Was Choosing The Kinect Name A Very Recent Decision By Microsoft?

USA Today may have spilled the beans a few hours ahead of time, but Microsoft managed to keep the official name for Project Natal under wraps for about as long as you could have expected. Is that because Microsoft didn't actually decide on the name until very recently? Here's my evidence.

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GDC 2010: Sony Motion Controller Officially Called PlayStation Move

Microsoft just announced the name of their motion control technology last night, and already the comparisons with PlayStation's Move are coming in. According to the BBC, the Move is more precise than Microsoft's Kinect. According to the BBC, hardcore gamers will want Sony's tech.

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Microsft Unveils Kinect, Formerly Project Natal

There's a new addition/addiction to the video game world: Microsoft officially revealed the Kinect with a huge multimedia party/circus. You've read Kevin Kelly's description of the launch event, so let me throw it to you: Are you ready to make a Kinection? What do you think of the name? What do you think of the tech?

Microsft Unveils Kinect, Formerly Project Natal

I wrote a prediction piece on Friday where I went around asking the G4 staff what they thought E3 2010 would hold, and not one of us predicted that we would be privy to one of the greatest WTF?! moments in E3 history. I'm writing this just an hour after leaving the event, and I have to keep pinching myself to make sure it wasn't a dream.

Even though it included techno-elephants, Darth Vader, floating couches, and a girl walking on the ceiling ... it was all real. Sadly it was also technology-free, so we don't have enough photos to share with you. Thank the stars that the ballpoint pen isn't considered technology anymore.

Read on for the full version of what went down, which confirmed everything that was leaked online beforehand.

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Natal Pics

Project Natal took one giant step closer towards reality tonight, as Microsoft branded the "no controller gaming" initiative Kinect. Microsoft made good on a number of promises from the first round of Project Natal videos and demos, but two features weren't shown: voice recognition and object scanning.

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Rumor: Project Natal Could Be Renamed 'Kinect', Xbox 360 Slim On The Way

UPDATED [7:36 PM]: The USA Today story has been pulled, but We're at the event and Kinect is confirmed. More information at the press briefing tomorrow, but check out our other story to get a sense of what Kinect games are on the way. No official word on the 360 Slim, expect to hear yay or nay tomorrow.


On the eve of E3, everyone is trying to be the first to name Microsoft's Project Natal before Microsoft officially announces it. Back in May, rumors of Natal being renamed as "Wave" were the leading contender, but now it seems that the frontrunning replacement name for the device is "Kinect," thanks to new evidence from an Italian banner ad. Yes, internet advertising is the source for this rumor, so take it for what it's worth right now. Lending a little weight to the name though is that Kinect was a trademark filed in April by Microsoft, as was Wave.

In addition, the leak, which was discovered by a neogaf.com user, also sheds light on a potential redesigned black Xbox 360 Slim that's on the way. The Xbox 360 Slim is rumored to contain a 250GB hard drive and built-in WiFi, according to that same Italian internet advertisement. See the ad is after the jump along with more pics of the new supposedly redesigned black Xbox 360 Slim.

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Joyride TGS 2009 Preview

UPDATE: USA Today has since pulled their story on Kinect and its game line-up. Make of that what you will.

It's looking even more likely that Microsoft's Project Natal will be called Kinect, as the USA Today has put up a story on the device, listing the game titles to be available in addition to other info on the hardware. Rumored games include the Wii Sports-inspired Kinect Sports, Kinectimals, where you train lions and cheetahs, and the racing game, Joyride, which has been progressing in stealth mode as of late.

Come inside for the full list of games in the works, as described by USA Today:

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Rare Counting Down To E3

Last week, GoldenEye 007 developer Rare celebrated their 25th anniversary by revealing a new logo and new look for the company. In six days, Rare will be making another big reveal…or so it would seem based on what’s going on over at their website right now.

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Parade Magazine writer A.J. Jacobs tried out Microsoft's Project Natal with his family, and instantly launched himself into Internet stardom. People, this is what you'll look like playing Natal:

"Good, Lupe! Good Zane! You're getting all the balls!" Below is an inevitable remix.

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Natal Pics

E3 2010 feels just days away, but Microsoft may have tipped part of their hand early at the All Things Digital 8 Conference. Engadget was in attendance when Microsoft brought out Project Natal on stage for a demonstration, presumably fitted with the near-final design to be revealed soon at E3.

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Project Natal

Microsoft is expected to pull out all of the virtual stops with regards to Project Natal during E3 2010 in a few weeks, and one of the big reveals that’s looking more and more likely is a name change.

Citing an inside source, NowGamer reports that the actual name for Natal is Wave, and Microsoft will make the official reveal during E3.

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Terminal Reality Already Working On Project Natal Game

Microsoft’s Project Natal motion-control technology is expected to receive its official due during next month’s E3, but it’s still not confirmed whether event goers will be able to get hands-free-hands-on time with Natal during the event. On the other hand, it's looking more and more likely that Japanese gamers will get their chance to try out Natal when this year’s Tokyo Game Show rolls around.

"It was in limited form, but we introduced Natal in advance at last year's Tokyo Game Show," Japanese Xbox master Takshi Sensui recently said in an interview with Japanese publication Nikkei. "This year, we'd like to ready a space for a wide audience to experience it."

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Gearbox's Randy Pitchford Explains Why He Can't Develop A AAA-Natal Game...Yet

I can't wait for E3 this year, partially because I can't wait until all the questions we have about Project Natal will be answered in full. Like when will it be out (Prediction: October), will it "swivel" to follow your motion (Prediction: No) and today's question: What color will it be?

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Cirque Du Soleil

Artistic circus troupe Cirque du Soleil have been tapped to help Microsoft show off Project Natal at E3. Microsoft sent out a save-the-date notice today that promises a "spectacular live performance imagined by Cirque du Soleil."

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Terminal Reality Already Working On Project Natal Game

The biggest headline this morning is Microsoft Saudi Arabia marketing manager of entertainment and devices Syed Bilal Tariq reportedly announcing an October release date for the company's upcoming Project Natal device for Xbox 360, as discovered by website Gamertagradio.

I wasn't immediately convinced Tariq was in the know, however. He's made other claims on TV that we haven't heard before. Did you know Halo: Reach is apparently coming to the PC, too? So says Tariq.

But here's the kicker: he's not actually a Microsoft employee.

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