New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con is coming, people, and G4 will be all over it. NY Comic Con happens between October 11-14, 2012 at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC, and promises to gather the biggest stars, coolest movies, best TV shows, and raddest cosplay under one roof. If you're going to the show -- and you should be going -- make sure and stop by G4's booth (Booth #1048).

G4 will be giving away awesome swag, offering G4 and AOTS t-shirts, hoodies, iPhone cases and other merch for purchase, and we'll even be bringing our hosts Blair Butler, Jessica Chobot, Blair Herter and Grace Helbig to the show to sign autographs.


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This past weekend, at the The Comikaze Expo, "lucky" attendees were offered the chance to navigate a Zombie Apocalypse maze, a 75,000-sqft survival course infested with undead. Thousands entered, and most had their damn brains eaten. 

We were there, taking pictures to bring you a look at some hungry ghouls and terrified humans. Check out our Comikaze Zombie Apocalypse pictures.

To clear your mind, check out the rest of our Comikaze cosplay pictures.

Comikaze 2012 Cosplay Pictures


Posted September 17, 2012 - By Donell Tucker

The past weekend, Los Angeles hosted a huge-but-hardcore comic book convention. Comickaze, a gathering for fans of comics, anime, gaming, sci-fi, fantasy and horror, attracted some of the greatest people in fandom... and we've got the pictures to prove it.

Click on any of the cosplay galleries below for a look deep inside Comickaze!

Comikaze 2012: Video Game Photo GalleryComikaze 2012: Comic Book Cosplay Photo GalleryComikaze 2012: Anime And Manga Cosplay Photo GalleryComikaze 2012: Star Wars Cosplay Photo GalleryComikaze 2012: TV & Movie Cosplay Photo GalleryComikaze 2012 Show Floor Photo Gallery

Fresh Ink Online: Sam Humphries Reviews Incognito »

We’re baaaack!!! Yes, host Blair Butler returns in all her comic-loving glory in this very special Fresh Ink Online. Blair is joined by partner in crime Sam Humphries for graphic novel reviews of Locke & Key, Walking Dead, Scalped, Incognito, Message To Adolf, God & Science: Return of the Ti-Girls, and Dal Tokyo. Plus, Sam gives us the scoop on the latest in his world of Ultimates, Fan Boys vs. Zombies, Higher Ground, and Sacrifice.

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Star Wars Celebration 6 Wrap-Up: Exploring The Extended Universe

The first thing that most visitors saw as they walked into Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, Florida last week was a two-story high replica of an Imperial AT-AT walker. Those who came in through another entrance instead saw a massive inflatable Death Star suspended above the lobby floor. R2-D2 units whirred all around below, issuing forth from the nearby meeting room for the R2-D2 Builders Club. All over, costumed and armored men, women, and children helped to further the notion that attendees had just stepped into a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Celebration is unlike any fan convention or trade show that I've been to. These are my people. I grew up watching and wearing out VHS copies of the Original Trilogy. My mother likes to sometimes remind me that my first trip to the movies was for A New Hope -- then just Star Wars -- while I was in utero. I treasured and still do treasure my action figures. I read every new book and comic as it comes out. Yet for all of that, I had never made the trek before to a Star Wars Celebration.

This was my mecca.

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Magical Game Time And The Art of Zac Gorman

The world of video game web comics is an ever-growing field. While there certainly are mainstays in the arena like Penny Arcade and Ctrl+Alt+Del, there are many other smaller comics that have carved out their own niche.

Zac Gorman’s “Magical Game Time” is technically one of the smaller video game web comics out there (Gorman has yet to put on a massive gaming expo), but is quickly gaining traction and clout in its field. Always a sucker for I-knew-him-whens, I hit up Gorman for an interview to talk about—among other things—Awesomenauts, The Simpsons and games our moms liked to play.

Gorman’s first foray into video game web comics was with a small site called “I Draw Nintendo” which quickly took off when one of his Zelda pieces was picked up by a number of gaming sites. From the beginning, Gorman has strayed quite far from other gaming comics (so much so that I hesitate to even call Magical Game Time a web comic). As he puts it, “It was definitely just about making doodles of the games I love. I never really planned on making a video game web comic. Once it started taking off a little bit I just kinda ran with.” Now his artwork has been featured on myriad gaming sites and has been re-blogged on Tumblr countless times.

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Blair Herter recently welcomed Marvel's VP of Game Production, TQ Jefferson, to X-Play to chat about, you guessed it, comic book video games! It might surprise you how involved Marvel is in the video game creating process.

Toward the end of the interview the magic happens. I'm talking about Deadpool, baby! In case you didn't know, Marvel announced a Deadpool video game at Comic-Con 2012.

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With host Blair Butler off in a post-Comic-Con daze, regular contributors Jenna Busch and Tory Mell fill in for reviews of Fables, X-O Manowar, Green Lantern Corps, Silk Spectre, Captain marvel, Justice League Avengers vs. X-Men, and Star Trek The Next Generation Dr. Who. Dig the madness!

Fresh Ink Online: Jenna Busch & Tory Mell Review Star Trek »

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Singer Chris Daughtry was at Comic-Con 2012 teaming up with Jim Lee to promote DC Comics' campaign, We Can Be Heroes. G4 got a chance to interview Daughtry to learn about how he's helping out with this effort to provide relief for the people on the horn of Africa who are suffering the worst famine in 60 years. Comic-Con is about more than comics, everyone.

Click play, check out Daughtry, and see how you can help the We Can Be Heroes campaign:

Chris Daughtry Interview On We Can Be Heroes Comic-Con 2012 »


 Marvel Celebrates 30 Years Of Marvel Games At Comic-Con 2012

It's hard to believe, but we've been enjoying Marvel games for 30 years now. Turning 30 is never easy for anyone, but Marvel's interactive arm seems to be taking it in stride and celebrated heartily at their Comic-Con 2012 panel.

In 1982, Marvel released Spider-Man for the Atari 2600 and they kicked off their panel by showing the seemingly-ancient television commercial for the game. It was the comic book giant's first foray into computerized entertainment, and in 30 years, they've come a long way. To illustrate just how far games have come, the Marvel gang screened the trailer for the recently released The Amazing Spider-Man. The newest Marvel offering was met with critical acclaim from game critics (Read our The Amazing Spider-Man Review.), and the trailer was a big hit with the crowd.

Not ones to dwell in the past, however, the panel soon moved on to upcoming titles set in the Marvel universe.

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More often than not, comic books fail to get their due in the world of video games. Most comic book video games are just obligatory tragedies designed to pimp an equally bad accompanying film. The solution, of course, is to cut out the middle man. Rocksteady learned this and made two of the greatest comic book-based games of all-time based on Batman.

With Comic-Con behind us and the Dark Knight rising in the distance, it’s a great time to dream about which comic book characters deserve a game to bring them to life and into our living rooms.

Top 5 Comic Book Characters That Need A Video Game -- Following In The Footsteps Of The Dark Knight

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Daredevil – Seeing is Believing

Video games are always looking for a new way to bring an experience to players. Playing a game as Daredevil would definitely fill that role. Blinded at a young age by radioactive waste, Daredevil’s other senses became heightened to an extraordinary level. He uses a sort of sonar in place of vision, allowing him to see in the same way bats do. What this means for a video game is an entirely new way of looking at gameplay.

Whereas in other games, certain rooms are dark in order to build suspense; in a Daredevil game those same rooms would be silent or odorless in order to disorient the player. Further, Daredevil’s signature weapon—an augmented billy club with a length of high strength cable—can be used both for travel and for simply beating the snot out of thugs. Finally, Daredevil has a fantastic, deep, and dark backstory (as any superhero that has been touched by Frank Miller usually does) that would lend itself to a 15+ hour video game.

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Feedback welcomed comic book icon and DC Comics Co-Publisher, Jim Lee, to the show during Day 2 of our Comic-Con coverage. Blair Herter and Jim Lee geeked out about their favorite comics, talked Comic-Con and, as always, answered your questions. If you missed Jim Lee on Feedback you're in luck. Feast your eyes and ears on Feedback From Comic-Con 2012 Day 2 with DC Comics Jim Lee.

Jim Lee from DC Comics at Comic-Con 2012 »

In the video below, Blair Butler talks to comics legend Robert Kirkman at the Image Comics booth at Comic-Con 2012 about The Walking Dead and more. Kirkman gives us the inside word on what's coming up in The Walking Dead, as well as his new comic, Thief of Thieves.

"AMC is developing it [Thief of Thieves] as a TV show right now," Kirkman said, "It's a very grounded take an heist story. It's about Conrad Paulson who has turned his back on his personal life to pursue his career as the greatest master-thief who ever lived."

Robert Kirkman & Image Comics At Comic-Con 2012 Live »

The legendary Joss Whedon joined us at Comic-Con 2012 and boy what a treat it was. The director of The Avengers let us in on what's coming up next in his comic book series', how he feels about doing another Firefly project, and more in the video below.

Joss Whedon Interview On Comics At Comic-Con 2012 »



Fresh Ink Online: Tiffany Smith Reviews Dracula »

Yes, it’s graphic novel roundup time again, kids. Returning guest Tiffany Smith joins host Blair Butler for reviews of Fatale, The Left Bank Gang, Pride of Baghdad, Johnny Wander, Dracula, Batman Earth One, Tanpopo and The Comic Book History of Comics.

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