The rumors are true. Feedback, the reason you wake up on Wednesdays, is no more. This is the last episode of Feedback in its current form. The show will be back as something new this fall. If you can, hold back your tears long enough to watch this final episode.

As I'm sure you can hear in our voices, Comic-Con 2012 was a blast. Find out some of the surprises from the con, and learn more about our the games we saw there, like Fortnite and Assassin's Creed 3, in the episode below.

Feedback's Farewell: The Final Episode »

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We wanted to close our live Feedback from Comic-Con 2012 with a bang, and that's why we welcomed the team behind Naughty Dog's The Last of Us on the show.

First up is Bruce Straley, the Game Director, and Neil Druckmann, the Creative Director. They answered your questions about gameplay, combat and everything you else wanted to know about The Last of Us.

Next up with the voice talent behind The Last of Us, Troy Baker, who plays Joel, and Ashley Johnson, the voice of Ellie. Ever want to know what it's like to become a video game character? Watch and find out.

The Cast & Developers of The Last of Us at Comic-Con 2012 »

Feedback's Comic-Con 2012 show was the perfect opportunity to catch up with former G4 star Kevin Pereira. Since leaving G4 he's been busy bringing leetUp to a city near you. Blair Herter and Kevin Pereira answered your questions during our live Comic-Con show. Did you miss the magic? (A pox on you!) Don't fret, we've got the video below.

(Warning: Grown up language.)

Kevin Pereira Talks leetUP at Comic-Con 2012 »

Feedback welcomed comic book icon and DC Comics Co-Publisher, Jim Lee, to the show during Day 2 of our Comic-Con coverage. Blair Herter and Jim Lee geeked out about their favorite comics, talked Comic-Con and, as always, answered your questions. If you missed Jim Lee on Feedback you're in luck. Feast your eyes and ears on Feedback From Comic-Con 2012 Day 2 with DC Comics Jim Lee.

Jim Lee from DC Comics at Comic-Con 2012 »

It wouldn't be Feedback without a little video game talk! Blair Herter was joined by Epic's Cliff Bleszinski to talk about Epic's upcoming PC exclusive, Fortnite. If you missed our insane live Feedback from Comic-Con 2012, you're in luck. You can watch Mr. Bleszinski answer your questions in the video below. Enjoy!

Cliff Bleszinski Talks Fortnite at Comic-Con 2012 »


Feedback got a lot funnier thanks to special guest, comedian, writer, and host, Scott Aukerman. Scott stopped by to talk about his IFC show Comedy Bang! Bang!.

If you missed this episode of Feedback from Comic-Con 2012 now is your chance you catch up on all the magic. Feast your eyes on Feedback from Comic-Con 2012 with Scott Aukerman.

Scott Aukerman of Comedy Bang! Bang! at Comic-Con 2012 »

Feedback's Comic-Con live show featured some of the top geek celebrities out there, and it doesn't get any better than Caprica 6 herself, Tricia Helfer. Blair Herter welcomed Tricia, who was excited to talk about her role as the Grid in Tron: Uprising. If you missed the live stream, you can watch the video below. Behold, Feedback from Comic-Con 2012 Day 1 Part 2 with Tricia Helfer.

Tricia Helfer from Tron: Uprising at Comic-Con 2012 »

Feedback's live Comic-Con 2012 show was a hit thanks to celebrity guests and your questions! If you missed the live show (for shame!) don't worry, we'll be posting the videos here today and tomorrow. Below you'll find Feedback from Comic-Con 2012 Day 1 Part 1 with Holliston's Joe Lynch and Adam Green.

Holliston Stars Joe Lynch & Adam Green at Comic-Con 2012 »

Feedback Live From Comic-Con 2012

Feedback is taking the show on the road to Comic-Con 2012. X-Play host Blair Herter will be speaking with your favorite Hollywood celebrities and gaming icons, all while taking questions from you via Twitter. The fun continues today at 1 PM EST with Kevin Pereira, Jim Lee, Troy Baker, and Ashley Johnson.

Click here to watch Feedback Live from Comic-Con 2012 now!

Feedback's Question Of The Week

As I'm sure you're well aware, Feedback is taking the show on the road to Comic-Con 2012. On Friday, Blair Herter will be speaking with a handful of celebrity guests like Joe Lynch, Tricia Helfer, Scott Aukerman and Cliff Bleszinski. Saturday's show will feature DC Comic's Jim Lee, the cast of The Last of Us: Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, and G4 alumni, Kevin Pereira.

We'll be streaming two episodes live via the magic of the internet. If you want to tune in, mark your calendars for Friday and Saturday at 10am PST.

If you want to watch and participate, head over to G4tv.com/feedback at 10am on Friday and Saturday. To send in your questions via Twitter use the hashtag #FeedbackLIVE.

Feedback's Question Of The Week

You may have noticed we didn't post an episode of Feedback today. I'm sure you're very upset by this, but it's for a good reason. Right now we're prepping for TWO LIVE FEEDBACK's from Comic-Con 2012. Blair Herter will be interviewing both gaming celebrities and pop culture celebrities. The whole show will be directed by you. We'll be taking your questions via Twitter during both shows.

We'll post more details soon but in the meantime, mark your calendars:

  • Friday: 10am to 11:30am PT watch Blair Herter speak to celebrity and gaming guests, like Cliff Bleszinski.
  • Saturday: 10am to 11am join Blair Herter as he interviews Hollywood celebs and gaming icons.

The portrayal of Lara Croft in Crystal Dynamic's Tomb Raider has the been the subject of a heated debate in the gaming industry. The  E3 2012 Tomb Raider gameplay demo, "Crossroads," shows a vulnerable Lara Croft who is subjected to stabbing, kidnapping, and possibly even sexual assault. Feedback decided to weigh in on the topic with the help of Kellee Santaigo, Morgan Webb, Blair Herter, and Nikole Zivalich. Kellee Santiago is an indie game developer and is one of the minds behind games like Flower and Journey.

Where do you stand on this issue?

Feedback: Tomb Raider's Lara Croft Controversy »

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Video game voice acting rivals the silver screen thanks to the performances of voice actors like Troy Baker. You probably recognize the name, or the voice, as BioShock Infinite' Booker DeWitt. Recently he has lent his voice to Lego Batman 2 as Batman.

Troy stopped by Feedback to join host Blair Herter and your favorite panelists, Nikole Zivalich and Stephen Johnson. The evolution of the video game actor was the topic of discussion, and as always, the conversation was steered by your questions.

Sit back, listen, and learn a little about video game voice acting.

Feedback: The Evolution of Voice Acting »

The AUDIO MP3 of this episode of FEEDBACK is available here: Right-click and Save.

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The highlight of E3 2012 was Feedback's live 2-hour show. If you missed it, or simply want to see it again, you can watch the magic here. Below you'll find Part 1 of the two hour show. In this portion Blair Herter, Morgan Webb, Nikole Zivalich and Stephen Johnson spoke with Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford about Borderlands 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines. Check it!

Feedback Live From E3 Part 1 With Borderlands 2 »

This is just Part 1 of Feedback's epic E3 show. You can watch the rest of the show by clicking the links below.

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In the final part of Feedback's E3 show, Jessica Chobot, Eric Eckstein, Nikole Zivalich, Stephen Johnson and Jake Gaskill discuss the best game of E3 2012. Tune in to find out who won Best RPG, Best Multiplayer, Best Shooter, Best Platformer and Best Action/Adventure game. Check out X-Play to see who Best of Show.

Feedback Live From E3 Part 4: Best Of E3 2012 Awards »

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