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Napoleon: Total War GamesCom 2009 Debut Trailer »

One of the most celebrated world conquerors in history gets the game treatment in Napoleon: Total War. Made by The Creative Assembly, the game brings the series' 3D real-time strategy gameplay and mixes it with a little (*snicker*) French flavor. Although gameplay details are sparse in this video, the CG is pretty impressive. In fact, I haven't been this impressed with a dramatic portrayal of Napoleon Bonaparte since Time Bandits.
Check out the trailer and let me know what you think. Are you down to play an RTS that uses some of Napoleon's grandest battles for inspiration?



Heavy Rain GamesCom 2009 'Love' Trailer »

Quantic Dream’s atmospheric thriller Heavy Rain will undoubtedly be one of next year’s most talked about titles, however, having to wait that long to get their hands on it might be too much for some players to handle. Fortunately, the game's developers are currently discussing one way to help ease your pain.

Speaking with VG247, Quantic Dream’s David Cage said that his team is in the process of debating about whether to release a demo for the game prior to its unknown release date next year. The major sticking point is trying to find a section of the game that represents the style and tone of the entire game. And while that might seem like a rather unpleasant task, Cage says a demo is “a possibility,” so that will have to do for now.

Every time I see this game in action, I get more and more excited about it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I teared up during the new GamesCom trailer. (That’s a lie. I definitely did.)

What’s your take on Heavy Rain at this point? Could a demo actually hurt the overall experience of playing the full game?


Everything Peter Molyneux Said About Fable III At GamesCom 2009

We were told we would be attending a "Microsoft Media Briefing," but we somehow ended up in Peter Molyneux's giant living room, hearing him speak about the newly-announced but not altogether surprising Fable III.

And you know what? I was totally fine with that. As with David Cage's Heavy Rain presentation at Sony's press conference yesterday, I always enjoy game developers speaking from the heart about grandiose ideas concerning player interaction. Molyneux's speech was more akin to a GDC presentation, which I'm sure caught a lot of people off guard. But though I didn't make it very far into Fable II (just far enough to own most of the town marketplace and be hated by almost every citizen), as soon as I get back Stateside, I'm popping that disc back in to prep for Fable III.


Peter Molyneux's Fable III Presentation At GamesCom 2009 »

Click through for the rest of my write-up.

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Now that the much rumored PS3 slim has been officially revealed, along with an all around price drop, people are wondering how this new console model will effect Sony's bottom line as well as the gaming industry. Such is the topic of this week's Soapbox. Adam takes some time out of his day to speculate about how he thinks the public will react to this new, seemingly more accessible machine and if it will bring Sony's sales numbers up to the level of the Xbox 360 or possibly even the Wii. Check it out.

Sessler's Soapbox: PS3 Goes Slim! »

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Fans of the ball-based platformer LocoRoco franchise will be pleased to hear that Sony has revealed new details about its upcoming spin-off, LocoRoco Midnight Carnival, which premiered at GamesCom this week.

Sony Entertainment of America Santa Monica producer Tsubasa Inaba posted on the PlayStation Blog about the new game, and revealed the following brief summary of what players can expect from the downloadable PSP title:

“The mischievous BuiBui woke LocoRoco up from beauty sleep. It seems BuiBui have gone and built some challenging levels for LocoRoco to tackle. Help LocoRoco conquer the levels in hope to get back to bed!...This time around, LocoRoco has a super enhanced bounce called 'Boing!' Use this to your advantage and literally bounce off walls, find LocoRoco’s friend MuiMui, and go for the goal!”

Midnight Carnival will feature 16 traditional stages, three bonus stages and two mini-games. It will also support ad-hoc multiplayer (versus and co-op), and will include a worldwide leaderboard. Sony has yet to reveal a released date, but it's probably safe to assume that it will be released around the time the PSP Go launches on October 1st.

LocoRoco vs. Rolondo? Which one, and why?



Sony PSP Minis Store Trailer »

Sony has released a pair of videos that show off the PlayStation family's upcoming features. First up is a sizzle reel for the PSP Minis Store. As TheFeed's Patrick Klepek said in today's Morning Hangover, he loves the idea of Sony creating a space similar to Apple's iPhone App Store. I think it's great too, but I wonder how popular it will be. I don't know how many new customers Sony will attract with the $250 PSP Go. Will PSP Minis help Sony reach some of the casual crowd that's eating up iPhone games? I'm not yet convinced...but I'd love to hear what you think.
Next up is a video touting the PlayStation 3's video-delivery service. It has Batman, Optimus Prime, and Megan Fox's butt. Those are sufficient reasons to hit the break and check it out.

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 Another instance of leaving the source material in it's native language with subtitles is exemplified in this GamesCom 2009 trailer for Namco Bandai's brawler Tekken 6.

Tekken 6 GamesCom 2009 Trailer »

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Updated: 2:06PM PST

I can still remember the sheer madness that surrounded the multiplayer beta for Activision's critically acclaimed Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I probably played more multiplayer during that beta than I have for most full games. That's why it's a bit sad to hear that Infinity Ward's upcoming Modern Warfare 2 will not receive a multiplayer beta prior to its November 10th release, CVG reports from GamesCom.

It seems that Infinity Ward has the ridiculous notion that it doesn't need to create any hype for its under-the-radar sequel. Well, I guess well see if it pays off in a few months (Note to calendar: Be November 10th tomorrow!). I'm currently waiting to hear back from Activision for confirmation on this, so stay tuned.

How many people out there went on to buy Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare because of the multiplayer beta?

Update: Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling (aka fourtwozero) has confirmed via his blog that there are currently no plans for a Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta, saying:

"While no Public Beta is currently announced we do plan on running an extensive Closed Beta among Infinity Ward, Activision, and possibly 1st party partners worldwide. The internal beta will allow us all the benefits of a public beta test without the impact it takes on the time required to prep, distribute, and manage a public beta during this crucial time in development."

However, he went on to say that a public beta is not completely off the table. "If for any reason we feel we didn’t receive the feedback, address the issues, or have the result we expect...we would consider pushing forward with a public one, however at this point only an internal Closed Beta is planned."

So there you have it...for now.


Sony GamesCom 2009 Press Conference »


UPDATE: The video of this press conference has been added for your viewing pleasure.

In college, I only minored in Press Conference presentations, and I joined the Press Conference Club because of a pretty girl I sat next to in PC 302: Deep House & Powerpoint. But if it were me planning Sony’s GamesCom press conference today, I probably would have lead with what everybody already knew about. You just can’t keep something like a lilac purple PSP a secret.

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Sony Playstation Network Digital Comics Trailer »

Sony has released a teaser video for its digital comics service for PlayStation Portable (PSP), featuring Marvel Comics. As a comics nerd, I'm hugely excited for the service to kick off (and more than a little scared for my wallet). I've cut back on my comics consumption over the last few years, sticking mostly with trade paperbacks. This service could get me back on the wagon.
What do you think of digital comics on the PSP? Would you buy them? Is the screen big enough for comics? Leave a comment and let me know (please)!


Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles displays their remade CGI sequences of the past Resident Evil installments that are featured in this Wii shooter.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles GamesCom 2009 Trailer »


Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

While the latest trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker just being shown at the Konami Press Conference at GamesCom, we’ve caught wind that the game will see its first playable debut at Tokyo Game Show 2009. This isn’t all too surprising, however. Historically, a Metal Gear Solid game will see a short trailer debut at E3, then at Games Convention in Leipzig (now which is GamesCom in Cologne) see an expanded trailer, and then the following Tokyo Game Show that same game will be playable. History will most likely repeat itself again this year.

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More Beatles DLC Albums Confirmed, Queen And Others Coming To Rock Band

You'll have plenty of reasons to turn on The Beatles: Rock Band after exhausting the 45 songs on the disc. MTV Games and Harmonix have confirmed previous reports about downloadable albums scheduled to be released in support of The Beatles: Rock Band as part of its GamesCon 2009 announcements. Abbey Road drops in October, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band hits in November and Rubber Soul arrives in December.

Additionally, the companies revealed a slew of new bands whose tracks are coming to Rock Band before the end of the year, including some fans have been demanding for some. The bands include Queen, Nirvana, Tom Petty, Elton John, Iggy Pop, The White Stripes, Pantera, Talking Heads, Korn, The Raconteurs and "more" to be revealed later.

For complete details on The Beatles: Rock Band downloadable albums, including track lists and pricing, keep reading.

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Electronic Arts GamesCom 2009 Press Conference »

UPDATE: The video of the press conference has been added for your viewing pleasure.

This blogged event has already happened. It was a good blog, but it’s no longer the blog we once knew and loved. It is not a live blog.

It is now a Zombie Blog. Reanimated, and possessing unrelenting intent on destroying the whole of humanity. It also contains information regarding video games.


We are at the EA media briefing for GamesCom 2009, and like all good media briefings do, this one begins with an ear-blistering opening montage of the company’s current and upcoming titles. We are barely done snickering at the footage of G.I. Joe before we hoot and holler (on the insides, we’re professionals) at Mass Effect 2. Oh, fickle montage! Why must you play with our hearts!

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Remedy's Alan Wake features a disturbed writer suffering from an acute case of writer's block and a battle against the forces of darkness. Cue, the in-house game writer, Sam Lake, to explain all things psychological action-thriller in the upcoming PC/Xbox 360 game.


Alan Wake Writer Sam Lake Interview Trailer »


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