We're all a few pounds heavier as a result of the Thanksgiving feasting, but that didn't stop us from straggling into the studio to discuss the latest gaming news and a little Wii game people are talking about, New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It's supposed to be pretty good, so Adam Sessler, myself, Abbie Heppe and Rob Manuel hopped into the Feedback recording studio to talk about all this and more.

Feedback -- New Super Mario Bros. Wii Edition »

Here's what the crew talked about on this week's Feedback:

  • Ubisoft announced Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, prompting yours truly to come to the defense of one of 2008's best games (even if the rest of the crew disagrees with me!)
  • There was another game announcement, too: Medal of Honor. Electronic Arts confirmed rumors that it's taking the series to modern day, but we have some fears about it.
  • We're seeing a serious commitment from Ubisoft behind Project Natal and Sony's motion controller, but what kinds of games will we see and which ones will be ports?
  • Rob reviewed New Super Mario Bros. Wii for us and we try to come to grasp about what works and doesn't work in Nintendo's multiplayer-driven nostalgia-fueled new game.

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Morning Hangover #71 -- Andrew Looks For Feedback, Patrick Has TV Envy

Is Thanksgiving already over? Sheesh. While some of us are still out of the office enjoying a brief vacation from that thing called work (I'm lookin' at you, Ms. Heppe and Mr. Pfister!), the rest of us are preparing for the week's activities. That includes taping a new episode of Feedback and asking you, the readers, to submit a question for the Feedback crew to discuss this time around. Have at it!

As many of us head to the airport, headphones firmly in place (with a DS in a pocket, naturally), for this week's round of holiday travel, take solace in knowing this: there's another edition of Feedback to keep you company this week. Whether you're starting to plot out gifts for the rest of the holiday season or contemplating an impulse-buy during the slew of Black Friday sales, Adam Sessler, myself, Abbie Heppe and Dana Vinson gathered earlier this week to discuss the best of the best from 2009!

Feedback -- Thanksgiving Edition »

Here's what the crew talked about on this week's Feedback:

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Everyone's caught up with the holiday releases, right? No one's fallen behind? We've all finished Dragon Age: Origins and are contemplating a second run as an elf? Lies! All lies! But as the last week stocked with the year's biggest releases finally passes us by, the Feedback crew headed into the studio to discuss the latest news of the industry and both Left 4 Dead 2 and Assassin's Creed II.


Feedback -- Assassin's Creed 2 & Left 4 Dead 2 Edition »


What you have to look forward to from Adam Sessler, myself, Andrew Pfister and Abbie Heppe:

  • Activision announced big sales numbers for Modern Warfare 2 ($550 million!), the game was reported to have been banned in Russia (but wasn't) and hackers have already showed up and started adding features Infinity Ward decided to take away (can you say...dedicated servers?).
  • Pandemic Studios has officially closed its doors, but the brand and its games live on. What does this mean for the future of Mercenaries and Electronic Arts' overall strategy?
  • Andrew reviewed Assassin's Creed II but Adam's been just as obsessed with Ubisoft's latest sprawling epic, while Abbie and I try to play catch up on what we've missed out on.
  • Valve's zombie horde is back in Left 4 Dead 2, so I used Feedback to help further make the case for why the sequel is justified as something more than just downloadable combat.
  • A reader asks why we play games, especially ones we finish all the way to the end. 

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Morning Hangover #71 -- Andrew Looks For Feedback, Patrick Has TV Envy

We have passed the storm that is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 only to find ourselves knee-deep in two other major releases: Valve's (somewhat) controversial zombie sequel Left 4 Dead 2 and the widely anticipated Assassin's Creed II. We'll be tackling both games on Feedback, but we also need a little help from you, too. Do you want to be Feedback's question of the week? Submit away and get the chance to have your name and question read aloud and answered by the Feedback crew.


I am going to give you three guesses what the Feedback Game of the Week is. Go on. Guess. (No looking at the post title.)




...Buzz Quiz World is neat, but no.


...Diablo 3's not out yet, buddy.

It's...ta-da, Modern Warfare 2. We've got five on it with Adam, Patrick, Abbie, Brian, and Matt to talk about the game from beginning to end...less multiplayer. If you love the Call of Duty, this is the show for you. (There are spoilers, but not of the end.) If you've got coverage fatigue, don't worry, the week is almost over!

Feedback -- Modern Warfare 2 Edition »

Hit Tab to See Secondary Show Objectives:


  • Massive layoffs happened this week at Electronic Arts. Our best to those affected.
  • Dead Space: Extraction was great, but did moving it to the Wii hurt the franchise?
  • EA franchises are going to get seriously looked at next year, like Medal of Honor and Need for Speed. Is that a wise strategy?
  • The rumor is that Project Natal will range between $50 and $80, with 13-15 games at launch. Does this make you swing your arms in approval? And isn't it a bit ridiculous that, if the rumor pans out, Natal will be cheaper than the wi-fi adapter?
  • Is it okay for a game to be short if there's no filler?
  • How did you approach "No Russian?" If you opened fire, why? And how do you define "enjoyment" when it comes to games?

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Morning Hangover #71 -- Andrew Looks For Feedback, Patrick Has TV Envy

Love it or hate it, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is here and everyone is playing it. Obviously, the game's going to be a major point of discussion on this week's episode of Feedback, but it won't be the only thing we're talking about. As per usual, in one segement, we give you guys the power to control Feedback. If you have a question for the Feedback crew, drop in it the comments. I'll be reading.

BONUS! Questions that aren't answered on Feedback are also eligible to be answered in Andrew Pfister's new weekly mailbag special (it runs every Friday), Reply To All. If you aren't picked for Feedback, there's always a chance Andrew will pick up the other good ones for Reply to All.

Reminder: All questions require readers to have an avatar associated with their profile!

Can you guess what everyone on Feedback was talking about this week? Hint, hint: we're one week away from the highly anticipated launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. However you feel about Infinity Ward's latest entry in its shooter franchise, it's shaping up to be a monumental day for games. Chances are everyone could have talked about Modern Warfare 2 for an entire show, but as it turns out, there's a bajillion other games being released right now. So, we talked about those, too.

Feedback -- Potpourri Edition »

 Here's what else Adam, Abbie, Sterling and I cover on this edition of Feedback:

  • That controversial Modern Warfare 2 viral video that showed up last weekend (and has since disappeared) sparks some heated discussion...and harsh words for Infinity Ward.
  • Even Nintendo's not sure what to do with the Wii these days. We look at where the Wii's come in the past few years and some up with some easy ways Nintendo can patch things up.
  • Game of the week? How about games of the week? DJ Hero, Tekken 6 and Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony -- batter up!
  • As more casuals join the ranks of our fellow gamers and achievements encourage players to venture into harder difficulty settings, a reader probes us about difficulty settings in games.

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(And yes, we are aware that Sterling's microphone is underperforming this week. Top men are on the case. Top. Men.)

Morning Hangover #71 -- Andrew Looks For Feedback, Patrick Has TV Envy

Everyone at G4 is swamped with video games to play through as we march towards the end of the year. It's a good problem to have, which should make for some interesting discussion on this week's edition of Feedback. Despite the deluge of games, however, we still want to hear from you guys. What do you want Adam Sessler and the rest of the Feedback crew to discuss this week?

Remember: Your profile must have an avatar associated with it to be picked for Feedback!

True story: I was prepping this post for this week's episode of Feedback, when I realized that Brian was about to describe what was contained in the leaked Modern Warfare 2 footage this week. I stopped the video player just in time, then decided to get a soda. Came back to my desk, and without thinking I hit "play" and boom: spoiled. I can be forgetful, sometimes. If you don't want to know what happens, pause your player around the 1:00 minute mark and skip ahead to 8:41. As for the spoiler itself...holy crap.

Feedback -- Borderlands Edition »

Stuff you shouldn't skip through:

  • Netflix streaming is coming to the PlayStation 3, does that mean we're getting the Sony movies back?
  • How does this affect the multimedia front in the Console War?
  • The group plays dress-up with their digital avatars -- who is for, and who is against?
  • Borderlands has lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of weapons. Is there a real difference between what you use?
  • Did Gearbox miss an opportunity to extend the replayability by mishandling the itemization?

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Morning Hangover #71 -- Andrew Looks For Feedback, Patrick Has TV Envy

We're in the middle of a gaming firestorm here at G4 this week, as evidenced by the massive amount of news, features, reviews, previews, videos, exclusives -- you name it, we got it. We also have another installment of Feedback to film this week, which means I'm turning to you, the readers, to provide the question for the Feedback crew to discuss. What's on your mind?

Leave your question in the comments (and make sure you have a picture in your profile)!


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Somebody let Blair Herter into the studio this week, and what resulted was the newest episode of Feedback. Adam, Patrick and I tried to make the best of it, choosing to focus instead on the week's most notable news, and our Game of the Week: Double Fine's Brutal Legend. (Just kidding, Blair was highly tolerable!)

G4tv.com's Feedback -- Brutal Legend Edition »

We also headbang to the following...

  • The September NPDs are here, which means its time to see if the PS3's price drop had any significant effect. (Spoiler: It did.)
  • America has spoken: The Beatles are still pretty awesome. Or at least still awesome enough to edge out Guitar Hero 5.
  • People bought Halo 3: ODST. No way! I know, right!?
  • EA's Peter Moore believes that the industry will soon be entirely digital, with Microsoft leading the way. He also thinks that some of us will be having grandchildren in 10 years, which is a far more dubious claim.
  • There are rumors that A Crack in Time might be the last Ratchet & Clank game. If you watch carefully, you can see the exact moment Adam's heart breaks. But is it really possible?
  • Is Brutal Legend better or worse off for having elements of real-time strategy? And is the game's charm and humor enough to keep us going?
  • At one point, we may have asked the question "How does Tim Schafer feel about Tim Schafer?" If we didn't, we got pretty close.
  • Reader duberi wonders why we review games the way we do, and we get a little defensive. Sorry about that.
  • Plus Patrick's 10-day forecast for the greater Los Angeles area (95% chance of being better than where you are).

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We'll try to stop gushing about Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on this week's installment of Feedback -- but no promises. What we can promise, however, is a new reader question of the week, a task I'm turning over to you guys. What do you want Adam and the rest of the Feedback crew to discuss this week? What burning topic needs addressing? Let us know your questions in the comments.

Remember: You need an avatar associated with your profile to be picked!

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Take a seat! The latest edition of Feedback is here to soothe your gaming soul. Host and editor-in-chief Adam Sessler once again takes the reigns on Feedback this week and he's joined by yours truly, Sterling McGarvey and Andrew Pfpfpfpfpfister to discuss what's nothing less than the greatest game of all time and that will ever be made, so it has been decreed -- you know, Uncharted 2.

Elsewhere in this week's Feedback:

  • Your weekly weather discussion for the greater Los Angeles area!
  • Sony's penchant for leaking its own news by accident continues, with both inFamous 2 and Resistance 3 seemingly being confirmed months before there's anything official. Of course, the real question on everyone's mind is: why exactly is Battle: Los Angeles shooting in Louisiana? Clearly, we're doing our best to stay on track this week.
  • BioWare's revealed Dragon Age: Origins will have downloadable content for a solid two years, making it more like the expansion content for an MMO than what we come to expect from traditional RPG. I'm not so sure the game can hold people's attention that long, but Andrew thinks there's a good chance it could work.
  • Prepare TheFeed comment battle stations for war: Wii Play is the best selling game of the past decade. You may begin your screams of horror…now.
  • A reader wonders if publishers might see better sales if they start selling games at prices other than $60. The crew was split on whether it's a good approach. Also, apparently I'm the only person who actually liked Wet (at least a little).
  • Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2.


G4tv.com's Feedback -- Week of October 12th, 2009 »


Another week, another episode of Feedback, our weekly discussion of all things video games. In addition to having the group discuss the biggest news stories and a major game release each week, we also answer questions from the community. You know, you. Do you want to be featured on Feedback? Drop an answer for the crew into the comments below and you might get your wish.

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