Tokyo Game Show 2009

Tokyo Game Show Day Two Wrap-Up

I know that G4's coverage of Tokyo Game Show 2009 has been a bit comprehensive, and we have been overloading you with content to the point where your gaming centers are on the brink of full blown collapse, but you have all been doing a great job of sticking it out. Seriously, just look at our wrap up from day one of TGS. Is that not just ridiculous?

Anyway, day two has come and passed, which means I’m here to give you handy-dandy wrap up of our coverage, just in case you missed anything. Enjoy!


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Tim Schafer is a gaming God. If there's one guy on this earth who gets it, he does. Take this video for example. Tim could have made a simple, flashy trailer for the game that told people about the live Demothon event Double Fine is doing to promote Brutal Legend, but no, that's not good enough. Instead we get to see what Tim really does when he's "working on the game", and we get to eavesdrop on an IM conversation between Tim and Ormagoden, fremator of the skies and destroyer of the ancient world, who demands there to be 666 million downloads of the Brutal Legend demo or else he'll give the whole world swine flu. I'm dead serious. See for yourself.

Brutal Legend Ormagoden Demothon Trailer »

You'll remember Project Natal from E3 2009, as the new Microsoft game experience that will allow you to use motion control without any sort of controllers. Since then, it seems that there has been a lot of development with Project Natal, as is evidenced in these videos from the TGS 2009 Microsoft Project Natal presentation, wherein they discuss using Natal to make games, and the freedom it represents.

First up, Yozo Sakagami from Namco Bandai.

Namco Bandai's Yozo Sakagami Talks Project Natal At TGS 2009 »

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PixelJunk Monsters is one of the most addicting games I have ever played. And now it's coming to the PSP, which means it can follow me anywhere in the world. My social life is now over. Check out the new PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe trailer from this year's Tokyo Game Show.

PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe TGS09 PSP Trailer »

It won't be long until fans of the long running, turn-based RPG series Final Fantasy will be able to wreak havoc on the streets of Cocoon and other fantastical locales in Final Fantasy XIII. Until then, we've managed to get some footage of the game in action, which reveals a bit about the game's narrative and shows off some of its new features, including deity-conjuring summon spells.


Final Fantasy XIII TGS 2009 Walkthrough Off-Screen Video »



The Wii is a great machine for on-rails shooting games, so kudos to Visceral Games for coming up with the bright idea to use that capability to create Dead Space: Extraction. Just like the original, this game is gory, violent, scary, and tons of fun. Check out the launch trailer and get in line for one of the creepiest space walks you'll ever take part in.

Dead Space Extraction Launch Trailer »

I don’t know about you, but the first thing that came to mind as I was watching this montage footage  from the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game was Capcom’s Lost Planet 2. It probably had something to do with the lush environments, mix of on-foot and mech-based combat and the giant beasts. Anyway, the game looks promising, and it’s clear that Ubisoft wasn’t lying about that whole “sharing assets with the filmmakers” business it touted during E3. Now if only there would be some way to play this game in IMAX 3-D…

Avatar: The Game Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer »


One of the most anticipated JRPGs of the season is Level 5's White Knight Chronicles, so it comes as no surprise that they revealed a new trailer on the show floor at this year's Tokyo Game Show that we shot off-screen. Check out the unbelievable visuals, crazy creature design, and epic battles shown off in this gorgeous pre-rendered cinematic trailer.

White Knight Chronicles TGS 09 Trailer Off-Screen »


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After Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King came out on WiiWare, Square Enix decided to continue the saga with a brand new full Wii game called Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers. This new game focuses on new aspects of the universe and integrates Wii-mote motion controls into gameplay. Check out the off-screen walkthrough we shot while at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers TGS09 Off-Screen Walkthrough »

For anyone who read Patrick’s TGS 2009 hands-on preview of Capcom’s Dead Rising 2’s newly revealed multiplayer mode, you most likely found yourself saying, “That sounds cool and everything, but I needs to sees some zombie slaying action to really bring the room together!” Luckily for you, we have just the thing, in the form of four bloody and brutal weapons trailers, and one promotional video for Terror is Reality, the zombie-killing death sport that serves as the setting for the game’s multiplayer mode.

We’ll kick things off with the multiplayer promo video. Enjoy!

Dead Rising 2 Terror is Reality Multiplayer Trailer »

Click through to see four joyously violent weapons trailers. That is of course unless you have something against exploding footballs!

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Final Fantasy XIII

What We Know: Square Enix has been working on Final Fantasy XIII for years now and even though we are still waiting to find out the exact date for when the PlayStation 3 debut of the RPG series will show up over here, a December release date in Japan at least means the game is in the final stages of development. Final Fantasy XIII appears to be a return to form for the series, after the MMO-inspired gameplay departure of the last game. Much of the game's fundamentals have been shown off in the months leading up to the game's release in Japan, which means most fans are already pretty aware of what to expect from Final Fantasy XIII -- a pretty and traditional RPG.

What's New at TGS: Look, I'm going to be honest. I can't read Japanese. The roughly 10-minute playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII at Tokyo Game Show let me play around with the summons-who-act-as-party-members mechanic, but other than that, I could't tell you much about what happened while I was pressing the circle button because the entirety of the demo was in a language that looked like moonspeak to me. Specifics on the gameplay will have to be left for another time, but I have to commend Square Enix for giving players opportunities to encourage movement about the environment in order to dodge enemy encounters. It's tough to tell how extensively this will extened to the entire game, but there were several instances in the Final Fantasy XIII demo where I was able to find a secret path around the enemies that prevented those encounters from ever happening. I'm always a fan of RPGs that make enemy encounters optional if players are being observant.

What I Want to See: An English release date. Square Enix has been teasing Final Fantasy XIII for a long, long time now. It's big, bold and beautiful, but at this point, I'm tired of seeing new trailers with characters I don't know much about and a story shrouded in mystery.


At the core of Q-Games' latest PlayStation Network title PixelJunk Shooter is a simple yet ambitious gameplay mechanic: liquid manipulation. Sure you can terraform the environment and flying around in a tiny ship blasting enemies to pieces with a mini-laser cannon is always a good time, but the way water and lava (and their various states as they come into contact with one another) are incorporated into the game is quite impressive, even at this stage in the game's development. To see the liquid brilliance in action, just look down and behold the new trailer.

PixelJunk Shooter TGS 09 Trailer »

Dead Rising 2 Screenshot

What We Know: Dead Rising 2, like Crackdown 2, is a game that should have been announced ages ago. For whatever reason, it took forever for Capcom to move forward with Dead Rising 2 and even when the game was announced, it was revealed Capcom Japan wasn't even developing the game -- Canadian developer Blue Castle is behind the game. When Capcom announced Dead Rising 2, the main takeaways were that Frank West was no longer the main character, the setting was Las Vegas and a good portion of your time would be spent running around casinos.

What's New at TGS: When I showed up at Capcom's Dead Rising 2 event after the second day of Tokyo Game Show, I didn't expect a controller to be thrust in my hands. Capcom was highlighting the newly introduced multiplayer features of Dead Rising 2, albeit in a severly limited capacity. The version on display was four-player simultaneously competitive multiplayer spread amongst four different game modes. Connecting each game mode to one another was a MadWorld-esque game show motiff. The four game modes -- Ramsterball, Headache, Pounds of Flesh, Slicecycles -- each involve having gamers compete against one another to multilate zombies in different ways.

By far the most popular mode shown here at TGS was Slicecycles. Are you ready for this? Imagine an arena filled with thousands of zombies ready to be ripped apart by motorcyclists who have strapped chainsaws to the sides of their bikes. The laughter was infectious across this and the other game modes, as well. Capcom attempted to conduct a multiplayer tournament, but most players in attendance groaned at the concept, since it was clear Dead Rising 2's scoring system was far from balanced at this point.

What I Want to See: More of these game modes. If these four modes hint at a multiplayer system just as imaginative, gamers are in for a treat.

You might not like fighting games, or even like the PlayStation Portable, but if these gameplay videos of Tekken 6 don’t make you question your staunch opposition to both of these categories, then nothing will. Seriously, if you hadn't told me this was the PSP version, I probably wouldn't have been able to tell you what platform it was being played on. Don't believe me? Well, check out the videos for yourself then, Mr. Doubty Von Needsconvincington.

Tekken 6 PSP Gameplay Video #1 »

Click through to see another round of beat down.

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"There are certain moments a man never forgets..." So begins the new trailer for Assassin's Creed II, which gives us extended looks at the game's combat system, the various locations we'll be murdering our way through, and most importantly, a glimpse as to how protagonist Ezio became the man he is today. This game is just looking absolutely killtastic.

Assassin's Creed II TGS 09 Story Trailer »

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