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G4 Prepares To Invade Gamescom 2010

Good morning Feed faithful. Jake “Hands Off My Schnitzel” Gaskill here coming to you live from back here in sunny Los Angeles after a week in Germany attending Gamescom 2010. We all pumped out a ridiculous amount of content from this year’s show, but there are still plenty more previews, interviews, videos, and whatnot incoming, so definitely stay tuned. For now though, what have been some of the best gaming stories you’ve heard/read about in the past week during Gamecom? A trailer? A particular preview? A video interview? Go wild. It’s Monday!

BioShock 2 Rapture Metro DLC Details, Pack Not Releasing This Week

So I was thinking about Bioshock 2 the other day. While it doesn't live up to the original, it's a pretty good game for sure. But I realized I never finished it, and I don't even know why. I realized I don't finish a lot of games. Sometimes because they're not my bag, but often just... because. For no reason at all.

I would never do this with a movie or a book. I've sat through truly terrible films and read horrible novels, just to see how they come out. I'm not sure why it's different for me and games, but I can just take them out of the disc tray and never think about them again. 

What about you? Do you finish what you start?

G4 Prepares To Invade Gamescom 2010

So it's Day 2 (well, really day 3!) of the German game show Gamescom. We've covered a ton of annoucnements, brought you video interviews, many trailers and more. So check out our Gamescom site and let us know what you think of the show so far. Are you booking your ticket for Cologne for the next show?

Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta To Feature

I'm sure you've had a chance to check out the latest Halo: Reach ViDoc, "A Spartan Will Rise." If not, here's the link. So, what do you think? Do you think Reach is going to compare favorably to the rest of the Halo series?

G4 Prepares To Invade Gamescom 2010

Much like the non-Christians in that Kirk Cameron movie, I have been Left Behind!  Not from the Kingdom of Heaven, but from the German Game Show, GamesCom. My co-workers are all drinking German beer out of steins and playing a bunch of video games, where I'm stuck here. But that's cool. I didn't want to go anyway (single tear rolling down my cheek.)

Anyway, how was your weekend?


Halo: Reach Multiplayer Improvements And Features Detailed

Here's what I'm doing this weekend:

  • Watching Japanese horror movies.
  • Playing Halo: ODST multiplayer. I'm getting ready for Reach.
  • Playing Bioshock: Infinite... in my mind.
  • Sleeping... glorious sleeping.

What about you? What games are you playing? What do you have going on this weekend?

First Two Mafia 2 DLC Packs Detailed

I downloaded the Mafia 2 demo last night, and I love it. Here's a list of reasons why, in no particular order:

  • Vito's hair: That dude has some luxurious locks, full of post-war product. Good hair!
  • Attention To Detail: Everything in the game looks lovingly crafted with a Mad Men meets mafioso vibe, perfectly evoking the days when men were men and women were wearing cone-shaped bras.
  • The Shotgun: If it's true that you can judge a shooter by its shotgun, Mafia 2 passes. The game's boomstick feels heavy, solid and has a wicked recoil.
  • Italian Stereotypes: Every once in a while, Italian groups decry the stereotyping of their nationality in pop culture, but I say, celebrate it! How could you ask for a better stereotype than nattily dressed he-men who are good with guns and rackets? (let's not mention The Jersey Shore.)
  • The cars: The demo was too short to get a real handle on all the cars, but the ones I tried handled like real, 1950s land-yachts -- big, heavy and powerful, but not too maneuverable
  • The Playboys: I'm not a big "collector" in gaming, but when finding an item results in a vintage, nudie pin-up, I'm making an exception.

What did you think of the demo?

Brian Leahy loves Starcraft II (2)

I'm stumbling around this morning, bleary-eyed after a nearly all-night marathon of Starcraft 2, so I'm leaving today's hangover topic up to you guys. Consider it a free-for-all in our comments section. Go ahead and go crazy. Talk about whatever you like... as long as you respect our site's terms of service and don't get all jerky.

Off to get coffee!

First Look: Red Dead Redemption

This weekend, I played Red Dead Redemption in a futile quest to hundred-percent it. I quickly grew tired of that endeavor -- it's hard for me to go back and do missions/clean up loose ends in a game I already "beat," you know? So instead, I played some more Crackdown 2. Mmmmm.... orbs.

What about you? What title did you spend your weekend on?

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

This week both flew by and dragged a bit in parts. Funny how that happens sometimes. Anyway, since it’s Friday, that means it’s time to ask the age old question that’s been posed by some of the world’s finest scholars and minds for ages: what are you playing this weekend?

My launch 360 actually Red Ringed yesterday, so I’ll be PS3-ing it up most likely. Really been in the mood to replay a few sizable portions of Uncharted 2 for some reason (might have something to do with the fact that's it's a masterpiece).

Morning Hangover: Funny Games

The topic of humor in games has come up a bunch recently, thanks mostly to the releases of DeathSpank and Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge. And after I saw the newly released opening cinematic for Fable III (which is brilliant by the way, and if you haven’t watched it, do so now), I knew I wanted to find out from you all what you consider to be the funniest games you’ve ever played.

Psychonauts was the first game that made me genuinely laugh out loud, and I still consider it to be the funniest game ever made thanks to its razor sharp script. But that’s me. What say you?


Morning Hangover: Drawing You In

In yesterday’s Sessler’s Soapbox, Adam discussed the structural and conceptual challenges of creating a great game finale (If you haven’t checked out the video, watch it now, and then come back. I’ll wait…). Good. Now that we’ve grasped what it takes to make a great game ending, I wanted to open the floor to find out what you consider to be the best game openings (level, sequence, credit sequence; it’s up to you).

Here are three of my favorites: Half-Life, BioShock, and Grand Theft Auto III.

What about you?

Morning Hangover: Racing Games -- Offline or Online?

I’ve been in racing game mode the past few days thanks to Hydro Thunder Hurricane (my review will be up later today), and it got me thinking about various aspects of the genre. Today though, I’m curious about one area in particular: single-player vs. multiplayer.

So, when it comes to racing games, which do you prefer: playing offline and following a single-player career, or playing online against other human players thereby eliminating inevitable AI frustrations?

Morning Hangover: Holy Sh**!

I played a bunch of Hydro Thunder Hurricane over the weekend for my review, and one phrase that I must have uttered a dozen times while playing was “Holy sh**!” Check back tomorrow for the full review to find out exactly what caused this reaction. This morning though I wanted to find out from you what are some games/ game moments that have caused you to uncontrollably let out profane exclamations, whether from joy, or fear, or surprise, or anger, or whatever.

Here are three titles to get things started: Alan Wake, God of War III, and Limbo.

Fallout: New Vegas Preorder Bonus Packs Detailed

Yeah, I know it's still the middle of summer, but I'm thinking ahead to this holdiay season and the great number of awesome games that are coming out. My most anticipated titles of the coming months: Fallout: New Vegas and Rock Band 3.

What about you? What are you most excited about?


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