everything and because consumers are more savvy these days, even big marketing pushes couldn't save GoldenEye: Rogue Agent and Catwomen.

We're probably all on the same page with this one.

Twisted Metal 3

At last night's AIAS Awards at DICE 2010, video game pioneer David Jaffe may have revealed a release window for the next Twisted Metal game. According to an on-the-scene report from our own Andrew Pfister, crowd members screamed "Twisted Metal!" while Jaffe was presenting an award, and Jaffe responded thusly:

"Soon, b*tch. Eight or nine months."

So, unless Jaffe was answering an unheard spectator asking, "How long does a human baby take to gestate," it looks like we may see a new Twisted Metal in less than a year.

The lesson here: Don't be rude at awards shows, or a well-known game developer might call you a naughty word, also: People are very excited at the prospect of a new Twisted Metal game.

The Man With An Xbox Live Gamerscore Of 384,155 (And Counting)


The co-founder of Gearbox Software revealed his gamertag (which I'll keep a secret...for now) and his gamerscore during a presentation at DICE 2010 this morning.

Yeah, I'm roughly a quarter of that. You?

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