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Sony PlayStation 3

Well, it’s official. After months of speculation, and persistent denials, Sony has revealed that starting tomorrow the 80GB PlayStation 3 will be available for the low, low price of $299, and the 160GB model will now be $399.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai made the announcement during Sony’s GamesCom 2009 press conference, during which Hirai also revealed that that the long rumored and highly anticipated PS3 Slim will also be available for $299 starting the first week of September.

Both announcements are fantastic, and for many gamers out there who have been wanting to pick up a PS3, but weren’t able to commit to the $399 price tag, this news could not be more welcomed. Once again though, the price cut and the PS3 Slim were both totally expected, and having them “officially announced” was really just a formality. Still, it’s good to hear. Then again, I’m not entirely sure why anyone would throw down $299 for an 80GB PS3 when the 120GB PS3 Slim is coming in a few weeks for the exact same price.

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 Sony PlayStation Portable PSP go\


The announcement of the PlayStation 3 Slim coming in at $299 has delighted gamers around the world. Those holding off on purchasing a PS3 have 100 reasons to do so. At $299, there's no questioning the PS3's value -- it's a great gaming system and a wonderful Blu-ray player. Although $299 is still a lot of money, it's simply a much more palatable price point for many people. Sony, its investors, and gamers have a lot to be happy about.

Minutes after Sony's GamesCom 2009 press conference, I started thinking about the $249 PSP Go. While I was planning to get one so that I don't go on a killing spree after listening to that annoying UMD drive on my PSP-2000, it seems like such a poor value compared to the PS3. Certainly a lot of it is an apples-and-oranges comparison, but ultimately it comes down to money. If you're a gamer that has a PS3 and a PSP, which upgrade do you choose? The PS3 Slim or the PSP Go? I haven't thought it through yet, but it just seems like you're getting way more for your money with the Slim.

What do you guys and gals think? Has Sony (indirectly) made the PSP Go look like a chump by cutting the price of the PS3?


EA Sports Active is a top-selling Wii game that aims to get video gamers healthy through exercise. Good luck with that, EA! But anyway, if you've already done every workout in the original game, you'll need to buy the expansion pack that's coming out this November.

EA Sports Active Launching Expansion: More Workouts!
EA Sports' Peter Moore

As was announced at EA's GamesCom 2009 press conference, "EA Sports Active: More Workouts" provides, well, more workouts -- 35 new exercises and stretches including running, rafting, squats, and stride jumps. The game will also set up a schedule tailored to your fitness needs.

EA Sports Active Launching Expansion: More Workouts!
Ice skating sensation Katarina Witt helping Peter Moore jump for joy!

You will totally stick to a workout schedule a video game sets for you, too. I mean, why wouldn't you?

It's only been a few months since Sony revealed its plans to take motion controls in a new direction on PlayStation 3, but the company isn't willing to start talking about the games it has in development yet. At its much-anticipated GamesCon 2009 press conference, Sony showed a highlight real demonstrating potential ideas for its motion controller, but said it wouldn't talk specifics until Tokyo Game Show.

Tokyo Game Show 2009 runs from September 24th to 27th. G4 will be there!

Sony Announces PlayStation 3 Slim For $299, Available In September

At Sony's GamesCom 2009 press conference, SCEI CEO Kaz Hirai unveiled the PlayStation 3 Slim. The new model will be available in stores starting the first week of September 2009. It is roughly 1/3 smaller and lighter than the current PS3 (and uses 1/3 less power! Gcycle!!!). The Slim will come with a 120GB hard drive. Sadly, backwards compatibility will not be a part of the PlayStation 3 slim, as well. However, most importantly, it will be the cheapest PS3 to date, with a price of $299 USD. The lower price will also apply to all 80GB models still available.

Sony Announces PlayStation 3 Slim For $299, Available In September

What do you think of Sony's announcement? Will the price cut and new model be enough for the company to close the gap (in North America) with Microsoft? Will any of you be getting one? I want to see it up close and get details on backwards compatibility, but I'm quite tempted. 



 Even though Sony has said time and time again there are no plans for a New Xbox Experience-esque overhaul of the interface for PlayStation 3, that doesn't mean the company wasn't working on tweaks. As part of their deluge of GamesCom 2009 announcements, Sony announced firmware update 3.0 and PlayStation Blog has a walkthrough and detailed breakdown of the changes coming.

No launch date for firmware 3.0 has been announced, but Sony promises it's coming "soon." Above, you'll find a video walkthrough of the new features and below, we have Sony's official list of features for 3.0, including a new status indicator, a new information board that pops up when the machine is turned on, premium avatar content (hurrah for buying things!) and more.

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Sims 3

When the Sims 3's first expansion ("The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack") launches this fall, you'll be able to listen to Simlish versions of songs from recording artists Nelly Furtado, Pixie Lott, Stefanie Heinzmann, Young Punx, Matt & Kim and more.

Sims 3 Expansion To Feature Nelly Furtado, Pixie Lott, Stefanie Heinzmann, Young Punx,

Here's the just-announced list of songs for the game:

  • Nelly Furtado – “Manos al Aire”
  • Pixie Lott – “Mama Do”
  • Stefanie Heinzmann – “No One Can Change My Mind”
  • Matt & Kim – “Daylight”
  • Young Punx – “Juice and Gin”

Expect to hear more artists announced in the coming months.

I realize many of TheFeed's readers are not 13 year-old girls, and likely don't care about The Sims 3, but pretend you are for a sec, and tell us what you think about the soundtrack in our comment section. Oh, and if you're a fan of The Sims, and you're a grown-ass man, that's cool; we won't judge you, I swear.

Singstar logo

Early today, EA officially revealed another 19 tracks that will be included in Beatles: Rock Band.
And now, rumor has it that Beatles lovers out there looking to experience the virtual Fab Four, sans instruments, also have something to be excited about today.

MCVUK reports that EA will be releasing SingStar: Beatles “within days” of the release of Beatles: Rock Band (out September 9th). The game will be published by MTV Games, and will basically be a instrument-less port of the Rock Band version, released exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

There hasn't been an official announcement about the game yet, so don't place any pre-orders just yet.




PSP Getting Minis (No More Than 100MB!) Downloadable Game Store

In addition to most PSP releases being available for download on the PlayStation Network, Sony's embracing an iPhone-like application store for the handheld, as well, the company revealed at its GamesCom press conference in Germany. Sony is introducing a new, separate section for games on the PlayStation Network that will be for "bite-sized" games that cannot exceed 100MB in size - dubbed "minis."

PSP Getting Minis (No More Than 100MB!) Downloadable Game Store

Some of the first games for the service include Fieldrunners, a very popular tower defense game for the iPhone, and both Sudoku and Tetris from Electronic Arts. EA has also been a big supporter of the iPhone, suggesting Sony could be specifically courting iPhone developers to come to its handheld platform, as well. 

There will be 15 games at launch, timed with the release of PSPgo. At least 50 games are planned for 2009 alone.


At its GamesCom 2009 press conference moments ago, Sony announced that a digital reader is coming to the PlayStation Portable in November. The reader will launch in Europe and North America, and it will feature 100s of digital comics from Marvel as well content from other publishers.  Other content providers haven't been announced, expect the word in the coming months.

PSP To Add Digital Reader, Marvel Comics Will Provide Launch Content

What do you think? Is the PSP going to give the Kindle and the Amazon Reader a run for their money? Will you use your PSP to read?

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Sony PlayStation 3

By far the most anticipated press conference of GamesCom is Sony's. The company has been terrible at plugging leaks regarding the upcoming PlaySation 3 Slim, but it's been expected Sony would be announcing much more, too. At the start of their press conference, Sony revealed big updates coming to both PlayStation Network and Home.

PSN is getting a visual overhaul on September 1st. The company so far generated $280 million in revenue from the online service. To support that, in Europe (this is an overseas press conference, after all) PSN will soon see the addition of the BBC iPlayer and other a downloadable video store, which the US already has.

UK retailers will also soon be receiving PSN voucher cards, sidestepping the need for a credit card. (Wait, those weren't already available? Jeez!)

In Home, it's more business as usual. Sony promised both SingStar and Audi-themed spaces are on the way, including the much anticipated addition of new dance moves. Oh, yes, new dance moves. You'll also have the ability to lug around the camera and capture your Home experience.

Stay tuned for more from GamesCom!


The Sims 3 has yet to reach 3 months out of the gates from it's June launch, but that won't let EA and Maxis from announcing a new expansion already coming in November. Here's the debut trailer for The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack, which sends your urbanite of a virtual being into the realm of international journey.

Having places like Egypt, France and China to venture off to, what diabolical ways can you conjure up to destroy your Sim? No points for cornering them off in a pyramid having them die of starvation and wetting themselves. Not very original.

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‘Battlefield: Bad Company 2’ Impressions

Your next taste of Battlefield won't be far off. Electronic Arts and DICE confirmed at the publisher's GamesCon press conference this morning that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on March 2nd.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 features more than 200 different weapons and 15,000 kit variations, giving players a huge amount of variety in customizability. The original game had an online beta head of its release, but neither EA nor DICE has said anything about plans for something similar this time around.


Brutal Legend Demo Drops September 17

Want a taste of Brutal Legend before the full Tim Schafer experience drops in October? Lucky you, since Electronic Arts and Doublefine announced at the EA GamesCom press conference that a Brutal Legend demo will be released on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on September 17.

PlayStation NetworkIn just a few minutes, Sony will take the stage at GamesCom 2009 for its three-hour press conference. And while there are sure to be plenty of juicy announcements to be relayed shortly, there is something worth pointing out in the meantime.

See, the PlayStation Network will be down “for maintenance" during a solid portion of Sony's press conference, which means no PlayStation Store or online games for you for the next few hours. Originally, Sony said PSN would go offline at 9 AM PST, but currently, it's still online, which leads me to believe that it will go offline when the press conference starts at 9:30 AM PST.

Rumor has it that in addition to the long awaited PS3 Slim announcement, Sony also plans to reveal some new PSN features (i.e. the long awaited Video Store) and services during its press conference. Perhaps Sony is also planning to launch those new services at the same time they are announced. Fortunately, the show will begin shortly, so we’ll know soon enough. Stay tuned.

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