Morning Hangover

Morning Hangover: Gears of War 3 Trailer Reactions

By now, you’ve probably seen the somewhat tainted “Ashes to Ashes” trailer for Epic Games’ Gears of War 3 that appeared last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (“tainted” since the big reveal was spoiled last week thanks to a promotions error on Xbox Live). Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski was on hand to pull back the curtain on the, as Bleszinski called it, “worst kept secret in the video game industry.”

The trailer wasn’t quite as affecting as the Gears of War “Mad World” trailer (still one of the best ever, by the way), but it definitely had plenty of discussion-worthy elements (giant tentacle Lambent beasts, female Gears, double-barrel shotguns, the fact that it's coming out April 2011, etc.). So have at it.

Morning Hangover: Can I Get A Reboot?

At Konami’s Gamer’s Night last week in San Francisco, I was struck by how many franchise reboots the publisher has in the pipeline. Between full on reinventions like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to revisions like the downloadable titles Rocket Knight and Rush’n Attack: Ex-Patriot, Konami is clearly in a nostalgic kind of mood these days.

But they certainly aren’t the only ones, and that’s why I wanted to see what classic franchises you’d like see revisited with modern technology and modern gaming sensibilities in mind. Obviously, I’d take an original IP over a reboot any day, but considering the reboot craze isn’t going away any time soon, might as well make the most of it.

So how about it? Which games would you most like to see remade for today’s consoles? I’m still pulling for a badass Rampage game. Rampage: Total Destruction was just sad, and probably ensured that my wish never comes true. But come on. How amazing would it be to ravage a fully destructible, Liberty City-sized map using oversized beasts? I’ll tell you how amazing: quite.

Should the need arise, feel free to E-Mail me your tips, suggestions, and/or personal philosophies, or follow me on Twitter.

TGS 09: Splinter Cell: Conviction First Hands-On Impressions

I can't really explain why I've never played a Splinter Cell game.

As a huge fan of Metal Gear Solid (at least the first and third installments), it would've made sense to check out the stealth game competition at some point, but it just never happened. Eventually, my lack of experience with the series acted as a deterrent for checking out the sequels. "I'll just pass on this series," I told myself. Splinter Cell: Conviction, though...I'm not going to be able to resist this one, and since Ubisoft seems to be treating this as a reboot of Splinter Cell, I'll be on board this month.

Anyone else joining Splinter Cell without any connections to its past?

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The most common question aimed at people intent on purchasing an iPad before it was in the wild was simply "what are you going to do with it?" To be honest, that was a tough question to answer, given so much about its usability was unknown until the iPad-specific App Store launched. Not so coincidentally, App Store's launch was the same time I decided an iPad might fit into my life, too, and I've spent the last few days finding out where an iPad might be useful -- and where I'm forcing it.

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Splinter Cell: Conviction Demo Sneaks Onto Xbox Live This Week

I cannot wait to play Splinter Cell: Conviction, but there aren't the string of must-have games being released in April as we've seen in the first few months of 2010. Next month, of course, that changes again, with games like Alan Wake finally arriving on store shelves. I'm thinking about catching up on some downloadable content in Mass Effect 2 and Assassin's Creed II and taking care of some unfinished business: beating Mega Man 9. Mega Man 10 is calling me!

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Steve Jobs with iPad

So?...Anyone get sucked into iPad tractor beam over the weekend? I heard on the radio this morning that despite the estimates in the 700,000 range, the actual sales were around 300,000 or so, which is pretty impressive for a device that still seems unnecessary as it stands now. In a generation or two, it might be the most important technological device ever created, but until then, I’m sold on it. (This opinion is subject to change should Patrick Klepek bring his iPad to work today and taunt me with it over our cubicle partition.)

I don't know about you, but I always feel a little let-down on April 2nd. I like the April Fool's Day tradition of absurdity ruling, and not being able to believe anything you read.

My favorite prank of the day: Funny or Die's fake Justin Bieber-centric site Bieber or Die. Ha!

Did you pull any good pranks yesterday? Did you have any pulled on you? I can only hope your girlfriend didn't pull the infamous: "I think I might be pregnant!" joke. Trust me: That one sucks.


Remember when you first started playing Tetris, and then you became addicted, and you'd close your eyes and only see Tetris shapes, and then you'd go to sleep and dream about falling blocks? Did you know that has a name? It's called "Tetris Effect" and, according to Wikipedia, it "occurs when an activity to which people devote sufficient time and attention begins to overshadow their thoughts, mental images, and dreams."

Right now, for me, it's Assassin's Creed II. I re-visited that game last night, and dreamed about climbing ancient buildings all night. What about you? What games have become most stuck in your head?

Pax East 2010

Well, the first annual PAX East has come and gone, and it was quite an eventful little show. G4 had some great panels, we managed to get some hands-on time with some of the year’s biggest titles, and absolutely zero alcohol was consumed during the trip. In other words, win all around.

While the show didn’t produce the kind of tidal wave of game news that you find at your larger game shows, we still churned out some quality news, previews, impressions. So what PAX East content made you all warm and fuzzy? APB preview? Dead Space: Extraction possibly coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? Crackdown 2 rocket tag impressions?

Answer me!

If you need a refresher, check out our PAX East event page.

Pax East 2010

As you ought to be aware: PAX East starts today. If you're going, you're probably hanging out with the thousands of other gamer cats and kittens in Boston, but if you're like me, you're not there. So I hope you'll be enjoying PAX through our awesome coverage -- G4 is on the ground all over PAX, and will be bringing you previews, interviews, news and fun throughout the weekend. Check out what all the pre-PAX stuff we have for you, right here.

Hangover question: Predict how hungover will G4tv.com's Andrew "Jason!?" Pfister, Patrick "Scoop" Klepek, Eric "The Eagle" Eckstein and Robert "Bossman" Juster be tomorrow morning?

Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2, as Jake Gaskill pointed out in his review this week, is a pretty great game. The reason Just Cause 2 works is because Avalanche Studios has crafted an impressive open world that, more impressively, has loads of cool toys to play and experiment with. The story is dead awful. In fact, it's so terrible that I'm considering committing a video game sin that I've never been tempted by before: skipping the cut-scenes and moving right into gameplay. There's no reason to pay attention to what's happening in-between missions because the story of Just Cause 2 is your gameplay decisions. If that's the case, I'm having trouble coming up with reasons to sit through the terrible dialogue.

So, maybe I won't. When's the last time you said "screw it" to a game's story?

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Nintendo DS Lite

Guys, the screens on the Nintendo DSi XL are absolutely gorgeous. You might think you understand how big those screens are, but the full impact of the DSi XL doesn't happen until you've got the machine in your hands. I skipped on buying a DSi, despite a great desire to check out the DSiWare store, because it felt unnecessary. When the DSi XL was announced, my patience seemed to have been rewarded. Here was this bigger, better machine for just a little more cash out of my pocket.

Then, just a few days before the DSi XL arrives in stores, Nintendo has to go and announce the 3DS. Sure, it's not coming out until sometime early next year (at least in Japan -- who knows about the US), but it seems to make a DSi XL purchase a moot point now.

Did the 3DS have the same effect on you?

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Just Cause 2 Demo Grapples Your Way March 4

I had no problem playing Red Faction: Guerrilla on easy. The combat wasn't anything to write home about -- it was about blowing the heck out of buildings -- so why struggle with something that clearly wasn't the focus? I'm getting a similar vibe from Just Cause 2, not coincidentally another open-world game whose combat is...erm, based on the demo, not exactly where Avalanche Studios spent their time. I won't have much trouble dropping Just Cause 2 to easy and just enjoying the sandbox.

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Lucky The Leprechaun

I'd love to make this a true "Morning Hangover" by telling you how terrible I feel because of my late night St. Patrick's Day partying, but I'd be lying. Last night I spent several hours speaking to a delightful technical support agent because my computer is not working correctly, and then I watched a movie that I can't tell you about at all. Boring right? But whatever! Drinking on New Years and St. Patrick's Day is for amateurs anyway!

You, perhaps, had a more exciting evening last night. Anyone? Beuller? Anyone?

God of War III

It's been out for over 24 hours, so I have to figure most of you guys have been playing God of War III.  What do you think?  Has anyone finished it yet? Favorite sections? Problems? Is this destined for game-of-the-year?  We want to know.

I haven't had a chance to play it for more than like an hour last night, but I'm pretty impressed. The scale and scope of this game is like nothing I have ever seen, and new, high-def Kratos is breath-taking.


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