Right then, sorry about the delay. This week's episode of Feedback is, unsurprisingly, all about E3. Most of us are well-rested enough to get our butts into Radio B and dive deeper into the games, announcements, and events of last week. 3DS was tops for everyone, but there was much more to discuss, including the actual potential for the Kinect and the Move, as well as how the rest of 2010 is going to play out now that we have a better idea of the release schedule. Let Adam, Patrick, Abbie, Sterling, and Matt guide you out of the post-event haze...

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Other dark secrets contained within:

  • What powers the top screen of the 3DS? According to Matt, it's "angels' souls trapped in the system." Scientific...I like it.
  • How early is that Kinect Star Wars game we describe as a "fever dream," and wouldn't we rather have that for the Move?
  • Patrick mentions something about Miyamoto and the Mario Galaxy team working on a 3D Mario platformer, and I get all excited in the background. This happens again when someone hypothesizes Kojima working on Zone of the Enders 3 for 3DS.
  • How much heat are we going to get for calling Kinect an expensive TV remote for lazy people?
  • For all the love we give 3DS, two of our show disappointments might not sit well with Nintendo fans...
  • Games we also discuss: Halo: Reach, Killzone 3, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Comic Jumper, Dance Central, and much more.
  • Just to clear up any confusion: Adam Sessler is not an archer.

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Kinect Joy Ride

Microsoft has partnered with car manufacturer Chevrolet to promote Microsoft’s motion-control technology Kinect and Chevy’s Volt electric car by including the Volt in the upcoming driving game Kinect Joy Ride.

Announced during the 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, the partnership will place a commercial for the Volt on the Xbox 360 dashboard and on the Xbox website, and once people watch the ad, the car will be playable in the game.

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Microsft Unveils Kinect, Formerly Project Natal

PrimeSense VP Adi Berenson says the technology used in Microsoft's Kinect will soon be embedded in TVs and PCs, and Berenson would know -- PrimeSense is the company behind Kinect's tech. The company has reportedly already signed deals to put PrimeSense inside HTPC's by the end of the year, and at least one cable company is ready to launch a gesture-controlled set top box by summer 2011 -- that means more little cameras tracking your movement and fewer remote controls.

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Microsoft Store Lists Kinect For $149.99

UPDATED 10:52 AM: In response to questions regarding the price listing, a Microsoft rep told me via email, "We haven't announced a price for Kinect for Xbox 360." Retailer listings do not an official price announcement make.

Microsoft still has yet to announce the official price for the newly minted Kinect, but that hasn’t stopped the official Microsoft Store from listing the motion sensing tech for $149.99.

Online retailers such as Amazon and GameStop have also listed Kinect for this same price, seemingly debunking expectations that Microsoft would go for a more aggressive price point, perhaps around the $100 mark.

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Video Kinect's Body Tracking & Video Shared Viewing

According to online retailer Amazon, Microsoft’s hands-free motion sensing Kinect will cost $149.99, and the first slate of launch titles will sell for $59.99 each.

While Microsoft has yet to officially announce the Kinect prices, GameStop listed the same prices last week, (and Major Nelson even tweeted out the Amazon listing over the weekend), so it's likely that these will end up being the going prices, even though they seem a bit steep.

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Kinect Joy Ride

Who needs an actual car when you've got Microsoft's new motion controller Kinect? I guess, you can't actually go anywhere like you can in a car, but that's a minor detail, because with Kinect Joy Ride, you can race without anything in your hands!

Jake Gaskill previewed Kinect Joy Ride at E3 2010:

"Microsoft first announced Kinect Joy Ride at E3 2009, but it wasn‚t until this year‚s E3 that Microsoft really showed it off. Despite the game looking awfully similar to United Front Games' kart racing title ModNation Racers, Kinect Joy Ride is using the motion sensing power of Kinect to separate itself from traditional racing titles. And based on my brief time with the game, it's definitely a unique experience."

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Do you like Tigers, but are afraid they might rip you limb-for-limb in real life? Kinect to the rescue! Jake Gaskill got his hands on Kinectimals, Microsoft's virtual pet game, at E3 2010.

From his preview:

"Microsoft's Kinect-based contribution to the storied virtual pet genre, Kinectimals, teaches kids that it's totally fine to be friendly to baby tigers, panthers and other highly dangerous felines. Still, there's no denying the cuteness factor of this title, and I can definitely see it being used as a training tool of sorts for parents looking to test the responsibility level of their kid before throwing down money on a new family pet."

Click here to read the rest of the Kinectimals Preview!

Kinect Adventures

Kinect Adventures is a collection of mini-games designed to highlight the awesome versitility of Microsoft's new motion controller, Kinect.

TheFeed's Jake Gaskill got some time on the floor of E3 2010 with Adventures:

"Kinect Adventures features 20 different mini-games, all designed around the idea of heart-pounding excitement and, well, adventure. My time with the game was spent playing Reflex Ridge. If you've seen any Kinect footage from E3, you'll know this particular mini-game as the one where you ride a platform on mine-cart rails and dodge and jump over obstacles as you try to collect coins."

Click here to read the rest of Jake's Preview of Kinect Adventures from E3 2010!


E3 2010 Microsoft Press Conference: Kinect Overview »

 Kinect is coming. You can't stop it. So, you're ready to know more. But, you're tired of reading all the news we've been bringing you today, right? There's only so much text your poor eyes can take. Luckily, now you can just sit back and watch. Feast your eyes on all the Kinect your retinas can handle.

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Turn 10 Unveils Forza Kinect

Turn 10 is bringing an untitled Forza racer to Kinect in 2011, and right now we're calling that Forza Kinect, for lack of a better title. You can walk around a car in three dimensions, experience Iron Man helmet-vision when you focus on components so you can pop the hood and take a look at the engines, check out the brakes, and eventually open up the door, hop in, and start that baby up.

Road to E3 2010

E3 2010 is currently happening, even though the show floor hasn't opened. We're anticipating hands-on time plus a lot more information about a slew of titles, and we've compiled a list below of the games we're really looking forward to. Of course, we don't know about the super-secret games that haven't been announced yet (Zelda is for realz, please?), but we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Check out the list below of our most anticipated games from this year's E3, and tell us what you're looking forward or let us know if we might have missed your favorite. Onwards into E3!

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Video Kinect's Body Tracking & Video Shared Viewing

Microsoft closed out its E3 2010 press conference with the price and the date for the Kinect device. The controller-less control system will be on sale on Nov 4th in North America. Hey, that's just in time for the holiday shopping season! At least ifteen titles will be available at launch.

Video Kinect's Body Tracking & Video Shared Viewing

Video Kinect adds a whole new dimension to your XBOX Live account, which Microsoft just revealed works with Windows Live Messenger integration for online chatting and can bring your friends virtually together by viewing videos from Bing, including movie trailers, news and sports together on screen. Even more fun is Kinect's body tracking feature, which "tracks your skeleton" around the room. Did we say fun? It's almost scary as it follows you around the room. Video Kinect will be available in every country where an Xbox is sold.

Microsft Unveils Kinect, Formerly Project Natal

Microsoft showed off some amazing new, non-gaming features of the Kinect at its E3 press conference today, showing off the device's ability to recognize gestures and voice commands. Kinect features motorized tilt function and a multi-array microphone, in addition to the camera and movement sensor. So it will swivel to follow you.

Microsoft showed off the interface as well. Kinect Hub is a Dashboard for the Kinect. You'll be able to navigate with either gestures or words. You'll say, "Xbox, play music!" and it will. You'll be like Scotty on the Enterprise!

Microsoft Expects More Regular Xbox 360 Updates Going Forward

We are ready and waiting at Los Angeles’ famed Wiltern Theater, just mere minutes from my apartment, for Microsoft’s E3 2010 media briefing to begin. If you went to bed early on Sunday night, you may have missed the leaked image of the remodeled 360 hardware and the Twitter explosion regarding the Cirque du Soleil-fueled reveal of Kinect (nee “Project Natal”). Last night’s…eccentric debut of the new branding initiative gave us our first glimpses of Kinect’s infancy stage software that, aside from a reportedly impressive Star Wars project, is devoted almost exclusively to the casual demographic. Here’s hoping that this morning’s presentation is a little more traditional, and requires 100% less crowd participation.

We’re also expecting to hear details about launch dates, prices, bundles, development and publisher partners, games already in progress, etc. And, as always, a highlight reel of 2010’s offerings from the third parties.

Pfister’s Pfive Pforecasts:

  1. Heavy emphasis on Halo: Reach as this year’s premiere 360 exclusive title.
  2. Gears of War 3 gets a new trailer, but that’s it. Also a new Fable 3 demo, with some sort of Kinect-ability. (Sorry.)
  3. New media partnerships revealed (ESPN 3, like Sterling predicted?)
  4. 360 “Slim” officially revealed, with details.
  5. Traditional gaming stuff is taken care of first; Microsoft wants the lingering message to be on Kinect's appeal to the casual demo, and the way it changes how we navigate the dashboard.

I’m here taking notes for a post-conference write-up, as well as talking points for tomorrow’s live edition of Feedback (6:30PM PDT, only on G4!), and Jake’s here taking pictures. You can watch the entire press conference yourself when it begins using our live stream.

Just try to get some work done today.


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