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Toy Story 3: The Video Game

Is it just me or is this the worst summer for movies ever?

It started out OK: Iron Man 2 was good, but after that... what? Prince of Persia was terrible. I had little interest in The Last Air Bender and the scathing reviews have destroyed that. I hear A-Team was barely watchable, and nothing coming up in the next few months is making me say "gotta see it" with the exception of Scott Pilgrim. In fact, the best new movie I've seen all summer was Toy Story 3!

Anyone out there have a different opinion?

Crackdown 2 TGS 2009 Screenshots

The month after E3 and before the holiday season really starts can be a dull period in gaming. Most of the big games coming out are scheduled for the fall, and most big gaming announcements were made at E3... so how do you plan to fill up your summer?

I'm going to buy Crackdown 2, an exception to the no-releases-in-summer rule, and spend my summer in Pacific City. I may even go outside once in a while. What about you?

I think Portal was among the best video games evewr made, so I wanted to use this Morning Hangover to once again point you to the just-released video of Portal 2, in which GlaDOS appears, and we meet Wheatley, a new, robotic companion.


Portal 2 Demo Part 1 "Meet Wheatley" »


Awesome trailer? or MOST awesome trailer?

ComicCon Show Floor

With E3 over with for the year, it's time to cast our eyes forward to the next big event on the geek horizon: Comic-Con!

This year, the big convention takes place at the end of July in San Diego, and G4 will be there, covering all the video game, comic, movie and TV related geek news the show is known for. For any idea of what we'll be up to, check out last year's coverage... it'll be like that, but more current.

So, who's going down to San Diego? What do you want to see the most?

Google Maps Doesn't Lie - Crackdown 2 Devs Are Next Door To Crackdown Devs

Have you been playing the Crackdown 2 demo that's live on Xbox Live? I have. The verdict: It's just like Crackdown. I think this game will really shine when played in co-op, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Jake Gaskill points out that the aiming is sometimes a little weird, but that doesn't bother me; I just like collecting orbs... precious, precious orbs.


Red Dead Redemption Co-Op DLC Rides Into Town Today

Red Dead Redemption's co-op pack has been available for free download for a few days now. I haven't gotten the chance to check it out yet, but I'll bet some of you guys have. I'm interested in your impressions: What do you think? How does it compare to the single-player? Is it cool enough for me to break out of my anti-social gaming shell and actually try to play with some other cowpokes? Let me know in our comment section!

E3 2010 Live Homepage Hero

At this year's E3, I noticed a some interesting trends:

  • Motion Controls: With two of the big-three console makers showing off motion-controllers, it's no wonder that it was a trend of the show, but other than SOCOM with PlayStation Move support, there wasn't much for the "core."
  • 3D: Nintendo made a lot of 3D nay-sayers eat their words with the 3DS, but their handheld wasn't he only 3D device on the market. Quite a few games were running in 3D at the show -- I sawe Front Mission: Evolved in 3D and Final Fantasy 14 in 3D, and that's just from Square Enix's booth!
  • Dance Games: Surprise: Dance games are really fun.
  • Gravelly voices: I don't know if it started with Batman Begins, but every video game hero now sounds like he swallowed a handful of pointy rocks right before slipping into the voice-over booth. Get those dudes some lozenges!

What trends did you notice at this year's show?

E3 2010 Live Homepage Hero

This is the second in my continuing series of Morning Hangover's that look backward at the E3 that just happened last week. Our topic today: What was missing from E3 2010?   Obviously we spent the week bringing you a metric crap-ton of info and looks at what was at the Electronic Entertainment Expo -- some of which is still trickling into our site -- so we didn't focus on what we didn't see.

Off the top of my head, here are a couple glaring absences:

  • Rockstar Games: The makers of the most talked about game right now (Red Dead Redemption) had no official presence at the show as far as I know -- not that they really need it or anything, but I wouldn't have minded a GTA 5 announcement...
  • Kinect Price-Point: We saw a bunch of Kinect games, learned the release date, and otherwise checked the thing out, but there was no mention of a price... Microsoft's site is listing it for $150, so it makes sense that they wanted to sort of slide that information out when no one is looking as opposed to trumpeting it.
  • Kentia Hall: The hall itself is still there, but it's empty of the third-rate peripherals and weird, hopeless game companies that used to fill it up. I miss Kentia Hall!

What else was absent from the show?

E3 2010: Resident Evil Revelations Screens

So E3 is totally over now. You've seen the press conferences, read the game previews, and otherwise digested the show. So I gotta ask: Who won?

I realize it's an exhibition and not a competition, but still, I think Nintendo kicked ass. The big buzz/crowds at the show were all about Nintendo. The 3DS garnered the most excitement. But that's just my opinion. What do you think?

Microsft Unveils Kinect, Formerly Project Natal

There's a new addition/addiction to the video game world: Microsoft officially revealed the Kinect with a huge multimedia party/circus. You've read Kevin Kelly's description of the launch event, so let me throw it to you: Are you ready to make a Kinection? What do you think of the name? What do you think of the tech?


I spent last night seeing the Insane Clown Posse in Anaheim, so I have Faygo hangover.

I lost a bet to Attack of the Show web producer Eugene Morton six month ago, and so I went to the show reluctantly, but, man, those clowns know how to have a good time. My mind is changed 100 percent.

I still don't know how magnets work, but that's okay, I had fun anyway.

Are there any Juggalos out there? How about haters? Leave your thoughts in our comment section.


Grand Theft Auto IV Tests My Patience Because The Dialogue Is Too Good

This weekend, I played a lot of Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer... I played enough to realize I'm really looking forward to the co-op DLC that's coming out, because RDR's multiplayer is pretty repetitive, and we could use some variety. I also revisited Grand Theft Auto 4 to confirm the fact that Red Dead Redemption is better... At least, I like it better. Red Dead feels like a living world, usually, where GTA 4 sometimes feels like an empty box. I'm not sure exactly why, but there you go.

What about you? What did you play this weekend?

Morning Hangover: New Perspectives

By now, you’ve probably seen that FPS version of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link game that made the Internet rounds yesterday (If not, definitely check it out). Now, I haven’t had much time to invest in really playing a lot of the game, but all I needed to see was the first few seconds to know what I was going to ask you all about this morning. And here it is:

What do you think about games that take classic titles and reimagine them in some drastically different way? Like an FPS version of Zelda, or that rather rad Super Mario Bros. Crossover, which throws together a bunch of classic Nintendo characters? There was even that FPS Castlevania web game that went around a while back too. You could even consider something as high profile as Dead Space Extraction, which was fantastic, as part of this reimagining category.

Do these kinds of reinventions “work” to you? Or are they simply interesting achievement because of how they play with the established perceptions of gamers?

Morning Hangover: A Nearly Perfect Game

Continuing this week’s streak of topical Morning Hangovers, today’s post is inspired by yesterday’s shocking display of “officiating” that resulted in the loss of a perfect game for Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga. Not only was it just a terrible call in general, but it kept Galarraga from becoming just the 21st pitcher ever to pitch a perfect game (not to mention the third perfect game pitched this season alone). After the game, the umpire who blew the call apologized to Galarraga, and Galarraga was admirably gracious about the whole ordeal. But that doesn’t change the fact that one stupid call cost him his place in the history books (“But using instant replay at will would just cheapen the glory of the game! Wah!").

Anyway, out of the ashes of this tragic occurrence came the idea for this post, which is this: what are the games that you, for whatever reason, consider to be “perfect” but that also have at least one glaring mistake that you knowingly overlook because the rest of the game is just so damn good? Like, I would say the platforming in Psychonauts is rather atrocious (and when your game is a platformer, that can be a pretty substantial issue), but the writing, design, performances and style are all so brilliant that I would gladly deal with the frustration of trying to cope with the game’s depth perception issues just to explore the next area or watch the next cutscene.

So what are your picks for "perfect" games that are in actuality nearly perfect?

Morning Hangover:

One of the first thoughts I had when I first saw the images of that at utterly terrifying sinkhole that opened up in Guatemala yesterday wasn’t what unholy abominations might spill forth from its bottomless gullet but rather what abominations we might jettison into the endless pit. Movies, songs, celebrities whose only claim to fame is the fact that they are somehow famous, and, of course, games.

So let's pretend you are standing on the precipice of a never-ending tunnel to the center of the Earth, and you’re allowed to toss in one game. What game is it, and what did it ever do to you to deserve such a cruel demise? The first game that comes to mind is obviously E.T. for the Atari 2600, mainly because more than a few copies did ironically end up in a giant pit in New Mexico. But E.T. aside, what game are you offering up to the sinkhole gods?

[image credit: Associated Press]


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