E3 2009

wipEout HD Fury

Earlier today, when Joe, Sterling and I were walking around Sony’s booth, trying to decide who would write about what games, I saw that there was a new Wipeout, sorry wipEout, on display. “Mine!” I called (though, thankfully, no one heard me being that guy.) And while it isn’t really a new game, it’s just an expansion for wipEout HD, I’m sorry, but I’m still going to write about it. And you’re going to read it.

Luckily, there’s a lot to be written about this expansion, dubbed wipEout HD Fury, as it not only includes four new tracks (two each adapted from the PSP games Wipeout Pure and Wipeout Pulse), but thirteen new vehicles, including one that looks like it has wings. No, scratch that, wiiings, since the way this ship has been decorated all red and yellowy makes it look like it's sponsored by Red Bull.

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Just because today's on-air E3 coverage ended, doesn't mean that we stopped gathering footage and info on the latest, greatest games on the E3 show floor and behind closed doors. Take for example this Brütal Legend HD E3 2009 direct-feed demo we managed to procure.


Brutal Legend HD E3 2009 Direct-Feed Gameplay »


Aliens vs. Predator is a Capom-published action game that features both aliens and predators, but I'll bet you'd already guessed that. It's for the 360, the PlayStation 3, and the PC. In it, you'll be able to play as an Alien, a Predator, or a Colonial Marine -- that's what I call variety!

I'm sure you'll want to see the trailer. It is embedded below.

Aliens vs. Predator Predator Reveal Trailer »

Tony Hawk: Ride Feet-On Preview

"When you design a hardware peripheral, you have to design a game at the same time." That's what Josh Tsui, president of Tony Hawk: Ride developer Robomodo, says about his game's dramatically different style from its Tony Hawk predecessors. And the idea for the peripheral definitely came first: Tony Hawk himself had been bugging Activision for years to try to get a skateboard controller made. But it finally happened, and the result is Ride -- and its decidedly unorthodox controller.

Stepping onto the Ride controller is almost exactly like stepping onto a skateboard. The size is similar, the curves are the same, and even the balance feels the same (at least on the carpet of the demo room where I got to try the game out). Slight changes in weight and pressure lean the board easily, which is what controls steering. Running a foot alongside controls speed, just as on a real skateboard. And tricks are performed with motions similar to real life: popping the front end up performs an ollie, tilting the board to either side while doing that performs a kickflip, and so on. The board even has sensors to detect when you're grabbing it, which is crucial for advanced vert tricks.

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I absolutely loved Professor Layton and the Curious Village for the DS. It had fantastic puzzles, an intriguing (if not-so-subtle) story and some of the most stylish and impressive animated sequences I've seen in a handheld game.

Well, if this new E3 2009 trailer for Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, Level-5's follow-up to its stellar original, is any indication, fans will have tons to puzzle over and grin joyously about when the game is eventually released.


Professor Layton & The Diabolical Box, E3 2009 Trailer »



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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Preview

The Superhuman Registration Act was a nasty business. Enacted in the Marvel Universe in 2006, it required superheroes to register themselves as weapons of mass destruction. In doing so, it caused a schism in the superhero community, with some joining behind Iron Man in support of national security, and others lining up with Captain America in defense of personal liberties. Now you'll get to choose a side for yourself. In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, due in September for pretty much every game console, we join our heroes on the eve of the passage of the SHRA, in an adventure that adds a social and political element to the action-RPG formula established with the previous game.

This time around, the lineup includes 24 playable Marvel characters "out of the box" -- with more downloadable or unlockable, perhaps? -- including, for the first time, villains. In the demo we were given, I saw Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Thing, Thor, Juggernaut, Storm, Mr. Fantastic, Hulk, the Human Torch, Venom, Juggernaut, Songbird, Captain America and Deadpool (who has a habit of directly addressing the player, in what Activision promises will be a regular occurrence of breaking the "fourth wall").

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Shadow Complex reinvents the old side-scrollers by adding a 3D touch to a 2D game. Wait, does that even make sense? Donald Mustard and Cliff Blezinski sat down with us on E3 '09 Live for a special Shadow Complex preview and to let us know how they based the game on the Orson Scott Card novel and Super Metroid. We also learn that the book's sequel comes out this Fall, just in time for the game's release!

Watch the video for the full interview.

Hands-On Shadow Complex Game Preview »


Capcom's Frank Filice was kind enough to give us a hands-on Lost Planet 2 game preview and talk about the darker elements of the second game of the trilogy, as well as the new four player co-op mode featured in the game.


Hands-On Lost Planet 2 E3 2009 Preview »

Marco! Polo! Though we're sad to find that the adventure behind Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has little to do with the best childhood pool game, we still caught up with Bruce Straley of Naughty Dog at E3 '09 Live to tell us more about Drake's quest to uncover Marco Polo's lost treasure, all while running from the dark world of thieves and mercenaries. We also get a preview of Uncharted 2's incredible graphics and gameplay, which only makes us wish Fall 2009 came a little faster!

Check it out.


Hands-On Uncharted 2 Preview »


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away and about 3,500 years before that...Well, we can only imagine what that universe is like until Star Wars: The Old Republic will finally be released to play. Alison Haislip stopped by the LucasArts booth at E3 '09 Live to preview the highly-anticipated MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic and chat with the folks from BioWare.

Watch the video below for the interview and clips from Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview »



Lost Planet 2 Preview

It says something about the game Lost Planet 2 that — after seeing it in Monte Carlo, and playing it in an upscale hotel in Hollywood — Capcom can show it in a nondescript meeting room at E3, and it still looks good. Though it also says something about a game that — after getting a demonstration of it by its developers, and getting to play it two weeks later — we could see it for a third time at E3 and still learn something new about it. Or maybe that’s just PR.

Either way, when we got to see Lost Planet 2 for the third time in two months at E3 today, we were still impressed with it. This time out, a representative from Capcom and one of the company’s new interns (welcome to the industry, dude) showed off a level that’s both been featured in a trailer and in one of our previous demos, except they played it co-op style.

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Brian Hayes, gameplay producer for Electronic Arts' Fight Night Round 4, previews the game and talks about the realism in the gameplay, as well as some of the boxers that are playable within, including Manny Pacquiao, Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson.


Hands-On Fight Night Round 4 Preview »


Sam Fisher has gone rogue, and he's looking for the people responsible for the death of his daughter. Ubisoft producer Alex Parizeau previewed Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction at E3 2009 today, telling us all about the innovative, immersive mission system, and the ruthless way Sam marks his prey for death.

Check it out.


Hands-On Splinter Cell Conviction Preview »

God of War III

Knowing that your time is short, let’s cut to the chase: God of War III — which is the first game in the series for the PS3 — plays like the first two, and it looks like them as well, just a lot better.

Thank you and good night.

What, you want more? You think I don’t have anything better to do than to tell what happened when I got to play the game at E3 a couple hours ago?

Fine. But only for you.

The first thing we realized when, sitting in Sony’s booth, we picked up the controller and started playing the demo, was how the controls not only work the same as they did in the first two Gods, but how they work just as well. We were instantly whirling dervishes of blood and blade, cutting down guys left and right. The game also has all the climbing and puzzles of its forbearers, the same orbs to replenish your health or upgrade your weapons, and the seamless transitions from the action to cool cutscenes and back again.

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Blair Herter profiled Nintendo's activity at E3 2009, talking to David Young about their game roster, and also got the opportunity to interview one of the pillars of the gaming community, Shigeru Miyamoto, to see what the man who invented Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Super Mario Brothers is planning for the future.

Check out the interview here.


Shigeru Miyamoto and David Young Interview »


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