Microsoft isn't quite ready to reveal its next-gen hardware plans, but a proof-of-concept that surfaced this week for something called IllumiRoom points to one direction the company is thinking in (via Gamasutra). In short, IllumiRoom uses Kinect for Windows combined with a projector to bleed on-screen content out into the room around your TV.

Watch the proof-of-concept video above and you'll see that while it's not QUITE a real-life Holodeck, it's still a pretty neat thing that can be used to expand your field of view in a game. Microsoft isn't ready to reveal any concrete plans for IllumiRoom, but an official website confirms that more will be revealed at April's ACM SIGCHI Conference in Paris, France.

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Sony have unveiled a new spooky trailer for Puppeteer, the action-adventure game set on a moving theatrical stage. In the below trailer, Puppeteer's gameplay looks as vibrant as ever, featuring a graveyard level with ghosts and ghouls and vampires looking for blood.

Puppeteer Halloween Trailer »


Dance Central 3 Video Review »

Dance Central 3 offers fresh tracks for players to enjoy and is far more accessible than ever before, at least according to our Dance Central aficionado Dana Leahy. The party game from Harmonix is back with an in-depth campaign mode and additional multiplayer features that will have you tapping your toes to the beat. Here's a snippet from Dana's Dance Central 3 review:

"Keep your fork, there's more! Crew throwdown mode lets up to eight players (two teams of four compete). You rotate through the different players, so everyone gets a chance to participate. Throwdown uses the same multiplayer games from Party mode, but it puts them in a series and crowns a winning crew at the end of the game. It's a more structured, competitive environment, and offers bigger groups a great way to play together. If you have a birthday coming up, I would highly recommend it."

For more, grab your crew and head over to our full Dance Central 3 review.

G4 Extra Life Charity Drive - We Need You!

Extra Life, a charity-drive dedicated to Children's Miracle Network hospitals across North America, begins this Saturday, October 20th.  G4 is proudly participating, and in the spirit of giving, we will run a live-streamed 'telethon'-style event, starting Friday, 12pm Pacific at G4TV.com. We need you to contribute!

We'll play games, and you'll tell us what to play and how to play it. Some games we'll be running through: Dishonored, Borderlands 2, Dance Central 3 and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron... and some surprises! If you have some suggestions for us, leave them in the comments.

We'll give you video games, swag, collectibles and more when you donate money to Extra Life. Giveaways will include:

  • Metal Gear 25th Anniversary collectibles, autographed by Hideo Kojima and the Platinum Games team
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Care Package, autographed by the Treyarch team
  • Dance Central 3, includes new game, t-shirt, cap and more plus Dance Central 2, signed by the Harmonix team
  • SEGA's limited edition Sonic collectibles, The Cave puzzle, Jet Set Radio cocktail shaker and more
  • Halo 4 collectible book, t-shirt and a McFarlane Toys' Halo: Reach Warthog
  • An EA Games bundle which includes Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3, Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, and Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed
  • The Walking Dead season passes, Pinball FX 2 Marvel tables, Microsoft Xbox Summer of Arcade hits and much, much more on the way...

Be sure to donate now to be in the running for all this sweet swag, and definitely stay tuned for Friday, 12pm Pacific to see how you can get your hands on even more exclusive video game merchandise!

Gamers, if you've ever wanted to put down your semi-automatic gun in favor of some dancing shoes, listen up. Dance Central 3 is now available for the Xbox 360. This Kinect game lets you be everything you've always dreamed of being: a secret agent sent back in time to dance America to freedom...or something like that. We have the first 15 minutes of Dance Central 3 story mode to give you a taste of what this game has to offer. Make sure to stretch!

First 15: Dance Central 3 »


Dragon Ball Z for Kinect is the answer to your Super Saiyan prayers if you've been waiting to act out your special beam cannon in a video game. The game lets you physically act out different moves and powers from the Dragon Ball Z series. It will be released on Halloween, October 31, but if you're not sure about Dragon Ball Z for Kinect, check out the first 15 minutes from the game. I played it at E3, and despite how foolish I'm sure I looked, I had a blast! (Get it, because I blew things up with a Kamehameha?)

First 15: Dragon Ball Z for Kinect »

Fable: The Journey allows you to experience adventure in a whole new way. In the video below, you can check out the first 15 minutes of the Kinect RPG, which mostly focuses on teaching you how to move your horse, Seren, through the game's beautiful environments. Giddy up, pony!

First 15: Fable: The Journey »

Kinect Inspires Wrist-Mounted Controller: The Future Of User Interface

The device you're looking at above may be a prototype for the future of how we interact with our machines. Inspired by the Kinect, Microsoft's Digits is an experimental input device that tracks minute finger and hand movements and uses them in lieu of mouse, keyboard of game controller. It's what you imagined the Nintendo PowerGlove was, except it's real.

The Digits rig puts an array of LED lights on on a bracelet, and bounce their light off a user's fingers. A laser shines across the hand, highlighting the position of the fingers. Then, a camera reads the reflections, sends it to a computer that builds a model of the hand that's accurate to within a hundredth of an inch. In other word: A miniature Kinect that only focuses on reading the data input from your fingers.

Read More »

Upcoming found-footage horror flick Paranormal Activity 4 seems to feature a haunted Xbox Kinect. The just-released trailer shows off Microsoft's motion-sensing controller in a sinister light. Click play to see what I mean:

Paranormal Activity 4 hits theaters on October 21, just in time for Halloween!

Fable: The Journey allows gamers to interact with the world of Albion in ways like they've never been able to before. In this Fable: The Journey video documentary entitled "Before And After The Magic," real gamers at Comic-Con 2012 get to go on their own journey and relive their experiences about the Kinect-exclusive title.

Fable: The Journey "Before And After The Magic" ViDoc »


If you're looking for something cool to do with your Kinect, I suggest you use it to make 3D models of yourself and your living room.

Website Kinect@home has all the details, but basically, you take video of yourself and your home, and then send them to the site, where "robotics and computer vision researchers" who need "vast amount of images from everyday environments" will use you and your environment improve their robots' algorithms. They basically stitch together your images and create a 3D mode. You can import the 3D images into 3D editing software.

Here's the basic instructions. Get to work!


Kinect Price Drops To $109


Posted August 22, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Kinect Underground: The Secret World of Microsoft's Motion Controller

Microsoft Kinect's price has dropped to $109 in the United States, down from $149, Major Nelson has announced. This is not a sale, but the new standard price of a Kinect.

There will also be a permanently reduced price in Canada, Mexico, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions where Kinect is sold. Additionally, on October 4, the Kinect sensor will be available for a permanently reduced price in Australia and New Zealand.

Sadly, if you're in Japan or Europe, there will be no price drop. It's good here in America.

Read More »

Need For Speed Most Wanted's CloudCompete System Announced

Need for Speed: Most Wanted will support Kinect play on Xbox 360 consoles, with a range of support-oriented voice commands that allow players to keep watching the road in front of them. Many of the commands will be tied to the game's "easy drive" menus, executive producer Matt Webster told Polygon.

In addition to being able to verbally call out for things like (in the example provided) a switch from street to off road tires, you'll also be able to use your words to trigger more in-the-moment actions. The self-explanatory "engine off" command is useful for hiding from the fuzz during a police chase, for example. You can also say "look around" for a quick 360-degree spin around your car and "rearview" to check out what's behind you.

Here we have yet another example of Kinect voice commands being put to clever use. Motion controls for a game as complex as Need for Speed: Most Wanted would almost certainly fall short, but these voice commands promise to really improve the level of control you have over your play experience.

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I love gimmicky video game crap more than I love anything else, and Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 has a killer gimmick: The Fearmaster. The Fearmaster is a motion-controlled aiming peripheral that looks like a shotgun and monitors your heart-rate. If you're scared, your gun sight gets shaky. Only by calming yourself while being menaced by a wild bear can you get off a clean shot.

I will be purchasing this, both for The Fearmaster and to slake my constant thirst for the blood of animals.

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 Announcement Trailer »

If they throw in dolphin hunting mode, it's an automatic five-stars!

FIFA 13 with Kinect compatibility will offer gamers the ability to yell at their TVs in rewarding ways. Voice commands will let gamers choose formations, make substitutions and even call plays. You'll also have the ability to yell obscenities at the ref. The ref won't give you a yellow card for having a foul mouth but he will take the indiscretion into considerations the next time he makes a call. It will also affect in-game commentary, and the FIFA 13 storyline.

Source: Kotaku

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