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Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard talks about his relationship with id Software at QuakeCon 2009. Now that they're part of the same company, a lot of people are wondering if the two will be working together and development will change. Howard talks about how big he expects Bethesda to get, the id Tech 5 engine, technology sharing, PS3 DLC for Fallout 3, the Fallout MMO,  Elder Scrolls, and more. He said:
"I sort of view it right now like we're at a big buffet and somebody just rolled out another table, 'Look there's more food! What do ya want?' So we're sharing stuff right now. They can look at our stuff. We can look at their stuff. It might be that we implement an idea they have for doing something or we actually use code or vice versa -- kind of take it as it comes."

Although Howard didn't address my idea for The Todd Couple sitcom, it's a great interview from one of the best developers in the business. Check it out! 

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While at QuakeCon 2009, we got a chance to check out a demo of Brink, the new FPS from Splash Damage (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars) and Bethesda. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to film the demo, but we did secure an interview with Paul Wedgwood, CEO of Splash Damage.

He spoke about the experience gained designing objective-based multiplayer shooters starting with the mod Quake III Fortress all the way through ET: Quake Wars. Wedgwood also discussed how Brink will handle character persistence across both singleplayer and multiplayer:

"One of the goals for the game, of course, is that if you blur the lines between offline and online play and you can play the same singleplayer, co-operative, or multiplayer game, it wouldn't be much use if everything just reset at the end of each round, or campaign, or battle. So we have persistent character advancement, which means that everything that you earn: cool upgrades for your weapons, new abilities that allow you to specialize further in your combat roles, cool items and tools and even complete outfits that represent what a badass you are... these are persistent with you and stick with you irrespective of how you play the game."


Brink Interview - Paul Wedgwood Speaks At QuakeCon 2009 »


At QuakeCon 2009, we spoke with Tim Willits, creative director on Rage, about id Software's new IP, the challenges the company faced with doing racing, and how the game is shaping up as a whole.

A first for id Software, of course, is the addition of vehicles, but you won't just be hopping in any car in the world of Rage. Tim Willits explains:

"We want the vehicles to feel like an extension of your first-person avatar. That way you have more of a connection to them and it makes the game more personal to you. There are many different modifications you can do to vehicles. There's tires, suspension, armor kits. One thing that we found out in testing is that, yeah, you can put guns on your vehicles, but people really like ramming into other cars so one of the upgrades that you'll be able to buy is a 'front-smasher'. With that, you can just plow through the wasteland and cause a lot of destruction and hit somebody."

QuakeCon 2009 Rage Interview »

Quake Live Getting New Maps, Rewards And Leaderboards To Return

Announced last week at QuakeCon 2009, the Mac and Linux versions of Quake Live is now active and can be accessed on your Apple or penguin-powered personal computer.

Just head on over to QuakeLive.com and register, download the plug-in, and get fragging. I loaded it up in Safari and found it a little buggy. What is your experience with Quake Live on OSX or Linux so far?

Saying game developers have really big decisions to make might be understatement of the season.

Sit down with the legendary game industry icon John Carmack as he discusses: Rage, Wolfenstein, the Tech 5 game engine, id Software and the current state and future of game industry development.

QuakeCon 2009 John Carmack Interview - Rage, id Tech 5 »


QuakeCon 2009 Photo Gallery

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Posted August 13, 2009 - By r_pad

QuakeCon 2009 Photo Gallery

If you haven't made your way to the Gaylord Texan for QuakeCon 2009, don't worry. Here are oodles of photos from the event! Whether you wanted to go to see brainiacs like id Software's John Carmack, show off your latest PC gaming rig, or just check out all the new games, these pictures are the next best thing to being there. So check 'em out, print some out, plaster them on your walls, and imagine you're at the show...okay, maybe just the first thing.

Rage's First Level Hasn't Even Been Built Yet

You'd think designing a video game would be somewhat of a linear experience. The first thing you build is the first level…right? Not with Rage.

id Software technical director John Carmack pulled back the veil on the long-in-development shooter Rage during his QuakeCon keynote in Texas today and revealed id Software has yet to even build the first level for Rage because the company is trying something new with Rage.

According to Carmack, the concept behind building the first level last is giving the game a chance to breathe. If the rest of Rage has been designed it means id Software can take the lessons from the rest of Rage and make players' first entry into the Rage world the best experience possible.

That actually sounds pretty smart.

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No Doom 4 News Until QuakeCon 2010

I'd hoped against hope that id Software would reveal at least a little bit about the announced but not yet revealed Doom 4, but studio CEO and co-owner Todd Hollenshead dashed those dreams during the press conference that opened up QuakeCon this year. Hollenshead said people are going to "love it" when Doom 4 is unveiled, but people will have to come back to QuakeCon in 2010 to see anything. Until then, id Software is staying dark about it. Boo.

Quake Live Coming To Mac And Linux Next Tuesday

id Software has been promising Mac and Linux versions of Quake Live for several months now, but it's finally becoming a reality. At the QuakeCon opening ceremonies in Texas today, id Software confirmed Quake Live is coming to both platforms next Tuesday, killing productivity. Hurray!

EA and id Software showcase more of their post-apocalyptic driving/FPS hybrid, Rage at this year's QuakeCon 09.

Utilizing their proprietary Tech 5 game engine, could be looking into the first stepping stone of the next-next gen of gaming? 

Rage QuakeCon 09 Trailer »

The legendary John Carmack of id Software delivers his annual keynote address from QuakeCon 2009. Expect a very tech heavy presentation focused on the new engine that powers Rage: id Tech 5. Can it snatch control back from Epic's Unreal Engine for the next generation of games?


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Doom II: Hell On Earth Coming To Xbox Live Arcade

id Software tends to keep a few key announcements for its annual QuakeCon event, which kicks off this evening in Texas. Billy Berghammer and Brian Leahy will be bringing you live coverage from QuakeCon, but some details have already started to leak out. Shacknews spotted a kiosk with Doom II: Hell on Earth for Xbox Live Arcade.

More details on the port -- such as a release date, price, developer, multiplayer options -- should become available later today. As soon as they're available, you'll get 'em.


QuakeCon Logo 


The QuakeCon organizers have announced the speaker lineup for QuakeCon 2009. As expected, the list has many id Software luminaries like CEO Todd Hollenshead, technical director John Carmack, and creative director Tim Willits. One notable addition is Bethesda game director Todd Howard (Fallout 3). As many of you will recall, id and Bethesda become sister companies when ZeniMax acquired id last June. While I speculated that ZeniMax would start aggressively licensing the id Tech engine and would possibly enter the sit-com world, having Howard speak at QuakeCon was an obvious, shorter-term benefit to the acquisition.

Rounding out the speakers list is Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgewood and Escalation Studios owner Tom Mustaine. One of the great things about QuakeCon is that these great minds and sharp executives mix it up with the attendees. This year's show should be similar, but with a little Bethesda flavor thrown in. Politically, it's a smart move to have Howard be a part of the show; it's a nice gesture of unity and cooperation. For gamers and attendees, it's another awesome game creator to listen to and interact with.

Any of you going to this year's show? What do you think of this year's speakers? You down with Todd Howard speaking at QuakeCon?


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