Comic-Con '09

Dana Vinson has been poking fun at booth babes for a long time. As a matter of fact, if there was a degree in it, she'd have long-ago graduated with honors. However, we thought it would be funny if Dana were made to spend a little time on the other side of the fence, so, at Comic-Con '09, she donned her mother's 30-year-old majorette costume and hit the floor, to see what it's really like.

What she got was a lesson in humility. What you'll get is about 5 minutes of hilarity. Seriously, check it out.


Comic-Con '09 Bonus Video: Dana Vinson - Booth Babe »

Check out this bonus video from Comic-Con '09, where G4tv.com Reporter Chrystall Friedemann takes to the waiting line to talk to the assembled freaks and geeks about the things they've been waiting in some cases as many as two days to see.


Chrystall Friedemann On The Line - Comic-Con '09 Bonus Video »

The upcoming Stargate Universe, coming in October to the spiffy new SyFy Network, is purported to be a grittier, darker, and sexier look at the world of Stargate. Starring Robert Carlyle (Begby from Trainspotting) and Ming-Na (ER), among others, the show was quite the point of curiosity at this year's Comic-Con.

Luckily, we were able to talk with four of the stars of the show, including Carlyle and Ming-Na, about their view of the show and its place in the Stargate universe, as well as their impressions of Comic-Con. Check it out!

Robert Carlyle Interview

Comic-Con '09: Robert Carlyle Stargate Universe Interview »


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Comic-Con 09: Roddenberry's Days Missing Interview »

COO Trevor Roth chats on the floor of Comic-Con 09 about Roddenberry’s first foray into the comic book world, Days Missing.

Days Missing tells the tale of an all-powerful being who has been influencing our world for ages, but hides all traces of his presence by folding back time. Sound trippy? It is!

Go check out the comic and get it signed by Rod Roddenberry and Trevor himself at Hollywood’s Golden Apple (7018 Melrose Ave.) today, Aug. 18 from 7pm to 9pm.

Check out the awesome trailer for Days Missing after the jump...

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Comic-Con 09: Paramount Warriors: Street Brawl Interview »

“Warriors… come out and play!!!”

Paramount Producer Jeff Dickson chats about The Warriors: Street Brawl at San Diego’s Comic-Con. Get some juicy details on this side-scrolling fighting game, and dig the super-cool footage!

The Warriors: Street Brawl is due out September 2009 on Xbox LIVE Arcade.




Comic-Con 09: Steve Agee And Scott Chernoff Interview »

Comedy’s Steve Agee and Scott Chernoff have been friends for a long time. A very long, long time. Before Agee hit it big with Comedy Central’s hit show The Sarah Silverman Program. Before Chernoff struck internet comedy gold with The Legend Of Neil, Adult Swim's Kitten Vs. Newborn and Videogame Theater.

Yes, they were ounce members of the prestigious improve troop The Groundlings together, and now have moved on and apart with such endeavors as Steve’s voiceover appearance in Brutal Legend and upcoming Atom Films series The Berry Agee Experiment, and Scott’s contributor gig on The Tonight Show.

So where are they now? Bickering on G4tv.com, that’s where. Just watch them. And feel sorry for them. They have to live with each other.

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A new Open Source post from G4 President Neal Tiles is live... check it out here.

This month Neal talks about the premiere of 2 Months. 2 Million, whether or not there will be a Season Three of Code Monkeys, G4's momentum through the summer, and much, much more.

Submit your own questions to Neal Tiles and he could answer them in next month's post.

G4 caught up with our good pals at Fewdio, the internet's scariest MFers, and got the low-down on what this unique, net-born horror-film-making collective is up to.

Fewdio has been creating original web horror for a couple years now, and recently announced a collabo with venerable horror publication Fangoria. Check out Fewdio's webpage and the YouTube channel, and you might see some familiar, G4 names and faces...

Fewdio Creates Horror At Comic-Con '09 »

Astroboy, the video game, should delight fans of both gaming and anime -- the movie tie-in 2D side-scroller pulls heavily on classic games of the past, and features a main character who seems almost totally designed for starring in an action game. It will be out for the PS2, Wii, DS and PSP when the movie is released in 2010.

We got a chance to try this game out at Comic-Con 2009 and chat with producer Cameron Raines and got the inside word on the game. Check it out in the video below!

Astroboy Video Game Preview From Comic-Con '09 »


Comic-Con 09: Lego Rock Band Interview »

Get the ins ands outs of Lego: Rock Band from Lego Systems' Julie Stern straight from the floor of Comic-Con, baby!

WB Games’ Lego Rock Band will be available PS3, Xbox 360, DS and Wii.


Batman: Arkham Asylum Voiceover Actor Kevin Conroy Interview »

Ever want to talk to Batman? Well, now you can…sorta. Check out this interview with Batman voice talent Kevin Conroy at Comic-Con where he speaks about Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) and voicing the caped crusader on Batman The Animated Series.

Arkham Asylum will be released by Eidos on August 25.




Comic-Con 09: Playboy's Shannon Twins Love Ice Cream »

What better way to spend a hot, sweaty Comic-Con afternoon than hanging with Playboy’s Shannon Twins as they hand out free ice cream cones to their adoring fans?

Yes, Kristina and Karissa Shannon were kind enough to hand out copies of the latest issue of the magazine (the one with G4’s own Olivia Munn on the cover!) along with yummy ice cream cones and even found time to chat with G4 about such important issues as what is their favorite flavor of ice cream, their favorite videogames, and exactly how hot Olivia Munn really is.

Yes, it was just that kinda of day, folks. Sometimes life is good.


Batman: Arkham Asylum Writer Paul Dini Interview »

Everyone is talkin’ about the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) Batman game. So we went straight to the source at Comic-Con 09 and chatted with writer Paul Dini about what makes this Bat-game so darn special.

So take his (and our) word for its awesomeness…or find out for yourself when the game is released by Eidos on August 25.


Comic-Con 09: Sideshow Collectibles Tour »

Production Manager Scott Klauder of Sideshow Collectibles gives G4tv a tour of their massive Comic-Con booth. You’ll see figures, masks, weapons and props from movies such as Iron Man, Alien vs. Predator, Lord of the Rings, Hell Boy, Star Wars and much more.

Plus, dig this sneak peek at a character and collectible from James Cameron’s upcoming, much hyped film Avatar. Pretty darn cool…


Comic-Con 09: Prodigal Sunn, Kel Mitchell And Kwame »

You know Prodigal Sunn as one of the MCs in Wu Tang Clan’s group Sunz of Man. You heard him on the soundtrack to Afro Samurai. You’ve seen him in his on-demand TV series The Grindz and on G4’s Freestyle 101.

But now Prodigal Sunn is here to play G4tv host as he hits the floor of Comic-Con and introduces his posse, which includes Nickelodeon star and frequent Attack of the Show comedy sparring partner Kel Mitchell (Good Burger) and fellow New York rap vet Kwamè. This trio chats about what they are up to, why they are at Comic-Con, and what you can expect from them in the future.

And go pick up Prodigal Sunn’s new album Hood Chronicles at www.myspace.com/prodigalsunn.

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