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Heavy Rain Pimp Slap

Everyone at G4 is looking forward to atmospheric, realistic PS3 game Heavy Rain, but some people on the interweb are implying and saying that the game's structure and quick time events essentially make it a high-tech version of Dragon's Lair, that videodisc based game where a set sequences of joystick pushes resulted in specific animations playing.  Quantic Dream's David Cage wants you to know that Heavy Rain is not like that.

"We don't make Dragon's Lair! This is not Dragon's Lair - do you think I'm crazy?" Hall asked journalists at the GamesCom 2009 show. "I'm not stupid. Do you think I develop on PlayStation 3 to do Dragon's Lair again? It would be absurd. Of course it's not," he said.

Cage went on to demonstrate a non Dragon Lair type scene for journalists, where you make your son some food and put him to bed.  It proved that you control your character any way you like and any number of outcomes are possible, just like a "real" video game.

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Hideo Kojima Making MGS: Peace Walker While New Console Tech Developed

It's clear that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has a difficulty handing his series over to a team, disagreeing with their design decisions and not becoming directly involved with the project. This happened with Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and mostly recently, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, according to a GamesCom 2009 interview with IGN.

"I always said that it [Metal Gear Solid 4] would be the last Metal Gear in which I would be deeply involved," said Kojima. "However, when we started the PSP version there was a lot of confusion within the team and it didn't proceed as I wanted it to. Therefore I thought that I needed to jump in and do Peace Walker."

There's another reason, too. Kojima Productions is currently upgrading its internal technology to develop console games -- Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be one of the first games employing this updated tech -- which Kojima needs to move forward on his next few projects. He figured Peace Walker could be developed before that was finished.

"This process is taking one to two years," he said. "However, within that timeframe we could do something, and we thought that because of this preparation period we just can't wait and do the preparation – we thought that within that timeframe we could do a PSP version."

Better get to work on that Zone of the Enders sequel, Kojima!


Final Fantasy XIV Online Beta To Start This September?

If Xbox 360 users are looking for someone to blame for the stagnant development of Square Enix’s MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online for the 360, kindly address your concerns to Microsoft.

Square Enix producer Hiromichi Tanaka explained the issue to VG247 at GamesCom, saying, “Because 360 has its own policy with Xbox Live that is different from [the] internet, that’s something we’re in discussions with Microsoft [about], to come to an agreement.”

Tanaka went on to say that this policy dispute is one of the primary reasons why the game hasn’t been announced for the 360, and why it will only be launching on the PlayStation 3 and PC next year. While this is certainly sad news for 360 owners who are really looking forward to the game, it’s a nice change of pace to hear about Microsoft’s console holding up development of a game for a change.

Don’t you agree?


Xbox 360 Arcade And Xbox 360 Pro Getting Storage Upgrades?

A lot of people were expecting Microsoft to announce a new $299 price point for the Xbox 360 Elite at GamesCom 2009. Some were speculating that it held off on the announcement so as not to be drowned in the big wave Sony made with its PS3 Slim announcement. MCV has learned that the Xbox 360 price was possibly delayed by inventory issues:

"Microsoft was considering delaying the announcement of its price cut whilst it waits for unusually high stock levels of both the Arcade and Elite to clear from the channel.

Microsoft has informed retail of a new, as of yet unspecified, Xbox 360 SKU. Whether or not this is the anticipated Xbox 360 Elite price drop remains to be seen."

Whether it was marketing strategy or inventory issues, it was probably best that Microsoft held off on announcing a price cut. While there's no doubt that Sony has upped the pressure, Microsoft has time to bolster its SKUs and make an announcement where it gets center stage.

What do you guys and dolls think? Is the inventory story true? Or was Microsoft put off by all the attention Sony was getting at GamesCom? 


Cops n' Robbers has been one of humanity's longest-running, massively multiplayer, real world games. You could argue to a great extent that most modern day MMORPGs are a complex form of the game from our childhood. Now, fast forward to today's high-tech gaming scene and interject a heavy dose of pvp and imagination from the creator of the Grand Theft Auto series and whoila! A.P.B. aka All Points Bulletin.

Join Realtime Worlds' Lead Designer E.J. Morland as he goes over gameplay, factions (why you'll want to play as the cops), and more.  He said, "As far are we're concerned, we're an online game. Whether people want to call as an MMO or whatever else they want to, we're happy to take whatever label they want to throw at us. We're defining the game by a label."

APB: All Points Bulletin GamesCom 2009 Interview »



We all saw the writing on the wall this week with the teaser site going live. Yet, NCsoft and ArenaNet surprise GamesCom 2009 attendees by debuting the visually-stunning and subscription-free MMORPG sequel Guild Wars 2. Nearly 5 minutes in length, get a look into the events that lead up to the pvp-focused adventure (including gameplay!)

Guild Wars 2 GamesCom 2009 Reveal Trailer »

Welcome to "Morning Hangover" -- an excellent way to start your day with the crew at TheFeed...no matter what you're recovering from. Every morning you'll hear musings from two of TheFeed's editors and have the chance to share your thoughts on what's going on in the gaming world. So buckle up, power through the rest of the week, and keep reading!

Everything Peter Molyneux Said About Fable III
Patrick Klepek: Peter Molyneux seems to be reaching for the stars again with Fable III, but even though Molyneux's games never seem to match what he promises, at least with the Fable series, he's actually been producing some fantastic games. At this point, people know what to expect from Molyneux and his video game day dreaming. So long as he keeps producing games that, at the end of the day, are really fun to play, he can promise the moon for all I care. I just want a good game to play.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic GamesCom 2009 Preview

For the first time ever, BioWare is letting people play Star Wars: The Old Republic. Andrew Pfister was one of the lucky writers out at GamesCom 2009, where BioWare walked away from the keyboard and mouse and let him try out Star Wars: The Old Republic for himself. Andrew got a chance to play as a level 8 Sith Warrior, one of the newly revealed classes.

"My MMO background: on-again, off-again, really off-again, on-again and finally off-again World of WarCraft player. Never a raider or serious PvP player, but enjoyed questing solo and picking up bits of lore here and there. Going hands-on with Star Wars: The Old Republic was one of my most-anticipated appointments at GamesCom, and I am pleased to report that I was not let down. "

Read more of Andrew's impressions of Star Wars: The Old Republic in his GamesCom 2009 preview.

Games like Fallout 3 and Fable II have made us pretty accustomed to man's best friend and gaming. Check out 3 minutes worth of Namco Bandai's shooter, Dead to Rights: Retribution as you maim foes with both canon and canine.


Dead to Rights: Retribution GamesCom Gameplay Footage »


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Here's What Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Looks Like On Wii

Activision has finally pulled back the veil on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for Wii, currently in development at Treyarch, the studio who usually handles the editions of Call of Duty in-between the Infinity Ward ones. I wasn't sure what to expect from a Wii port of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but I have to be honest: Wii is capable of more than this. Don't you guys agree?

The full gallery for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on Wii is available here.

GamesCom 2009 APB Preview

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Posted August 19, 2009 - By r_pad

Realtime Worlds Considering Various Subscription Models For APB


Realtime Worlds'  APB is like a video-game version of cops-and-robbers...with the action cranked up to 11 and the violence set to "ultra". The game, currently in development for PC but expected for other platforms, is attempting to take the MMO market by storm with a hard dose of forceful violence. Forget about killing rats, journeying for treasure, or patrolling for super villains -- APB is an MMO about shooting it out in wild gun fights, getting your adrenalin pumping in thrilling car chases, and beating the crap out of your rivals. G4tv.com's Andrew Pfister is excited by the game:

"As someone who hasn't dedicated himself to a PC shooter in far too long, APB has definitely got my attention."

For more details on the game, including information about it coming to consoles, read Andrew's full GamesCom 2009 preview.



You might have noticed that nearly gaming project in on full display at this year's GamesCom 2009. NcSoft is no exception as present a 3 minute-long look at the their MMORPG, Aion.


Aion GamesCom 2009 Trailer »


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Ubisoft sends in their most fearsome warriors from Rabbids Go Home, to this year's game convention in Germany. It's in Leipzig, right?


Rabbids Go Home GamesCom Trailer »


Sony's Jack Tretton Interview Not Happening, But PS3 Slim Appearing On X-Play

We'd originally announced that Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton was scheduled to talk one-on-one today with Adam Sessler about the new PlayStation 3 and the company's other GamesCom 2009 reveals, but due to unforeseen satellite issues, the interview wasn't able to happen.

Of course, there's an open invitation for Jack to return down the line, but there's still good news to report. Tomorrow night's X-Play will feature an in-depth look at the new PlayStation 3 slim, with an up-close, hands-on look at the new hardware, including direct comparisons to the existing PlayStation 3 models. You won't want to miss it!

X-Play's PS3 slim feature will air tomorrow at 6:30pm and 8:00pm EST on G4.

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PS3 owner itching for a bit more zombie-killing mayhem? Don't fret, here's Super Stardust HD developer, Housemarque, with a newly unveiled PS3-exclusive shooter Dead Nation. 

Aim for the brain as you take on the hordes of undead, this time in isometric-view-fashion. No dates announced yet.


Dead Nation GamesCom 2009 Reveal Trailer »


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