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Sony's PlayStation Eye “More Precise” Than Microsoft's Project Natal No doubt the major talk of E3 2009 was all about the motion-sensing technologies demoed by Sony and Microsoft at their press conferences. Microsoft’s Project Natal’s major selling point is full-body recognition and the promise of a controller-less game experience, while Sony’s PlayStation Eye-powered motion tech aims to turn a single controller into any virtual item imaginable (i.e. swords, tennis racquets, whips, whiskey bottle, etc.).

Well, it certainly didn't take long for some classic politicking to emerge regarding the technologies. Sony’s director of marketing John Holler told Gamasutra that the PlayStation Eye is “more accurate and more precise” than Microsoft’s motion-sensing tech, and, even though Project Natal’s full-body scanning capabilities are “impressive,” it also, allegedly, suffers from “depth issues on the Z-axis.”

This assessment is obviously impossible to confirm until some impartial testing can be done, so I’ll just have to take Holler’s comments with a PS3-emblazoned grain of salt for now. What’s perhaps more interesting about this whole ridiculously premature debate about technologies that are still years away from landing in living rooms is that Project Natal certainly does seem designed to out-casual the casual gaming genre Nintendo ushered in with the Wii, while Sony’s approach looks to be more “gamer-oriented,” as one analyst told Gamasutra earlier this week.

Again, it’s far too early to tell what the results will be when Sony and Microsoft eventually release their respective motion-sensing technologies, so for now, it looks like we’ll have to settle for premature potshots and unconfirmed tech assessments. Lucky us.



Nier is a brutal hack-and-slash adventure from Square Enix in which you turn back a demonic infestation in order to free the world from darkness. Look deeply into the blackness in this trailer.


Nier E3 2009 Trailer »



Wii Fit Plus Trailer »

I don't know about you, but I was pretty optimistic about Wii Fit leading up to its release. I coughed up a pretty penny to welcome the Wii Balance Board into my household, from the software to a yoga mat to avoid getting dirty on my hardwood floors. And within a month, I realized that while yoga and strength training are nice, they can't sustain the software alone. In my opinion, Wii Fit's biggest weaknesses were the lack of tech savvy (really, you can't go back and re-enter those four hours you spent on a dance floor last Saturday?) and the unintuitive implementation of games. Wii Fit Plus seems designed to at least remedy the latter complaint, even if I know little about how Nintendo will fix the former.

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X-Play Presents The Best of E3 09 Monday at 6:30 PM ET!

E3 2009 is over and done and according to those in the know, this year's show was one of the best in recent memory. This year's E3 seemed to hit its stride, successfully melding the big, booming party atmosphere with quality games that people were anxious to try out.

Monday at 6:30 PM ET, X-Play will be presenting its "Best of E3" show, where we recap the greatest stuff we saw while scouring the floor.

Tune in on Monday to check out X-Play's picks and don't forget to hit up TheFeed, where we'll be doing our own expanded edition of the "Best of E3"! In the meantime, click below to see the categories!

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Dust off your turntable skills from college because it's time to watch the trailer for DJ Hero, which features over 80 songs that you can scratch, mix and mash up.

Check out the DJ Hero trailer below, but here's a friendly warning: you're going to have that Gwen Stefani song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

This game looks BANANAS!

DJ Hero E3 2009 Trailer »


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Lego Rock Band

We already know you dig Rock Band, but you might be thinking: Why LEGOs? Here's why: it's for kids. Or, more accurately, for the whole family. LEGO: Rock Band takes the familiar gameplay of the large-scale Rock Band and Rock Band 2, and throws in that unique LEGO magic.

You already know how to play the game -- match the notes coming down the note highway, try to hit them on time and on-point -- so let me discuss that LEGO difference:

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Sam Fisher is back and he is pissed. Someone killed his daughter and now he's gone rogue looking for revenge in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction.

In this preview, check out this direct-feed gameplay footage as Fisher uses all of his slick new moves to infiltrate the mansion in a quest to get information about his daughter's killer. This sick-looking game from Ubisoft garnered a lot of attention at this year's E3 and looks set to deliver sometime in Q3 2009.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Direct-Feed Gameplay »

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We first brought you the trailer, but now we're putting you behind the wheels with this Split/Second direct-feed gameplay video where you can use breakable pieces of the track for shortcuts to outmaneuver your enemies...or just drive faster than them.

Split/Second E3 2009 HD Direct-Feed Gameplay »

Valve is rapidly making a name for themselves as one of the coolest video game studios producing games today. Their multiplayer masterpiece Left 4 Dead has left gamers wanting more and they're ready to deliver, announcing Left 4 Dead 2 at E3 2009.

Here in this preview, L4D2 writer Chet Faliszek talks about how Valve approaches making a sequel and what's new in L4D2, including new special infected, the game's improved storyline, new weapons, and much, much more.


Left 4 Dead 2 E3 09 Preview »


It’s rare like a blue rose when a truly innovative idea comes around in video games, but Scribblenauts is the real deal. If you haven’t heard of Scribblenauts before reading this preview, it’s understandable. I hadn’t heard of the DS title before E3 2009 either, but on the show floor, the word-of-mouth buzz about this platformer was strong. Everyone was like, “Dude, you have to check this game out. It’s amazing.”

Scribblenauts is a puzzle game, where the main character, Maxwell, achieves goals by calling various objects into existence. You do that by typing nouns in with the DS stylus. If, say, Maxwell needs to rescue a cat from a tree, you simply type in the word “ladder” and a ladder falls from the sky. Move it to the tree, and the cat walks down to you. Simple enough, but the game amazes because of the sheer number of objects you can bring into the world. I couldn’t stump it – there are over 10,000 separate objects in game, all of which “work” the way they would in the actual world. So if you’re tasked with helping a thirsty person in the desert not die, and you type in “monster” as I did, a monster will appear on your DS screen and eat the thirsty man. A dead guy in the desert is delightfully cruel, but in order to win, you type in “water” and provide a refreshing beverage. But still, you could type “meteor” and a space rock will fall upon him and end his suffering. An example of the game's complexity: I typed in "hose" for a needy fireman, and the game asked me whether I mean a water hose or some women's hosiery. Amazing, no?

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This September the Need for Speed series is going from the streets to the race course in Need for Speed: Shift, a new take on the world's most popular racing game franchise. While you NFS fanatics wait to get your hands on the wheel yet again, you can learn all about what's in store for you this time around the track, like a unique and immersive first-person perspective, tuned-up artificial intelligence and a driver profile system.


Need for Speed: Shift E3 2009 Preview »


New Bioshock 2 Multiplayer Details Revealed

Now, you BioShock fans out there have no doubt had a debate or two about the inclusion of multiplayer in 2K’s upcoming sequel BioShock 2, which will be released on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Well,  there’s no point in wasting your breath discussing it, because it’s in the game, and that’s all there is to it. The good news is that some new details about the game's multiplayer mode have been revealed that should pique the interest of skeptics as well as have fans reaching for a sedative plasmid.

First off, the multiplayer takes place during Rapture’s collapse, making it a prequel to the original BioShock (An MP prequel alongside a singleplayer campaign that takes place 10 years after the events of the first game?! Would you kindly pick my jaw up from off my feet?) Best of all, you get to play as a Plasmid test subject and assist in unleashing the mayhem that befell Rapture leading up to the events of the first game.

If you're all about the lost causes, then you can also play as a normal citizen of Rapture, struggling to protect the underwater metropolis from its inevitable destruction. This means you’ll get to see and play through portions of the city as they existed before you saw them in the original game, which just sounds incredibly cool. The levels have apparently been redesigned from the ground up, which suggests that Digital Extremes, the developers handling the multiplayer side of the game, have taken the multiplayer experience as seriously and treated it with as much care as 2K Marin has the singleplayer portion of the game.

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It's Tyson vs. Ali in this gameplay demo from EA's Fight Night Round 4 that boasts several new fighting modes and a new physics engine to detect where your blows land. It's almost like the real deal! But without the pain of getting punched in the face.

Check out the video from E3 2009 below.

Fight Night Round 4 E3 2009 HD Direct-Feed Gameplay »

Dragonica Online Preview

Dragonica. You’re probably thinking it's the name of a hardcore fantasy role-playing game in which knights, mages, and archers have to face an army of dragons. Or a power metal band doing some crappy songs for Guitar Hero 5. But you’re wrong on both accounts. Dragonica Online is a fantasy MMO from THQ, but one that’s actually aimed at teens and tweens. Which is weirder than it sounds because, after seeing the game in action at E3, we think there might be some old-school gamers who will want to play it, too.

Dragonica Online is a casual but action-oriented MMO set in a world where dragons return from exile seeking revenge. Except that the action this is oriented for is of the side-scrolling variety. Yes, this game actually plays a lot like such old-school games as Contra and Castlevania. Though which one specifically depends on what class you’re playing as: there are arrow-shooting archers, melee-loving warriors, magic-using magicians, and sneaky thieves who use Wolverine-like clawed gloves. The game even has something of an old-school look, as it has more of an animated — or rather, anime — feel than a realistic or gritty one.

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You’re going to have to forgive us, but with Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine still early in development, there isn’t much to see yet. Not only did THQ not let us play it at E3 this year, but they didn’t even have a playable version that we could watch someone else play. But they did have a trailer handy, and we were allowed to ask questions after we watched it, so here’s what we can tell for now.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine E3 2009 Trailer 

Warhammer 40k Space Marine E3 2009 Trailer »

The game is a third-person action-RPG that, if the trailer is to be believed (and we don’t see why it isn’t) will be more along the lines of God of War than Diablo. It is currently being developed by Relic Entertainment (who’ve made such RTS games as 2004’s Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, and 2006’s Company of Heroes) for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 

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