Morning Hangover

Uncharted 2

I saw an article over the weekend about games that people are supposedly not playing anymore, or at least playing far less frequently than they were when the game first came out, and the game were fairly recent ones. So I started thinking about what an insane year 2009 was for games, and how many spectacular titles were released, and how long it’s been since I played any of them. I mean, obviously an absurd amount of people are still playing the hell out of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 for instance, but what about Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassin’s Creed II, or any number of massive titles from last year?

And so, I ask you this: Which 2009 titles still find their way into your disc tray/cartridge slot on a regular basis?

New Halo: Reach Screens

It's Friday, at last, people. Let's talk games. What are you planning on playing this weekend? I'm all about Halo: Reach. I hope I see each of you in Team Slayer-- in spite of my meager skills at multiplayer, I'm spending the whole weekend hunkered down in Reach

Female Spartan

Good morning, all. Let's talk about gender in gaming, wanna? 

I like Halo: Reach, partially because I have the choice of playing as a woman. I been playing female characters almost exclusively for the past several years. I'm not exactly sure why exactly, except that I like women. I started when I was way into PvP in World of Warcraft. I liked the symbolism of a buffed out dude getting his brain melted by my skull-faced undead priest, Monica. I was symbolically saying, "It's bad enough that you just caught a beatdown from a priest, but you caught a beatdown from a girl priest!"

What about you? If given the choice in a game, do you choose to play as a man or a woman?

Halo: Reach

I was up way too late last night playing Halo: Reach to think coherently about anything but Halo: Reach. Man, that game is fun. Anyway, in my bleary-eyed, pre-coffee state, I'm incapable of providing a topic for you guys, so I ask you humbly to comment on whatever you'd like... as long as it's not politics or great bargains on designer shoes from a Chinese website.

Duke Nukem Forever

We're obviously an undeniably excited for Duke Nukem Forever, but I was thinking about this: The game has been in development for 13 years, so many, many gamers were barely out of diapers when the last game was a sensation. Obviously, older gamers are excited -- we remember the first one -- but how about you younger readers? Do you guys care about old Duke Nuke? Or do you think his time has passed?


Fallout: New Vegas

If you live in Southern California and have a job like I do, the fact that summer is over doesn't mean all that much. But if you live in less hospitable climes, it means more time inside as the weather grows unbearable, and that means more time playing games! So, what winter time games are you the most interested in?

Personally, I'm picking Fallout: New Vegas. I can only hope for a run of cold and rainy weather that will give me a perfect excuse to curl up and play New Vegas for a million hours when it comes out.

Pax Prime 2010 Homepage Hero

Good morning, people! I played way too many games this weekend to list here -- watch the preview section of our Pax 2010 super-site throughout the next couple days for a list and description. What about you? What games did you play this weekend and what did you think?

Come See G4 Live and In-Person @ PAX!

This weekend, Pax 2010 takes place in Seattle. G4 will be all over the Penny Arcade Expo, and if you're going to, we'd like to invite you out for drinks*.

There will be lots of chances to hang out with G4 at the show itself, but if you want to hang more informally, come down to Shorty Dog (2222A 2nd Avenue, between Bell and Blanchard) on Friday night, 7:30-9, and Meet up with the X-Play and G4tv.com teams at Seattle’s best clown-themed arcade bar. Formal attire not required.

*If you're over 21, of course... oh, and when we say "invite you out for drinks" we don't mean we're buying!

GDC 10: PlayStation Move and Sub-Controller Photo Gallery

We've been playing with our Move here at G4's offices for the past week or so, and you can read the collective verdict right here. So now it's down to you: How many of your PlayStation-heads out there are planning on picking up a Move when they go on sale this fall?

Metroid: Other M To Show Samus'

Recently, X-Play's Abbie Heppe posted a review of Metroid: The Other M, and the relatively negative 2 out of 5 caused a minor firestorm of protest from some of our readers. I haven't played the game, so I can't really speak on the review, nor can I counter the readers' criticism of the review, but I will say this: Thanks for your input! While some of our readers were being jerky and drawing the ire of Webmaster (all hail!) the majority of you guys are passionately stating your views reasonably and intelligently, or at least semi-intelligently.

If you compare the comments on our review with the comments on Fox News about a similarly contentious issue, you guys clearly win in terms of coherence, respect, creativity and intelligence. Same goes for CNN.  Which brings me to my point: How scary is it that the level of discourse on a video game website is clearly and inarguably more intelligent than the discourse on the major "News" sites?

Mafia 2 On PC Receives 3D Support From Nvidia

I spent my weekend playing Mafia 2. It's a really interesting game, with a very well thought-out, detailed and interesting open world. Highly recommend it! How about you? What were you playing this weekend?


Want To Be TheFeed Nightcap's Question Of The Week?

Sometimes it’s good to forsake boundaries and order and just do your own thing. Unless of course you’re riding a donkey down into the Grand Canyon or something, in which case getting all crazy with the improvising might not be the best idea. But for the purposes of this discussion (i.e. today’s Morning Hangover), personal choice is paramount, and as such, I’m going to let you all decide what you’d like to talk about this morning. Have something to say about a particular bit of news from the past week? Did you eat something especially delicious last night for dessert? Read any good books lately? Have at it. It’s Friday. You’ve earned it.

Morning Hangover:

Sequels are nothing new, but the topic has come up quite a bit recently, and it got me thinking about something in particular, and that is first installment revisitation. By that I mean, going back to play the first game in a series only after the sequel has come out. Oftentimes people miss games when they’re first released and for one reason or another they just never get around to playing them, but then the sequel comes out, and they feel compelled to revisit the first game.

With so many high profile sequels, and even threequels coming out over the next few months, this situation is bound to come up for a number of gamers. So what I want to know is what have been some sequels that have compelled you check out the previous title in a particular series? Has there been a case where you've preferred the original game to the sequel?

‘Dead Rising 2’ Impressions

I’ve spent the past few days playing quite a bit of Dead Rising 2 (check back later today for my full hands-on preview), so I’m seeing zombies everywhere (at work, at home, in other cars while I drive home, etc.), even though I’ve laid waste to more undead hordes over the past few years, virtually speaking of course, than ever before. You’d think the allure of it would have worn off by now, especially given how popular zombie apocalypses continue to be, but I haven’t.

Since all I’m really capable of talking about at this particular moment are zombies and games starring zombies, I figured I’d ask you what your favorite zombie games are and what it is about those games that appeals to you the most? Do you like the frenetic action of Left 4 Dead? The goofy sandbox of Dead Rising? The tense, methodical approach of Resident Evil? You tell me.

Morning Hangover: Escort Yourself!

I don’t know about you but I have an uncontrollable and manic hatred for escort missions in games. Whenever I have to look after some NPC, and make sure they get from point A to point B without dying stupidly at the hands of the enemy AI, I actually let out a guttural moan that makes me a little nauseous. I bring this up because I’m playing a game right now that is 40 percent escort missions, and while it hasn’t (yet) been as frustrating as I was expecting, it still isn’t fun.

So what about you? Do share in my hatred of escort missions? If not, what do you like about them? What are some examples of escort missions done right? (see image above)


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