It's Wednesday! New comic book day! A day after new video games have come out! The middle of the week! And best of all, it's Feedback day. Your 45 minutes of bliss that are ready for you to jack in and zone out in the world of gaming. Best enjoyed in the dark and with the volume cranked high. Unless you're commuting. In that case, please be careful.


Feedback -- Bulletstorm or Killzone 3: Which One Brings The Gun Porn You Love? »

Besides discussing Bulletstorm and Killzone 3, we also toss some Marvel vs. Capcom 3 into the mix. We also delve into the insane Dead Island trailer, and try to figure out why it makes people cry. We discuss Telltale's recent news about Fables, The Walking Dead and King's Quest games, the controversy that's erupting early around Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Nintendo's finally announced 3DS lineup, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Hit play and join the fracas.

Feedback: Where our foul mouths don't even come close to the explosive verbiage in Bulletstorm

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Hello readers, and welcome to another edition of Feedback, aka your favorite weekly video game web show. This week’s episode finds host Adam Sessler and panelists Kevin “Dices” Kelly and Jake “Comp” Gaskill on location in Las Vegas for this year’s DICE summit. There were a ton of fascinating discussions and panels held throughout last week, but since you couldn’t be there with us, we decided to put together a little roundup of some of the best, and strangest, things we saw and heard at this year’s summit.

We also had the privilege of having former Electronic Arts chief creative officer, industry legend, and winner of this year’s Interactive Achievement Award’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Bing Gordon, stop by to discuss where he sees the industry heading in the coming years, his current role working with social network gaming giant Zynga, and why he decided to write a poem for his IAA award acceptance speech.

Feedback -- DICE Summit 2011 Highlights »

Feedback: Dicing dicey DICE dice since DICE dice were first diced at DICE.
The AUDIO MP3 of this episode of FEEDBACK is available here. Right click to download.

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Today, we are pleased to bring you a very special episode of Feedback. No, not like "Tonight, on a very special episode of Blossom." You won't be finding out that Matt Keil has parvo, or that Adam is quitting the show and moving to Guam. Instead, we're happy to have as a guest host on the show, the legendary Will Wright. 

From Spore to The Sims to SimCity, and even Raid on Bungeling Bay, Will has been involved in the home video game industry since its fledgling days. He's seen the industry grow from diskettes and ziploc baggies to a multimillion dollar industry, and his presence on the show is especially timely and we are currently attending DICE 2011, where game developers come to learn and be inspired. Follow along on our DICE site for all the latest news.

After developing Spore, Will Wright left longtime home EA and formed his own "think tank" called the Stupid Fun Club, where he works on robots, toys, video games, and even television. His first foray into that medium is a show called Bar Karma, which premieres this Friday on Current TV. It's probably best described in Will's own words, so check out Feedback to find out why you should tune in. But here a teaser: think The Twilight Zone plus Quantum Leap plus Lost.


Feedback -- Will Wright, Creator of Bar Karma »


Feedback: Where that music from the original SimCity still haunts us every day. I know! Those buildings need power and plumbing! Enough, already!

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How many times has Feedback had the game of the week be a freaking console?! We didn't quite do it with the Nintendo 3DS, although we've talked circles around that unit. But we're definitely doing it with the Sony PSP 2 / NGP / OMGWTFBBQ. And why not? Sony is finally packing everything you could want into their handheld, portable game system, but is it enough? Are we still going to want one at launch?

You'll find out in this edition of Feedback with Adam Sessler, Matt Keil, Leah Jackson (not Lea Thompson, we're working on getting her) and myself Kevin Kelly (and no, I'm not Stephen Johnson). We also talk about the latest news, Leah spouts off about Rift where she's been powering through the beta, and the Starcraft 2 beta mods Left 2 Die, Starjeweled, and everyone's favorite Aiur Chef


Feedback -- Will You Buy A Sony PSP2 / PlayStation NGP? »

Feedback: Where you really have to work very, very very hard to nestle in our pockets next to some lint.

The AUDIO MP3 of this episode of FEEDBACK is available here. Right click to download.

Morning Hangover #71 -- Andrew Looks For Feedback, Patrick Has TV Envy

We need your help, and we're not above asking for it. Next week, Feedback will focus on one of your favorite topics: video games. While we'll be focusing on the industry as a whole, we'll also be talking about Sony's announcement of the (bizarrely codenamed) NGP - Next Generation Portable, as well as the rocky history of the PlayStation Portable in general.

But what we need from you are your questions. We'll be featuring more than one next week, so rack your brains and plumb the depths of your gray matter. What do you really want to know about the games space? An upcoming game you want to know something about? Or really get granular and tell us something that you want Feedback to do some snooping on. Short of launching SEC investigations, we can bring you the dirt you want.

So, submit your questions here, and watch Feedback next week to stay informed. 


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You only hear the occasional creak and groan of settling modular building components through the dark void of space. Strange noises permeate the air. A dim fluorescent bulb blinks overhead. Was that a muffled footstep? The ragged breathing of something hideous? As you whirl around to see what stalks behind your back, you realize you've just come face to face with ... FEEDBACK!

On this episode of Feedback, we talk about the Nintendo 3DS, release dates for Duke Nukem Forever, L.A. Noire, and Mortal Kombat, some happy Portal 2 news, some sad news about Propaganda and Bizarre, some more happy news about the World of Starcraft, and the same general video game shenanigans you've come to expect. Of course, there's also a little game called Dead Space 2 that occupies a good portion of today's discussion. Is it worth picking up? Does it deliver the terror? Is it weird that Isaac suddenly found his voice? Find out inside this episode of Feedback.


Feedback -- Nintendo 3DS, Release Dates, And Dead Space 2 »


Feedback: Where nothing, and I mean nothing, is scarier than Stephen Johnson's beard.

The AUDIO MP3 of this episode of FEEDBACK is available here. Right click to download.

Morning Hangover #71 -- Andrew Looks For Feedback, Patrick Has TV Envy

Heads up, Feedbackers! We're going to have a very special episode coming to you shortly featuring video game industry icon Will Wright as a guest. He'll be discussing his upcoming show Bar Karma on Current TV and talking video games, so let us know what burning questions you have for the man. If you've always wanted to know about that kooky music in SimCity, where the inspiration for Raid on Bungeling Bay came from, or why he's obsessed with robots, then now's your chance.

Also, we'll be bringing you a regular episode of Feedback as well, where we'll be talking about Dead Space 2, and the Mass Effect 2 experience on the PS3. Got a question about those? Fire away. But, you don't have to confine your queries to those two games. If there's anything in the world of gaming that you've been dying to know about, hit us up and we'll do our best to give you an answer that will soothe your soul.

It's a double-shot of Feedback heading your way soon, so get thinking and type those questions in below!

We know you are all super swamped crafting, molding, fine tuning your fantabulous imaginarious creations in Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet 2 at the moment, but we thought you’d like to know that the latest edition of your favorite video game webshow Feedback has arrived!

On this week’s episode, Adam Sessler welcomes Rob Manuel, Chris Monfette, and myself to discuss this week’s hottest game news, including THQ’s big gamer’s day that was held last week in New York City, LBP2, and why we fear we might never see Adam again (Yes. It’s WoW related).

Feedback -- How Big Is LittleBigPlanet 2? »

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Feedback Is On The Way!

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Posted January 19, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

Morning Hangover #71 -- Andrew Looks For Feedback, Patrick Has TV Envy

Hey gang, you've probably noticed by now that Feedback isn't up yet. If you're busy squeezing your ethernet cables or pounding on your cable modem to try and force it out, don't sweat it. It's not quite done cooking yet. Due to the holiday this week, the show will be up a bit later than normal. It's currently in the electro-mechanical codification process, and we should have it fully prepared for your eyeballs and eardrums shortly.

"But Kevin," you're asking me "How are we supposed to fill up those hours? What do we do until then!?" Keep your pants on. You can keep your browser pointed right here at G4 to read all about the day's gaming news (which is Nintendo 3DS-heavy, as expected), or if you're feeling adventurous, try your hand at Goblin War Machine. Warning: it is highly addictive. So go on, kill some time and Feedback will be here before you know it.

Witness the awesome power of Feedback's Fully Operational Battle Staff! We've finally ramped back up to full speed with Adam Sessler, Abbie Heppe, Steve Johnson and yours truly to bring you the latest episode of Feedback, which is highly collectible since it's only the second episode of the entire year. Pick it up while it's fresh! And now with lots more Sessler. 

While there's no new game currently occupying our brains 24/7, there's a lot of news, details about our favorite gadgets and gizmos from CES, and as always, titles still ahead on the horizon. Listen to us ramble, answer your questions, and pose even more as we delve into the world of video games.

Feedback -- Angry Birds Meet The Razer Switchblade »

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Morning Hangover #71 -- Andrew Looks For Feedback, Patrick Has TV Envy

We know you are all currently enjoying G4’s comprehensive CES 2011 coverage, and, honestly, I can’t blame you. But if you could just take a few moments to gather your thoughts and send over a question for next week’s Feedback, that’d be great. X-Play’s Adam Sessler will be back in the studio and will be joined by an esteemed panel of G4’s finest. We’ll be tackling all things CES, and recapping the biggest gaming news of the past week. Make sure your 2011 starts off on the right foot, and submit your questions in the comments section below!


Did you miss us? We're back! Well, most of us are back. Adam Sessler has left us to explore his inner child and is still absent from the halls of G4. But, not to worry. He'll be back for Feedback next week, when we wrap up CES 2011 and look at the games of 2011 that are on the way.

But enough about the future! On this Feedback, we're talking about, er ... THE FUTURE! Abbie Heppe, J.P. Shub, Dana Vinson and Kevin Kelly invited special Double Fine guests Tim Schafer and Lee Petty into the studio to look forward at the games that are on the horizon, and to find out what everyone is anticipating.

And look forward we did! We discuss all of the titles we're looking forward to this year, including Double Fine's new game Stacking which we previewed for you right here. There's a lot to look forward to, so watch on in order to (double) fine-tune your attention genes for the upcoming year.  

Feedback -- Looking Forward To 2011 »


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We made it! Well, we're almost there. Just a few days left. 2010 was a crazy year for the video game industry, so crazy in fact that it's a miracle we managed to condense the year's wrap-up into just one episode of Feedback. While we've already blasted you with the Best of 2010, Adam Sessler, Abbie Heppe, Matt Keil and Kevin Kelly were in the hot seats once again talking about the highs and lows of 2010.

One of the year's highlights was the advancement of 3D technology we actually want to buy, like Nintendo's upcoming three-dimensional 3DS. In fact, that's the only piece of 3D tech we want to buy. To bring balance to the force they also talked about lowlights like the Fall of Duty debacle, which we just found out last night is still in the process of unfolding.

Tell Aunt Martha you'll need some "private time," and then go secretly tune in to this week's Feedback.


Feedback -- Best/Worst Moments of 2010 »


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The Best Video Games of 2010 might sound like a daunting thing to announce, but the dust has settled and you can read our list of winners. Then you can turn around and get whacked in the face with the winner of Videogame Deathmatch 2010. Still standing? Well, you're going to want to take a seat for this episode of Feedback, where Adam Sessler, Abbie Heppe, Matt Keil, and Stephen Johnson go head to head in what might be our best episode ever.

They're debating the winners, talking about the highlights and lowlights, and answering your questions. It's a no-holds-barred brawl for the top of the heap for bragging rights, or basically a battle to see who can yell the loudest. There's laughter, tears and more, all waiting for you below.

Feedback -- The Best Games of 2010 »

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Morning Hangover #71 -- Andrew Looks For Feedback, Patrick Has TV Envy

As we grind out way towards the end of the year (and I seriously mean that, grind ... I just leveled up my Warlock. GRATZ TO MYSELF!), Feedback stands as that lone totem pole each week that beckons you back towards the mecca of gaming. With all of the major games already released, we're spending time looking back, and looking forward. With that in mind, what were some of your favorite gaming moments from 2010? Can you remember all the way back to the start of the year? Back to a time when things were more innocent? When WikiLeaks wasn't busy spilling the dirt on you and your high school sweetheart reconnecting on Facebook?

Next week on Wednesday we'll be running our "Best of 2010" episode, but after that episode we'll be looking backwards at the rest of the year. That's what we need your queries for, dear watchers/listeners. Let's take a moment to remember 2010, then his us back with questions about your highlights from the past year. No holds barred, people. Pounds that question mark key into submission.


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