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Blair Butler is, once again, ready to bust out a pile of new comics for your approval with the newest version of Fresh Ink. Be prepared as she discusses Black Adam #4, Ghost Rider: Annual, Green Arrow & Black Canary #2, World War Hulk 5 of 5, and All-Star Superman #9.

In short, it's a ridiculous supply of good comic action. So, watch the video...you'll thank us.

Fresh Ink: Adam, Amazonians and Superman with Frank Quitely »


This week, Fresh Ink Online has a couple of themes emerging, hot, scantily clad women and Joss Whedon. That's right, Blair Butler is here to give you your weekly dose of all things comic, including a look at Astonishing X-Men #23, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #8.

You're gonna love it.

Fresh Ink: Savages, Slayers, and Joss Whedon »

Our Halloween hangovers have yet to clear however the comic queen, Blair Butler, is still dishing out the surprises with the latest reviews of this week's comics.  This edition of Fresh Ink Online includes writer Geoff Johns' narration of the origins of Superman Prime, Marvel's Ultimate Power #18, autistic soldiers fighting a war in Special Forces, Infinite Halloween Special, and of course the dramatic love story of a woman and her lesbian dragon in Quasar.

Fresh Ink Online: Lesbian Dragons »

This week, Blair Butler goes all cowboy on Fresh Ink Online with The Lone Ranger #9 and Streets of Glory #2. But that's not all, there's also a look at Daredevil #101 and Thunderbolts #117. Rounding it all off is the twin kill...literally. It's The Killer #5 & #6.

But don't take our word for it. Watch the video. That'll learn ya!

Fresh Ink 10.26.07 »

Resident Evil Geek Blair Butler is back in action with another exciting week of comics and this week is rife with page turners.  Blair has fresh peeks at Gerard Way's The Umbrella Academy, the undead of Marvel Zombies 2, Bendis' Powers, the premiere issue of Image Comic's Lazarus, and the Luna Brothers' new twisted tale...The Sword.  Get ready to empty your wallets...

Fresh Ink Online: Zombies, Swords & Powers »


It was a spectacular week in comics, including the launch of a few new comic series as well as some old favorites. Blair is back for another installment of Fresh Ink Online with reviews of Black Summer #3, The New Avengers #35, Living With The Dead #1, Simon Dark #1, and an amazing issue of Drain which features voluptuous vampire ninjas.  Also, Make sure to stop by the Fresh Ink Online Forum and sound off on your favorite comic books.

Fresh Ink Online: Vampire Ninja Au Go-Go »

This week on Fresh Ink, Blair reviews Omega the Unknown, Wolverine Annual, The Walking Dead Volume 7, Green Lantern Corps, and Batman Detective.  Also, check out the Fresh Ink  forums and start your own comic discussion.

Fresh Ink Online: Wolverine Annual and More! »

This week on Fresh Ink, Blair Butler is gonna take you through the comics you love and the comics you'll love to hate. Including Catwoman #71, The Programme #3, Criminal #9, Green Arrow & Black Canary Wedding Special, and Quasar #3. How's that for ink, suckas?

Good, so watch while the pretty, smart woman skools you.


Fresh Ink: Catwoman & Friends »

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You know that Blair Butler knows everything there is to know about comic books, right? That's why you need to listen when she drops a well full of Fresh Ink on your dome. Or in your dome. Whatever.

Check out the comic book news.

Fresh Ink Online: Green Lantern and More »

And if you're anything like us (and studies show that you indeed ARE), you can't get enough of Blair Butler.  So feel to visit her website at your leisure.  Really.  She'd totally dig that.

In this special edition of Fresh Ink, Blair Butler takes a look at some new and notable graphic novels that include The Complete Bit Club, Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 3, DMZ Public Works, and The Nightly News.

Fresh Ink Online: Graphic Novels »


Fresh Ink Online: 9.7.07


Posted September 7, 2007 - By PryzeFighter

In this edition of Fresh Ink Online Blair reviews Amazing Spider-Man, Buffy, Shanna The She-Devil, Y The Last Man and Crecy.  Also, check back next week for the latest reviews on graphic novels.

Fresh Ink Online: 9.7.07 »


This week on Fresh Ink Online, Blair looks at Black Metal Volume 1, Silver Surfer Requiem #4, Ex Machina, Action Comics #855, Local, and American Virgin.

Fresh Ink Online Issue #3 »

Fresh Ink Online Edition


Posted August 24, 2007 - By PryzeFighter

This week on Fresh Ink Online, Blair looks at Astonishing X-Men, Black Summer, The Order, Game Keeper, and the Thunderbolts.  We'll now be bringing you Fresh Ink every week, whether its on Attack of the Show or an Online Exclusive, Blair Butler is here for you, man.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

Fresh Ink Online Issue #2 »

TheFeed didn't think you were getting enough Fresh Ink, so we've decided to bring it online on a more frequent basis. And so, here is the premiere issue of Fresh Ink online. Save it in the convenient eDustCover we've provided, and you'll be able to sell it in 50 years.

Fresh Ink: Premiere Online Issue »

Fresh Ink: Summer Comics »

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