Walmart Lists Kinect Bundle For $200

For a limited time, Walmart is offering a new bundle for Microsoft’s motion-controlled (and still unofficially priced) Kinect that includes the Kinect camera and a Kinect launch game of your choice for $200.

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Steven Spielberg's EA Game Still Coming?While spotting a game on a resume doesn't necessarily mean that it will see the light of day, any news about the cancelled/not cancelled mysterious Steven Spielberg project LMNO that was in development at Electronic Arts. Superannuation points out that Adam Sigel, a "content strategist, writer, and producer" in Los Angeles has a single line-item on his resume that mentions the game and says "Release TBA", sparking a rumor that is sure to be studied and pored over.

The game has supposedly been in development for a few years, but we're still waiting on more news, if it is indeed coming. Spielberg was at Microsoft's E3 press confrence in 2009 to talk about the excitement behind Kinect (then Project Natal), so could the delay be due to that? Making the game compatible with the upcoming Xbox hand-waver could be one reason for a setback. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait and find out.

GDC 10: PlayStation Move and Sub-Controller Photo Gallery

With Move's release only a few months away, it's not a surprise more developers announce support for the company's motion device. Eurogamer reports Ubisoft's long-delayed strategy game R.U.S.E. is the latest to incorporate Move. It won't, however, be adding support for Microsoft's Kinect.

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Nintendo 3DS

The Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2010 results are in, and Nintendo’s handheld darling 3DS has come away with the top prize.

Overall, the Nintendo 3DS took home two awards, as did Valve’s eagerly await puzzler Portal 2 and Harmonix’s motion-controlled music title Dance Central. However, id Software’s stunning apocalyptic shooter Rage came away with three awards, the most of any title, including Best Console Game, Best Action Game, and the Special Commendation for Graphics.

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Whatever Happened To Kinect's Object Detection Technology?

The reality of Project Natal that Microsoft unveiled at E3 this year, Kinect, wasn't exactly what the company promised when the technology was first teased at the E3 prior. One of the biggest omissions was the ability for the camera to detect objects and implement them into games. That wasn't present anywhere at E3 2010, so far as I could tell. So I asked Microsoft where it went.

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Michael Jackson

Ubisoft E3 2010 press conference featured an appearance by a bunch of Michael Jackson's dancers, and while the proteges of the King of Pop busted out some funky-fly-fresh-wicka-wicka moves, there wasn't really any information revealed about how Jackson's ouvre will be translated to the gaming space. Today, thanks to an interview with Video Games 247, we have those details for you... aren't you lucky?

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Marcella Churchill, Senior Brand Manager at SEGA, tells us about Sonic Free Riders, a Kinect launch title that has players riding in different races with characters from the Sonic universe.

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Peter Molyneux Personally Confirms Milo Development Ongoing

There's some confusing messages coming out of Microsoft in regards to the fate of Peter Molyneux's infamous Project Natal demo, Milo. A Microsoft executive claimed it was no longer a game, only to later clarify it is still a game, it's just not coming out this year. Or something. Luckily, GamesIndustryBiz was able to wrangle some comments from Molyneux himself about Milo.

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Crazy Xbox 360 And E3 Hastag Mosaic

If you happened to send out a message on Twitter using the hashtag #xboxE3 and/or #ProjectNatal sometime fairly recently, there’s a good chance that your Tweet ended up in a rather impressive mosaic created by the clever folks over at HashtagArt.

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Peter Molyneux Worried About Fable III Opening Section

Building on the success it had with Fable II, Lionhead Studios has announced that it will roll out Fable III episodically following the game’s release later this year.

“We break it down in chapters,” Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux explained. “We give away the first chapter entirely free, the first hour. When you reach a certain point in the game it says 'thank you for playing the pilot of Fable 3, do you want to spend an extra 2-5 or whatever dollars to buy the next episode, or buy the whole lot?' Press 'yes' and you will immediately continue playing."

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Game Critics Awards Announces Best Of E3 2010 Nominations

The Game Critics Awards today announced their nominations for Best of E3 2010. Leading the pack with five nominations is id Software’s apocalyptic shooter Rage, followed by Harmonix’s Kinect title Dance Central, Junction Point Studios Disney Epic Mickey and Valve’s Portal 2.

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Project Natal Milo E3 2009 Trailer »


Update 10:13 AM: Looks like you might get Milo in your home after all. Aaron Greenberg tweeted the following minutes ago:

"Project Milo absolutely continues in development at Lionhead Studios, it is just not a product we plan to bring to market this holiday"

Among the most talked-about absences from E3 2010 was the no-show of Milo. The computer-generated boy engendered reactions ranging from amazement to disgust at E3 2009, but never showed for 2010. If you've been waiting for the home version of Milo, though, you're going to be sad: According to Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, he's just a tech demo.

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Kinect Adventures

Microsoft's Kinect launch at E3 was a big production in which no expense was spared. The company had Cirque du Soleil perform a specially-written show in the first of their two launch events. There may have been elephants to trumpet the arrival of the new controller-less controller, there was one thing missing: price.

Last week, Microsoft's store listed the price at $150, but that is not official. Here's how Albert Penello, director of platform marketing for Xbox, described the situation to Gamasutra:

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Creative Director Kudo Tsunoda took the time to tell us more about Kinect from Microsoft, like its fun gameplay, full body motion control and all the fun games available.

E3 2010: Kudo Tsunoda Talks Microsoft Kinect »

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It might be post-E3 2010 week, but that hasn’t stopped a handful of developers from keeping the promotion train rolling by showcasing their upcoming titles on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Last night, Guerilla Games developer Herman Hulst showed off Killzone 3, in “2D” as well as 3D. Fallon definitely appeared to be having a good time, but clearly, the 3D pushed it over the edge. Check out the video to witness Fallon mind blow:

Earlier in the week, Fallon welcomed a host of other gaming personalities including Treyarch head Mark Lamia showing off Call of Duty: Black Ops, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit producer Jesse Abney, and Kinect lead designer Kudo Tsunoda. Video proof follows after the break.

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