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Comic-Con 09 Live Blog: The Stories Of DC Universe Online (Jim Lee, Marv Wolfman!)

The heroes of the DC Universe are invading the PC and PlayStation 3 platforms in DC Universe Online! Not only will this MMO star some of the best characters in comic-book history, it also features two of the most amazing talents in the comics biz: Jim Lee and Marv Wolfman! Here's the official description:

"Jim Lee (Batman: Hush) and Marv Wolfman (The New Teen Titans) have joined forces to help create DC Universe Online. Jim, Marv, and key members of the development team from Sony Online Entertainment talk about howstorylines are being built into this upcoming online action game at every level."  

I love Jim Lee's art and Wolfman's writing, not to mention dozens of DCU characters -- I can't wait for this MMO! Thankfully, TheFeed's Patrick Klepek -- who is actually faster than a locomotive -- will be serving up the info on this fantastic session. Click here for G4tv.com's live blog on the Comic-Con 09 The Stories of DC Universe Online featuring Jim Lee and Marv Wolfman panel.

Comic-Con 09 Live Blog: Lost -- The Final Season Begins

This will surely be one of the most popular panels at Comic-Con 09, though it remains to be seen if it will draw the ridiculous crowd that the Twilight panel did (for my sanity, I hope it does). Loads of cast members of Lost have been spotted at Comic-Con, so there should be some excellent pop-in appearances. Whether there are or not, I'm sure that Lost fans will dig the info that comes out of Lost: The Final Season Begins panel. Here's a snippet from the official description.

"In appreciation of all the fan support through five seasons of Lost, co-creator/executive producer Damon Lindelof and executive producer Carlton Cuse will pay homage to all the fans at their final Comic-Con appearance for Lost. Questions will be answered. Fun will be had. And you won't want to miss the surprises in store for the audience!"

TheFeed's Stephen Johnson is on the scene...unless he gets magically transported to some creepy island. Click here for G4tv.com's live blog on the Comic-Con 09 Lost: The Final Season Begins panel.

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Boy, oh boy...don't you just wish you could spend a couple of intimate, noisy days at San Diego's Comic-Con 2009 with AOTS host and Playboy covergirl Olivia Munn!?  Well, now you can't.

But she is trying to make you feel like you could. Rather than enjoy her fractional free time hiding from handheld cameras, she's put herself out there with our glommy, dubious video crew and is giving two full days of attention to us Comic-Con junkies. 

Join Ms. Munn as she gets made up, hangs with the OMFG (Olivia Munn Fan Group), grants interviews, meets Stan Lee, hosts the AOTS Panel and the Star Wars Spectacular with TV-cousin Kevin Pereira and tries to find the Star Wars Awards and...gosh.  That's just the first day. Tomorrow hasn't even happened yet. Just watch.

48 Hours with Olivia at Comic-Con Part 1: OMFG »


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James Cameron and Peter Jackson will be fighting it out in a steel-cage match at Comic-Con 09. Okay, that's not true, but these two Hollywood titans will be sharing the stage on The Visionaries panel. Here's the official description:

"A discussion with iconic filmmakers James Cameron (Avatar) and Peter Jackson (District 9) on the Future of Film -- EW moderates an in-depth conversation with these two cinematic giants about the art of film narrative and how technology and global culture will alter the art of on-screen storytelling in the next 20 years."

Click here for G4tv.com's live blog on Comic-Con 09 "The Visionaries" panel with James Cameron and Peter Jackson.

Electronic Arts has been promoting Dead Space Extraction as a Wii exclusive since it was announced, but does that really mean Dead Space Extraction won't appear elsewhere? At the Dead Space Extraction panel at Comic-Con, the team would only smile, teasing they knew something we didn't.

"Right now it's exclusively to the Nintendo Wii," said executive producer Steve Papoutsis, "but that's an interesting question."

A later question asked if it would make sense as an iPhone game. The team went into sarcasm mode. Sarcasm is usually a good indicator you're onto something.

"Yes, that [idea is] pretty cool," said Papoutsis. "Top notch!"

Sounds like we could have an iPhone version in the works, folks.


Bayonetta Hands-On Preview

The spiritual successor to Devil May Cry, Platinum Games' Bayonetta has been a darling for hardcore gamers. G4tv.com's Sterling McGarvey is on hand to give you the details coming from the Comic-Con 09 panel on the making of the game. Here are the official deets:

"Famed director Hideki Kamiya and producer Yusuke Hashimoto provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Bayonetta, a visually unparalleled action game that combines unique visual aesthetics with supernatural combat. In this war between angels and a heat-packing, hair-manipulating witch, it introduces -- literally and figuratively -- a new breed of video game heroine. Developed by PlatinumGames for SEGA, this is their next big project on the heels of MadWorld, one of the most lauded games for its groundbreaking innovation. Audience members will be able to participate in a Q&A session with some other surprises in the works."

Click here for G4tv.com's live blog on Sega/Platinum Games: The Making of Bayonetta panel.

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Comic-Con 2009 Dark Horse Comics Mass Effect Interview »


One of the hot topics coming into Comic-Con 09 was the announcement that comic book publisher Dark Horse Comics would be partnering with Mass Effect developer BioWare to create a four-part comic book series entitled Mass Effect: Redemption. Well, we caught up with Dark Horse’s director of public relations, Jeremy Atkins, to find out more about the upcoming series, as well as to see what else the publisher has coming down the line.

In terms of Redemption, Atkins said, “Gamers and fans, if you’re going to be playing [Mass Effect 2], and you’ve been playing the other game, you’re going to start in this place that you’re not going to know how you got there unless you read the comic series.”

To find out more about what other Dark Horse franchises will soon be getting additional content, be sure to check out the full interview. Also, click through to find out what else Dark Horse has in store for the coming year.

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G4 Comic-ConLadies and gentlemen, boys and girls, orcs and mages, arch villains and superheroes, Comic-Con 09 is upon us! Thousands upon thousands of enthusiastic fans have descended on the San Diego Convention Center to attend this year's event, which promises to be one for the record books.

Over the past few days, G4 and G4tv.com have been providing you with all the up-to-the-minute, in-depth, top notch and endlessly entertaining coverage that your little hearts could desire. Now, don't think that just because we've come to the end of the week that spectacular coverage is going to stop. Oh no. We're just getting warmed up.

Saturday, 2PM ET: G4 will make Comic-Con history by delivering the first ever, televised broadcast of a Comic-Con panel when Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn host the official LucasFilm Panel, aka the Star Wars Spectacular! The panel will feature never-before-seen footage, breaking news, surprise announcements, guest stars, a live table read of an exclusive new Clone Wars script and much more. The panel will feature a wide array of exciting panelists, including Steve Sansweet (Lucasfilms Head of Fan Relations), Star Wars: The Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni, voice actors Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker), Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano), James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan Kenobi), Catherine Taber (Padm Amidala), Tom Kane (Yoda), and several other surprise guest stars.

Saturday, 4PM ET: And just because we love you all ever so much, we'll be bringing you three hours of live coverage tomorrow as well, as Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn will be joined by comic book maven Blair Butler, correspondents Alison Haislip, Blair Herter and others, to deliver some of the most exciting news from the convention.

If for some reason you still aren't satisfied, here's just a quick preview of just some of the other Comic-Con '09 goodness coming your way over the next few days, compliments of your pals here at G4 and G4tv.com!

So if you aren't able to attend Comic-Con 09, just tune in to G4 and G4TV.com; it's just like being at the convention, minus the odd smell and sense of personal space.

Peter Jackson Says Halo Project It seems that Bungie isn’t the only one planning to take a little break from its Halo franchise. Joystiq reports that director Peter Jackson has revealed that his long rumored film adaptation of Microsoft’s flagship sci-fi FPS has officially been bank-sniped.

According to Jackson:

“Microsoft has a whole strategy with the Halo property, and when the rights expired with the two studios, that sort of ended my involvement with the project. That fell apart because of internal politics at Fox and Universal. It had nothing to do with the budget or anything else. In fact, we hadn't even been greenlit at all at that point.”
In case that wasn't clear enough, Jackson said during the Sony Pictures' Comic-Con 09 panel, "At the moment we're certainly not involved in any Halo movie and Microsoft is looking at what to do with it." Jackson then teased panel attendees, saying, "There is a lot of Halo movie material no one has ever seen in New Zealand." Jackson then lamented the fact that studio politics ended up killing the project, however, he went on to say that while the Halo movie is currently dead, he's still interested in pursuing it in the future, if all the pieces were able to come together.
Of course, as Jackson pointed out to Joystiq, had everything gone swimmingly on said Halo project from the beginning, Neill Blomkamp’s highly anticipated District 9 would never have been given the chance to flourish. “District 9 was definitely born out of the Halo film ruins, and we wouldn't have seen this movie if Halo had gone ahead.”
So a bit of bitter-sweet news there for Halo fans, as District 9 looks like it's going to be fantastic (TheFeed's Stephen Johnson wept uncontrollably during the District 9 footage that was shown at Sony's Comic-Con 09 panel. Apparently, it was the best thing he's seen so far at the convention. His words.). Still, Halo is just too massive a franchise to be denied a big-screen adaptation, so you can pretty much bank on it happening sooner or later. I mean, if Aaron Sorkin can convince someone to finance a movie about Facebook, I’m sure someone somewhere will be able to get the ball rolling on a movie based on one of gaming's most iconic franchises.

Dead Space Extraction

Wii owners better get ready for a truly frightening gaming experience, and I'm not talking about more shovelware the platform is known for. Dead Space Extraction is heading to Nintendo's console. A spin-off of one of the most original action games in years, Extraction promises the frightening tone of its forerunner but with the unique controls of the Wii. TheFeed's Patrick Klepek will be on hand to serve up a hair-raising live-blog. Here's an excerpt from the official description.

"Antony Johnston, Dead Space comic writer, will discuss utilizing interactive gaming medium to portray emotion of story in ways that books & film traditionally display. Voice actors from the game discuss their craft and the unique talents required to adapt their presence into Dead Space Extraction. Visceral Games' executive producer Steve Papoutsis discusses the implementation of story and talent into games and the art of crafting a believable, epic story into this fall's Wii exclusive Dead Space Extraction."

In addition to focusing on a potentially cool game, this panel has some drama going on. Originally, Visceral GM Glen Schofield was supposed to be a big part of the show, but he recently jumped to Activision. Who will take his place? Read G4tv.com's live blog of the Comic-Con 09 Dead Space Extraction panel to find out!

The Clone Wars

Attack of the Show's Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira are hosting Comic-Con 09's LucasFilms: Star Wars Spectacular panel. Featuring voice talent from The Clone Wars show, as well as supervising director Dave Filoni, this session combines two for your favorite things: AotS and Star Wars! To make the event even more meta, TheFeed's Stephen Johnson will be live blogging the whole thing!

Click here for G4tv.com's live blog on the Comic-Con 09 LucasFilms: Star Wars Spectacular panel.


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It's time for Brutal Legend's "Brutal Thoughts with Jack Black," and this time, he's presenting his own special viral campaign involving what we love best on the Internet: cats and music! I guess free porn wasn't appropriate.

Watch Jack Black in the Brutal Legend trailer below.

Brutal Legend's Brutal Thoughts with Jack Black Trailer »

Lost Planet 2

Capcom Japan's Jun Takeuchi is joined by Capcom USA's Frank Filice and Shawn Baxter for an in-depth look at Lost Planet 2. In addition to the snowy action of the first game, the sequel features additional areas spanning more varied terrains...and a bunch of new monsters to kill! With new gameplay footage and special behind-the-scenes info, this panel will provide tons of information on Capcom's upcoming Akrid-hunting adventure. TheFeed's Patrick Klepek -- the site's foremost expert on blowing up bugs -- will be bringing you all the info and excitement.

Click here for G4tv.com's live blog on the Comic-Con 09 Capcom: Lost Planet 2 panel.

Peter Jackson's District 9

One of the biggest and more star-studded sessions of Comic-Con 09, Sony Pictures Entertainment: Legion and District 9 is sure to be one of the con's most popular panels. First up is the apocalyptic movie Legion. Telling the story of a host of angels trying to bring about the end of times, this panel features Paul Bettany (The DaVinci Code), Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights), Tyrese Gibson (Transformers), Doug Jones (Hellboy), and director Scott Stewart (helming his first feature film after working on VFX for Sin City, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, and Iron Man).

Gamers, moviegoers, and comics fans are anxious to learn more about District 9. Here's the official description:

Peter Jackson makes his eagerly and long-awaited first visit to Comic-Con to introduce you to the world of District 9, which focuses on a world in which extraterrestrials have become refugees in South Africa. Thirty years ago, aliens made first contact with Earth. Humans waited for the hostile attack or the giant advances in technology. Neither came. Instead, the aliens were refugees, the last survivors of their home world. The creatures were set up in a makeshift home in South Africa's District 9 as the world's nations argued over what to do with them—as well as their powerful technology and advanced weaponry that can only be activated by Alien DNA. Please join Peter Jackson as he gives fans a first look at scenes from District 9 and takes your questions along with director Neill Blomkamp and star Sharlto Copley.

TheFeed's Stephen Johnson is on hand to bring you the latest news on these movies, as well as his side-splitting humor. Click here for G4tv.com's live blog on Sony Pictures Entertainment: Legion and District 9 panel.

Halo: Reach Will Be Bungie's Last Halo Game For The Xbox 360

Between Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and the distant Halo: Reach, I’d say Bungie has been pretty generous to fans of its console-defining sci-fi shooter. Throw in the Ensemble Studios’ RTS Halo Wars, and that’s quite a lot of Halo for one console generation. That’s probably why it isn’t too surprising that Reach will in fact be Bungie’s last hurrah in the Halo universe…at least for the Xbox 360.

During an interview with Gamerzines at Comic-Con 09, Bungie’s senior designer Lars Bakken confirmed that while Microsoft (more likely its new Halo division, 343 Industries) could very well have plans to deliver another game based on the Halo universe, “in terms of Bungie-produced Halo games, ODST and Reach is all you're going to get on 360."

It seems just as well. With at least two more games on the way, and the newly announced Halo Legends anime project, Microsoft might be reaching a bit of an oversaturation point with its most cherished gaming franchise. On the other hand, Nintendo has been whoring out Mario for decades, so perhaps it won’t end up being a problem after all. Plus, by the time Reach is released, the next console generation should be right around the corner, and you know what that means: Halo 4: Launch Title.


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