Kinect Disney Adventures Preview: All The Fun Of Disneyland With None Of The Germs

One of the surprising titles from Microsoft's E3 press conference was Kinect Disney Adventures. The game is a Mario Party type adventure where you can play through Disneyland using your Kinect. Your favorite rides are there and tourists wearing crocs are not.

"The layout is realistic, but Kinect Disneyland Adventures presents a cartoonish version of the Happiest Place on Earth ™,  a Disneyland without the tongs of fat Mid-Westerners and the miasma of diaper-smell that are the unannounced attractions of the real park. Instead, you walk by scrubbed, smiling virtual people, encounter Disney characters like Alice from Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, and the rodent ruler of Disneyland himself, Mickey Mouse.  Unlike the real Disneyland, though, you can’t punch anyone."

Check out our Kinect Disney Adventure preview for yourself.

G4's Best of E3 2011! Check Out The Nominees!

The E3 2011 dust is just starting to settle, but we're going to be talking about the games from the show for days, weeks, months, and even years in the case of some of these titles and hardware options. We'll especially be talking about everything that managed to knock our socks off, or at least die trying. Because, you know, our socks can get pungent after four straight days of video gaming action.

Head beyond the break to see G4's complete list of E3 2011 Best Of nominations, and then tune in to X-Play on Monday, June 20 at 6:30 PM Eastern to see who the winners are! Got your own favorites? Chime into the comments below and let us know what you liked, then start the countdown to E3 2012. You only have about 360 days to prepare for it!

UPDATE: Now you can check out all of the winners!

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E3 2011 might be over, but it certainly isn't done yet. The Feedback Crew assembled on our G4 stage to talk all things E3, and shouldn't we have that set all the time? It was very swanky. Join Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, Blair Herter, Eric Eckstein, Nikole Zivalich, and myself in an info-packed episode of Feedback where we talk about Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and more! Want to know what we thought about the Sony Vita? The Wii U? Kinectapalooza? Battlefield 3's puzzling tank demo? Tune in and see!


Feedback -- Live From E3 2011 Edition »


Feedback: Delightfully ready to slip into a post-E3 coma. At least until some good games come out.

The AUDIO MP3 of this episode of FEEDBACK is available here: Right-click and Save.

Microsft Unveils Kinect, Formerly Project Natal

According to Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Spencer, Kinect will most likely be supported in all future first party games for the the 360.

"It's not a mandate that everything we do in first-party has to support Kinect right now," he said. "But I will say, specifically with voice, that there are some things that just seem to make navigating and playing games so much easier, that I would guess the answer will be yes in the end, that you'll see all first-party games using some form of Kinect functionality."

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Fable: The Journey means there's more heroic role playing to be done, which is why Peter Molyneux joins Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler for a hands on look at the new game on E3 2011 Live. This time, gamers can experience the world of Albion through the Kinect with motion control and voice commands to guide your horse, cast spells and explore the land. It's "magic with Kinect!"

Fable: The Journey E3 Gameplay Demo »


Ubisoft Logo

Ubisoft kicked off their E3 2011 event with a fast-paced montage of their greatest titles, Assassin's Creed, Rabbids and Beyond Good and Evil were in the mix. Ubisoft's president Yves Guillemot explained why this year was so special. It's their 25th.

Since it's a stage Michel Ancel came on stage to ask Yves a simple question, Ubi or not to Ubi? Yves of course responded with "Ubi!"

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The Rabbids are back! This time, their ridiculous and zany antics come with motion control, thanks to the new Kinect exclusive features. We got a preview of the fun augmented reality minigames in Rayman Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking at the Ubisoft press conference, like stomping on Rabbids and filling shapes with up to four friends. You know it's a good time when people get out of breath on stage at E3. Check out the demo for yourself!

Rayman Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking Video from Ubisoft Press Conference E3 2011 »

If you've ever wanted to take your Xbox Live avatar to the next step, then you're in luck with Kinect Fun Labs. Announced today at Microsoft's press conference at E3 2011, this new Kinect feature allows gamers to fully customize their personal avatars and make them look exactly like themselves, down to their clothes! Inanimate objects can also be created into the virtual Xbox Live world, which means the possibilities are endless in building your new virtual world. Check out the Kinect Fun Labs demo right here.


Kinect Fun Labs Video from Microsoft Press Conference E3 2011 »



Rabbids Go Home Review

Ravid Rabbids: Alive and Kicking was announced for the Kinect during Ubisoft's E3 2011 Press Conference. The game will allow you to step into a virtual reality with the crazy yet hilarious Rabbids. You'll be able to stomp on their heads and more when the game releases exclusively for the Xbox 360. More details will come soon during G4's extensive E3 2011 coverage.

Microsoft's top selling motion control dance game for Kinect returns with Dance Central 2, featuring even more songs and moves--including two players dancing together on screen, as you can see in this gameplay demo from the E3 2011 press conference.

Dance Central 2 Video from Microsoft Press Conference E3 2011 »

So what do you think? Are you ready to warm up the dance floor again?

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During the E3 2011 Microsoft Press Conference, the developers at Crytek Studios presented a new trailer for Ryse.  Set in ancient times, this Kinect enabled title brings the brutal battles of ancient times directly into your living room!  Close quarter combat just got a little crazier and we got the trailer!

Official Ryse E3 Trailer »




The prodigious FPS giant Ghost Recon returns at E3 2011 with 'Ghost Recon: Future Soldier'. And we are here to say that it is future-tastic. A slick trailer is a mere highlight to the gameplay demo and extensive Kinect integration. Ultra customizable weapons, a test shooting gallery, and all controller-less through the Kinect. Seriously, this is some future s**t right here: 

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Video From Microsoft Press Converence E3 2011 »

Microsoft is really pushing to make the Kinect more than a fun trinket. This is just one of many new kinect features they announced at their E3 '11 Press Conference.

Kinect Sports Holiday

Microsoft has revealed the first details about Kinect Sports: Season 2, coming to Xbox 360 this holiday.

The game will feature six new sports, including skiing, tennis, football, and golf, and new gestures (i.e. holding your hand above your eyes and you’ll zoom down the fairway) and in-game voice support (say “pitching wedge” to select…well, the pitching wedge).

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Dance Central 2 To Feature Simultaneous Multiplayer, New Songs Revealed Including Nicki Minaj's

Dance Central 2 will feature simultaneous multiplayer, according to Microsoft's E3 Press Conference. Simultaneous multiplayer was one of the features that was really missing from Dance Central, so fans of the Kinect dancing game should be thrilled. In Dance Central 2's Perform It mode you'll be able to play together or head to head with friends. The new multiplayer will also allow drop in/drop out functionality so the party never has to stop.

You will also be able to transfer your entire library of songs from Dance Central to Dance Central 2, which makes the sequel feature the largest library ever for a dancing video game. Dance Central 2 will also feature voice recognition, a campaign mode, new venues, dance crews, and a renovated Break It Down mode. Some of the songs from Dance Central 2's new soundtrack were also unveiled. You'll find the full list after the break.

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Kinect Disney Adventures Announced -- All Of The Magic Of Disney Parks Without The Crowds!

Microsoft has announced Kinect Disneyland Adventures, a new game that lets players explore a fully recreated virtual version of the Disney theme parks and rides.

The rides appear to be fashioned after the actual ride layouts, but also incorporate specifically designed mini-games to play once inside the rides. Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland were demoed on stage during Microsoft’s E3 2011 press conference.

It's not clear if the actual rides themselves will appear in the game, but if I could ride Haunted Mansion and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride from the comfort of my couch, I'm sold.

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