X-Men: Days Of Future Past: Photo Of Ellen Page As Kitty Pryde

X-Men: Days of Future Past doesn't look to be stopping its torrent of tweet-teasing cast reveals anytime soon. Over the weekend, director, Bryan Singer dropped a photo of one the film's featured phase-shifting females: Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde.

The role actually marks a homecoming for Page, who played the character in 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand for director, Brett Ratner. At the moment, nothing regarding the plot of this movie, which brings an unbelievably enormous cast of mutant alumni, is clear. Thus, the specifics of where Page's Kitty Pryde stands amongst this embarrassment of riches of a cast with biggies like Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique has no context as of yet.

However, what is notable, is that Kitty's role in the original 1981 comic book storyline of the same name was central. The storyline shifted between the "present" and a dystopian future where mutants have been hunted to virtual extinction by the giant robot Sentinels. It was through the teen mutant upstart, Kitty's mental transference between the two timelines that the key to stopping this horrific future from occurring emerges when she has to prevent the impending assassination of anti-mutant Senator Kelly in the present.

Of course, given numerous factors having to do with the jumbled X-Men movie canon of Fox, this film adaptation will undoubtedly sport radical differences from the original comic book story by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. Consequently, it's doubtful that Page's Kitty Pryde will have that same central role to the film's time-bending plot. Regardless, it could potentially be a heralded moment for comic book movies as multiple casts of X-Men films past and present come together for an on-screen epic whose surreal nature could very well rival that of The Avengers. (I stress, "could.")

X-Men: Days of Future Past looks to cram in so many mutants that it explodes the space-time continuum when it hits theaters on July 18, 2014. Check out the full picture of Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde (which sports a cropped glimpse of Shawn Ashmore's Bobby Drake/Iceman) below!

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The Crow Reboot Casts Luke Evans

The Crow reboot appears to have fully taken flight with the acquisition of its star. Yes, it seems that lanky goth kids in tattered black wardrobe held together with safety pins now have a potential new idol. Actor, Luke Evans has reportedly signed on to play the latest makeup-masked murdered manifestation of vengeance .

For Evans, who has seen his share of supporting roles in recent epics like Immortals, Three Musketeers, and Clash of the Titans, procuring this role is the latest in a string of high profile coups for upcoming films. Evans already has roles lined up in this month's Fast & Furious 6, a key role as Bard the Bowman in this winter's The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (and its sequel next year), and as another Gothic horror icon, Dracula in next year's version of the vampire tale focusing on the historical figure who inspired the character, Prince Vlad. Thus, if you didn't know the name Luke Evans, then most likely by this time next year, it will be a name that could potentially be synonymous with perennial headliners of big-budget bonanzas.

Based off James O'Barr's comic book title and brandishing an iconic status thanks to the performance of the late Brandon Lee in the 1994 original, this remake of The Crow run by screenwriter, Jesse Wigutow and Spanish director, F. Javier Gutiérrez, not only made headlines with legal drama between Relativity Media and The Weinstein Company, but has facilitated a bizarre string of casting rumors. Starting a few years back with Bradley Cooper, the recent array of names spat out from the news cycles pointed to James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston, and Alexander Skarsgård, all of which were subsequently shot down. (Although of all of them, the McAvoy rumor did seem to have legs.) Now, Luke Evans will be the face of this attempted resurrection of The Crow franchise once popularized by sequel movies and a TV series.

And, if the latest rumor uncovered by Latino Review proves true, then it seems that Evans' version of Eric Draven/The Crow will actually be a police officer who is murdered along with his fiancee. However, it seems that the bond they formed growing up together in an orphanage is what facilitated Eric's resurrection, giving this supposedly religious version of the character "ghostly" powers and a plot-centric explanation for the signature white makeup akin to The Invisible Man.

The Crow looks to take back the mantle of "edgy" Halloween costumes when it comes back to life at theaters on a date to be determined.


Guardians Of The Galaxy: New Concept Art Image, Plot Detail Revealed

Guardians of the Galaxy, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first entry into the "cosmic" theater has released a revealing item of concept art along with some new details from Marvel Studios main man, Kevin Feige.

Exclusive to Entertainment Weekly, we see in the pic the silhouette of what appears to be a young boy standing in awe directly in front of an alien spacecraft of some kind. As the report reveals, that kid is a young Peter Quill, the main protagonist of the film, who will eventually grow up to be leader of our team of cosmos crusaders as Star-Lord played by Zero Dark Thirty and Parks and Recreation star, Chris Pratt. We see young Peter during his very first extraterrestrial encounter; a moment in his life, other than the mysterious death of his mother, that would define him. It's also a moment that would push him to pursue a career in NASA, taking him to space, where fate would intervene and he learns that his father was actually an alien, proving himself to be a true living phenomena with untapped super-powers. Peter's path on the hero's journey leads to him being recruited by an intergalactic police force called The Guardians of the Galaxy, eventually deeming him worthy enough to be leader of his own team.

As Kevin Feige reveals to EW on the film:

“Guardians takes place within the continuity of the [other movies] but it’s on the other side of the universe,” Feige says. “We’ve always wanted to do a space movie. I’m obsessed with Star Wars, I’m obsessed with Star Trek.”

Adding: “It’s a huge story on a massive canvas,” Feige says. “We can take it to all those crazy places as long as all the characters respond in an emotionally truthful way. That’s why I believe people are going to respond to Chris Pratt and to an alien Zoë Saldana—because they did respond to that one time before [with Avatar]. And to a tree and a raccoon who, it is certainly our intention, will steal the whole movie.”

The film will certainly push the palettes of mainstream audiences, who have thus far widely embraced everything that Marvel Studios has offered since 2008's watershed moment with Iron Man. Truly, this Phase Two film will determine whether Marvel jumps its franchises into lightspeed or simply jumps the shark. Although, considering the film will feature the sultry Zoe Saldana, whose role as Gamora is now confirmed to feature her in full green body paint, it may have already contributed positively to the proverbial scoreboard.

Guardians of the Galaxy goes out on patrol to arrest space scum when it hits theaters on August 1, 2014.


Fantastic Four Reboot: Chronicle Star The New Human Torch?

The Fantastic Four might be readying itself for a reboot, but it seems that this time around, director, Josh Trank might also be looking to reboot our pigment-based perceptions of Marvel's mighty quartet. According to a report from The Wrap, actor, Michael B. Jordan is in contention to nab the role of Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch.

The busy actor, seen on TV's Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, and last year's film, Red Tails (and was also the voice of Jace Stratton in Gears of War 3), has been building quite a bit of behind-the-scenes momentum in his career with his role in a favorite at the Sundance Film Festival called Fruitvale Station. However, the strength of The Wrap's report resides mainly in the fact that Jordan starred in director Trank's successful faux-verite "kids with super-powers" 2012 film, Chronicle. At the moment, that project is already making names as it has sent Jordan's co-star Dane DeHaan over to The Amazing Spider-Man 2. As the report further elaborates, Jordan, who is in a good place with director Trank, has been meeting with Fox over the possibility taking the fiery role, last played by current Captain America, Chris Evans in the 2005 Fantastic Four film and its 2007 sequel. Apparently, his chances depend on what kind of chemistry he will bring with the rest of the still-unnamed potential teammates.

That's where this report gets interesting (or perplexing) when coupled with recent rumors that has Girls actress, Allison Williams pegged to play Sue Storm, aka The Invisible Woman. Last portrayed by a blondified Jessica Alba in the last series, Sue also happens to be Johnny's sister. While the color-blind casting might seemingly invalidate the Williams story, it is entirely possible that the new script could simply modify the relationship of the Storm siblings to be half-brother and half-sister. Jordan's potential casting certainly presents some intriguing options for a comic book film franchise that's in much need of a revamping, but it may not go over well with purist comic book fans. (And, probably not from the practical standpoint of brand-identification with the existing comic book titles, as well.) Still, if the script is good enough, then, much like Iron Man did in 2008, it could be the film that redefines the tone for everything else.

The Fantastic Four is currently set to bring a cosmic-powered crucible of pain and flames to evil at theaters on March 6, 2015.


Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Gets Lily Collins And New Director

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the long-planned classical mashup film has been revived and has named its star and director. According to Variety, actress Lily Collins is in negotiations to star as the film's main gentrified zombie ganker, Elizabeth Bennet with Charlie St. Cloud helmer, Burr Steers set to occupy the director's chair.

The project, a long-gestating live-action adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's 2009 genre-bending novel, has seen its prospects roller-coaster and at one point seemingly procured Natalie Portman to star and David O. Russell to direct. However, difficulties with the script and translating the tone of the book to the big screen left the project in developmental purgatory, eventually forcing Portman and Russell to exit the project due to scheduling conflicts. (Although Portman remains a producer on the project through Handsomecharlie Films.) Now, it will be headlined by a starlet who, despite being the daughter of rock/pop icon, Phil Collins, has carved out quite an acting career and will star in this summer's Twilight-esque horror drama, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

The film, much like the book, takes Jane Austen's esteemed (and thankfully public domain) 1813 novel into an alternate universe where the lovely Ms. Bennet deals with the societal woes of becoming a proper lady and fielding potential gentleman suitors in early 19th century England ...which is also working through a pesky zombie apocalypse. Now, this film project, which was once written-off as being as dead as the head-hacked shamblings it will surely feature, rises again to attempt mashup madness that could potentially appeal to fans of Austen novels AND zombie-philes. (In other words, the perfect date movie.)

However, the film will have to work through a stigma attached to projects of its ilk, especially after the underwhelming box-office performance last year of a similar experiment in the film adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The primary criticism of that film was that it failed to capitalize on its entertainingly absurd nuances, instead coming across as a generic and forgettable action/horror film. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies will be well-advised to not fall into that trap when it hits theaters at a yet-to-be-determined time.



The Avengers 2: Are Scarlet Witch And Quicksilver Set?

The Avengers 2 may be set to feature its comic book counterpart's most prominent super-siblings. According to a tidbit in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring a cover story on Iron Man 3, a long-touted rumor recently revived by teases from director, Joss Whedon is TRUE: Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will reportedly join the team in the mega-movie sequel.

Of course, with all major news that didn't come directly from the horse's mouth, the report has yet to be backed up with a confirmation. Indeed, Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige (our "horse" in question,) is still choosing to remain mum on the issue. There's certainly a ring of truth to the report considering the source and it has been said that the Avengers team would likely go into the sequel with somewhat of a rotated lineup. It may be the case that reports on the duo's inclusion stemmed from Joss Whedon's current early drafts for the film, which are still subject to a number of unforeseen circumstances that could potentially omit the characters. So, an "official confirmation" probably would not be ideal at this point, regardless of the supposed strength of the report's veracity.

What will be interesting with the potential inclusion of this duo is the fact that this would be the Marvel Cinematic Universe's introduction of mutant characters; specifically, with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, we have the twin daughter and son of the X-Men's main nemesis in the magnetic mutant maestro, Magneto. In fact, both siblings were original members of Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants before going the heroic route. Scarlet Witch brings powers that manipulate probability called "hexes," which she can also use to conjure energy bolt attacks. Quicksilver, on the other hand, is a speedster, who also has the ability to think as quickly as his superhuman feats allow him to move.

This could be a potential watershed moment where we see how Marvel Studios dances around characters and concepts with direct links to titles they don't have the cinematic rights to acknowledge, which in this case, is the Fox-held X-Men mythos. Of course, there are so many variables when it comes to box-office performances of upcoming titles and fan feedback on the upcoming MCU films which could alter the plans to include the duo.

The Avengers 2 reassembles with a more acceptable version of the Wonder Twins when it hits theaters on May 1, 2015.


Transformers 4: Kelsey Grammer Cast As Villain

Transformers 4 has apparently procured its villain, at least one them, anyway. According to a report by Deadline, one of TV's most venerable personalities, Kelsey Grammer has been cast in director Michael Bay's upcoming robot-rampaging sequel...as a villain, no less.

The former Cheers and Frasier actor, who has recently racked-up awards for his performance as a hard-balling, womanizing Chicago mayor on the now-ended Starz series, Boss, will now play a character named Harold Attinger, who is said to be "a counter intelligence guy" and "a key villain" in the fourquel. While details on the film's plot have been kept under tight wraps, it is known that Grammer's (presumably human) antagonistic role will join a growing cast of franchise newcomers headlined by hero, Mark Wahlberg, along with Stanley Tucci, Nicola Peltz, and Jack Reynor.

Of course, this is hardly the first big-budget genre film in which Grammer has starred. (And no, I'm not talking about Down Periscope.) Grammer portrayed the contemporary version of Hank McCoy, aka the blue-mohaired mutant, Beast in 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand; a role later played by Nicholas Hoult in X-Men: First Class and its upcoming sequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past. To Grammer's credit, his performance as Beast mixed an erudite aura with savage badassery that remains one of the few aspects of that particular film (widely considered a trainwreck) that is looked upon positively.

Transformers 4 (title yet to be revealed) uses Frasier's Freudian finagling to confuse its Autobot heroes at theaters on June 27, 2014.


The Wolverine: New Footage Galore In CinemaCon Trailer

The Wolverine has managed to keep Hugh Jackman atop the movie news cycle with the release of a trailer that's a colossal cluster of cool new clips.

While we just got a brief glimpse of Wolverine's next appearance in 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past, it seems that his next immediate outing set this summer wasn't about to end the day unnoticed. The new trailer in question actually made its debut a few weeks back at industry show, CinemaCon in Las Vegas. However, this magnificent montage of mutant mania has finally made its official debut online and it shows a somewhat different film than the full-length debut trailer we got a little over a month ago. Edited down to 57 sleek seconds, the drama of Logan's existential impasse takes a backseat to the sublime slaughteriffc force of pure, unapologetic action.

Amongst the awesome array of unloaded new footage, we see Wolverine in his true savage, scum-slaying form, starting with some hapless subway muggers who experience an upgraded Crocodile Dundee moment of their own when Logan unleashes something on them that's way worse than "a knife." Indeed, it may be the most action-filled minute of a trailer ever, culminating in our first substantive, full-bodied look at the powerful mutant villain, The Silver Samurai (Will Yun Lee), who, for some mysterious reason, is FREAKING HUGE!

The Wolverine trains for an epic showdown with a giant samurai by dispatching random riffraff when it hits theaters on July 26. Check out the new trailer just below...now.

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X-Men: Days Of Future Past: First Look At Hugh Jackman As Wolverine

X-Men: Days of Future Past continues whetting the appetites of fans with tweet-teasing temerity by brief glimpses of important things and characters. The latest reveal of director, Bryan Singer gives us our first look via Twit-pic of what to expect from Hugh Jackman's return to the X-Men fold as Wolverine in next summer's mega-mutant movie spectacular.

Of course, we'll be seeing Jackman's Wolverine sooner, rather than later when solo sequel, The Wolverine hits theaters on July 26. Fresh from that performance and likely still in gym shape, the jacked-up Jackman steps in front of the camera to once again be a team player in this time-bending sequel that stars just about everyone from the X-Men movie mythos. In fact, for Jackman, Days will be the SEVENTH time he plays Marvel's adamantium-aligned assbeater, counting the hilarious cameo in 2011's X-Men: First Class. So, after being bombarded by the Japanatastic trailer for The Wolverine, as well as the unending barrage of the film's anti-shirt teaser posters, one may be inclined to ask what's so special about this latest photo of Jackman's Wolverine. One word: Jacket. Specifically, this film's representation of the bomber jacket that the older Logan sports in the original Days comic book storyline and quite memorably on the iconic cover of the January 1981 issue of The Uncanny X-Men #141 (see above).

Another interesting aspect of this picture is what we do not see; namely the entire front of Jackman's face. In the comic book storyline depicting a future dystopia, Wolverine, despite his virtual mutant-endowed immortality, appears far more grizzled and aged, even sporting streaks of gray on his temples. It just may be the case that more poignant surprises regarding Jackman's look are being saved for another day...of future past...or something.

X-Men: Days of Future Past still manages to make fashion statements while time-traveling and fighting giant robots when it hits theaters on July 18, 2014. Check out the new picture of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine (well his back, anyway) just below.

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RED 2: New Trailer Overflowing With Action

RED 2 has released an insanely infectious new trailer which delves deeper into the latest adventure of our heroic aging ass-kickers.

Unfortunately for our grizzled love-stricken protagonist, Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), his current life could be defined by the famous quote from The Godfather: Part III (which was arguably the only redeeming part of that film): "Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in." Indeed, even an innocuous Costco outing to pick up a gross of denture paste with his new main squeeze, Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker) can't go according to plan as his old paranoid pal, Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich) appears out of thin air like a demented soothsayer, spouting rants that forebode yet another intrusion of Frank's past as a CIA assassin into his currently mellow life.

Of course, the intricately-woven plot unfolds and it seems that Frank and Marvin were mysteriously held culpable for a missing late Cold War-era megaton bomb built to be smuggled in pieces and now it seems he needs to find it before untold disaster occurs. Unfortunately, their biggest lead is the institutionalized mad scientist who made the bomb back in the day, Edward Bailey (Anthony Hopkins), who, let's just say is locked up for a reason. As if being framed and dealing with his lunacy was not enough, a hit has been placed on Frank's head, sending old killing buddy, Victoria (Helen Mirren) on his trail, as a well as a dangerous younger assassin said to be the best contract killer in the world who you could almost say strikes like a "Storm Shadow", played by Byung-hun Lee. Things get way out of control and Frank needs to turn to the help of a voluptuous old flame in Miranda Wood (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who isn't exactly observing decorum with PDA when it comes to Frank, despite his current beau, Sarah being ever-present.

RED 2 takes time away from killing to explode toilets and make awkward toasts when it hits theaters on July 19. Check out the new trailer below!

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Iron Man 3: Amazing Air Force One Rescue Clip

Iron Man 3 has yet another killer clip with which to bombard us before we start the weekend. Indeed, it seems the cycle of movie news has temporarily stood still while the Iron Avenger's solo sequel dominates box-offices in just about every place around the world except here in 'Murica. -- Thankfully, we 'Muricans are being somewhat satiated with these sneak peak free sample clips until the film hits next week.

While we just got a dramatic piece with Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark bearing his soul, this gravity-grilling clip thankfully ups the adrenaline into overdrive. (Although sneakier fans checking foreign video sites may have already seen it.) That dastardly clandestine d**k, The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) has somehow arranged for Air Force One to get popped open right at 30,000 feet like a Coke can that was just in a paint mixer. As (presumably) William Sadler's President Ellis, the crew, and various other bureaucratic personnel plummet to their impending deaths, in comes Iron Man ready to turn saving lives into a massive mini-game of gallantry.

The action is certainly an exciting contrast to the last clip and we even learn that the latest Iron Man armor, the Mark XLII has the outrageous contingency feature of electrifying nerves in the human hand to prevent it from opening. Bruce Wayne, it looks like someone just walked right up and stole your title for outrageously-absurd plot-driven gadgets so hard that you dropped your Shark Repellent Bat-Spray.

Iron Man 3 puts together a mid-air group hug when it hits theaters on May 3. The new clip is available for viewing and download on iTunes Trailers, but check out an embedded version below via ComicBookMovie.

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Iron Man 3 may already be a huge smash in numerous countries, but here in the good 'ole US of A, we're still at the one week mark before its wide release. As a result, sneak preview "free sample" clips like this latest dramatic pathos-packed piece keep dropping.

While this scene is a far cry from the obliterating orgy of awesome that the action-packed production surely contains, it nevertheless gives more uninterrupted insight on what's motivating Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark these days. Titled, "Nothing is The Same Since New York" the clip will certainly ring familiar to anyone who has seen the film's vast array of trailers and TV spots. However, we dig a bit deeper in explaining Tony's Big-Apple-related bewailing. Clearly, the events depicted in The Avengers has humbled the formerly brash genius playboy to the point where his place in the world has been redefined for him. He's a man who's made quite a number of enemies during his exploits as Iron Man and now, he's working through some subconscious-mandated insomnia to build a legion of Iron Man armors to help deal with those issues and protect the lovely Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) with palladium-packed power. -- But, is it enough?

In an existence full of space-traveling aliens, other dimensions, and hunky Norse Gods, the self-deprecating deviser equates himself to "a man in a can." (Which sounds like a product sold in bulk to lonely cat ladies.) However, don't expect Tony to spend the whole film sitting on an o-ring cushion, nursing his sore backside. While there is much he will endure, it's all designed to make the impending rise all the more satisfying; especially when takes the fight to Ben Kingsley's villainous mastermind, The Mandarin.

Iron Man 3 bombards baddies with the coolest "distractions" ever when it hits theaters on May 3.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Hayley Atwell Gets In Action

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will have Chris Evans' Steve Rogers/Captain America enduring an awkward reunion with his unfrozen brainwashed buddy in the titular Winter Soldier played by Sebastian Stan next summer. However, it seems that will not be the film's only head-scratching homecoming. Cap's love interest in the badass British bombshell, Peggy Carter is confirmed to be back. While one would think that means the present-set piece would have her either as part of a flashback scene or as an aged version of Steve's lost love, actress, Hayley Atwell confirms she will have multiple fight scenes in the film! -- Wha?...

While it was generally believed that the "flashback" option was the only feasible explanation for Atwell's return in the film, the actress would reveal in a recent interview with Metro (in a piece charmingly titled: "My Captain America character is kick-ass") that she has actually been training and working arduously for three separate fight scenes; an effort that could imply there's more to her part than a simple flashback. According to Atwell:

“‘I’ve been working with some stunt coordinators – I get three separate fight scenes,’” she says. “‘The training has been really tough because not only are you learning the moves, you’re also learning the power of the punch so it doesn’t look like you have spaghetti arms. On my first day, they said: “It’s going really well but you don’t have to add your own sound effects…”’

Interestingly enough, the film will feature actress, Emily VanCamp as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and another potential love interest, Sharon Carter; a character in the comic books who is a familial descendant (through ever-changing context) to Atwell's Peggy Carter, who was Cap's love during the World War II period. Will our hero (somehow) be up to his neck in fantastically fecund Carter femme fatales? Or, is it the case that The Winter Soldier will simply be a flashback-filled feature?

In the meantime, Atwell's character also dominates a rumor regarding an upcoming "One-Shot" short film in similar vein to last year's Avengers-related short, Item 47. Marvel Studios' Louis D'Esposito promises that the mini-feature, set to screen at Comic-Con this summer, will star "a female protagonist." It's an idea that, coupled with the news of Atwell's extensive fight training for a seemingly brief part, has Peggy Carter named as the character it will most likely star in a flashback of sorts. -- So, for those (of us) who can't get enough Hayley Atwell action, disappointment does not appear to be in the cards.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier promises to bring gorgeous WWII-era women who would whoop Rosie the Riveter's ass when it hits theaters on April 4, 2014.

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Guillermo Del Toro Developing HBO Series

Famed director/producer, Guillermo del Toro will be bringing his talents to the unfiltered television playground of HBO to develop a potential new series based on a heralded Japanese manga series called Monster.

Created by Naoki Urasawa, the 18 volume Monster manga published between 1994-1991 would also spawn a 2004-2005 anime series. The story follows a young doctor who saves the life of a 12 year-old boy from a gunshot wound to the head; a seemingly benevolent act that will ultimately yield dire consequences. Years later, it would be discovered that the very same child has grown up to be a homicidal megalomaniac with grand ambitions to single-handedly bring about a new level of mass genocide. As things progress through various twists and turns, it becomes apparent that the child, who is the story's titular "monster," was actually born in a eugenics experiment along with his more benign twin sister to create the ultimate, unyielding ruthless soldier. The story's dominant theme debates whether this level of evil could actually be created or if it was a byproduct of the person's experiences. Thus, it, blends elements of science fiction and philosophy into a dramatic backdrop centering on the age-old "nature vs. nurture" debate.

For Del Toro, the process of getting this adaptation (originally pitched as a feature film,) to the point of feasibility was apparently a long process with not only the original creator, Urasawa, but with studio, New Line, who came to the conclusion that the ambitious project was far too heavy to be contained within a movie. However, it seems that an interested HBO, who, as evidenced by the success of Game of Thrones, seems to be expanding its genre palettes, was able to provide the perfect platform to adapt this sprawling series. Now, Del Toro serves as executive producer and will also co-write the inaugural story with Doctor Who and Sherlock writer, Steven Thompson.

No timeframe has been revealed regarding the debut of Monster. (Or, for that matter, if the show will even keep that name.) It's certainly yet another large item placed on Del Toro's plate, as he currently deals with a plethora of projects like this summer's launch of his "giant robots vs. monsters" directorial effort, Pacific Rim, ghostly drama, Crimson Peak, and possibly running the still-stagnant TV adaptation of The Incredible Hulk.


Guardians Of The Galaxy: Lee Pace In Talks For Villain Role

Guardians of the Galaxy has seemingly procured its villain. It is being reported by The Wrap that actor, Lee Pace is in final negotiations to be cast as the film's momentarily unnamed villain.

Pace, the former star of cult fave TV series, Pushing Daisies, has recently seen his stock soar after having landed parts in lucrative franchises like The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, and as an oddly angelic-looking elven king (and Legolas' daddy), Thranduil in last year's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey; a part he will reprise in the two follow-up films. However, as an interesting fact, Pace was actually up for the role of Guardians' primary hero, Peter Quill/Star-Lord during the film's crucible of a casting process full of top-level candidates. The part would ultimately go to an underdog in Chris Pratt.

At the moment, the identity of Pace's villainous role is being kept under wraps. It's certainly raising questions, since it was assumed that, based on the post-credits scene in Marvel movieverse connected film, The Avengers, that the Mad Titan, Thanos was set to antagonize this cosmic super-team. (Which also has members with origins directly tied to Thanos, as well.) However, it might be the case that the actor will portray an associate of Thanos, possibly setting up a confrontation with the cosmic head honcho for a later film. (Maybe even with help from The Avengers.) The name of the mind-manipulating menace, The Controller has been rumored in the past as a possible addition to the rogues gallery. It is certainly within the realm of possibility for Pace, who joins Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana, Michael Rooker, and the recently cast Ophelia Lovibond in Marvel's experimental space epic.

Guardians of the Galaxy will have a villain trying to get our heroes to push daisies of their own when it hits theaters on August 1, 2014.


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