Understanding Indie Development Through Greenlight

The dominance of Valve Software’s digital distribution platform Steam rarely gets challenged. Back in 2009 it was estimated that Steam enjoyed around 70 percent of the digital distribution market in terms of dollars generated per month, and the service certainly hasn’t grown any smaller since. Valve makes big money in PC-centric markets like Germany and Russia, and these successes underscore how influential and important Steam is in the PC sector of the video game industry.

For independent developers who lack the budget to run effective marketing campaigns, whether or not people can discover their game is a huge concern. This makes Steam extremely attractive to indies.

There are plenty of other ways for indie developers to distribute their games like selling off their own websites or working with other digital distribution services, but nothing beats having space on a platform like Steam which is hugely successful and popular.

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Star Wars Celebration 6 Wrap-Up: Exploring The Extended Universe

The first thing that most visitors saw as they walked into Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, Florida last week was a two-story high replica of an Imperial AT-AT walker. Those who came in through another entrance instead saw a massive inflatable Death Star suspended above the lobby floor. R2-D2 units whirred all around below, issuing forth from the nearby meeting room for the R2-D2 Builders Club. All over, costumed and armored men, women, and children helped to further the notion that attendees had just stepped into a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Celebration is unlike any fan convention or trade show that I've been to. These are my people. I grew up watching and wearing out VHS copies of the Original Trilogy. My mother likes to sometimes remind me that my first trip to the movies was for A New Hope -- then just Star Wars -- while I was in utero. I treasured and still do treasure my action figures. I read every new book and comic as it comes out. Yet for all of that, I had never made the trek before to a Star Wars Celebration.

This was my mecca.

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Insomniac Games revealed its first Facebook effort, Outernauts, back in May, and now fans can take a peek for themselves thanks to the just-launched public beta. Outernauts is a Pokemon-like massively multiplayer RPG in which players explore a variety of planets for alien life forms to capture and train; combat is relegated to your animal companions, all of which can be leveled up with improved stats and new abilities.

I dove in to sample a little bit of the new game, which the developer hopes will draw in serious gamers with its "deep story [and] real RPG strategy, coupled with Insomniac's signature sense of humor." There's definitely a lot going on, between the many different types of collectible alien life, abundance of loot, and an entire homeworld of your very own to build up. The art style leans more toward a younger audience, but the array of content definitely seems designed to attract older gamers.

Have you tried Outernauts yet? What do you think? Is this a Facebook game you'd want to keep up with?

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SimCity Social On Facebook Builds On EA's Previous Sims Online Attempts

The SimCity Social beta launched just recently, kicking off a Facebook-wide meeting of virtual mayors for the top-down city planning franchise. This, however, isn’t the first game in the Sims universe in which you could interact with other Art Vandelay wannabees. From last year’s The Sims Social on Facebook to 2002’s The Sims Online for the PC, EA has been tinkering with Will Wright’s creations to mixed results for years. SimCity Social brings a more “core” franchise to the casual gaming platform and, more importantly, demonstrates that the company has learned from a few of the mistakes of its past online Sims games.

Doesn’t Bulldoze Core SimCity Gameplay
The first thing that SimCity Social gets right is that it keeps intact the gameplay mechanics of 1989’s SimCity and its colorful sequel SimCity 2000. You’re still building a small town that, over the course of many hours and several hundred mouse clicks, can turn into a bustling little city.

You’ll begin by building roads, houses and farms and eventually work your way up to erecting museums, stadiums and iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. Your power as mayor is only limited by your imagination and game-essential resources like materials, money, and energy. EA, like Zynga, encourages you to purchase these resources with real-life money when you're low or just want to speed up the wait times. Thankfully, with enough time and a little bit of help from friends, you'll never feel compelled to take the easy way out if you can handle classic SimCity gameplay.

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Outernauts, the upcoming Facebook game, is featured in this E3 2012 gameplay demo with Insomniac Games CEO and President Ted Price. Outernauts is an adventure RPG where players travel through dozens of worlds capturing, training, and battling beasts. Each beast has a special set of abilities they can unlock as they evolve.

Players are encouraged toward co-operative play in Outernauts, too, due to some otherwise inaccessible dungeons and challenges. Friends can also combat one-vs-one.

Outernauts is due for release on Facebook in the coming weeks.

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Welcome to G4's Knuckle Up, where we bring you a byte-sized view of our five favorite mobile games every week. The phone and tablet space is filled with incredible games that will keep you busy for minutes, hours, or even days -- we'll let you know what we're playing and why we're playing it. Here are our top five games this week:




Air Mail is serving up some Pilotwings realness right now on iOS. It’s not just a cheap clone or a terrible faux-port of the popular Nintendo franchise. Chillingo’s history of excellence proves itself again with a title that’s charming, challenging, and meticulously crafted. You’re “Scoop” (you get to pick a boy or girl character), a young pilot freshly inducted into the ranks of the Domeekan Island Flyers. Scoop must deliver packages, explore, and complete other challenges on the cheery archipelago -- at least until the Verikai Sky Fleet comes in and sets up a blockade.

One of my favorite parts of Air Mail is its complete lack of actual dogfighting. Sure, Scoop is part of the war effort, but that doesn’t mean you have to shoot down the bad guys to win. Objectives include supply line sabotage, disarming explosives, and delivering supplies to your own brethren. It’s refreshingly innocent, but not in a naive way. Visually, Air Mail is downright gorgeous, especially on the new iPad, and you’ll find yourself loving Exploration Mode, wherein you fly around in your plane, pick up information, and take in the sights of Domeekan.

Air Mail is an exquisite example of how mobile games can truly entertain and tell a compelling story without losing the heart that great mobile gaming is all about. This is a game all ages and kinds of gamers will enjoy.

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Outernauts Teaser Trailer »

In terms of keeping up with market trends, Insomniac's venture into Facebook via its newly revealed Outernauts might feel somewhat belated, considering how Zynga made their mark back in 2009. Yet what the console game developer hopes to do is bring its brand of plot-driven game design to the social platform, the same kind of narrative draw that made Ratchet & Clank and Resistance so well known. Facebook gamers know all there is about goals (farming or otherwise), but do they know quests? Insomniac is looking to educate the social gaming masses.

Some of us do like character motivations and narratives to pull us into a game. We could care less about having the biggest city or a thriving cafe. With Outernauts, there's a conflict against an intergalactic megacorporation, a race to find a universe-changing artifact, and lots of space pirates to battle. Your playable hero, whose name you choose, could be either gender and can have their hair, skin, and armor customized. Like many RPGs, armor pieces each have stat enhancements, and completing a set of a particular kind of armor will yield bonuses.

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