I, Frankenstein Reveals Motion Poster

I, Frankenstein, the upcoming futuristic take on the landmark 1818 Mary Shelley novel and 1931 Universal hallmark of a film has debuted a motion poster on IGN giving us our first look at star, Aaron Eckhart as the man-made monster, who in this film, is given the Biblical-inspired moniker, "Adam."

The film is based on a graphic novel and screenplay by Kevin Grevioux, an actor who also holds writing credits on all the Underworld films. Certainly, based off this one image, the quasi-Gothic scenery and action influences of that series is present. According to what is known of the story, the setting is a dystopian future where humanity is plagued by gargoyles and demons. Eckhart's Adam is created by scientist, Dr. Victor Frankenstein (Aden Young) in an attempt to upgrade mankind's place in this horrific world. However, Adam, who apparently has been endowed with an immortality that these two evil forces covet, now finds himself in the middle of a struggle between the warring factions of ferocious flyers and, perhaps, makind's own ambitions.

The motion poster, while presenting a style that's a bit conventional to movie posters as of late (Star Trek Into Darkness might have a gripe or two), it does manage to show that Eckhart's Adam isn't looking to sit back and let these forces decide his newborn fate. Armed with a gruesome-looking blade, this reanimated ass-beater looks like he won't even need to flip a coin to decide whether to gank some gargoyles and dominate some demons. Billy Nighy (veteran of the Underworld series), Yvonne Strahovski (former femme-fatale of Chuck), Jai Courtney (A Good Day to Die Hard), and Miranda Otto (The Lord of the Rings films) also round out the cast, with Stuart Beattie, screenwriter of the Pirates of the Caribbean films and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra taking the director's chair.

I, Frankenstein comes alive to reap vengeance on gargoyles, demons, and the "bad" element of fire in general when it hits theaters on January 24, 2014. Check out the lenticular motion poster below!

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Gremlins Reboot Film In The Works Over At Warner

Gremlins appears to be the next classic franchise lining up to get the reboot treatment. Bloody Disgusting reports that Warner Bros will be looking to hit the proverbial F5 button on the popular franchise, rather than continue on with a long-belated third film, as persistent rumors used to tout.

Beginning with the extremely successful summer 1984 Steven Spielberg-produced effort, the popular comedic horror franchise was followed in 1990 with a less-lucrative, but far quirkier, meta-inspired, (and some may argue superior) sequel. Now, some three decades after it first hit theaters (not to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) the diminutive demonic green-skinned creatures who were once cute little furballs that dared to eat after midnight will return in a far more advanced cinematic era beyond the puppetry that brought them to life. While no director (or stars, for that matter,) was named, author/screenwriter, Seth Grahame-Smith who seems to have a finger in many genre pies these days has been procured as a producer, along with David Katzenberg.

Grahame-Smith has penned genre-bending novels like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (the film adaptation is on tap) and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (which did not translate well to the big screen last year,) as well as the script for Tim Burton's remake of classic horror soap, Dark Shadows. He will surely add his talent for nuance and satire to this fan-fave of a franchise from the heyday of legwarmers, Jheri curls, and Thriller jackets. It will be interesting to see if all the bells and whistles of today's filmmaking process will benefit what made Gremlins such a crowd-pleaser back in the day. -- If not, then moviegoers may stay away from this reboot the way Gizmo stays away from bright light.


Man Of Steel: New TV Spot Stands Proud With New Footage

Man of Steel has already been using its promotional super-breath to send various trailers and promos flying our way. However, the latest TV spot officially released online by Warner breaks the trend, since it arrives filled with mostly new footage of next month's big-screen return of The Blue Bomber starring Henry Cavill.

While one should hardly call it a significant game-changer as far as perception of the film goes, this brief 33 second spot manages to cram enough eye-popping action to pack big enough of a wallop to send Michael Shannon's General Zod and his crew of Kryptonian convicts back to the lonely confines of The Phantom Zone where their megalomaniacal musings will go mostly unnoticed amongst the apparent abyss.

The clip starts with foreboding lines by Laurence Fishburne's Daily Planet publisher, Perry White anticipating a not-so-warm welcome from the hard-to-humble human race of a virtual god. After that, a mind-blowing montage of madness with the wise voice of Kevin Costner's Jonathan Kent takes us through some of the intense obstacles that the space-orphan-turned-superhero will have to endure in order to come to terms with his true self. (A goal that hipsters merely think they can accomplish by backpacking through Europe.)

Man of Steel never accepts the option of "not" when it hits theaters on June 14.

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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Unleashes Teaser Promo

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. debuted a spectacular, action-packed teaser promo over the weekend as promised upon Friday's official pick-up announcement by ABC.

While predictably leaving us short of several critical details like why Clark Gregg's Agent Phil Coulson still draws breath in this Marveliffic world, it does lay out the groundwork pretty well for the show's structure as a procedural series of sorts. In fact, Coulson himself says it quite clearly:

"We work the cases that S.H.I.E.L.D. hasn't classified. The strange, the unknown. It's not just 'Spy vs. Spy' anymore. The whole world's in on the action."

So, it looks like this will be a kind of "supernatural case of the week" type of series akin to The X-Files or Fringe, except on a much larger scale and certainly within a much larger world that has been shaped by the emergence of the Titans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In that spirit, we see the cast of Coulson's fellow agents in action, along with footage of a powerful bodyslamming, building-jumping character played by J. August Richards, a veteran of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel making his return in front of the camera for The Avengers helmer, Joss Whedon, who directs this series pilot.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. sneaks back later to touch "Lola" when it debuts sometime this fall on ABC.

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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Officially Picked Up, First Cast Photo, New Logo!

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is now official over at ABC. The network would announce via Twitter that the show has indeed been picked up and has the greenlight for the fall season. -- And with that bit of fantastic news comes some critical reveals: The unveiling of the show's logo AND the very first cast photo showing that, without a shadow of a doubt, COULSON LIVES!

While the Joss Whedon-directed pilot to this television extension of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has recently completed its shoot, it did seem odd that such a surefire hit of a project had not yet received the official nod from ABC to be christened as a proper series. However, when news came of the show's official title last month, along with more casting additions, it seemed all but inevitable. Now, any modicum of doubt whatsoever has been vanquished with ABC's reveal, which also promises more news on the show next week. However, it seems we may get even more before then, since the very first teaser promo will debut THIS SUNDAY NIGHT during the season finale of Once Upon A Time.

The cast photo and logo were subsequently revealed by Entertainment Weekly and what they show are a sextet of sin-stomping smooth customers led by the one and only (mysteriously resurrected) mega fan fave, Agent Phil Coulson played once again by Clark Gregg, thanks to an apparent deficiency in Loki's killing abilities during last year's mega-movie, The Avengers.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gets ready to tear evil a new one, all while wearing suits and sensible shoes when it hits the small screen sometime this fall! Check out the very first cast photo below and bask in Coulson's undead shades-sporting badassery!

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300: Rise Of An Empire: Release Date Delayed

300: Rise of an Empire will apparently have to wait a bit longer for its titular "rise." It seems that Warner Bros has decided to shift its position on the proverbial battlefield of movie seasons from its original close-arriving date of August 2, 2013 to a new place: March 7, 2014.

The 7+ month release delay bumps this sequel from its summer movie blockbuster status to a spring fling film, where its primary competition, much like the film itself, won't exactly have Spartans since it now faces the animated adaptation of Mr. Peabody & Sherman. (A take on the famous segment from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.) However, the shift by Warner will also see the studio's original occupant of the March 7, 2014 release in the Tom Cruise futuristic warfare film, All You Need is Kill get delayed, as well. However, in this case, it will only be for 3 months, as Kill's new release date is June 6, 2014.

Nevertheless, it seems that fans who were anxiously awaiting the next foray into the buff, bloody, ab-blasting, quasi-historical world of 300 will have to wait the better part of a year until that ticket gets punched. No official explanation was provided for the big shift, but one would have to imagine that production issues were to blame. With the old release date of August 2 looming less than 3 months away, we have yet to even see so much as a teaser trailer for the film. (And we thought The Wolverine was a procrastinator when it came to trailers.) Seeing as 300 was such a hit in 2007, it probably was a smart move not to jeopardize the franchise by rushing this epic production. The film will feature Sullivan Stapleton's Athenian general, Themistokles in a head-to-head military campaign taking place on the ground and the seas against Eva Green's shrewd and sexy Persian general, Artemisia.

300 Rise of an Empire takes a long raincheck for its plans to "dine in hell" when it hits theaters on the revised date of March 7, 2014.


X-Men: Days Of Future Past: First Look At James McAvoy As Xavier

X-Men: Days of Future Past isn't stopping its tweet-teasing cast previews anytime soon. That's a good thing, since we otherwise wouldn't be able to get sneak peaks provided by director, Bryan Singer like this Have-a-Nice-Day-tastic 1970's version of James McAvoy's Professor Charles Xavier.

We're still mostly unclear as to how or why, but this film will center around a time-traveling phenomenon which will somehow unite two distinct casts of both X-Men franchises past and present. While the Xavier character will be played by a more stolid, disciplined, and follicle-free contemporary counterpart by the returning Patrick Stewart, we see McAvoy's younger version in 1973, who clearly hasn't let the incident which left him wheelchair-bound in X-Men: First Class dampen his trendy party-going lifestyle. Consequently, this getup is so ridiculously 70's that when the fabric of these behemoth bell-bottoms rub together in his chair, it produces the noise, "bow chicka wow-wow." (In fact, Singer even stuck it with the 70's-inspired hashtag, "Serpico.")

Indeed, just looking at this pic makes you almost hear a copy of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" on a turntable situated next to a lava lamp amidst the stench of organic weed and a sense of post-60's gloom. However, this Xavier, despite sporting a getup seemingly ripped from a contestant on The Dating Game, knows that they see him rollin' and they most definitely hatin'. In this case, "they" could be a number of factors from the forces of Michael Fassbender's former friend-turned-nemesis, Magneto, or even a worse possibility, the giant robotic mutant-hunting Sentinels from an alternate future that must be prevented.

X-Men: Days of Future Past looks to come up with a groovy, "dy-no-mite" name for Xavier's wheelchair when it hits theaters on July 18, 2014. Check out the full photo of James McAvoy's 70's Xavier below.

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Captain America: The Winter Solider: Robert Redford Drops Spoiler?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, next year's unfrozen Avengers follow-ups could very well look to give Iron Man 3 a run for its money when it comes to antagonistic "twists." (Warning: Potential spoiler ahead!)

As some may be aware, the stacked cast of this super-soldier-sequel headlined by a returning Chris Evans will be joined by a legendary veteran actor in Robert Redford, who plays a character named Alexander Pierce, a high-ranking honcho in heroic organization, S.H.I.E.L.D. However, there may be far more to the actor's presence in this film than providing grizzled guidance to young whippersnappers. In a recent interview with The Straits Times (brought to the forefront by Here Be Geeks), Redford was rather candid regarding his role in The Winter Soldier, perhaps too candid. According to the actor, who muses on how this role proved to be of a change of pace:

“I think a career requires a certain amount of reinvention. If you get caught in one track I think that can be dangerous. Success has a dark side to it. you want to be careful if you’ve had success at something, that you not try and follow it by just duplicating it. That’s why I’m doing this Captain America thing. I like the idea of playing a villain…I did that just because it’s a different thing for me to do.”

Yes, you read that correctly, Redford referred to his character, Alexander Pierce as "a villain." This one line has lead to loads of speculation, given the context of the film's comic-book-inspired storyline with the titular character, Winter Solider, formerly Cap's old pal, Bucky (Sebastian Stan). It is now believed that the "Alexander Pierce" character could very well be Aleksander Lukin, a former KGB agent and the brainwashed Winter Soldier's secret handler, who is known to be involved with the seediest of supervillains, namely The Red Skull. (Played in the last film by Hugo Weaving.) In fact, at some point in the comic storyline, Red Skull, used The Cosmic Cube, aka The Tesseract (which he did posses in the last film) to preserve himself by transferring his own essence into Lukin's body. -- Cliff's Notes Version: Redford might be playing a sleeper agent of sorts who could very well be The Red Skull himself.

It's certainly a huge speculative leap, but does seem to have a ring of truth, especially after the whole "Mandarin" stunt pulled by Iron Man 3 and the glee the Marvel Studios folks seemed to enjoy when they pulled the wool over our eyes just to prove that they could. It may very well be the case that Redford, who is a hallmark in the film industry, but a noob when it comes to comic book movies, made a critical slip in the process of expressing pride over his art. Even if this is the case, the idea that Red Skull could have a presence in the film only adds to the excitement and serves the film better than another "twist." (Unless they plan on getting M. Night Shyamalan for Doctor Strange, in which case a twist spoiler would be fatal.)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier might just prove that "The Sundance Kid" is not so sunny after all, when it hits theaters on April 4, 2014.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Will Arnett's Character Revealed

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the upcoming live-action reboot film from director, Jonathan Liebesman and producer, Michael Bay is apparently making an effort to drop nods to elements of the classic cartoon series. It's a fact that is quite apparent upon the reveal (by way of a name tag spotted on set pics) of which character, comedic star, Will Arnett will play: Vernon Fenwick.

The name might raise some question marks to people who are either not too familiar or just have a rusty memory regarding the 1987-1996 animated series which was at one time the center of a worldwide "Turtlemania" phenomena. The character in question, Vernon Fenwick was the egomaniacal colleague of TV reporter and Turtle damsel, April O'Neil, who never wasted an opportunity to steal a big story right from under her tight banana yellow jumpsuit. Of course, what makes the pompous, pretentious prima-donna an integral part of most episodes was his craven cowardice, which even the slightest sticky situation would make surface, resulting in much of the show's comic relief.

Appropriately enough, the former (and soon to be again) star of Arrested Development and Up All Night, has been seen in a great deal of set photos with Megan Fox as April O'Neil (who looks amazing) which contextually seem related to her classic canonical job as a TV reporter. Plus, Fox is sporting a yellow jacket in some of the photos; clearly a nod to April's look in the classic animated show. So, while some of those things may mollify fans still upset over Michael Bay's idea of the Turtles being "aliens," we will have to see how THE key element of the film, the Turtles themselves turn out. They will be played in CGI motion capture by Pete Ploszek (Leonardo), Alan Ritchson (Raphael), Noel Fisher (Michelangelo), and Jeremy Howard (Donatello).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (as it is once again called) gets ready to prove that the 5 second rule does indeed apply to sewer pizza when it hits theaters on June 6, 2014. In the meantime, check out a quick video which might jog your memory on Arnett's classic character, plus a set photo of Megan Fox's April and Will Arnett's Vernon...all below!

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Guardians Of The Galaxy: Enzo Cilenti Joins Cast

Guardians of the Galaxy has apparently nabbed another cast member. -- At least, that's what the would-be cast member in question is claiming. British actor, Enzo, Cilenti recently took to Twitter to tease his apparent joining of the cast for Marvel's big-screen space odyssey.

Cilenti's resume is quite deep, but may be best remembered for his stint on HBO's Rome, Prisoner Wives, and numerous supporting roles in films. He's recently appeared in The Rum Diary with Johnny Depp and has a role in this summer's Kick-Ass 2. He is also married to the gorgeous actress of the Resident Evil films, Sienna Guillory. While Cilenti did not indicate specifically who he would be playing, the role in Guardians will nevertheless be his highest profile project, thus far.

As Cilenti's teastastic tweet states:

"I may or may not be in #Guardiansofthegalaxy. I am sworn to secrecy so can't say. In entirely unrelated news, "I am".

...And that is the extent of the reveal. It certainly seemed like an excited tweet, which makes one wonder how major of a role he's procured. At the moment, the cast is headlined by Chris Pratt as leader of the galactic super-team, joined by fellow teammates, Zoe Saldana, Michael Rooker, and Dave Bautista. Only two vacancies remain with the confirmed members of the primary team and they both happen to be CGI animated characters, one of which (Rocket Raccon) was rumored to be voiced by comedic stars Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler. That leaves the voice of giant tree alien, Groot as Cilenti's only possibility for being part of the team. -- Of course, his role could be anyone. With Lee Pace cast as the still-unnamed villain (The Controller is the dominant rumor,) and Ophelia Lovibond cast for a mysterious role, the field is still quite open for characters Cilenti could be set to play.

Guardians of the Galaxy, for all we know, may be sizing up Enzo Cilenti for the role of intergalactic urinal scrubber when it hits theaters on August 1, 2014.


Doc Savage: Shane Black Of Iron Man 3 To Direct

Doc Savage, the classic character from the era of pulp comics and novels is reportedly set to be reinvigorated on the big screen and he'll have the help of the director behind the newly-crowned second-best summer opener of all time. Yes, Iron Man 3 director, Shane Black has officially boarded this Sony Pictures adaptation, looking to break new ground with a genre franchise to shape for himself.

Your average Joe in the street may not be familiar with Doc Savage, but in actuality, he's one of the oldest comic book type characters around. Making his debut in 1933, the character would manifest through an array of comics, novels, radio dramas, and yes, films. Born under the name, Clark Savage Jr., the chiseled-jaw, bronze-skinned, widow's-peak-wearing character is a master-of-all-trades prodigy raised from birth to be, among other things, a physician, scientist, surgeon, and inventor with exceptional strength and martial arts skills. However, his primary function in life is to fulfill that adventurous, exploratory, and overtly cosmopolitan spirit usually shared with characters in the era of serial films. (An old-fashioned idea to which George Lucas paid tribute with Indiana Jones.) While there have been numerous attempts to resurrect the character in various mediums, even with DC putting out a crossover comic with Batman in 2009, the 1975 box-office bomb of a feature film called Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze remains the most notable major attempt to bring him back into the mainstream.

Now, Doc Savage may have his best chance to break that wall with Shane Black at the helm. Riding high off Iron Man 3's $174.1 million opening weekend (the second best ever and only behind the $207.4 million debut of The Avengers), Black, previously known only as a screenwriter of well-known action films like the Lethal Weapon series, has now established himself as a truly bankable big-name director. Certainly, the script, co-written by Black with Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry should carry the adventurous spirit of the source material while updating the cheesy 1930's ideals of perfection that the character seemed to embody.

Doc Savage looks for more ways to make its main character seem like a walking fake eHarmony profile when it hits theaters at a time to be determined.



Transformers 4: Sophia Myles Jumps On Board

Transformers 4 continues adding to its non-giant-robot supporting cast. It is being reported by The Wrap that London-born actress, Sophia Myles has been cast in director, Michael Bay's next rampaging romp of robots wrecking the world.

According to the report, Myles will fill the role of "a scientist." While nothing is confirmed, the character could potentially be the romantic interest of the lead character played by Mark Wahlberg. The actress has certainly seen her share of "genre" action with roles in Underworld, Underworld: Evolution, a memorable role in a David Tennant era episode of Doctor Who, "The Girl in the Fireplace," and was a regular on the cult-but-cancelled vampire TV series, Moonlight. Now, the beautiful blonde Brit will play a scientist bringing...scientific stuff to help fight the good fight in Michael Bay's cinematic world where Hasbro's prodigious protean paladins treat our fragile little world like it's their personal product placement-permeated octagon, while blowing stuff up in slow motion with hot women arching their backs gracing the background...brought to you by Taco Bell.

Myles joins an ever-growing cast which completely replaces the Shia LaBeouf era of the franchise consisting of the aforementioned Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Stanley Tucci, and TV icon, Kelsey Grammer, who plays one of the film's would-be human villains. No details are available regarding the plot at the moment. (But, as I have implied, "giant robots blowing stuff up" is a safe bet.)

Transformers 4 goes out to prove that gentlemen AND apparently Autobots prefer blondes when it hits theaters June 27, 2014.


Mission Impossible 5: Tom Cruise Singed To Return

Mission: Impossible 5 appears to be a task that star, Tom Cruise has chosen to accept. Barring whether the message will self-destruct, Deadline reports that the actor has indeed signed a deal to yet again reprise his role as espionage agent, Ethan Hunt in the upcoming, yet-to-be-titled fifth film.

According to the report, studios, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions have confirmed that the deal to bring back Cruise is done. While the specifics on the "whos" and the "whats" remain played close to their chests, the report strongly espouses the narrative that director, Christopher McQuarrie may be the man to take the helm this time around. With McQuarrie having directed Cruise in recent efforts like last year's Jack Reacher and the 2008 historical World War II drama, Valkyrie and was even at one time penning the apparently-aborted Top Gun 2 script, it seems that the actor is interested in reprising this collaboration for his signature action vehicle.

Of course, the Mission: Impossible series, while never incredibly deep, have always proven to be the proverbial litmus test for the state of action films at any given time. Starting with director Brian De Palma's stylish 1996 original update of the 1960's TV show, John Woo's bevy of bullet-time slow-motion in the 2000 sequel, J.J. Abrams's gritty shaky-cam kidnapping epic in 2006's third film, and Brad Bird's intense, on-the-run, sky-walking fourth film in 2011, they've all provided solid snapshots of the action genre. Also, as evidenced by the $695 million global take of that last film, Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol, it still clearly has no problem finding audiences.

As for Cruise himself, say what you will about him, but the man knows how to carry an action flick. He'll be going into this "fivequel" riding high off the (thus far) $222.6 million worldwide gross of this year's futuristic thriller, Oblivion. (Not bad at all for a non-sequel.) He's also gearing up for another updated take on a 60's spy show with director, Guy Ritchie when he stars in The Man from U.N.C.L..E. alongside Armie Hammer. Thus, any reports on the demise of his bankability have been greatly exaggerated.

Mission: Impossible 5 looks to do giant bungee jumps onto Oprah's couches at theaters probably sometime in 2015.


Star Wars Game License Goes Exclusive to EA

It appears that the Star Wars videogame empire will rise again...under the EA banner. After appearing temporarily collapsed when new overseers, Disney shut down the longstanding home-based developer/publisher, LucasArts last month, it has been announced that EA has signed a multi-year exclusive deal with the new Disney-sized Star Wars franchise to develop and publish games on a global basis.

Upon the announcement of LucasArts' demise, Disney's proposed plan was to follow a license-based model. Indeed, today's news fulfills that model with the monolithic company who has published Star Wars titles in the past like the Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic RPG series and Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG. With the developmental and publishing power of EA by Disney's side on the prospective major titles, the empire of Mickey retains rights to the smaller games targeted for phones and tablets.

As EA Labels President, Frank Gibeau muses on the official site:

"Today, The Walt Disney Company has announced that they have chosen EA to create new Star Wars experiences for gamers worldwide. The magic of Star Wars is interwoven into the worlds, characters, planets and amazing battles. It is a universe that lends itself perfectly to gaming.  Our agreement unlocks a whole new future of Star Wars games that will span consoles, PCs, tablets, mobile and more."

Also notable, is that EA will retain the use of teams from its labels, DICE, Visceral, and BioWare on the development of what should be a steady array of Star Wars projects. So, while the fall of LucasArts remains a sad sign of changing times, it may prove more symbolic than substantive. As Gibeau comments on the developmental teams:

"These imaginative teams will make games that may borrow from films, but the games will be entirely original with all new stories.  Powering it all will be the Frostbite 3 development engine – guaranteeing incredible graphic fidelity, environments and characters."

It will certainly be interesting to see what EA has in store for Star Wars fans, or if they may be so inclined to pick up the pieces of the much-mythologized LucasArts shooter project, Star Wars 1313, which was indefinitely shelved by Disney. The specifics will surely be sprinkling in the coming weeks and months.


The Wolverine: New Silver Samurai Art Poster

The Wolverine has released a new poster and get this...it does NOT feature a shirtless Hugh Jackman screaming into the abyss! Nay, this new poster released by director, James Mangold via tweet, features an artistic glimpse of one of the film's main antagonistic muscle, The Silver Samurai.

Resembling some type of ancient Japanese pictograph, the image features a full-bodied (albeit roughly-depicted) look at the character of Kenuichio Harada, a menacing mutant who can channel energy and cavorts in armor as the sword-swinging Silver Samurai. While he will be portrayed by actor, Will Yun Lee, who some may know from his current semi-regular role on Hawaii Five-0 as the roguish informant, Sang Min, the latest trailer for the film recently unveiled at industry show, CinemaCon, shows us a brief live-action glimpse of the character...and he looks FREAKING HUGE. Since Will Yun Lee is a normal-sized human being who can probably use public toilets without breaking them, the glimpse might have revealed something plot-wise about this live-action version of the famous X-Men villain and Wolverine rival.

Regardless, the poster shows an awesome and overwhelming opponent for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, who will also have to contend with the face-ripping femme, Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova), as well as an entire legion of ninjas that could very well make the folks behind G.I. Joe: Retaliation jealous.

The Wolverine shows The Silver Samurai slicing and dicing the division of decency when it hits theaters on July 26. Check out the full Silver Samurai poster below!

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