E3 2009

BioWare revealed their first cinematic trailer for their PC MMORPG game, Star Wars: The Old Republic at their E3 2009 press conference. Though there's no release date set for the game, you'd have to admit that the impressive graphics in this trailer is enough to get any Star Wars fans riled up for the new adventure.

It's also good enough to make you forget about those godawful prequels with Jar Jar Binks...at least, a little bit. Give us more, BioWare!


'Star Wars: The Old Republic' E3 2009 Cinematic Trailer »


Epic Games and Chair take the side-scrolling shooter genre to a whole new level with this trailer for Shadow Complex from the Microsoft E3 2009 press conference, available exclusively for the Xbox 360 in summer 2009.

Shadow Complex E3 Trailer »


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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 First To Incorporate Facebook Connect For Xbox

During its E3 '09 press conference, Microsoft revealed that it has added Facebook Connect and Twitter support for Xbox 360. Integrating such social networking giants with a gaming console is a feat not to be taken likely, and it will be very interesting to see how/if Sony responds with a similar social networking integration announcement of its own at its own press conference tomorrow.

Speaking of Facebook integration, EA has revealed via Twitter that the first game ever to incorporate the new Facebook Connect feature will be its very own Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010. The feature will let users invite and play with Facebook friends, publish accomplishments and post screenshots to the social networking site.

The level to which Facebook Connect will be integrated into future titles is unclear right now, but there’s a lot of E3 to go, so perhaps we’ll know more by the end of the week.

How do you feel about Facebook/Twitter integration with Xbox 360?


Beatlemania has hit the video game world! Microsoft debuted the trailer for The Beatles: Rock Band at their E3 2009 press conference, revealing a whole new chapter in the successful music game franchise from EA.

Watch the trailer below for a sneak peek at The Beatles: Rock Band which will be released on September 9, 2009.


The Beatles: Rock Band E3 Debut Trailer »


Non-NATAL Motion Sensing Controller Available Soon For 360

If you're desperate to add some motion-sensing to your Xbox 360, and you can't wait for project Natal's release date  to be announced, allow me to point you to the Gametrak Freedom. This third-party peripheral has a set release date: October 15, and its $69.99 price tag includes soon-to-be classic(?) video game Sqeeballs.

Unlike Natal's webcam-based system, Freedom uses two sensors that are placed on either side of your TV to wring motion-sensing from your 360.

Don't feel left out, Sony fans; the PS3 is to get a Gametrak controller sometime in 2010. Order it here.

Whether the Freedom will one day feature an artificial English boy named Milo isn't known at this time, but I hope not.


So we got the details for Halo: ODST coming this fall, but Bungie and Microsoft dropped a new surprise on Master Chief fans with the reveal of Halo: Reach at their E3 2009 press conference. The new chapter hits stores in 2010.


Halo: Reach E3 Announcement Teaser »


Microsoft and Bungie revealed the gameplay trailer for Halo: ODST, which includes a brand-new campaign and Firefight co-op mode at their E3 2009 Press Conference. The game will be released for the Xbox 360 on September 22, 2009. 

Sadly, no arbiters were included in the making of this trailer. 


Halo 3: ODST E3 2009 Gameplay Trailer »


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EA has revealed that it’s partnering with Realtime Wolds for the crime-based MMO APB: All Points Bulletin. The game will let players create and customize their characters, join gangs, and the game will support up to 100 players in any specific area at one time. The size of the game world is still under wraps, but I’m sure we’ll hear more about it over the coming days.

Hit the streets again with Crackdown 2, which was announced today during Microsoft's E3 press conference. The open world, third-person shooter is being developed by Ruffian Games and is set to be released in 2010, exclusively for the XBox 360. Enjoy the trailer!

Crackdown 2 E3 Trailer »


Microsoft Won't Discuss A Release Date For Project Natal Yet

The world watched closely as Microsoft finally demonstrated their response to Nintendo's motion controller revolution: Project Natal. There's no controller involved with Project Natal -- and there's no release date yet, either. Microsoft did not announce a release date at their E3 press conference for a reason, I was told.

Moments after the conference concluded, I spoke with Microsoft gaming executive and corporate VP John Schappert. He played coy about Project Natal's release date, and when asked directly if we'd see the hardware on shelves this year, he paused.

"What we wanted to do was -- it's important technology that we've been working on some time and we're not ready to announce the release date or other specifics on that other than what we're going to be bringing to market is controller free gaming and we've got some tech specs announced -- such as depth camera, RGB camera, array microphone [and there's] custom silicon inside there," he said.

"Our goal is to bring that out and show what the future of Xbox 360 is and, more importantly, to get it in the hands of developers," continued Shappert. "It's shipping to developers now. Folks are working on games. As you can see, some of our earlier game prototypes that were on stage. Our goal was to show you what the future holds for Xbox 360, we'll get into specifics later."

It doesn't sound like Project Natal is coming this year, however. Stay tuned for more talk about Project Natal as E3 week continues.

Kojima Countdown Clock Ends

Update: The Kojima teaser site now points to a special Kojima E3 site, that announces Metal Gear Solid Rising and contains a lot of blank space, space that will most likely be filled with other just-announced games and/or countdown clocks as E3 progresses.

If you've been breathlessly following the amazingly exciting marketing saga of whatever game Kojima is working on, you know the nail-biting suspense that comes from watching a clock tick backwards to zero. Well, the counter on Kojima's site has reached zero, and in keeping with the mind-blowing nature of all these Kojima revelations, the page now features a picture of the sun shining through clouds in a meadow and what looks to me like an "8." 

This is what you've been waiting for: An "8."  I'm not sure what an 8 has to do with an upcoming Kojima game, or if it indicates how many years it will be until this game is for sale, but I am sure I don't care. The countdown was probably leading up to this morning's E3 press conference, when Kojima announced Metal Gear Solid Rising, a non Snake-oriented Metal Gear for the 360, but I don't understand what the weird numbers and the rest of it has to do with anything. Again, I'm sure I don't care.

Thanks for keeping us all on the edge of our seats for weeks, Kojima's marketing department. You guys are awesome.


E3 2009 EA Press Conference: EA Tiburon Working On New Mixed Martial Arts Game, EA Sports MMADuring its E3 press conference, EA revealed that EA Tiburon is working on a new mixed martial arts franchise, EA SPORTS MMA. The game is said to feature a number of real-world fighters, and it's scheduled to be released sometime in 2010 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

EA Sports head Peter Moore said during Microsoft's press conference:

"I couldn’t be more excited to announce the expansion of our combat sports strategy with EA SPORTS MMA coming in 2010. Fans have been begging EA Sports to get into the cage, and EA SPORTS MMA will put them in control of the sport’s unique combat experience while finally, in an immersive interactive experience, capturing the raw intensity that has made mixed martial arts one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  We’re ready for the fight.”

Anyone out there looking forward to having EA throw its hat into the mixed martial arts ring?


Alan Wake is a psychological thriller action game set in the Northwest about an author whose wife mysteriously disappears after they move to the small town of Bright Falls.

Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment revealed this trailer at the E3 2009 Conference.

Alan Wake E3 Trailer »

Metal Gear Solid... Raiden?

Microsoft debuted the first details on Metal Gear Solid Rising at their E3 press conference this morning, but there's a reason Microsoft wasn't bragging about this Raiden-starring adventure being an Xbox 360 exclusive -- it isn't.

"You know, we didn't say that it was exclusive," clarified Xbox executive and corporate VP John Schappert (he was the guy hosting most of the event) during an interview with me immediately following the press conference.

"We said that the next Metal Gear will be coming [to Xbox 360]," he said.

"I couldn't be more excited about him [Kojima] working on that [Metal Gear Solid Rising] and having that be part of our show," said Schappert. "When I heard about that, I was pretty ecstatic and it was an honor to be able to be on stage with him and announcing his next Metal Gear, which will be on Xbox 360."

Of course, Schappert wasn't in a position to announce where else Metal Gear Solid Rising would be appearing, but could series creator Hideo Kojima be pleasing everyone by announcing this latest work at one conference, and then showing it at another? We'll have to wait and find out tomorrow morning at Sony's E3 conference.

And thus, the waiting game continues.

EA Sports

Moments ago at its E3 2009 press conference, Electronic Arts announced a newly re-tooled website. The website's new look merges the old EASPORTS.com and EASPORTSWorld.com into a single EA Sports hub.

According to EA, the site features new navigation that "places Sport at the center of your exploration." The site sports a content-rich homepage, producer blogs, franchise news, and a Media Lounge, so you can "quickly find, watch and listen to the best videos and hottest podcasts from our Community team."

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