The Walking Dead Showrunner Glen Mazzara Steps Down

AMC has announced the not-so-shocking news that The Walking Dead, its hugely-successful zombie apocalypse drama has been renewed for a fourth season. However, it appears that for the second time in the (after)life of the hit series, the ship will require a new captain. 

Executive producer and showrunner, Glen Mazzara will be making what is referred to as an "amicable" split from the show after creative disagreements with the network over its direction. However, Mazzara will remain on board during the post-production phase for season 3's second half (which returns February 10) before leaving the "survival of the fittest" world full of rovers, walkers, and dictatorial smooth talkers.

Could this be seen as an opportunity for fresh perspectives? Or will the move leave the show handcuffed on a roof full of walkers after the late T-Dog dropped the keys?

Check out the official joint announcement from Mazzara and AMC below.

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Iron Man 3: Tony Stark Takes Beating In New Photo

Marvel has unveiled a new photo from the upcoming Iron Man 3, although from Tony Stark's point of view, it hardly captures a Kodak moment.

We don't know who gave Iron Man this serious beat-down, but whoever it was had to be pretty powerful. After being exposed to the first trailer and seeing some of the stills, it's hardly a secret that the Armored Avenger is in for his toughest test yet.

Not only has his greatest enemy in The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) finally surfaced, but a techno-virus making his armor collection go haywire has been unleashed. On top of that, it appears that goons like Coldblood (James Badge Dale) have Tony set in their crosshairs.

Oh, but don't get the impression that this film is going The Dark Knight Rises route, sending Tony off to hiding armed with a cane and a wealth of self-pity. While that techno-virus (Extremis) may cause some weird stuff, which include his armors creeping over Pepper Potts at night, those kinks should be worked out and Iron Man will receive some serious upgrades to fight his new enemies. (I guess Pepper will just have to deal with the nightly gropes from the armors.)

Iron Man 3 directed by Shane Black looks for a body shop that handles Mark VIII armors before hitting theaters on May 3, 2013.

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S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Show Casts Some Nashville

Marvel's upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series has added the final regular agent for its spinoff in singer/actress, Chloe Bennet.

The 21 year-old half-Asian attraction made a name for herself in Beijing, China where, billed as "Chloe Wang," she became a bilingual pop star. However, as with most exquisite ingenues, the acting bug eventually bit and she relocated back to the states where she currently appears on ABC's Nashville. (Which stars Hayden Panettiere, whose name on Heroes was Claire Bennet. Coincidence? -- Probably.)

Bennet/Wang will play the role of the energetic Agent Skye. The Hollywood Reporter describes the character as:

"A confident woman who is slightly obsessed with superhero culture and the shadow organizations that exist within it. She's edgy and can out-talk anyone with her unflappable nature."

Essentially, she will be the show's gorgeously geeky beauty with enough of an edge to send fanboys into an amorous haze with the gratuitous use of pop-culture references and big-eyed close-up shots. You can't go wrong with that, I guess.

Bennet joins a cast headed by Clark Gregg's returning Agent Phil Coulson consisting of Ming-Na Wen, Elizabeth Henstridge, Iain De Caestecker, and last month's addition of Brett Dalton. Shooting is said to commence in January.


All hail comic book goddess Blair Butler! She wraps up her long-running Fresh Ink segment on& Attack of the Show with a look back at her most favoritest and bestest graphic novels featured on her comic book journey. Her picks include Locke & Key, Criminal and more. Now what are we going to do every Wednesday?

Blair Butler's Top 7 Comic Books Of All Time »

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X-Men: Days Of Future Past: Wolverine Officially Joins

It appears that upcoming prequel-sequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past will feature the claws and fury belonging to the one and only Wolverine!

A few weeks after it was reported that actor, Hugh Jackman was in talks to yet again reprise his role as the adamantium-braced, buff beserker, director, Bryan Singer has just given the official stamp on that bit of news by way of tweet.

Of course, Jackman's Wolverine is already bracing for a return to theaters everywhere on July 26, 2013 when the character's second solo shot, The Wolverine slices and dices the baddies of Japan. Prospectively, Wolverine's appearance in Days will mark (counting the cameo in X-Men: First Class,) the seventh appearance of Jackman's rendition of the now-iconic antisocial hero.

With Jackman's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just secured last week, you can bet that his addition to the cast will bring some new box-office pull to the time-bending sequel to a low key franchise relaunch previously lacking bankable stars. Additionally, more pull will come with a post-Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence returning as Mystique, plus Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart returning as the older counterparts of Magneto and Charles Xavier.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters to maim massive mutant-hunting Sentinels from the future on July 18, 2014.


Tonight On AOTS: Vinnie Jones From Company Of Heroes & Blair Butler's Top 7 Comics For Fresh Ink

Tonight on Attack of the Show, Michael Kosta and Candace Bailey bring you Vinnie Jones from Company of Heroes, Blair Butler's top seven comics of all time for Fresh Ink and a cooking lessons with Epic Meal Time. Chris Gore also reviews a slew of new Blu-ray releases for DVDuesday, including Looper, Total Recall and Premium Rush. Tune in tonight 7/6c!

The Wolverine Releases New Motion Poster

There's still quite some time before Hugh Jackman unleashes his adamantium instruments once again in next summer's The Wolverine. However, a new international motion poster has been released showing a somber, sword-wielding Logan who clearly isn't afraid of catching a cold in the Japanese night rain.

Despite its high profile, The Wolverine has been rather secretive when it comes to footage and photos. That may soon change, since director, James Mangold is looking to drop the first teaser trailer sometime in February 2013, which seems like a long time down the road, but in actuality is only about a month and a half away.

Until then, fans barely containing their beserker rage and end all sentences in "bub," can check below for the motion poster below, as well as some non-animated versions of it.

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G.I. Joe Retaliation Reenlists With New Trailer

The hype machine for the delayed release of sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation is slowly powering back up.

A week after a new poster touting its 3D-converted status appeared, a new trailer has now emerged with minor (and I stress "minor") bits of new footage from the film as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Roadblock and company get ready to take Cobra's plot for world domination, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways, and stick it straight up their candy asses.

Check out the trailer below to see Die Hard, The Tooth Fairy, and Magic Mike decimating bad guys with extreme prejudice.

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Superman: Man Of Steel Unleashes New Trailer

A new trailer for Man of Steel has hit faster than a speeding bullet. Next summer's big screen return of the baddie-beating blue bomber who can't help being mistaken for either a bird or plane appears even more intense and drama-packed than we thought, which is always a good thing.

Director, Zack Snyder seemed to have no other choice than to take us through the motions of the many-times-told origin story of the super-powered space orphan who grew up on Earth in the sparsely-populated Smallville. However, the conflict and pure pathos that's being exuded by Henry Cavill as the new Clark Kent/Superman is quite in line with the tone of superhero films one would expect to find in a post-Nolan-Batman kind of world.

While the set of teaser trailers we got back at Comic-Con in July seemed to hint a film more centered around the struggles of young Kent coming to terms with his powers and what place he has in the world, this trailer sets that into the broader context. -- The broader context of becoming a world class yellow-sun-soaked ass beater!

Check it out below and see if the world is ready!

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George Takei has single handedly mastered social media and the Internet. So how does he do it? While the actor, author and activist won't share any secrets, he did sit down with Matt Mira on Attack of the Show to discuss his new character in Archie Comics' Kevin Keller series, his new book, Oh Myyy! and how he came to have so many Facebook friends.

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation: New Poster Touts 3D Conversion

The promotional effort behind sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation has released a new poster, likely in an effort to remind potential audiences that the film still exists.

Of course, Retaliation was initially set for release back on June 29 before Paramount Pictures would make a risky (and costly) choice to nix those plans, opting to shelf the film for nearly a year for a complete 3D conversion and possible tweaks to the film itself.

Well, after several months off the radar, it appears that the Retaliation hype machine has reactivated as its announced March 29, 2013 release date looms closer. (Although, the poster says March 27.)

Check out the full poster below and decide if knowing is still half the battle.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Jamie Foxx Confirms Talks For Electro

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems to be moving along steadily, but has it already found its villain? Possibly.

It seems that rumors from last month about actor/singer, Jamie Foxx being in line for the role of villain, Electro were not just rumors after all. Foxx himself confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that he has been in talks with director, Marc Webb about playing Spider-Man's spark-shooting criminal conduit.

If this is true, then, much like Rhys Ifans' The Lizard, the debut of Electro will continue the current franchise's strategy of venturing into new live action territory when it comes to Spidey's rogues gallery.

What could Jamie Fox's potential role as Electro bring to this sequel?

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gets New Harry Osborn

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director, Marc Webb has announced via tweet that he has cast the wall-crawling sequel's new Harry Osborn: Dane DeHaan.

Absent from the first film, the character of Harry Osborn, previously played by James Franco in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, is Peter Parker's best friend. Unfortunately, beneath his happy extroverted surface, lies a tortured young man who is barely clinging to life in the shadow of his renowned industrialist father, Norman Osborn. (Who will be the alter-ego of the glider-gallivanting, pumpkin-bomb-popping Green Goblin at some point.)

The 25 year-old DeHaan is best known for this year's faux-vérité "kids with super-powers" film, Chronicle, as well as roles on HBO TV series such as True Blood and In Treatment.

Now, he fills a critical role in the new Spider-Man mythos as the wayward buddy of Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker; a character whose life consists of conflicts of interest and, in a famously controversial Comics Code-defying moment in history, a drug habit.

Could this mean that the ominous Norman Osborn, who is only mentioned in The Amazing Spider-Man will finally surface in the sequel? We'll find out when it sticks to theater walls on May 2, 2014.

Justice League Movie Has Its Villain?

Does the upcoming Justice League feature film already have a villain lined up? Well, according to a report, the answer would be affirmative.

The folks at LatinoReview have learned that when Warner Bros. wrangles the heroes of the DC Comics universe together to hit the big screen in Avengers-like epicness, they will be tangling with none other than the durable, detestable despot, Darkseid.

While it is hardly a report containing much substance, Darkseid has always been the clear front-runner when it comes to the choice of villains who are powerful enough, recognizable enough, and carry the kind of gravitas necessary to be the main antagonist in an effort against the main lineup of DC Comics superheroes, headlined by Superman himself. (Plus, Tom Hiddleston was busy with The Avengers 2.)

What could this mean for DC's mega-team movie movement?

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