It may be the end of the world tomorrow, but what's happening in the rest of the universe? Cara Santa Maria from the Huffington Post sits down with Michael Kosta to run down the latest developments in science and space exploration. What's on her checklist? The current location of the Voyager 1, the super string theory and being the smartest person that Michael Kosta has ever interacted with.

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Hey! Look! It's the Mohawk Guy from NASA! Flight Director Bobak Ferdowsi sits down with Cara Santa Maria from the Huffington Post and Matt Mira to discuss the latest findings from the Mars Curiosity rover mission, as well as how it's important for today's youth to study the sciences.

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Diamond Super-Earth Discovered


Posted October 11, 2012 - By Nikole Zivalich

Diamond Super-Earth Discovered

Image by Haven Giguere

Scientists think they have discovered a planet made out of diamonds. 55 Cancri e (a name that just rolls right off the tongue) is  twice the size of our planet, and the "Super-Earth" is composed of carbon, in the form of graphite and diamond.

Researchers from the Yale University estimate that 1/3 of the planet could be made of diamond.  The full study will be published in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters, which is my third favorite astrophysics journal.

55 Cancri e is one of five planets orbiting a star similar to our sun. It's located 40 light years away, but can be seen in the Cancer constellation. With a temperature of 3,900 degrees Fahrenheit, don't mark this rock down as our Plan B planet. You can mark it down as a good source of bling though.

The rumor that Jennifer Anniston is currently wearing the entire planet on her finger is entirely false as I made it up.

Source: Science Daily

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Tonight On AOTS: Bill Nye The Science Guy, Comedian Dave Hill & Michael Ian Black Co-Hosts Again!

Michael Ian Black and Candace Bailey return for a new Attack of the Show, and tonight they talk to Bill Nye the Science Guy on The Loop about speaking out against teaching creationism, and comedian Dave Hill visits for his new book, Tasteful Nudes. Also, is the Samsung Series 6 plasma TV worth the $1,600 price tag? Tune in tonight 7/6c for more!

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 It's Effin' Science Comes to G4 in June!

Sure, science is awesome, but wouldn't it be so much more awesome if you could get it to do and build things to make your life better? Well, look no further, greedy future scientist! It's Effin' Science, based on the popular Attack of the Show segment, is a full-on hack of the sciences with three experts that explore the weird, wild, and off-beat side of science while making your life easier.

And who might those experts be, you ask? Excellent question. Angie Greenup is co-hosting today's Attack of the Show, so you can meet her at 7PM ET. Chad Zdenek you already know from Human Wrecking Balls, and, rounding out the crew, is our third expert, Mark Horowitz.

We're giving you ways to one-up your friends …or just let you have fun for the hell of it. Remember, this isn't science. It’s Effin’ Science, and it premieres in June right here on G4. Don't miss it!

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